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Lalit Kumar Jain- Did He Defraud His Customers? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Lalit Kumar Jain Pune
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Lalit Kumar Jain Pune claims to be the sole proprietor of Kumar Builders and he describes himself to be nicknamed as the “Green Man of Pune” for his eco-friendly nature.
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Lalit Kumar Jain Pune claims to be the sole proprietor of Kumar Builders and he describes himself to be nicknamed as the “Green Man of Pune” for his eco-friendly nature. Lalit Kumar Jain Pune Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with great Engineering and Management skills, Kumar Builders stands out to be one of the Best Builders in Pune

Since February 3, 2003, Lalit Kumar Jain Pune claims to have served as managing director of Kumar Urban Development Pvt. Ltd., also known as Kumar Builders. Lalit Kumar Jain Pune began his work as a supervisor for a business in Pune, where he helped to create significant profits.

Lalit Kumar Jain Pune, the CEO of Kumar Builders, and four other people were arrested for defrauding flat buyers of Rs 14 crore.

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27 September 2019 – Pune The Pune City Police have detained four people in addition to renowned builder Lalit Kumar Jain Pune of Kumar Builders for allegedly receiving Rs 14.20 crores from individuals without providing them with a flat.

Khemraj Motiram Gopale (67) and 23 other people filed a complaint, and the Kothrud police station received an FIR in response.

Police report that the event happened at 45 Nirvana Hills, which is close to Paud Phata on Karve Road, between May 27, 2009, and May 16, 2019. Despite having paid Rs 79 lakhs, the plaintiff did not receive the promised apartment within the allotted three years.

What is the danger of customer fraud?
The risk of fraudulent activity is the potential for any unforeseen loss, whether it be material, financial, or reputational, as a result of fraud by an inside or outside actor. Financial losses resulting from theft, embezzlement, or other sorts of financial crime are examples of how fraud has an impact.

Lalit Kumar Jain Pune, Rakesh Sinha, Aparna Goyal, Kumar Sinew Developers Ltd, and Sinew Developers Pvt Ltd are all implicated in the FIR. They have been accused of violating sections of the Maharashtra Ownership of Flat Act (MOFA) and the Indian Penal Code (IPC) that pertain to criminal breach of trust, cheating, criminal intimidation, and section 34 (common intention).

The case is still being looked into by senior police inspector Pratibha Joshi, who oversees the Kothrud police station.

After receiving their response, Kumar Builders’ version will be incorporated into the report.

Lalit Kumar Jain Pune- Pune Builder and PMC Fined by NGT for Environmental Violations

The Kumar City Residents Co-Operative Housing Society Ltd. residents filed a complaint. Lalit Kumar Jain Pune, a well-known builder, is the owner of KUDPL. The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), the PMC, M/S Shubh Promoters and Developers, the Kumar City Co-Op Housing Society, and other parties have also been included as respondents.

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Source: Realty firm agrees to repay Rs 68 lakh to flat buyers after project stalled | Mumbai News – Times of India (

For environmental harm and environmental violations at the “Kumar City” project site in Wadgaon Sheri, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) fined Kumar Urban Development Pvt Ltd (KUDPL) and Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) a total of Rs 33.75 crore and Rs 2 crore, respectively.

The project developer (KUDPL) was prohibited from beginning any construction on the project land on May 13 by a four-member bench led by NGT Chairman Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel, “unless and until requisite statutory NOCs, consent, and clearances are obtained from the respective competent authority in accordance with the law.”

In an interview with Times of India, the claimant’s attorney Nitin Munot stated that “The PMC was sanctioned for not acting against the violations and not supporting the project.”

The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) and KUDPL were each given three months to comply with the green court’s orders to pay Rs 33.75 crore in environmental compensation and Rs 2 crore to the PMC. “The above amount shall be spent for remediation and restoration of environmental damage in the area in question,” the bench stated.

The project took place over a 1.63 lakh square meter area. It includes a commercial mall on land that, according to the applicant, was designated for amenity space, together with three residential projects—Kumar Kruti, Saffronia, and Cerebrum—as well as amenity space.

Lalit Kumar Jain Pune- After a project stagnated, a real estate company offers to reimburse flat buyers Rs 68 lakh.

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Former Kumar Builders director Lalit Jain, who had been summoned, appeared before the Bombay High Court on Tuesday and agreed to pay back Rs 68 lakh to two unit buyers. The purchasers, Samit Raut, and his wife had reserved a sizable apartment in a planned 32-story structure. Andheri Pranay Jain, another former director who was also summoned, was abroad and did not show up. The building is a free-sale component of a redevelopment project in Lokhandwala and has yet to even receive civic permissions. Justice SJ Kathawalla questioned Lalit Kumar Jain Pune about why this was taking place as he spoke softly. Lalit Kumar Jain Pune proposed to give the buyer a refund of the money plus interest. Contrary to the Rauts’ argument, his attorney Karl Tamboly asserted, Kumar Builders and Apna Ghar Cooperative Housing Society in Andheri have a documented redevelopment agreement. The buyers had petitioned the HC for relief through their attorney Tushar Gujjar.

“Though he may have resigned as director of Kumar Builder Mumbai Realty Pvt Ltd, he is in charge of the company and has taken responsibility for all Kumar Builders group companies,” Justice Kathawalla wrote in his ruling on Tuesday. He promises to give the Rauts the principal of Rs. 68 lacks before April 30. When asked when he would pay the interest portion, Jain said one month later. Lalit Kumar Jain Pune was ordered by the court to pay 12% interest by May 30. The court further noted that he promised not to grant any third parties any rights to the apartment the Rauts had reserved on the 25th level.

The Rauts, who reside in Borivli, had reserved an apartment with more than 1,000 square feet of carpet in 2013. They paid Rs. 68 lakh, which was the current price of Rs. 3.3 crore. This is Kumar Builders’ second stalled project of this nature, according to Gujjar.

On March 31, Justice Kathawalla made the following statement when calling the Jains: “This is another case where it is alleged that directors of the Kumar group of companies have defrauded customers.” “It is clear that innocent employees of the company are being used by people like Lalit Kumar Jain Pune who are managing the company but resigned as directors to avoid legal consequences for lapses on their part and appointed employees as directors,” the court stated in a separate case against Kumar Urban Development Pvt Ltd last October.

Let’s see what is people’s opinions for Lalit Kumar Jain Pune

People usually recommend avoiding doing any business with Lalit Kumar Jain.

What People say is “Please refrain from doing business with Lalit Kumar Jain of Kumar Builders because he defrauded us of 4 crores and because by doing so you are supporting the pain of others.

He has defrauded a number of Bangalore contractors, forcing them to close. He will never be pardoned by us. deceit and hunger to defraud the public in order to obtain a fortune.

Please refrain from conducting any form of business with them.

Additionally, you can search for him in court proceedings and the numerous articles about his scam.”

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People usually call Lalit Kumar Jain Pune a Fraud.

They’re liars. They keep claiming that you lie. I don’t think anyone should try it. You’ll constantly feel tricked by them. The attitude of the staff is likewise quite poor and haughty. Every time, they will cause project delays. They are the worst contractors I have ever worked with.

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People usually complain that there was no possession given by the builder Lalit Kumar Jain Pune.

“I reserved a phase 2 apartment in 2014 with a 50% down payment and the builder guaranteed possession in 2016. However, no construction is taking place in 2018 at all.

Most likely, the constructor is insolvent or intends to scam severely.

This is a horrible experience because the government is absurd and only aids builders.”

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Some people usually recommend avoiding Lalit Kumar Jain Pune builders as far as the investment is considered.

One of a client of Lalit Kumar Jain mentions that “ Dear All,

When I made my reservation at KUL Ecologic, I had an awful experience with KUL. I, therefore, advise you never to use this manufacturer. False attributions: They assigned the ownership date of December 13 to the object.

Although I can appreciate that some delays can occur, their business/PR team never provided precise dates. They keep stating “You will get ownership in 3 months” each time. They respond “according to the assertion” when asked to provide contact dates.

When making a reservation, they provide a letter with the ownership date (which has no real relevance), but in the statement, they use language like “in 3–5 years from the date of enlistment of understanding.”

If you refuse, they advise you to return the money. When you inquire about cash back, they respond, “Some other individual needs to book your loft, at exactly that point you will recover the cash”. Scaffold is nowhere: they guaranteed an extension yet there is no indication of it.

In the above, I haven’t said anything about the nature of the stuff being utilized. the stuff is not quite the same as that of the test level. Take insightful choices before booking with them.

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Lalit Kumar Jain Pune builders clients call their experience with Kumar Builders as worst.

One of the customers mentioned in his review that – “The worst experience I’ve ever had. After much work to have the cancellation of the investment in Kul Nation completed, this disgusting group of unethical individuals is now delaying the return of the agreed value that was deposited with Kumar Builders. In addition, their personnel is incredibly rude, and their terms and conditions are utterly biased in favor of Kul. The owner, Kriti Jain, and her father are both extremely rude, shameless brats who have robbed countless people blind and live off their money. It was disappointing that despite the fact that I work for the defense department and had to overcome several obstacles to get the money I had agreed to deposit with them as a booking deposit back, they didn’t feel obligated to do so. I’ve been subjected to mental harassment by this group of despicable individuals for more than eight months.

highly advise against sharing even a small piece of property with such abhorrent, dishonest, and unethical individuals; may God grant them justice.”

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Lalit Kumar Jain Pune- What is an environmental violation?

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A criminal act that directly destroys the environment is known as an environmental crime. Ecology, wildlife, biodiversity, and natural resources are all affected by these illicit actions. The following environmental crimes have been acknowledged by international organizations including the G7, Interpol, European Union, United Nations Environment Programme, and United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute:

  • Wildlife crime includes the sale of illegal wildlife in violation of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora) and the trade of endangered species.
  • Smuggling of ozone-depleting chemicals (ODS) in violation of the 1987 Montreal Protocol on chemicals that Deplete the Ozone Layer is one example of illegal mining violations of the 1989 Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes and Other Wastes and their Disposal, such as illegal trading in hazardous waste and trash disposal.
  • Pollution crimes: Dumping and illicit trade in hazardous waste in contravention of the 1989 Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes and Other Wastes and their Disposal
  • Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing in contravention of controls imposed by various regional fisheries management organizations
  • Illegal logging and the associated trade in stolen timber are in violation of national laws.

Lalit Kumar Jain Pune- What is a Contractor Fraud?

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When a contractor or contracting company is engaged to renovate, repair, or (re)build a residential property, they are engaging in illegal business practices. Residential contractor fraud is sometimes referred to as “home improvement scams.” Contractor fraud includes a variety of problems, such as poor workmanship, the use of subpar materials, rising project expenses, and overbilling. Contractor fraud frequently results in the victim paying twice because, in addition to the victim losing a sizeable sum to the con artist, whose subpar work may result in damage to previously undamaged areas of the home, the victim may also have to pay a legitimate company to bring the work up to standard or repair the damage. A victim of contractor fraud is frequently threatened and intimidated into paying for the work.

Some of the key points

  • When contractors or contracting companies are contracted to renovate, repair, or (re)build residential dwellings, they are engaging in illegal business operations.
  • Common contractor frauds include asking for a sizable upfront cash advance, omitting important project details or making lowball offers, claiming to run into unforeseen issues that demand additional funds, failing to obtain necessary permits, and selling materials purportedly left over from previous jobs.
  • Before hiring a contractor, you should think about doing your homework on them, checking their references, getting several quotes, developing a detailed written contract, verifying their licenses and insurance, confirming their building permits, looking into their warranty coverage, setting up a payment schedule, and obtaining a payment receipt.

Wrapping Up with some tips on How to Prevent Contractor Fraud

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A home’s renovation, remodeling, and upkeep can be challenging. It can be made much simpler by working with qualified specialists who can complete the task quickly and fairly. Although there are dishonest contractors who will provide subpar work or fail to show up, implementing a few safety measures and performing some basic due diligence will reduce the danger of contractor fraud. When choosing someone to perform repairs in your house, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises taking the following factors into account:

  • Research and information gathering: To find out for free about a contractor’s history of complaints, customer evaluations, and whether the contractor is a BBB Accredited Business, look for their business profile on the Better Business Bureau website.
  • Request references: Request a list of contactable local references from the contractor.
  • Request several estimates: Get at least three bids from various contractors using the same set of requirements by shopping around.
  • Get it down on paper: Always acquire quotes in writing, and be sure that no work is started without a detailed written contract that has been signed. Contact information, start and finish dates, a thorough and accurate description of the work to be done, material costs, payment terms, warranty information, and all verbal commitments by the contractor should all be included in the contract.
  • Verify the contractor’s licenses and insurance. Confirm with the contractor’s insurance provider that coverage for worker’s compensation, property damage, and personal responsibility in the case of an accident is provided, as well as that the contractor is insured to work in your area.
  • Verify construction permits: Before starting the job, the contractor must secure the necessary permits, usually at your expense. Include a provision stating that prior to making the last payment, the neighborhood building authorities must perform the final inspections.
  • Learn more about a waiver of liens: This is a declaration from your contractor indicating all suppliers and subcontractors have been paid for their work in the United States.
  • Consider foreseeable service problems: Make sure you understand what is covered by your warranty and how to handle future service issues.
  • Set up a payment plan: Never pay in whole up front; instead, space out your payments so that the last one isn’t due until the job is finished and thoroughly inspected.
  • Get a receipt: Obtain a receipt from the contractor marked “Paid in Full” once the job is completed and you have made the final payment.
  • Keep your contract. Put the contract in a safe place, just in case there are any questions after the work is finished.
Lalit Kumar Jain- Did He Defraud His Customers? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Lalit Kumar Jain- Did He Defraud His Customers? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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  1. How did these people deceive their customers with their misleading schemes? This guy is the biggest con artist in the history of real estate fraud.

  2. How could this guy refuse to supply the Flat after receiving Rs.14.20 cores from individuals, and why were the country’s higher authorities not taking any major steps in this regard?

  3. Lalit Kumar Jain was found guilty of breaking Indian section and environmental rights, and this man is known as the Green Man of Pune. For violating rights, this is absurd.

  4. In most of the cases I’ve heard, people like Lalit Kumar Jain were able to escape and avoid punishment after committing crimes. Consumers should avoid interacting with this because it is a waste of their time and money.

  5. I agree with what the author says in this article because these builders simply came here to defraud others, and they were run when they received 50% of their client’s money but never started the people’s building.

  6. Ecological and environmental disturbances are crimes that cannot be tolerated. These are the acts of violence that would be committed for defrauding people, such shameful creatures.

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