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Zbest Trading Review: A Dubious Broker

Zbest Trading Review: A Dubious Broker
ZBest Trading is not reliable, and they operate without any transparency. They make a lot of promises to achieve your financial goals.
3.1/10 (Expert Score)
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Zbest Trading is an offshore broker that claims to attain financial freedom for investors. Through their marketing campaigns, they avow to traders that Zbest Trading is a reliable company and offer the best trading options to achieve their financial goals. They also offer you a 50% discount on signal packages. Not only this, but they guarantee you handsome bonuses on your first deposit to make the offer more attractive and tempting for you. This may force you to make your first deposit.

Zbest Trading Review

All this seems great. But, you need to consider other important factors before finally deciding to invest your hard-earned money. At this moment, you need to read this crucial review on ZBest Trading to fully decide if you should work with ZBest Trading or not.

The most crucial factor for investing your money should be transparency. Any obscurity should warn you against investing a single penny with that company. You should aim to invest with transparent forex brokers which should yield desirable profits on your money. But, unfortunately, ZBest Trading only assures customers a variety of assets and safety by providing sufficient support and negative balance protection. However, no one knows how they manage to attract profits. And, this raises more questions about their services. Scammers are fond of promising you the world, but how they attain the same is unknown.

Zbest. trading guarantees flexible trade conditions and a team of professionals who work to attain desirable returns. They aim to provide investment services to traders of all sorts. But, they do not provide any helpful and educational material to their traders. The trading world is not a walk in the park. It demands proper education and understanding of the market. A good quantity of helpful material is essential for novice traders to begin their trading journey, but Zbest Trading is not focusing on it. 

ZBest Trading does not have any details that explain the kind of algorithm its software uses. Even though automatic trading is valuable over humans since they do not mix trading with emotions. You should be cautious because falling for the wrong tools will only lead to negative returns. The company looks forward to allowing you to benefit from indices, metals, forex, and stock markets. Yet, they do not showcase any reliable tools for the same.

Did You Know?

There is a huge difference between forex trading and stock trading, resulting in varying volume of assets, liquidity, and volatility, as well as timeframe. Trading forex has a variety of benefits such as lower fees, flexible hours, and higher trading volumes, as compared to latter.

ZBest Trading guarantees trade directions from experts with experience in the niche. However, they do not provide any data to show that you are working with experts of qualified personnel. So you might end up counting on misleading information from people who have no clue how the market functions.

How Zbest Trading Operates is also ambiguous

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Zbest Trading does not have a suitable style of operation that they apply. The company operates anonymously, and you cannot even count on the software they use for operation. Not only this, but, ZBest Trading has trade information from people who are also mysterious, and their data is misleading as well. They claim to offer traders transparent services, but they showcase a lot of opacity in their services. Nothing they do or promise traders makes any sense.

No Past Data to Show

ZBest Trading brags about having vast experience in the trading world. But, they never show the data. If they have experience, they should at least avail trade history for some months. Past trade data helps in determining the kind of returns to expect from. They showcase similar behaviors to that of scammers, and you should be cautious of such. The most prominent evidence is very high bonuses on the first deposit which seems hard to be true.

Nevertheless, you cannot access the reward without completing specific tasks. Also, the returns they promise based on how they operate are not attainable even in a well-established setup. Once you fall for the bait and make a deposit, they will block you from accessing the services they offer. Additionally, they cut off any communications with you. A clear spammer.

No Funds Safety

ZBest Trading does not guarantee any safety of funds. Even the chances are that your data may also fall into the wrong hands. The security of your money is a top priority to consider. Their platform shows a lot of ambiguity which indicates that your funds are not safe. ZBest Trading does not have a demo account to familiarize you with the company before investing your hard-earned money.

You should fully understand how the company operates before you decide to invest even a single coin. ZBest Trading seems only to benefit the people behind the company since no data shows swift transactions from customers.

No Withdrawal Policy

The minimum deposit amount is $250. It provides payment options like; Visa, Western Union, Master Card, Bitcoin, and Money gram. However, cryptocurrency transactions and wire transfers are irreversible. Think wisely before using the credit/debit option since they have a chargeback policy of up to 540 days.

The firm does not reveal the time for withdrawals. It takes a lot of time to withdraw your funds. Moreover, scammers find multiple ways to hold your money for a long time. Invest your money with a company that has the shortest withdrawal time. Do not risk your money with Zbest as they do not have a refund policy. Also, they can put massive hidden fees.

No Customer Support After You Deposit Funds

Zbest Trading shows a location address; 98 Warwick Way, London, UK. However, after research, we come to know that this address has no relation with the company – a red flag alert. You can also reach them via email or telephone number. The available contact hours are; 09-00 am – 7:00 pm. However, the main concern is how they will handle your query.

Moreover, the support team makes efforts to develop trust between you and the company. Once you deposit your funds, the support team will end up responding.

No Rules & Regulations

Zbest Trading does not follow any regulations. The primary regulator is the FCA in the UK, and this company is not on the list. It can barely afford regulation fees and they can get into bankruptcy. It can also break Trading Guidelines whenever they wish.

We suggest you choose the Regulated Forex Brokers for transparent trading services. The unregulated companies do not provide any information about the founders. ZBest Trading founders risk facing criminal charges, and it’s the only reason why personal data is hidden.

Is ZBest Trading Scam or Legit?

Do not trust what is mentioned on the website. Scammers brag about a lot of things that they don’t offer. The firm does not reveal trading platforms compatible with its software, such as MT4 and MT5.

Also, the company uses social trading, and this trading method is not recommended. The company does not provide any banking information as evidence – a red flag alert. Your money can be lost as the information is not transparent. There is high volatility in the trading world and the company does not show how it handles high volatility.

We suggest you choose a Professional Forex Trading company that offers genuine and transparent services and is well-reputed in the market.

3.1Expert Score
Not reliable!

ZBest Trading is not reliable, and they operate without any transparency. They make a lot of promises to achieve your financial goals and also offer a lot of bonuses on your first deposit. But, they end up robbing all your money and blocking you from accessing any services that they offer. This is why they do not offer you a demo account. Hence, you should always consider investing with someone who is transparent, reliable, and has a record to show. We advise you to try transparent forex brokers for a pleasing trade experience.

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Zbest Trading Review: A Dubious Broker
Zbest Trading Review: A Dubious Broker

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