Is Yossi Meystel’s nursing services business exposed to lawsuits? (2023)

Yossi Meystel & his Nursing service center, Aperion Care Center faced accustions on different cases, what were these cases, let's dive in to know more about it.
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Yossi Meystel & his Nursing service center, Aperion Care Center faced accustions on different cases, what were these cases, let's dive in to know more about it.
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The businessman who has faced accusations because he works with elderly homes is Yossi Meystel. Before I tell you about the complete complaint brought against him, let’s have a look at his personal history.

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Yossi Meystel: A Brief Overview

Yossi Meystel, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1975, has a background in accounting and a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University at South Bend. 

He claims to have nearly twenty years of work experience in residential management and has produced papers on the pressure of nursing home choosing and property management. Prior to overseeing a nursing home in Lincolnwood with 150 staff members, his career began as an assistant administrator at Chicago’s Brightview Care Center. 

He established YAM Management in 2006 and led it for eight years as president, delivering a 25% rise in net earnings in the company’s first five years. Yossi Meystel managed 24 nursing homes for the elderly in Skokie, Illinois, concentrating on acquisition, management, responsibility, and upkeep. He was interested in long-term financial plans and compliance activities.

What is the current status of Yossi Meystel?

He currently holds the position of company president and founder for Aperion Care. Meystel claims to be a generous donor who supports several Jewish organizations in Illinois, including the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, where he provides large donations to help those in need. 
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He also says that he has given support to groups like Madragos, Camp Nageela Midwest, and the Chicago Center for Torah and Chesed throughout his career. Yossi Meystel enjoys reading, traveling, and digital painting in his free time.

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Yossi Meystel: Lawsuit filed against Aperion CareJ6GJYbA KeEIT7zAqFfIDemWCntWpQyYfmW1XZKnrV8I0SsNuZuJYgL6AyUooSDdY58cZJU0dgbkspWJpmAMyGD1sFwcGlgWH3Dw8rF thJCI

The family of Jaime Hernandez, a resident of Bolingbrook who unfortunately passed away from bleeding to death at the care center in October 2018, has filed a complaint against Aperion Care in Forest Park. q9xgWX4BlonYGzz ODDO1PiNaUg3uVG pfopu0rDjS8yaPX yYU Vy


It is claimed in the action, filed in Cook County Circuit Court, that the nursing home was negligent in failing to provide Mr. Hernandez with the necessary care. There are 17 definite failures in his management that are listed. 

Due to the existence of a dialysis tube and the potential for circulation problems it carries, Hernandez was taken to the nursing home after undergoing a kidney transplant, and his health necessitated routine monitoring.

Hernandez was discovered in his bathroom, covered in blood, on October 25, 2018. He was around seventeen days into his stay at Aperion Forest Park. Residents should be checked on at least every two hours at Aperion, according to standard procedure, but the lawsuit claims that Hernandez’s case did not adhere to this rule. 

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Documents indicate that Hernandez’s doctor had also instructed him to be examined at least three times each day for any indications of infection or anomalies, but this instruction was not followed.

Hernandez was discovered in his bathroom, covered in blood, on October 25, 2018. He was around seventeen days into his stay at Aperion Forest Park. 

Residents should be checked on at least every two hours at Aperion, according to standard procedure, but the lawsuit claims that Hernandez’s case did not adhere to this rule. 

Documents indicate that Hernandez’s doctor had also instructed him to be examined at least three times each day for any indications of infection or anomalies, but this instruction was not followed.

According to camera footage, Hernandez had not been looked on at the two-hour mark as required by Aperion’s rules, Forest Park Chief of Police Tom Aftanas stated.

The family’s anguish was increased when Hernandez’s iPhone went missing while they were going through his room to gather his possessions. 

Police discovered outstanding warrants from Iowa for this person, who they believe may have stolen it from the office. It’s noteworthy that when Aperion hired this employee, they solely checked their past in Illinois.

Medicare has given Aperion Care Forest Park a “much below average” rating of one out of five stars, which is a low score. 

In July 2019, the Illinois Department of Public Health received reports of four license infractions including resident care guidelines, general nursing and personal care standards, medical care, and abuse and neglect.

David Berkowitz and Yossi Meystel bought Aperion Care Forest Park in 2007, and they currently own it. The business had racked up substantial penalties from the Illinois Department of Health while it was under a previous owner. 

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As Berkshire Nursing and Rehab, Berkowitz and Meystel changed its name. The facility was the target of a lawsuit in 2008 after an 82-year-old man filed a $50,000 claim after claiming a nursing staff had struck him in the eye.

The Illinois Department of Public Health penalized Aperion Care of Yossi Meystel in East Moline a further $75,000 last year. The accidental death of a resident by strangling and the escape of another person who was discovered wandering around in the cold while only wearing a half outfit led to the imposition of this fine.

The closure of Evergreen Park’s Emerald Park Health Care Center in 2005 was one of Meystel’s previous involvements with dysfunctional nursing homes. At least 168 state infractions were recorded at the facility during his time there. 

These offenses included hosting 10 sexual predators, two of whom were unofficial, and neglecting to watch over and safeguard a tenant with a disease that can be transmitted sexually who allegedly exchanged cigarettes and favors with other residents in order to become pregnant. Yossi Meystel claimed that when he took over the facility, there were mitigating factors beyond his control.

Yossi Meystel: Another Filed Lawsuit against the Aprion CentregxVP 8MYyIXam8TwuQZTuNK1sLjky83Cld l QXxDxfgON7o7qGLZQxw0K mn0rVCQ aKI84beHqtFfI4NCrSy7lguHiFS8eiRcwCjw2BWI PXPWHtAIqu5oAzYmV083UfZkuAwMJdIHGKLS0tb9lA


The nursing home was sued for wrongful death by the family of a woman who collapsed in the bathtub while residing at Aperion Care Kokomo and passed away a few months later.

According to the lawsuit brought out by the woman’s family, Sicely M. Daulton, a 75-year-old amputee with one leg, was a resident of a nursing facility in March 2017 when she was carried to the shower area by staff and left standing on her one leg without the required support.

Daulton was discovered in the bathroom with her right thigh pulled over her leg, according to the nursing staff. Later, it was discovered that she had a dislocated spiral fracture of the femur.

According to the complaint, Daulton was yelling due to her wound and later gave herself a pain score of “20” on a scale of 1 to 10.

However, the lawsuit claims that one of the nurses took the “inexplicable judgment to move Ms. Daulton returned to her bedroom and put her into the bedroom before calling an ambulance.”

The complaint claimed that nursing staff falsely documented the incident to indicate Daulton’s fall was observed and triggered because she let go of a wheelchair after first claiming they didn’t see it happen during a 911 phone call.

Two days following the fall, Daulton had surgery for her injury. Before passing away on June 26, 2017, she allegedly endured pain in her “debilitated state over the following few months.”

The claim in the case is that Daulton’s physical needs weren’t met throughout her stay because the nursing home employees didn’t provide for them. Her falls at the facility occurred 16 times between January 2015 and March 2017.

Staff at the nursing facility were aware that Daulton was “at elevated danger for accidents, yet they refused to give sufficient supervision or help with devices to prevent accidents, the lawsuit claimed.

According to the lawsuit, Daulton died as a “direct or proximate result” of the nursing home’s activities. Howard Superior Court II is being asked to hold a jury trial in this case.

The Indiana State Department of Health opened an investigation into Aperion Care Kokomo in January 2015 after finding that it had broken many local, state, and federal laws governing quality of care.

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The lawsuit asserts that the state’s findings show “a lack of regard for the rights, security, welfare, and respect of its patient population.”

A wrongful death claim was also filed at Aperion Care Kokomo in 2016, alleging that a resident’s injuries from a fall while under the facility’s care caused him to pass away.

Aperion Care of Yossi Meystel did not immediately respond to calls or emails left on that day asking for an opportunity to comment on the case.

Yossi Meystel: Financial Sanctions and Abuse

Government organizations in Illinois and at the federal level are entrusted with monitoring and policing nursing homes to guarantee the security and welfare of residents. These organizations are legally able to inspect nursing facilities and impose sanctions when major irregularities or defects are found. 

When infractions resulted in or had the potential to result in injury to residents, enforcement procedures may include levying monetary fines and even refusing Medicare reimbursement payments.

Aperion Care of Yossi Meystel, a nursing care institution, has been penalized twice in the past three years for major infractions. On September 9, 2017, and July 14, 2016, they were each given fines of $12,028 and $30,000. 

The seriousness of the offences and the harm or prospective harm they posed to locals were taken into account when these fines were assessed. Over the course of this time, Aperion Care collected fines totaling $42,028.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that during the same three-year period, the facility received a lot of complaints, with 39 formal complaints being lodged against them. Two major problems that the facility also documented on its own were also cited. The violations are an unmistakable indication that there have been continuous worries about the nursing home’s safety and care standards.

The Illinois Department of Public Health Nursing Home Reporting Website is a good resource for anyone who wants more information about the fines and penalties issued against Aperion Care Center. Additional documents and details about the legal actions filed against the nursing home should be available on this page.

In the end government organizations in Illinois and at the federal level are vital to the oversight of nursing facilities and the imposition of sanctions when flagged with major infractions and inadequacies. 

During the past three years, Aperion Care Center has been hit with substantial fines, a lot of complaints, and citations, underscoring the necessity of regulatory control in the nursing home sector to protect patients’ welfare.

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As a result, we can state with certainty that the past of Aperion Care in Forest Park and its entrepreneurs, David Berkowitz and Yossi Meystel, is problematic. It is a story characterized by several instances of carelessness, mistakes, and legal issues. 

The latest lawsuit regarding Jaime Hernandez’s terrible death, a guy who deserved care and attention, only serves to exacerbate the upsetting storyline surrounding this facility.

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Is Yossi Meystel’s nursing services business exposed to lawsuits? (2023)
Is Yossi Meystel’s nursing services business exposed to lawsuits? (2023)

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