Is Ahmad Ashkar facing allegations of sexual misconduct and controversy related to the Hult Prize Foundation?

Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize
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The Chief Executives of Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize get dismissal letters by the foundation, after being listed as one of the primary sexual offenders.
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The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize Foundation acknowledges the ignominy brought by Ahmad Ashkar

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The co-founder of ‘The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize’ and a versatile entrepreneur Ahmad Ashkar is known for various projects, be it, his towing business in America, his software development firm, or the restaurant Falafel Inc. in Georgetown. 

The project that made him esteemed worldwide is the global entrepreneur competition named, The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize. Hult Prize has brought name and fame for various entrepreneurs but what the title has been awarded with? Ungrateful rewards by the co-founder himself. 

This article explains the actions of Ahmad Ashkar in return for the favor of the ‘Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize Foundation.

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22/11/2023 Update
As of now, Ahmad Ashkar has not responded nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize, scorned…?

  • The Chief Executives of Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize get dismissal letters from the foundation after being listed as one of the primary sexual offenders.
  • Lawyers of Kirkland & Ellis claimed “Sexual assault” at the Accelerator event, the summer camp. 
  • The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize identified several complaints of unwanted sexual advantages and assault by 4 former staff members and 3 mentors (2018-2021).
  • In the year 2021, the summer camp was held for 150 finalists at the Ashridge House (Former house of Henry VIII) from 40 global universities.  

The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize is an annual competition and was established in 2010 with a prestigious award of $1 million to encourage the entrepreneur culture and innovative young brains. 

The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize encourages university students and aids students worldwide to gather under one roof and present their business innovations. Each year the competition is overseen by various mentors and judges, to explore the various business ideas on any of the 7 Sustainable development goals by the UN, eventually filtering the innovative minds in The Apprentice style, into 7 finalists, who receive the reward of $1 million, each.

The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize is a highly prestigious award and hence, it is not only hailed by the students but also supported by the United Nations and Former US President Bill Clinton. However, the esteem of the event was marked black because of the devilish deeds of the sexual offenders associated with the Hult Prize. 

Although the offenders never accepted the crime, internal investigations made the vision crystal clear. Here are a few revelations made during the investigation.

The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize event promotion

The investigational revelations of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize

The foundation, ‘The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize charity’, made several efforts to dig out the truth. To do the same, and wipe out the stains, the Interim Chief Ms Doyle, and the foundation, appointed a highly diligent lawyer, Lisa Wilding QC. 

Along with the police and authorities, Lisa too made tremendous efforts to serve justice. Eventually, her efforts too, confirmed the evidential mishap. Moreover, the investigative officers asserted that there was no point in denying the act as the assault was heart-wrenching, which almost burst the victims into tears, led by immense anguish. 

Not just the grown-up staff, but teenage volunteers and participants confirmed the involvement of higher management in the act, with watery eyes and cracked tone. 

After stepping out of a few victims, it was believed that soon the culprits would be unmasked.

Aligned with the same goal, the Hertfordshire police appealed to the potential victims to come forward united and help the police in getting the catch-hold of the accused. However, the hesitant victims decided to keep shut. 

According to senior officers of the force, none of the potential victims came to aid the force. Most were afraid of the powerful opposition and their disgrace. This hesitance became the strength of the culprits and it took days to grab the main accused. 

Nevertheless, the internal and external investigation forces knew the severity of the act and kept knocking the jammed doors, for every single ray of light. 

And the light came. 

Kirkland and Ellis’ investigation ended up interacting with 65 individuals and marked the existence of 12000, nerve-wrenching stories in the authentic chronicle.

These stories eventually led to justice and dismissal of various officials, namely, chief operating officer, Charlemagne Quinitio, and chief of staff, Nelly Andrade. Along with the expulsion of the co-founder of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize Foundation, American-Palestinian entrepreneur Ahmad Ashkar.

Ahmad Ashkar’s lust inflamed the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize.

In a statement, Ms Doyle regretted the amount of faith the foundation showed in Ahmad Ashkar, the higher management official. She disparaged the misleading activities of Ahmad Ashkar, according to Ms Doyle Ahmad Ashkar exploited the faith and misused the unchecked power over the employees and participants. 

Power that makes you distinct and possesses the potential of making you an outcast. 

Ms Doyle in a statement that she was never clueless about the degrading environment. She also mentioned the excessive alcoholic practices of higher management including Ahmad. However, she expressed her sorrow and anguish for the environment subsumed with fear and intoxication. 

According to the chief the businessman, Ahmad Ashkar is habitual of alcoholism which leads to an undisciplined atmosphere, in the event.  

Ahmad Ashkar at the Hult Prize

The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize was claimed as an event with ‘complete leadership failure’. The foundation admits that the Prize event was misled because of the ill deeds of several associates. 

It was also accepted that the leadership-failure of Ahmad Ashkar, not merely doomed the event but also degraded the title, ‘The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize’ for decades. 

For several decades the investors might be dubious of investing again, the parents might be concerned about the female child, the female participation might be reduced to a severe extend – making it unfair for the other half, and the female staff might not be to work with the title, the innocent male staff, and officials might be defamed for the fault of others, also, the victims will have to face the trauma for the entire life, which might hamper their free-will to certain extent. 

However, the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize Foundation and the government were concerned about the pertaining issues and hence, they tried to curb the loss. 

The failed management of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize charity led to the dismissal of the chief executive, (the founder of the competition), Mr Ahmad Ashkar. 

Although, before his dismissal, he was the USP of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize. 

Ahmad Ashkar acted as a role model to the young entrepreneurs and was the face of the charity. He used to sell his ‘rags to riches’ story on behalf of the foundation and succeeded in gathering a crowd for the firm. 

However, soon after the disclosure of his awful sexual conduct, he was fired from the designation, and the limelight was snatched. 

The competition, the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize brought immense luck to the accused but his alleged misconduct served him with misfortune. 

The controversial part of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize Co-founder

Mamoun Ashkar

The year 2017-18, Prince George’s County Jury ordered the Riverdale Park police department to pay Mamoun K Ashkar and Ahmad Ashkar, Greg’s Towing heads, $260000 for their denial of business with Ashkar, based on their ethnicity  

The co-founder of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize was allegedly involved in sexual offenses from the year 2018-2021. However, before it, too, the Ashkar brothers were not leading a controversy-less life. Both brothers replaced the indigenous towing company and requested an alliance with the Riverdale Park police department for towing cars in 2014. Ashkars thought that they would be welcomed as towing partners by the Riverdale Park police department. 

Rather, things went upside-down for Ahmad and Mamoun. According to Mamoun’s accusations, the department officials considered them as foreigners and hence, they did not support them. Reportedly, on several occasions, Mamoun K Ashkar tried to rebuild the alliance forgetting the grudges but all went in vain. 

Sadly, despite the efforts, Mamoun Ashkar was addressed as ‘Camel Jockey’ by the officials. 

To which, Ahmad and their brothers raised their voices and requested a trial. The 4-day trial and 2-hour discussion favored the businessmen and they were granted handsome compensation, due to the inconvenience caused in carrying forward the business. 

However, the case of the Riverdale Park police department is worth re-surfacing at the instance, with the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize case as both the cases have one entity in common and that’s, Ahmad Ashkar. 

Both cases depict the varying versions of the businessman. In the first case, the towing owner victimized by the Riverdale Park police department must be awarded compensation. But in the second case, can a sexual offender be released free by the mere penalty of expulsion? 

Does the young brain still matter to the world?

Years following the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize Controversy…

After the controversial closure of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize Hunt, the foundation made tireless attempts to regain the entitlement. Hence, after the bashing of 2021, the foundation came up with the theme of, ‘Getting the world back to work’ and involved female participants in huge numbers. 

Aligning with the goal of a new start, the finale of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize, 2022 took place at the Asian University of Women, which was won by Team Radiant. The event in 2022 gave immense opportunities to the potential feminine strength of the corporates and made sure the participants felt secure. 

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The Hult Prize Foundation assured the creation of meaningful work opportunities in the yearly event of 2022. The Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize Foundation came up with the idea of encouraging business innovations and set-ups that could inculcate at least 2000 employees by the year 2024. 

Eventually, 100 entries came, and made tremendous attempts to excel in the competition. 

The foundation made sure a healthy competitive spirit and living but, past evils still shadowed the event and its good-will. The disdained image of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize 2021, followed the event, indicating a cloudy sky for the upcoming flights of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize. 

Ahmad Ashkar and the facades…

Ahmad Ashkar is a big business name, associated with several disputes. With the ticking clock, the altercations in the name of Ahmad intensify. However, to curb the noise, the PR of Ahmad Ashkar has made enormous efforts. 

After the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize event, the PR made sure that Ahmad made no futile public appearances and rebranded his name with ‘Software Development’. Although the association of Ahmad Ashkar with digital space is not questionable, a sudden eruption of the developmental skills of a towing facilitator needs explanation. 

Ahmad Ashkar – What To Know About Custom Software Development? – Ahmad Ashkar | Entrepreneur, Author, Visionary (

As the web says, The author of the book, The Unimagined: Life on the Frontiers of Impact Entrepreneurship, Mr Ahmad is an expert in real estate, philanthropy, food and beverages, and software skills. 

Ahmad Ashkar is titled as the most trusted and reliable expert in any arena of the corporate world and is masked as the ultimate problem solver by the PRs. The diligence of the PRs can not be suspected on any grounds, but the trust would remain intact if the PRs also mentioned the crystal evidential information on the inked achievements of the co-founder of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize. 

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The Open Diary of Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize, 2018-21

Ahmad Ashkar is a Palestinian-American businessman and co-founder of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize, he has been famous for his distinctive approach towards business and visible success. However, in the past two years, the businessman has been surfacing for all ill issues, including intoxication and sexual misconduct at the event. 

It’s been claimed that Ahmad Ashkar has failed to address the accusations of sexual assault by the victims. Although, by law, the accusations have not been proved the silence is suspicious. 

The alleged sexual assault was a recurring event from 2018-2021, which has traumatized the affected individuals. Yet, the time-lapse of 2 years in further proceedings is haunting. 

The yearly competition is an innovative approach and benefits the fresh talent in showcasing their skills along with providing the world with numerous precious suggestions in the path of advancements. Therefore, a small dot in the name of the Ahmad Ashkar Hult Prize is a huge deal worldwide. 

The foundation is trying diligently in the re-establishment of the event, but the past follows, till the curious heads are given a closure and are assured of the complete uprooting of the culprits. 

The authorities need to consider the fact that the victims, the accused, the framed and the culprits need closure. A closure is needed by all, including us.  

Is Ahmad Ashkar facing allegations of sexual misconduct and controversy related to the Hult Prize Foundation?
Is Ahmad Ashkar facing allegations of sexual misconduct and controversy related to the Hult Prize Foundation?

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