Avi Cohen Great Neck: Is He a Fraudster, but how?

Avi Cohen Great Neck had submitted hundreds of fraudulent moving and storage bids to the New York State Office of Victim Services and NYC Human Resources Administration. Let's investigate.
Avi Cohen Great Neck had submitted hundreds of fraudulent moving and storage bids to the New York State Office of Victim Services and NYC Human Resources Administration. Let's investigate.

Eight defendants, including Avi Cohen Great Neck, admitted to a long-running plan to defraud New York government organizations. All used separate companies to submit fake and exaggerated bids for relocation services, overcharging the New York State Office of Victim Services and the NYC Human Resources Administration. Before we go into his frauds, let’s learn about his past.

Avi Cohen Great Neck: A Brief Overview

Avi Cohen Moving, founded in 1985 by Avi Cohen Great Neck, has thrived. Avi Cohen Moving began in 1985. Even though it has 20 vehicles, the company has grown primarily through word-of-mouth. This may indicate that the corporation doubts traditional advertising.

Avi’s hands-on leadership style and family-like team culture may be seen as micromanagement and partiality, creating a less-than-professional work environment. Prioritizing local and long-distance moves may limit service offerings, excluding certain consumer needs.

Although Avi Cohen Moving has grown in size, the fact that it relies solely on recommendations from existing customers may be interpreted as a lack of trust in the company’s capacity to acquire new customers through more traditional ways or as a reluctance to adopt contemporary marketing strategies. 

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In principle, the emphasis placed on customer happiness and service excellence is a great thing; nonetheless, it could be perceived as a way to compensate for potential deficiencies or problems that may arise during the moving process.

When viewed more critically, Avi Cohen’s refusal to engage in traditional advertising could be interpreted as a lack of adaptation or as a missed opportunity to communicate with a more extensive audience. The dependence on a team that has been together for a long time and has a lot of experience may give rise to worries regarding a lack of diversification or opposition to bringing in new perspectives.

About the Company of Avi Cohen Great Neck: Avi Cohen Moving

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Popular New York City storage and moving company Avi Moving & Storage. The company was founded by Avi Cohen Great Neck, a leader in the moving and storage industry for over 30 years. The organization claims to provide high-quality moving services throughout Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, and the New York Tri-State region.

The Avi Cohen Great Neck-owned corporation is condemned for functioning as an unchallenged power, which may limit relocation alternatives in selected localities. Since it implies a lack of healthy competition, claiming to be the “ultimate solution” may limit clients’ options and flexibility. 

So, there is still a question of whether or not the claims made by the corporation and the owner are accurate. First, let’s look into it. To learn more about it you may follow the mentioned links below:

Avi Cohen Great Neck: What is his role in a $15 million bid-rigging scheme? 

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A Jewish man from Great Neck named Avraham Cohen (Avi Cohen Great Neck), who is sixty years old, has been indicted along with four other individuals in connection with a bid-rigging conspiracy that spanned over twenty years and resulted in the individuals receiving more than fifteen million dollars from government services. 

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The New York State Office of Victim Services and the New York City Human Resources Administration are the recipients of the indictment, which says that Avi Cohen Great Neck was involved in the submission of thousands of false bids for moving and storage services. The indictment was led by the state Attorney General, Letitia James.

To guarantee the most affordable costs for services, government organizations forced clients to submit three competitive bids. This mechanism was allegedly exploited by Avi Cohen Great Neck and the others by illegally splitting the market and increasing prices through fabricated bids, according to the indictment. 

They reportedly charged as much as three times the actual market value for each of the over 25,000 moving jobs that they completed for the agencies between the years 2001 and the present as well. Upon further investigation, it was determined that Avi Cohen Great Neck was the proprietor of Avi Moving & Trucking Inc.

Additional individuals who have been indicted include Derek T. Barney, who is from New Jersey; Frank Lopez Jr., who is from Queens; Cynthia Yeje Ramsaroop and Gennovee Yeje, who are both from Florida; and Gennovee Yeje himself. 

Prime Moving & Storage Inc., Avi Moving & Trucking Inc., Baya Inc., and Fastrac Processing LLC were four of the companies that were implicated in the indictment. Most of these companies had their headquarters in Queens, except for Prime Moving & Trucking LLC, which was located in California.

According to the allegations, the defendants founded a fictitious trade association known as the “United Movers Association.” Then they reportedly submitted a letter to the New York City Human Resources Association, stating that the association was established to address fraudulent conduct. In a paradoxical turn of events, this enabled them to supply the government entities that they ostensibly intended to aid with fabricated bids.

In addition, the group was responsible for the operation of a fictitious organization that was given the name “Office of Eviction Services.” This company provided false information about itself by claiming to be a government entity that assists people who need emergency relocation assistance. The office was purportedly sold to Yeje in 2016, and Yeje and Ramsaroop were responsible for its operation remotely from Florida.

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The indictment, which was released on Wednesday, was the result of an investigation that was completed by James’ office as well as the Department of Investigation of the state. 

Conspiracy in the fourth degree, grand larceny in the second degree, a scheme to defraud in the initial degree, and deal, agreement, arrangement, or conjunction in restraint of trade are some of the allegations that have been brought against Avi Cohen Great Neck, according to the 17-count indictment that has been filed against him.

Commissioner Margaret Garnett of the Department of Investigation emphasized the tangible impact that corruption has on city government, particularly the costly toll it takes on vulnerable individuals, such as those who survived domestic violence and recipients of public benefits. In reaction, Attorney General James expressed his outrage and stated that the defendants took advantage of programs that were designed to assist victims of crime.


As a result of guilty pleas and sentences, the bid-rigging scam that Avi Cohen Great Neck and his accomplices had been working on for more than twenty years has now been brought to light. 

Through the submission of thousands of fake bids and the raising of prices, the persons took advantage of government agencies that offered moving and storage facilities to people who had been victims of crimes and recipients of public benefits. 

The fact that they established fictitious trade associations and entities that were dishonest was more evidence of their planned effort to exploit the system to accumulate financial advantage.

The charge, which was made public by Attorney General Letitia James, highlights the serious impact that corruption has on programs that are intended to assist in the assistance of vulnerable populations. It has been ordered that guilty pleas and reparation payments be made, which means that there will be some degree of accountability. 

The decision highlights the defendants’ contempt for the original aim of government programs, highlighting the fact that they prioritized financial gain at the expense of people who are in immediate need of aid. 

This incident serves as a harsh awareness of the consequences that might result from fraudulent actions that target essential services that are intended to provide assistance and protection to the most disadvantaged among the population.

That is all I needed to say about the allegations and frauds that have been made against Avi Cohen Great Neck. I have high hopes that you will like going through it. It serves as a cautionary tale for all of us, urging us to choose the appropriate businesses to provide our services. You can follow the links that are provided below to acquire additional information regarding his actions:

Avi Cohen Great Neck: Is He a Fraudster, but how?
Avi Cohen Great Neck: Is He a Fraudster, but how?

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