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CannaGlobe: A Dangerous Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed

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CannaGlobe has received serious allegations of being a fraudulent enterprise. Find out if those allegations are true in this review.

In a digital world teeming with Multilevel Marketing (MLM) companies, it’s increasingly important to separate the wheat from the chaff. One such company that has entered the fray is CannaGlobe. In this analysis, we’ll dig into the details of this company, its history, products, and compensation plan, while highlighting some potential red flags.

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Who’s Behind CannaGlobe?

CannaGlobe, a company that ostensibly operates within the cannabis industry, provides limited information about its ownership or executive team on its website. The only name linked to the company is Marty Hale, who identifies himself as the founder and CEO of CannaGlobe on social media platforms like Facebook. The lack of transparency on the website raises questions about its operations.

image 51

Marty Hale’s MLM journey dates back to the 1980s, with his official bio detailing various roles such as:

  • Distributor for Excel Communications (1989 – 1995)
  • Consultant for PrePaid Legal (1996)
  • Speaker for ACN (1998)
  • Co-founder and CEO of Net Lifestyles (1999 – ???)

How exactly does a Ponzi scheme operate?

An investment fraud known as a Ponzi scheme draws investors with claims of great returns and no risk but fails to invest the money as stated. Instead, it pays off earlier investors with money from future investors while maybe keeping a portion of the profits. These schemes typically fail when recruiting investors becomes challenging or when multiple investors attempt to cash out. They depend on a steady flow of new buyers to operate. They are called after Charles Ponzi, who ran a similar scam using postal stamps in the 1920s.

After a hiatus from the MLM industry, Hale resurfaced in 2009 as the Chief Strategy Officer of the Trump Network and held various executive positions in other MLM companies. In 2018, Hale returned to Terry LaCore and got involved in multiple MLM companies under LaCore Enterprises, which led to his involvement in CannaGlobe.

8/12/2023 Update
As of now, CannaGlobe has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Unpacking CannaGlobe’s Products

CannaGlobe’s product line primarily consists of items containing “delta 9 THC”. The company also offers non-THC products. Their offerings span across categories such as gummies, edibles & drinks, joints, blunts and vapes, supplements and personal care, clothing, and other random products.

Edibles & Drinks

Their edible range includes various gummies, brownie mixes, cookie mixes, and chicken batter, all infused with their proprietary cannabinoid blend. They also offer a selection of craft mocktail shots and energy drinks.

Smoking Products

The smoking products include pre-rolled joints and blunts, disposable vape pens, and cartridges, all infused with Delta-8 THC.

Supplements and Personal Care

CannaGlobe also offers a variety of cannabinoid-infused supplements and balms aimed at pain relief and improved physical performance. Some of their products are also designed to enhance focus, sleep, and sexual performance.

Clothing and Other Products

image 55

Interestingly, CannaGlobe also sells a range of sports clothing under the brand “Ignite” and some random items like table runners, canopies, and silicone wristbands.

image 54

However, it’s worth noting that some of CannaGlobe’s products are listed on their website without any product description, leaving consumers in the dark about what they’re purchasing.


Decoding CannaGlobe’s Compensation Plan

image 56

CannaGlobe’s compensation plan includes retail and recruitment commissions, with coded bonuses for affiliates who meet certain criteria.

Commission Qualification

For an affiliate to qualify for MLM commissions, they must have 3 customer points. These can be earned through an affiliate’s monthly subscription fee, their monthly autoship order, or by referring a retail customer with a product order.

Affiliate Ranks

There are six affiliate ranks within CannaGlobe’s compensation plan, each with their respective qualification criteria. Progression through these ranks is tied to the number of recruited affiliates and total downline affiliates, among other factors.

Mentor Bonus

The Mentor Bonus is awarded to new affiliates who, within 30 days, recruit a VDO or VDO Pro affiliate who qualifies for MLM commissions. The amount of this bonus depends on the rank of the recruiting affiliate.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions are paid through a unilevel compensation structure, with percentages of monthly retail and downline sales and purchase volume paid out depending on the affiliate’s rank.

Matching Bonus

A 20% Matching Bonus is offered to Regional VDO and higher-ranked affiliates on the coded component of residual commissions paid to their personally recruited affiliates.

Training Bonuses

VDO Pro affiliates are also eligible for Training Bonuses, which are earned by training their downlines.

Joining the CannaGlobe Affiliate Program

Interested parties can become CannaGlobe affiliates at three different price points: Bud, VDO, and VDO Pro. The cost ranges from purchasing a product (for Bud) to a $720 fee plus a monthly $25 subscription (for VDO Pro). The primary difference between VDO and VDO Pro is the eligibility for Training Bonuses.

image 57

Concerns and Red Flags

Despite its seemingly standard MLM structure, several aspects of CannaGlobe raise concerns. The lack of transparency about the company’s ownership and the potential for an autoship recruitment scheme are significant red flags. The vagueness surrounding some of their product descriptions, as well as the diversity of the product line, also raises questions about the company’s operations.

Another alarming connection is the association with Rodney Burton, a notorious MLM Ponzi scheme promoter. The presence of Burton’s branding on one of CannaGlobe’s products indicates a potential undisclosed business arrangement.

image 58

In conclusion, while CannaGlobe appears to offer a typical MLM opportunity, the multiple red flags and lack of transparency suggest caution in dealing with this company. Potential affiliates should thoroughly research and consider these factors before getting involved with CannaGlobe.

CannaGlobe: A Dangerous Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed
CannaGlobe: A Dangerous Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed

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  1. Wow: I am really thrown by the comments. I have been involved with Cannaglobe for a couple of months now. I enjoy the products sampled. It has been convenient receiving a pre-roll monthly on auto delivery of high quality. A pre-roll is just the beginning of the offering. I am a busy person and if you pay your bills on auto pay, it is great to not have to think or go anywhere to relax, delivery to your home. The compensation plan is the bonus :). When Amazon came on the scene, I refused…. Now Amazon is at my house regularly. The long game.

  2. I joined cannaglobe and I purchased the perform green apple product and it is great so the product gives me great energy and helps in a lot of areas besides energy and I am triple excited about the compensation plan and I can’t wait to see the money I know that’s coming WOW WOW WOW IM SOOOOOO EXCITED

  3. These guys are a Ponzi scheme I’m just not going through the trouble. There’s no real communication and they’ve kept their help to a minimum. So that their time frames can overlap them selves. You won’t get your money back once you initiate your subscription watch out.

  4. Ponzi Scheme? Ponzi Schemes are investment opportunties – Meaning all you have to do is pay your investment and you get to recruit people and earn money off them until there is no one left to recruit. It was named after Charles Ponzi, who paid off early investors with later investors money.

    ~ Not a Ponzi Scheme, when you bought a package for $420 you received over $500 worth of product at legitimate retail prices. vapes, pre rolls, gummies etc. go to ANY dispensary and compare prices. No ONE has to recruit to make money. There is a RETAIL site that allows you to market the site and allow anyone to order without paying a fee and earn a retail commission for.

    There is a second site, that offers you the ability to participate at the higher levels and obtain commissions from MULTIPLE LEVELS – And the company while MULTI LEVEL, is compliant with the Koscot Decision (1975) and thus is a legitimate business enterprise.

    I have personally owned 3 CBD Stores, and the prices of the CannaGlobe products are competitive with the stores i ran.

    You are always going to have people in MLM, Direct Sales, Complain that they have to do work to get paid… the 3rd “M” in MLM is “MARKETING” To Complain that you have to actually market something to get paid is something i expect from a person with a high sense of entitlement. Its like an Insurance Salesman complaing he has to SELL something to get paid.

    If you dont want to market to your friends, don’t. dont want to market to your family then don’t. If you can afford a billboard on the hghway or pay for a Superbowl ad for 30 seconds… they don’t care. But you get paid for results. not for trying, not for wishing, and not for crying – you get paid to produce results. that is it. No More, No Less.

    Lastly, the descriptions on the products on the website are consistent with the industry of online sales of everything from cannabis related products to your favorite tea on amazon.

    Let me know, when your Tumeric Peppermint Tea has an explanation of its effects and uses in great detail. Thank You. Not corporate, just a rep with a different experience than the one highlighted – thank you for allowing me the opportunity to respond

  5. I think I’m being Scammed by Cannaglobe they took my money but I’ve never been able to get into my Backoffice there are no members for a technical support team to assist with any issues No one answers the phones or return calls contact me at 15132000235

  6. It is now best to avoid contact with CannaGlobe because these are typical MLM schemes. This idea was being followed by a friend of mine, but it was never profitable to him because it was a complete waste of time.

  7. There were many salespeople like Rodney Burton whose main motive was to promote these Ponzi schemes and just convince people to try their basic product line so that particular people would be attracted to their fake schemes.

  8. These schemes served as a means for fraudsters to get money, as these websites were untrustworthy at any cost. The terms and conditions, as well as the information provided by the company, were determined to be suspicious. Because these schemes were completely untrustworthy.

    • Reply
      Christopher Collins
      November 7, 2023 at 3:48 pm

      As an ex VDO of cannaglobe I will say that there are some people out there who just recruit people and then leave the person they recruited trying to figure out how to do everything on their own as the person who first recruited me promised to help me with my launch party but never did, and the company has a bit of a just shut up and do what your told don’t ask questions kind of attitude.we were also told that if our customers had questions to direct them to someone higher up versus actually having knowledge of the products so that they could answer their customers questions about said products.They only have 3 people running their customer support and they not only take forever to respond but always refer you to the help desk section versus actually helping you. I personally left because I was not comfortable with their don’t have answers for your customers and just sit down shut up and do what you are told attitude, and started seeing some people point blank offer to buy their sign ups by buying kits for people if they signed up with them specifically which to me is a huge red flag. They claim to be the only company that works with celebrity brands and that can sell and drop ship 2018 Farm Bill Compliant products to customers but charge way more for the products they sell than others who sell the same stuff they also overcharge in shipping. This is a MLM company and they do expect you to call and harass people to get customers and sign ups.

      • Thank you for this. I’ve been thinking of joining only because they say it’s a great investment and you can make alotbof money. I know alot of people buy cbd,but I doubt I could sell enough to make alot of money. I didn’t like the auto ship. The social media pages make it look so good. Did you make any money off it?

      • Really appreciate this personal perspective! I hope that you will continue to raise awareness in whatever ways you can because you are able to confirm from experience that this company is less than legitimate from a business standpoint, which is particularly considering they may be walking a very fine line on their claims on being “100% Legal” on all fronts. I have read enough that I would touch this “opportunity” with a 10ft pole. I hope unsuspecting, naive people don’t lose too much money, let alone eventually find themselves in trouble with the law.

  9. These were the fake market strategies that only conned people and claimed to be MLM companies, because there was a lack of transparency, and they used their fake market model on various social sites like Facebook, just to lure people to be a part of their scam.

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