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Bryan Legend – OOXY Labs Founder

We’re sure these fine details from Bryan Legend’s life and entrepreneurial success have left you wide-eyed. But as the wise man quotes himself, “It’s all about PERSPECTIVE. What you believe, you perceive.”

Bryan Legend is the latest buzz hitting the headlines in the cryptocurrency network. The more we hear about his fantastic accomplishments and contributions in the sectors, the more we want to know about his history and the secret of his massive success.

So, we dug a little deeper to satiate our curiosity. And here we have six fascinating facts about this man who’s been riding the high waves of the crypto-current lately.

  1. He’s a Man of Modest Origins
    Bryan Legend isn’t one of those lucky souls who find success early in their life. He’s a man who started with the ordinary and accomplished everything extraordinarily! He dropped out of school in the 10th grade.Before he ventured on his entrepreneurial journey he took up odd jobs to make ends meet. As an entrepreneur, he tried his luck at running several businesses. From transport to telecom, security and digital marketing, he tested the grounds in many industries before he could find his true calling.
  2. He Revolutionized the World of Cryptocurrencies
    Bryan has driven some remarkable innovations in the crypto market including the popular movements like Clever DeFi and Safuu.Clever DeFi was a type of decentralized financing that introduced the concept of automatic interest in cryptocurrencies in 2020. This venture was a huge success as it brought incredible security in the volatile environment of cryptocurrency investments. Although the evolving nature of the market led to the eventual downfall of Clever DeFi, it sure laid the foundations for secure investments and assured returns for cryptocurrency investors.Bryan isn’t the kind of person who would leave the battlefield because his venture got pushed back by competitors. With an undeterred spirit, he made a fitting comeback pretty quickly.In 2022, he presented the SAFUU Protocol to the world. This innovation revealed sustainable crypto-investments with assured interest every 15 minutes.Bryan’s determination to make cryptocurrencies a universal phenomenon is evident in his unwavering commitment to providing technical support and assured returns to even the smallest investors.
  3. He Has Led Hundreds of People to Big Fortunes
    Did you know that the SAFUU protocol gave a whopping APY of 383% and more in 2022 when the rest of the cryptocurrency market was struggling? Indeed, many investors who trusted Bryan’s technical brilliance and strong work ethic struck a fortune from putting their money on the SAFUU token.
  4. He Sponsored a BTCC Racing Team
    The launch and victory of the Safuu Racing Team in the Kwik Fit British Car Championship is another evidence of Bryan as a visionary and a revolutionary entrepreneur. He used this unusual strategy to promote sustainable investments by introducing environmentally sustainable racing cars. Isn’t this cool?
  5. He Holds Stakes in Amazon and Tesla
    Bryan is a multi-millionaire and the founder of the incredibly successful development company OOXY Labs. Besides his own companies, his net worth also comprises stakes in some of the world’s most successful companies like Amazon and Tesla. He is a smart investor and has a keen eye for tech startups. He has also been named one of the Tech Leaders of 2021. Indeed, he knows the secret of how to make his money work for him. In addition to these noteworthy investments, Bryan also loves to invest in very expensive and exclusive watches from Rolex, Cartier, and the like.
  6. He is the Founder of the Most Revolutionary Blockchain
    Have you heard of the world’s first-ever blockchain with auto-staking, auto-rebasing and auto-compounding technology? Well, that’s Bryan Legend Vulcan Blockchain for you!Truly, Vulcan is an omnipotent blockchain that takes decentralized finance to all spheres of the investing community. Sustainability and transparency are the keywords that hold the integrity of the Vulcan blockchain. For the sake of sustainability, the blockchain’s supply is under strict control. The superior governance standards also ensure that investors are accurately informed of even the smallest developments.

Bryan has been featured on the cover of multiple publications such as Australian MillionaireGlobal MillionaireMoney CentralStar, and InLife magazines. EntrepreneurThe Ritz HeraldNew York WeeklyBusiness Insider aswell as Forbes and Nasdaq, have featured Bryan Legend.

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Bryan Legend is Legit!

We’re sure these fine details from Bryan Legend’s life and entrepreneurial success have left you wide-eyed. But as the wise man quotes himself, “It’s all about PERSPECTIVE. What you believe, you perceive.”

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