Diego Avalos Netflix: Where is the Bigot Now? (2023)

Diego Avalos Netflix
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Diego Avalos Netflix is facing allegations of being a homophobe and a bigot. Find out if they are true or not in this review.

Diego Avalos Netflix has been an entertainer all his life, but this doesn’t spare him from the scanners of the community. Recently, he has been accused by his appreciators of anti-LGBTQ+ language and discriminatory actions, resulting in formal investigations.

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However, the result of the investigation was nothing precise. Diego Avalos Netflix was given another chance by the firm, where the firm welcomed back the accused at the same designation, and the question is why?

However, in order to reach an answer, there are certain other questions which must be answered. These questions pave the way to the ultimate answer. Let’s try to answer each one, in succession.

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Who is Diego Avalos Netflix?

Diego Avalos Netflix is the torch-bearer of Spanish, Portugal and Nordic Content in the entertainment firm, Netflix. Where he is designated as the Vice President of the mentioned arenas. He has showcased his skills in non-English entertainment, by consolidating the global strategy of Netflix in Spain, Portugal and the Nordics. https://es.linkedin.com/in/diegoavalos/es

Diego Avalos Netflix

Diego Avalos Netflix also resulted in the first Spain content production hub in Europe, located in Tres Cantos, Madrid. Diego dreamt of placing Spanish content next to Hollywood, as he believed that the Spanish industry has the zest to satisfy the hunger of audiences, and he was right. His will and determination brought him and the Spanish industry quiet.

Anyways a brilliant creature might not always be a perfect individual. Like everyone else Diego Avalos Netflix, too has shortcomings, but this time it was not about being faulty. The appreciators of Diego Avalos saw something known as ‘Trans-reluctance’ in the contents of Diego. Let’s figure out what made the eye’s apple, an irritation in the keen observing eyes of his admirers. 

What’s Wrong With Diego Avalos Netflix?

The Money Heist series is revolutionary but not his creator. Most people believe that a person can be a product of consequences but when we talk about the intellect, it’s quite obvious that their consequences are the result of their choices. The choices which they make to fetch opportunity, money & fame. Who cares whether the illumination strikes the positive or negative aspect, all they require is the limelight.


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Diego Avalos Netflix Is Guilty Of Aggressive & Intimidating Conduct?

According to accusations, Diego Avalos Netflix is guilty of ‘aggressive and intimidating’ conduct against the LGBTQ+ community. Reportedly, Diego Avalos Netflix showcased an attitude and used language that made the LGBTQ+ community and employees with children, seem extraneous or not inclusive. Many believe that the actions of Diego Avalos Netflix were intentional and caused by his reluctance towards transgenders. 

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The Letter On ‘Diego Avalos Netflix Controversy’…

A formal letter was aired on April 9, after the controversy arose, which elucidated the actions of Diego Avalos Netflix as ‘extremely direct’ towards Hatimi. The same letter explains that Netflix was well aware that Diego’s style could be counted as aggressiveness. Still, Netflix waited for the buzz. 

The Convenient Second Chance

Furthermore, the letter declared that the firm, Netflix, will be providing Diego with a second chance to ‘change his communication and leadership style’. In order to support the same, Netflix guarantees ‘tough feedback’ and training for Diego.

Although it’s good to support the employees, the support of Netflix seems convenient for the firm. On one side the specific community applauds the investigation conducted by Netflix, whereas, on the other side, many think that the decision-making of the firm was certainly partial. The truth still lies within the two, which requires an in-depth briefing of the consequential investigation.

The Consequential Investigation Was Partial For Diego Avalos Netflix?

The investigation approved by Netflix was internal and unfolded the secrets behind the allegations on Diego Avalos Netflix. The inquiries concluded his actions to be ‘deeply concerning’, which means that strict action must be taken against Diego. 

But has that ever happened? No. Nothing as such. Instead, the executive continues to work in the same designation. Not even monetary depreciation was imposed on the executive. What does it signify? Netflix was concerned about the LGBTQ+ sentiments? If you think that’s so, then you must be aware of Netflix’s upshot.

Diego Avalos Netflix Controversy & Upshot

Netflix took action in the controversial case, but against whom? After the investigation, Netflix fired the employee who leaked the investigational statement. The company came to know that a number of company leaders already knew the decisive statement. Moreover, they wanted to address their decision to keep Diego on a date, past the date decided.

Hatimi and Verdier also wrote that the decision taken by Netflix would ‘further develop Diego’s inclusion lens’. Also, according to sources, all the mentioned incidents intimidated the higher authorities of the firm and hence, the firm fired the mole on 15th October. 

Anyways, people fighting for or against Diego do not question the decision-making of Netflix, all they are disappointed in is the ignorance of discriminatory remarks. Giving a second chance to an asset of the organization is always welcomed, but without any penalty, is heart-wrenching for the concerned individuals. However, Netflix accepts the foul-behavior of its employee, and hence air an explanation against the rising voices. Let’s view the case from Netflix’s perspective.

Netflix’s Perspective…

According to the letter, emphasis was made on the fact that Diego Avalos took responsibility for his actions. The firm claims that Diego Avalos Netflix ‘owned that his choices and behaviors are inconsistent with Netflix’s values’. Therefore, the firm finds it more accurate and rational to provide Diego Avalos with a second chance.

Netflix asserted that the firm has assured inclusion in recent years. Netflix hired a head of varying regions in 2018 to boost the diverse racial representation, along with promoting the minorities of Hollywood. 

In an interview, one of the top executives also stated that Netflix is working hard to ensure a true representation of marginal communities. The executive also highlighted the various contents promoting different diversities, namely, Sex Education, Orange Is The New Black, Control Z, Hannah Gadsby, etc. 

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Lastly, if we scan it professionally, keeping our hearts aside, Diego is one of the top executives of Netflix who enhanced the audience’s affinity towards the firm, via his product, ‘La Casa De Papel’/ ‘Money Heist’. He has been a part of decision-making and a promoter of non-English content. Therefore, Netflix on no grounds finds it rational to lose the asset named, Diego Avalos Netflix. 

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Diego Avalos Netflix: Rational & Irrational Moves

Incontrovertible, Diego’s moves have been irrational and therefore people find him answerable. However, there is one more entity that seems confused in past years. Any guesses?

Netflix claims to be just with all communities and races, but the recent conservative content against LGBTQ+ asserts distinctiveness. Supposedly, Netflix should have been more precise about the platform’s content after the outrage at Diego’s attitude, but the next move was unpredictable. 

Dave Chappelle: The Unpredictable Move After Diego Avalos Netflix

Dave Chappelle’s brand has become synonymous with ridiculing trans? – Well! That is the allegation doubt raised by one of the Twitter handles known as ‘GLAAD’. Dave airs the standup on Netflix platforms that mock gay, feminist and trans, where his jokes are more inclined towards mocking, instead of mere entertainment.


When Netflix was asked about it, the spokesperson asserted that ‘distinguishing between commentary and harm is hard, especially with stand-up comedy which exists to push boundaries.’ 

However, when the same question was put forward by a trans employee of Netflix he had varying views, and claimed that ‘Chappelle is not, and has never been, the cause of this problem – he is a symptom of it”. 

Well! Both the replies are quite distinctive but one thing that could be stated by hearing both sides is that it’s all about perspective. Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. 

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Conclusion: Equality Obligates Altered Mind-Frame, Not Laws

“Equality means more than passing laws. The struggle is really won in the hearts and minds of the community, where it really counts.”- Barbara Gittings

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When we talk about discrimination, we must keep in mind that no penalty or law can change the world, but a thought. However, as far as the case is considered then we must conclude that Diego Avalos Netflix is wrong in making absurd remarks or signs. Netflix must be sensitive towards its content and Chappelle shall not mock any community, but all this requires a new dawn and a new dusk. The dawn will be illuminated by us and the dusk will end on our breadth.

No entertainment platform can serve us something, which we don’t receive. So stand tall and show reluctance towards inequality. #LGBTQ+ #StandTogether #FightForRight #EqualityIsObligatory

Diego Avalos Netflix: Where is the Bigot Now? (2023)
Diego Avalos Netflix: Where is the Bigot Now? (2023)

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  1. Enough is enough, we are not a ‘group of people’, we are humans with feelings, so if you think you can get spared by mocking us. You are wrong!!!!!

  2. Intimidation against the LGBTQ+ community needs to stop. Yes they matter, everyone matter, we live in America and each one of the American citizens is important.

  3. What the hell he thinks of himself, belonging to a specific gender is not a achievement. Give me a break!

  4. It’s not surprising to me. He always bullied these people for the fun.

  5. This is disturbing. Why does Netflix allow these people who have no respect for other people?

  6. So he was the brains behind ‘Money Heist’, I really liked the show. But, but, but… your skills & talents are not enough to veil your shady side.

  7. knowing that they have experienced this kind of discrimination at work shocks me even more.

  8. When I see such people, I don’t get angry but hurt. When on this almighty earth, we would be able to live with respect.

  9. I don’t understand why this guy had so much hatred against these people, they’re also human beings.

  10. It’s not the first time this is happening. Its very common in the modern world that women with children, women without children, trangenders, gays, lesbians.. In short everyone is taken as slaves, instead of men. Congratulations to all the beardy class.

  11. I literally feel sorry for them all.

  12. In society, these communities had respect, and showing no respect to them it’s really shocking to me.

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  14. Its Okay boss! He was merely trying to represent a set mind-set, he is a tremendous entertainer and I am a big fan. Kindly, spare the entertainment industry, all the SENSITIVE ones.

  15. The fact is that benign homophobic is normal, but engaging in these acts is the same as assaulting someone.

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