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Zhi Gang Sha

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha claims to be a harbinger of peace and service. He preaches about life and helping others. But his work says otherwise. 

While Zhi Gang Sha claims to be someone who has committed their entire life to serve others, his critics say that he is nothing more than a charlatan. He is notorious for brainwashing people and leeching money off of others through expensive retreats, events, and other paid products. 

The guy misleads people through his humongous claims. In the following column, you’ll learn the reality of Dr. Zhi Gang Sha and why he is a threat to society:

Is Master Sha a Doctor? 

Master Sha claims on his website that he is an MD in traditional modern medicine. But the problem is you wouldn’t find any legitimate information on his qualifications on his website or his online profiles. 

He doesn’t mention where he studied or what his specialization is as an MD. Master Sha doesn’t give any information on his actual qualifications. He only claims to be an MD. 

Other holistic doctors and influencers at least possess some qualifications, unlike Master Zhi Gang Sha. For example, Dr. Oz, a health guru is a certified Cardiovascular surgeon. Similarly, Dr. Well has an MD from Harvard Medical School and an AB degree in Biology from the same institute. 

Most health gurus and wellness preachers tend to be specialists in at least some domain of medicine. Master Sha adds the title of “Dr.” before his name but evidence suggests that he doesn’t have any medical degree. If he had a medical degree, he wouldn’t need to hide information related to it from anyone. After all, it would only enhance its credibility. 

But Zhi Gang Sha is not a doctor. He only claims to be an MD but has no proof to back up his claims. 

Master Sha is a Cult Leader, Nothing More

There is a lot of evidence suggesting that Zhi Gang Sha is nothing more than a cult leader. He manipulates people into believing his words by using jargon and complex terms. There is no real meaning to most of what he says. Like most cult leaders, Zhi Gang Sha targets vulnerable people and preys on their weaknesses. 

The following points highlight how Master Sha con artist uses different methods to deceive others: 

The Fictional Source

Master Sha has written many books. One of them is Soul Mind Body Science System where he elaborates on his theories, beliefs, and practices. He says that he can build the “Source Field” which can heal people. Yes, he claims to create a source field that can supposedly heal your ailments.

However, he claims that only he is capable of channeling and building the Source because the Source has given him the honor of connecting with it. 

Zhi claims that the Divine has chosen so he can offer Divine and Tao Soul Downloads. His book has a preprogrammed download permanently, according to him. 

This is something a cult leader would say. 

He claims to be “connected” to the Divine. And he claims to offer something that only he can offer according to himself. 

His claim of channeling the Source is unverifiable. He says that only he can interact with the Source so there’s no way to verify if it exists. You can only take Zhi’s word for it. This is a common tactic among cult leaders. It allows them to fool others by maintaining an illusion of mystery and grandiosity. 

A prominent example is David Koresh who died with his followers in a fine after spending around 50 days in a standoff with legal authorities. David claimed that he is an angel sent from heaven just like Zhi claims to be the chosen channel for The Source. 

The supposed angel used to say that only he knew how to open the seals. However, that never happened. Later, he was proven guilty of molesting and sexually abusing kids. This is the sad reality of many cults. 

Usually, one authoritative figure controls a group of followers. The leader of a cult would claim to have God-given power or authority. And whatever they say is right because they said so. 

People under a lot of stress and facing devastating problems tend to be the most common prey for such cults. And these cult leaders tend to target them mostly. They make numerous claims about their powers and solve issues that aren’t possible. Cult leaders like Sha focus on taking advantage of people’s desperation. 

His Heavenly Team

Master Sha has written multiple books. And he says that all of his books share deep secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and methods to transform all life. However, Zhi Gang Sha is quite different from other authors. 

Authors write books but Zhi flows a book. He says that a team from heaven comes to guide and assist him when he is flowing a book. His heavenly team consists of Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and plenty of other gods and scientists, according to him.

How can you question the wisdom of such books if you believe in Zhi Gang Sha? He says that the Divine helps him write every sentence as he hears the heavenly writing team who guides him throughout the process. Once he flows one sentence, the next sentence is already prepared for him. 

He claims that as soon as he finishes writing one paragraph, the heavenly team starts telling him about the next one. 

If you’re a critic of Master Sha, you shouldn’t review his book. Otherwise, you’ll anger the writing team from Heaven. 

This is similar to Rev. Sun Myung Moon, another cult leader who ran the Unification Church. He used to claim that 36 late presidents had endorsed him as the Messiah. Later, the authorities convicted him of committing tax fraud. He served time in prison and wasn’t the pure messiah after all. 

How do you define tax evasion?

What are tax evasion, its methods, and associated penalties?

It is unlawful for you to evade paying your tax obligations, whether you are an individual or a business. Criminal charges and severe punishments are associated with the serious crime of tax evasion. For instance, it is considered tax fraud and falls under the category of tax evasion to pay no taxes or pay less than you should.

Many cult leaders invoke heavenly authority to misguide their followers. Like the Source, you can’t verify any of these claims. 

Master Sha also claims that the Source inspired him to create I Ching practices that generate immortality and longevity. He claims that he is the first person to use I Ching for these tasks. 

Also, Master Sha claims that he converses with the Divine. And whenever he asks the Divine about something, he receives an answer immediately. It doesn’t matter how complicated his question is, the Divine would answer him right away. Due to these reasons, he claims that he is the best preacher and tries to separate himself from other cult leaders. She says that he has the deepest insight into spiritual awareness and has the highest sacred philosophy, knowledge, and wisdom. 

Master Sha knows how to become Immortal

Zhi Gang Sha says that he knows one-sentence secrets. He claims that the heavenly team gives him these secrets. So, he acts as a medium between this world and Heaven. 

According to Master Sha, he knows the one-sentence secrets behind all sicknesses and the secrets for healing them. The essence of his secret, according to Sha himself, is to remove desires for power, fame, money, control, and otherworldly things. 

He says that having such desires hinders your ability to rejuvenate and the longevity of your journey. 

What a deep insight, isn’t it? 

Zhi Gang Sha isn’t the only cult leader who claims to know the secret behind immortality. Charles Brown was another cult leader who used to claim that he knew the secret to eternal life. The guy also claimed that he can stop aging by using a process called cellular awakening. Just like Zhi Gang Sha claims to be the “only channel” for heaven, Charles was also the only source to perform cellular awakening and stop aging. 

Despite being the master of cellular awakening, Charles Brown died of old age. 

It’s pretty common among cult leaders to claim they have supernatural powers. In Sha’s case, it’s the power of sharing insights from Heaven and making people immortal. 

Many people claim to be the “only” medium between this world and Heaven. And all of them got exposed at one point. Master Sha isn’t an exception. 

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is a Hypocrite

Master Sha says in his books that you need to give up on pursuing wealth and status if you want wealth. He claims that you need to remove your desires for power, money, fame, and otherworldly things if you want to get longevity, rejuvenation, and immortality. 

If this statement is true, then why does Master Sha charge so much for his downloads? Why does his team promote his products so extensively if pursuing wealth is depriving them of immortality? 

His publishers promote Master Sha as a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller. But a lot of evidence suggests that Dr. Zhi Gang Sha manipulates his books’ sales by misleading his followers. 

Master Sha performs book campaigns where he gets individual commitments from his followers to increase his book sales. In these events, every one of his followers buys multiple copies of his book to “give them away”. 

Certainly, that’s not the main purpose of these promotional campaigns. Their main goal is to conflate the sales and establish Zhi Gang Sha as a “bestseller”. 

One follower might spend upwards of $2,000 on his books within a specific period through online retailers or local bookstores during these events. 

Statements from his ex-followers:

Many of Master Sha’s ex-followers have shared their experiences online through different platforms. A popular choice among them is the Cult Education Institute where they have explained how Zhi Gang Sha ruins the lives of his followers financially.

One of them shared that Master Sha times his book releases with his retreats. And he will charge excessively high fees for his terrible downloads during these events. But that’s not all. He would also offer some of those downloads for free if a follower buys multiple copies of his book to give them away. 

This way, Master Sha manipulates the sales of his books and makes it seem as if he’s a successful author. Not only is he lying to his followers but he is also lying to the public. 

Another person shares that Master Sha is a bestseller because he convinces his followers to buy books that nobody else is going to buy. It’s all about his image, nothing else. Meeting the financial demands of Zhi Gang Sha and his cult can ruin a person’s life.

One person shared that many people hide the amount of money they have spent on the downloads from their spouse and family because it’s too high. Usually, people spend thousands of dollars on his useless downloads.  Another person shared that they lost their business, home, and family because of the financial devastation Sha’s products caused them. 

Moreover, the prices of these “divine downloads” keep changing. One product that costs $1,000 at first would lose value within a small time because new downloads keep coming in. 

Another way Zhi Gang Sha rips off his followers is by offering “karma cleansing”. He claims that people will die if they don’t clear their karma through him. And he charges thousands of dollars to perform this procedure. 

People have shared they spent more than $4,000 on karma cleansing procedures and downloads because of Master Sha’s manipulation.  She also sells “divine calligraphy”. He forces his followers to buy this product and says “There’s no other answer”. One of his ex-followers shared that they believed the calligraphies were holy doctrines. They weren’t. 

Keep in mind that Master Sha is charging thousands of dollars when he says that it’s wrong to pursue wealth. Isn’t it hypocrisy? 

Other Scams of Master Sha Con Artist

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha claims to heal people’s ailments and make them immortal. But can he do all that? 

According to his followers, he can’t. 

A person shared that they didn’t see any healing when they were a part of Sha’s cult. Moreover, they didn’t heal from any ailments. Some of Sha’s students attested to his healing claims but there was never any documented evidence. 

Master Sha says that you can get the benefits of rejuvenation, healing, and transformation by using creative visualization. He says that creative visualization can even transform your finances and relationships. According to him, this ability is called “Mind Power”. 

He also urges people to chant things repeatedly. Because according to him, you become what you chant. 

She tells people to visualize a golden ball which he claims he received from Jin Dan. 

Experts call such visualization methods “guided imagery”. It allows cult leaders to manipulate people psychologically by making them more suggestible. This method enables cult leaders to remove the victims from their normal frames of reference. You can also call it “hypnosis” and it can be quite powerful in a cultic environment. 

Master Sha claims that his chanting and visualization methods can cure everything. For example, if you have pain in your back just start chanting “Soul Order heal my back” and voila, the pain will vanish. The chanting process can last for hours. 

He urges us to chant as many times as possible. He says the more you chant his mantras, the more benefits you’ll get. According to him, chanting is the solution to everything.

In the book Snapping: America’s Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change, experts share that every major cult teaches some kind of meditation or mind-control technique. It could be any form of meditation such as praying or self-hypnosis. Such techniques wear down the brain over time and can disrupt the brain’s ability to process information. 

Many ex-cult members share the negative consequences of performing too much meditation. Meditation isn’t a good or bad activity. But when someone with an ulterior motive force you to do it in specific situations, it can have many negative effects. 

Master Sha Ruins the Intelligence of His Followers 

Many of Sha’s teachings focus on controlling his followers’ minds. He even suggests removing “wrong thoughts” which he claims come from another soul in your mind. Like every issue, his solution for removing these so-called wrong thoughts is to chant a specific formula. 

Master Sha even addresses the limit of how much people can chant or meditate. He says in his teachings that many people want to chant and meditate but can’t do it for long periods. His solution is to practice more. 

In other words, he is suggesting people meditate excessively, the very thing experts warn against. 

Too much meditation can have many negative implications. His followers share that they felt as if their bodies were pulling the light and energy from galaxies, planets, and the universe. Another follower shared that it feels amazing and everything feels golden. 

Master Sha forces his followers to meditate so much that they start hallucinating, a common outcome of excessive meditation. 

Emotional manipulation: 

Another weapon Zhi Gang Sha uses to mislead his followers is emotional control. During the meditations, he tells his followers that the heart is more important than the mind. Siegelman and Conway suggest that ritualized instructions connected to particular beliefs and writings can manipulate a person’s primary emotional responses systematically to generate compliance and obedience. 

His ex-followers attest to this fact. One of them shares that Master Sha uses brainwashing techniques to keep the attendants of these retreats busy throughout the day. They get no time to eat or sleep. So, they don’t get any time to interact with the outside world. 

Another follower shares that Sha’s retreat is brainwashing caps. The attendants wake up early, run throughout the day, eat very little, attend meetings, and repeat the process till late at night. When they get home, they are brainwashed by Sha’s teachings and healing. 

Master Sha uses a controlled environment and sleep deprivation to manipulate his followers. Robert Lifton, an expert on Psychology shares that cult leaders control communication and use a total environment to have power over the person’s communication with everything else, including their inner self. 

Becoming an Object of Worship: Dr. Zhi Gang Sha’s Ultimate Manipulation

The Harvard University paper, “Cult Formation” says that the most crucial feature in any cult is the presence of a charismatic leader who becomes an object of worship.

Master Sha stresses heavily on his importance throughout his teachings and books. For example, he claims to be the only “channel” for the Source. Many of his devoted followers tend to believe that Sha isn’t just the medium but the “chosen one”. 

One follower says that they saw Zhi Gang Sha making a Jin Dan, then calling the light of Mother Earth, Heaven, and the Tao Light. 

Another devoted follower shares in his book that the ultimate chant for solving worldly troubles is “Master Sha”. She also recommends using this chant. 

What does it mean? It means Sha wants his followers to worship him. 

Master Sha is the quintessential element of every one of his teachings. He says that he has been chosen as a divine channel, vehicle, and servant. Moreover, he says he received the divine authority to offer karma cleansing and create divine channels to offer his services. 

According to Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, he is the only source of validation. 

What his ex-followers say on this: 

Some people fall for his manipulations while some are lucky enough to escape. Many of his ex-followers have shared their experiences online. 

One of them says that his retreats are similar to tent revivals where people claim to get healing through the air. The followers hold jars of water that get “energized” for healing. There is no follow-up to verify the healing’s genuine. 

Most people feel the healing subjectively through the group experience because Master Sha said they are healed. 

Another ex-follower shared that Dr. Sha might download a new organ into you to treat your ailment. He does so by grabbing the top of your head and putting on a show. He might even download an entire system within your body such as the Divine Digestive System or a Divine Liver.

Similarly, another critic said that Master Sha is only focused on making money. He knows how to manipulate multiple people by claiming to be more powerful than God. 

Some people even become lying, hurtful fanatics who can do anything to look good in Dr. Sha’s eyes. They might even hurt another follower to achieve this goal. Many people spend their life savings to get retreats, webcasts, and downloads. It is fanaticism at best.

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha Review: Verdict 

Zhi Gang Sha claims to be an MD but doesn’t share any information about his medical degree. He claims to channel the Source that can heal anything. According to Master Sha, all of your problems can get solved if you chant “Master Sha” multiple times.

He says that pursuing money is bad but charges exorbitant prices for his products. 

In other words, he is a morally corrupt, lying, deceiving cult leader. Nothing else. Beware of this charlatan. 

5.8 Total Score
A Manipulative Cult Leader

Master Sha aka Dr. Zhi Gang Sha aka Master Zhi Gang Sha is a cunning con-artist who lies to people about having divine powers. The guy has been running his scam for years and has ruined countless lives. 

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  • None
  • No proof of being a doctor
  • Claims to heal people through chants
  • Claims to be the sole channel of the Source
  • Claims he talks to Jesus Christ, Sir Isaac Newton, and other “heavenly people”
  • Manipulates book sales through followers
  • Claims to download organs into people
  • Says pursuing wealth is wrong and charges thousands of dollars for his teachings
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  1. Is he a “holy master teacher” having intimate relationships with all of his personal female assistants, Teaching them the “tao of sexuality”? And when those assistants tryin to quit, cursing them with “God will knock you down”? And who is “God” if not he himself? Where is love peace and harmony in those cases? Does his wife really know what he does? When will karma hit him?

  2. They suddenly shut down the center in Hawaii on July 2022. Does anyone know what happened,

  3. 5

    Zhi gang sha is a cult leader. He and his family are living in Toronto area. Here’s his info:
    Zhi Gang Sha and his wife Qian Xi Luo are currently living at 56 Greenvalley Cir, Stouffville, ON L4A 2L4 and 8 William Linton Tr, Stouffville, ON L4A 2L4

    Zhi Gang Sha cell phone: 647-628-5823

    Qian Xi Luo cell phone: 416-567-9632





    Their companies made billions in revenue every year by scamming people

    Zhi Gang Sha is active on social media. He does not know how to use a computer. He hired many people to promote him and made him look like a god. You can find his account by google on all social media platforms.

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  4. Zhi gang sha is a cult leader!

    • This is interesting, as I used to work for MS…I’m curious to understand ‘how’ you arrived at this conclusion? I will say how much I enjoyed my team, many of whom were volunteers for MS who then hired them; hence staff loyalty. I was able to grow my team with ‘non MS’ followers for truly experienced, talented and objective members. The greatest challenge for me, in that I was specifically hired to ‘strategically lead’ the organization; however, MS would sometimes overrule business/fact based decisions in favour of heaven’s guidance. This was perhaps the single most peculiar working experience of my illustrious career.

  5. 3.5

    Thanks, I’m glad to know I’m not the only person that’s aware of this tragic scam artist. My wife is a follower and has wasted all kinds of money and debt towards this self proclaimed master. He should be arrested.

    + PROS: Non
    - CONS: A shister
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  6. 4.1

    This article is very well accurate. Master/Dr sha otherwise known by the name zi gang sha is a very manipulative human being. My grandma spends her entire pension and the bulk of her life savings on Master sha ‘services’, these include karma cleansing, attending online seminars run by the ‘Tao certified’ practitioners full of non-sensical chanting and ‘Miracle’ stories. My poor grandma is convinced master sha is above all others on the same level as god if one even exists. She is losing her retirement years to Master Sha wellness scam withOut any soul healing taking place(not that I’m surprised).
    ————-IMPORTANT UPDATE 2022 NFT Scam——————
    In March of 2022 master sha and a french national, Alexandre Gheysen ran a video seminar directing her and many other poor souls(pun not intended) to purchase $2000+ of ethereum cryptocurrency in order to acquire the NFT which had ‘healing’ properties. My grandma is not tech savvy at all and she was told there was no other way to pay. She contacted in a panic me asking for help as the deadline was close. I couldn’t talk her out of it as she is fully brainwashed so I had to make the 120mile drive to investigate the matter. To my horror I discovered she’d sent over $65,000 to the universal soul corporation (business name of Master sha wellness company in canada) over the past few years and has recently gone into debt to donate to the Master Sha who is no doubt a multi-millionaire. She is considering remortgaging her house as the NFTs are apparently one time use and there are many different kinds of NFTs each with different ‘healing’ properties. Ironically Master sha’s team conveniently suggested her to purchase a ‘financial blessing’ which costs an arm and a leg for anyone who is already in financial distress as my grandma is. THE AUDACITY.
    —————TRAGIC ENDING————————
    Her life is pretty much over now and her mental state is worse than it’s ever been. She spent she entire life working multiple jobs to bring up a family as a single parent only to be brought to her knees at the hands of a money hungry, remote healing, wellness scam run by Master Sha and this MLM-structured scam company.
    I keep thinking if I hadn’t moved out of state to further my career she could have been saved. The Master sha and his team has seized all communication with her to reverse all her donation totalling $20,000+ Over the past few years. Can’t say I’m surprised.
    Beware and keep in touch with your elders regularly. It may be enough to prevent them from their introduction and inevitable demise in the clutches of master sha’s team of 700 practitioners who set up these traps.

    + PROS: None unless you seek to disguise pain as pleasure
    - CONS: -Potential loss of life if substituted for medical intervention -Potential for financial ruin -they are riding the crypto/nft wave at your expense -you’ll lose you loved ones as they become obsesses -virtual organ transplant via books -heal by placing book on affected area wtf -inflates book sales by setting one time use rule -your suffering is due to bad karma from ancestors -claims to know the secrets of immortality -claims to have communication with a god -numerous fake testimonials of instant relief
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  7. 5

    Everything said in this review is true Having just gotten away from them myself I can say that there is a list of around 40 Shifus .These consist of Buddha ,Jesus ,Mary, and Shiva Vishnu and Lord Krishna.Also Medicine Buddha ,to make a connection to your Shifu costs 700 US dollars .They claim to be able to see and converse with all these Deities of different traditions,and during a consultation one teacher said Oh I can see Krishna,I can see Laxmi.No advice whatsoever,I spent a lot of money , but stayed to witness things on a deeper level . There is a Chinese woman who has written online to say that the University he claims to have become a doctor of Western Medicine,didn’t exist under the name he gave until years later ,and any name they have existed under have never ran a course on Doctor of Western Medicine . There are no other people who have come forward with evidence that the course existed or that Sha took and graduated as a Doctor.

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  8. My husband was a Dr/Master Sha follower. I began keeping track of his spending, through checks and credit cards. It reached over $100,000, and almost wrecked our marriage. He was completely encapsulated with the man. He put him above anything else in his life. Luckily, he was able to break away, but not before spending everything we had and lots more. Please believe this article, as it is 100% true.

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