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Zuckerman Plastic Surgery is a clinic located in New York, NY. Dr. Joshua Zuckerman has been running this clinic for quite some time. Recently, he is gaining notoriety for botching procedures and making the lives of his patients much more difficult. 

His website states that he doesn’t take responsibility for his procedures so you can’t hold him liable for any errors he makes during surgery. The following review will give you a better idea of what it’s like to get a procedure from Zuckerman Plastic Surgery: 

Publicly Available Information About Dr. Joshua Zuckerman FACS:

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery is a clinic in New York City, New York. The man running this clinic is Dr. Joshua Zuckerman. This clinic’s address is 800A 5th Ave Suite 101, New York, NY 10065, US. 

Dr. Joshua Zuckerman specializes in cosmetic procedures of the body, breast, and face. He performs liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, breast augmentation, facelift, eyelid surgery, and many other procedures. 

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Even though Dr. Zuckerman claims to be an expert in various cosmetic procedures and boasts of having significant professional experience, he doesn’t take any responsibility for the results he delivers. 

He has a disclaimer on his website which says that he is not responsible for the results you get after the surgery: 

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review

This small disclaimer frees him of any accountability a normal surgeon would have. It means you can’t sue Dr. Zuckerman if he gives you permanent scars or botches a procedure terribly. If you’ll have a procedure done by him, you’ll automatically agree to this condition. 

They also take no responsibility for the claims they make on their website. You can’t hold them liable for making false promises to you, according to a different disclaimer on Joshua’s site. 

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review

Now, if his team removes these disclaimers from their website after this review, that would be a different thing. 

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The multiple disclaimers are the reason why he can run his clinic without facing any repercussions of ruining so many lives. As you’ll read different Zuckerman plastic surgery Yelp reviews (and others), you’ll learn just how many people are suffering today because they hired this guy: 

Terrible Liposuction Gave Painful Scar Tissue, Dr. Zuckerman Refused to Fix the Issue

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Dr. Joshua had performed liposuction on this lady and botched the procedure. She complains that Dr. Joshua can get annoyed very easily and when she said that she is having severe pain after the procedure, he treated it as if it was a nuisance. 

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The reviewer developed scar tissue which she wanted to remove but Joshua declined. On top of that, he said he would only fix the “dog ears” which he had stapled together. 

The reviewer says that he did a poor job. She had explained that she wanted the incision a little lower but he didn’t listen or care. He also didn’t perform the liposuction correctly. 

Implant Bottoming Out, Fake Reviews, and Selfish Behavior

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review

This person had two surgeries from Zuckerman Plastic Surgery and will need revision procedures for both of them. They had a swap implants procedure but it gave them ripping right from the start. One of the implants began bottoming out but Joshua didn’t believe it for a year.

He only took any responsibility when the reviewer posted their complaint online. However, he promised to fix the mistakes for $10,000 in exchange for taking down the comment. 

The reviewer went to other professionals who pointed out that Joshua measured them incorrectly and made a mistake while closing them. They also highlight that Dr. Zuckerman was late on the day of the surgery and performed the procedure in haste because he had to go skiing within an hour. 

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Their belly button started bulging out and Joshua promised to fix the issue. However, he never did. 

The reviewer had to stuff cotton balls in their belly button to keep it in with the surgical tape.

$12,000 Procedure Left a Huge Bulge on the Thigh

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review

The contract for the procedure the reviewer had signed was for $11,000. Dr. Joshua had promised to give a discount of $1,000 on the original price of $12,000. The reviewer highlights that even though Zuckerman Plastic Surgery claims to have a price range of $9,000 to $12,000, they always charge $12,000 for the procedure. 

Along with the original procedure, the reviewer had asked Dr. Joshua to perform a minor lipo procedure on their thigh to fix a previous surgery. They had asked Joshua about the additional cost of the minor liposuction but he said it would only cost a few hundred bucks, nothing more. 

He never quoted a specific price for that procedure. 

When the reviewer received the bill, it was for $12,000. The reviewer says that the least Joshua could have done is inform them about the price before. 

On top of that, the mino lipo gave them a huge painful bulge on their thigh. Dr. Zuckerman said in the post-op meetings that the bulge is only because of swelling and it will go down. That was a lie. 

Even after 7 weeks, the bulge is still there without any change. 

There are a ton more complaints against Zuckerman Plastic Surgery. Below are some more of them:

Charged $21,000 for Tummy Tuck and Butt Augmentation, Gave Poor Post-op Treatment

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review

This reviewer has shared her experience on other platforms as well:

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review
Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review

Botched Liposuction, Left a Dent in the Buttocks, and Charged $25,000

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review

Glad I avoided Zuckerman Plastic Surgery

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review

Belly Button Bulging, Rippling in Breasts, Stomach and Hips

9nFmHFt7D8TBG898Vw5ESZG0XIEH1G4LdlFudZlEcO tW9tz

Dr. Joshua Zuckerman Gave a Painful Wound for a Mole Excision, Poor Aftercare & Follow-up

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review

Horrible Operating Room, Rippling Skin, and Deformed Belly Button

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery review

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery Review Report Conclusion

It’s obvious that Zuckerman Plastic Surgery is a horrible clinic. The staff here doesn’t care about its patients and the surgeon is too incompetent to perform surgeries properly. 

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Patients also report that the aftercare at this place is terrible. Certainly, it is not a suitable clinic for someone in NY. That’s why it’s vital to conduct proper research on surgeons. WIthout finding out about these reviews, you wouldn’t know how unreliable this guy is. 

Look for someone you can trust, Dr. Joshua Zuckerman isn’t that man. 

2.6Expert Score

It’s obvious that Zuckerman Plastic Surgery is a horrible clinic. The staff here doesn’t care about its patients and the surgeon is too incompetent to perform surgeries properly. 

Concern for Clients
  • None
  • Multiple negative reviews
  • Avoids responsibility
  • Has botched innumerable surgeries
  • Has no regard for his clients

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