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Capricon Capital Review 2024: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed

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Capricon Capital might be a dangerous Ponzi scheme. Find out if you can trust them or not in this review on Gripeo.

Capricon Capital review found nothing authentic about the documentation of the firm. The article describes various aspects, based on the comprehensive Capricon Capital review. These aspects elaborate the risks and the incompetence of the firm. Let’s discuss each one of the aspects, to spread awareness amongst the investors and corporate fanatics about the firm.

Capricon Capital review

Have a sneak-peek at the official website, before going through the Capricon Capital review:

Before we get started with this review
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Capricon Capital Review | First Aspect Describes Suspicious Ownership

Did you know? Capricon claims no authentic statement regarding the ownership of the firm. Not even a single web page discloses the name of the owner or faces behind Capricon Capital. However, it’s mandatory to promote the CEO of any investment firm, as it guarantees assurance of the consumers. Yet, Capricon Capital decides to ignore the consumer’s concerns. However, the reason behind this ignorance is suspected to be the ‘illegitimacy’ of the firm, by Capricon Capital review. 

Capricon Capital Review Exposes Arbitrary Workplace

Capricon Capital does the bare minimum to prove its authenticity by exhibiting its links to the Netherlands. Where, the firm provides a random Dutch address in the website of Capricon Capital, claiming its establishment in the Netherlands market. However, according to an in-depth Capricon Capital review, this address is an arbitrarily chosen residential place.

Capricon Capital Review | Second Aspect Recounts The Shamed Products

Capricon Capital Review recounts the products as dubious entities. As, Capricon Capital merely sell the membership of the firm to its affiliates. Capricon Capital review describes that the promoters have nothing retailable to sell, the firm has no product and no service at all. 

The promoters of the website dupe the naive investors into fake investment, and convert them into affiliates. After which, the affiliates dupe others by selling them mere membership, which guarantees absolutely no returns. 

The circle is repeated again and again, and again for the sake of incentives. However, least do the affiliates know, that the ponzi websites claim high incentives, and even higher ROI (return of investment, but result in sole forgery.

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Capricon Capital Review | Third Aspect Strikes The Fraud Membership Scheme

Capricon Capital review explains the fraudulent tactics of the promoters of the firm. Where, the promoters of Capricon Capital invest in cryptocurrency for returns exhibited by the promoters. Capricon Capital claims that each member must invest in huge capital to be a part of the beneficiary section, however, the reliability of the assertions is doubtful. 

The table given below displays the membership scheme with best information possible, regarding the mandated investment and returns promised. 

Membership PlansInvestment mandatedReturns AdvertisedDuration 
Bronze$100 – $40,0001.9% Per day6 Days
Executive(≥) $41,0002.5% Per day6 Days
Elite(≥) $20,0004% Per day6 Days
Diamond(≥) $25,0003% Per day60 Days
Super Diamond(≥) $30,0003.5% Per day90 Days
Compound 1$20,000 – $50,0005% Per day14 Days
Compound 2(≥) $50,0006% Per day14 Days

As it can be viewed, the membership scheme of Capricon Capital even fails the Ponzi logic. The returns advertised are far-fetched for the company. It is hard to earn enough, by merely selling the suspicious membership affiliation.

Capricon Capital Review Highlights The Denseness

Capricon Capital review also mentions about the denseness of the promoters of the firm, after comparing the contrasting claims of any two consecutive membership plans. On one hand Capricon Capital demands more than $41,000 for returns of 2.5% for 6 days (Executive scheme), on the contrary the same firm promises returns of 4% for 6 days in the investment of $20,000 (Elite Scheme). 

Does it even make any sense? Or is it just my head getting dizzy? Anyways, it’s important to not get trapped in the fake claims of Capricon Capital and move forward with the fourth aspect mentioned by the Capricon Capital review. 

Capricon Capital Review | Fourth Aspect Reveals The Fallacious Referral Commissions

Capricon Capital review elaborates the unilevel format of referral commission. The firm, Capricon Capital, claims to provide incentives to the promoters till three levels of recruitment. Where, the first level is cleared by self recruiting the affiliates, and to pass second level the recruited affiliates must recruit newbies. This process is repeated till the collapse of the Ponzi firms.

However, the referral commission is only claimed till the third level. Here is a picture explaining the same.

Well! If you think that it’s fair enough to provide commission till the third level and then cease, then there is another catch to this scenario. At first, the firm actually provides no legit information on the real-time delivery of referral commission, secondly, the commission keeps on reducing, making the last section almost negligible. 

The first level is promised 12% commission. The second-level affiliate is assured of 7% commission and the last share of the commission is merely 4%. The concern gets even more serious when the affiliates realize that the firm might collapse before delivering them any commissions at all. Hence, it is recommended that before making any monetary investments, one should check the background of the firm. 

Capricon Capital Review | Last But Not The Least

Capricon Capital is a private website, allegedly, owned by the unknown scammers. The domain name, “” was first registered in April 2022 and the firm had a registration update, later on May 1, 2023. The registered firm is suspected to be a Ponzi fraud on the behalf of researchers, Capricon Capital review. 

It has also been unveiled that the firm exploits MLM schemes to bluff the naive investors. The investors are encouraged to invest in crypto and lured with the fallacious ROI claims. However, in order to enact trustworthy the Capricon capital markets its free joining scheme in its official website, but everything gets in vain. As, the firm gets unveiled easily by restricting the incentives to the paid members, solely. 

The minimum mandatory investment cost for $100, for the initiation of full participation. Here, full participation refers to monetary exchange within the investor and the firm. Note that the Capricon Capital demands investments in bitcoin, ethereum and tether.


In the recession era, everyone requires a permanent source of income. Isn’t it convenient to get paid for the efforts you made, years ago, via the MLM strategy? Yes, it is indeed. Most of the fraudsters exploit this very desire of investors and loot them off their skins. Allegedly, Capricon Capital is one of the potential scammers.

Capricon Capital review makes several revelations regarding the illegitimacy of Capricon Capital. The firm is enlisted in the potential fraudulent firms because of these revelations. The revelations subsume various aspects regarding, masked ownership, fallacious product, awful membership plans and non-guaranteed returns on investments. 

The article explains each of the aspects based on recounted reviews and aims at spreading awareness regarding the dubious intents of the scammers. A fraud firm is not solely a threat to the investors but also hollows the backbone of the money market. Moreover, a firm involved in crypto trade is a bigger threat, as then the digital platforms risks the entire economic structure of the state.

Hence, it is advised to beware of all the risky trade, involving crypto or non-crypto assets. Capricon Capital can be the culprit or victim of accusations, but either of the scenarios do not change the fact that economic safety must be ensured, by government, by corporations and even by the investors. 

Capricon Capital Review 2024: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed
Capricon Capital Review 2024: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed

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