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Wolfgang Thaler and Cointed Scam Exposed (2024)

Wolfgang Thaler
Wolfgang Thaler and Cointed have received allegations of being major scam operations. Find out more about the scams in this review on Gripeo.
Wolfgang Thaler

Today, July 16, 2018, COINTED CEO Wolfgang THALER made a much-awaited video statement from China. It is said that he meets investors there who are meant to assist in saving COINTED. THALER asserts that the cost of the actual travel to China was covered. Regretfully, the video was shot in German, which is really unusual for a global business.

He initially realised that both of his partners had let him down in his video message. Thus far, it has come to our attention that Christopher RIEDER, the creator of COINTED, departed the company due to his purported involvement in the cryptocurrency crime case OPTIOMENT. Since then, he has either been missing or has been on an extended business trip. Then, who is the other partner?

But THALER will use every effort to prevent COINTED from going bankrupt soon. The crypto-ATMs were allegedly forced to go offline for the weekend due to the police raid of the COINTED offices. Furthermore, COINTED might experience liquidity issues as a result of a 6-digit fraud. Therefore, in an effort to conserve money, one Kufstein office has already closed. Additionally, according to Wolfgang THALER, he has instructed Daniil ORLOV, the accountable employee, to compile a report on cryptocurrency mining. Should this not happen, Mr. ORLOV would face severe repercussions. That seems extremely unsettling.

It is purported that COINTED investors and clients would receive their money back through the sale of Krypto-ATMs and the Krypto-Exchange company. Liquidity would have been obtained since a large number of Krypto-ATMs would have been sold over the previous few weeks. The liquidity of COINTED appears to be extremely limited, and the money from investors and customers appears to be completely gone. Rather, in order to reimburse investors or consumers for a portion of their money, COINTED must clearly sell its firm, or liquidate it. Investors in cryptocurrency mining should not have been considered thus far, and it appears that they too could lose their money.

Instead, the video message needs to be seen as a warning to the investors and as evidence that there isn’t much hope for survival. In any case, COINTED as it has existed for the past 18 months is no more. Readers of this publication shouldn’t be shocked that COINTED’s “transparency report” was clearly a hoax after we exposed it. Although Wolfgang THALER claims that there is hope for the ICO investors, he wants to withhold specifics until later. The only thing that might remain from COINTED, if we are to take the message seriously, is the ICO heritage in one form or another thanks to Chinese investors’ support.

Wolfgang Thaler Scam Conclusion

Our conclusion in a nutshell: #RIP COINTED and more troubles to come for COINTED partners and consultants.

Wolfgang Thaler and Cointed Scam Exposed (2024)
Wolfgang Thaler and Cointed Scam Exposed (2024)

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