Douglas Greenberg Pacific: Sexual Assault Charges

Douglas Greenberg Pacific
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Douglas Greenberg Pacific, one of Morgan Stanley's leading investment consultants has been charged with assaulting ex-wives & ex-girlfriends on many occasions.
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Douglas Greenberg Pacific is an acknowledged leader of the wealth administration profession as well as one of Morgan Stanley’s leading investment consultants.

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21/11/2023 Update
As of now, Douglas Greenberg Pacific has not responded nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

About Douglas Greenberg Pacific Case

A prominent Morgan Stanley worker has been charged with assaulting ex-wives & ex-girlfriends on many occasions. However, Bank executives received notice. But he did keep his position.

Four women from Lake Oswego, Ore., a posh Portland neighborhood, requested protection from the police regarding the same male, according to sources. 

According to the first woman, he was planning on burning down my house while I was still inside. The second woman similarly stated in her letter of inquiry that she had no idea what the man would do afterward. 

He strangled me with such force that it caused a scratch on my neck,” claimed a third lady. The fourth woman said that Douglas Greenberg Pacific is terrorizing her kids as well as myself.

Morgan Stanley officials were aware of his purported behavior for months.

According to one of a woman’s lawyers, Morgan Stanley got a government summons in connection with one assault complaint.  In the words of three female ex-workers, after Douglas Greenberg Pacific was indicted with breaking a protection order, Morgan Stanley management notified his boss. 

Other corporate management viewed & commented on a post on Facebook by Douglas Greenberg Pacific’s ex-wives wherein she revealed the extent of his cruelty. 

According to two female ex-workers, a representative at the bank’s New York offices came to Portland for an inquiry again.

Morgan Stanley initiated no further measures towards Douglas Greenberg Pacific notwithstanding the details provided. As a result, he continues to be employed by that corporation as well as an affiliate of the exclusive Chairman’s Society. It honors brokers who achieve specific ethics & compliance requirements in addition to being great performers.

Douglas Greenberg Pacific represented Morgan Stanley’s potential in the asset services segment. James P. Gorman, the firm’s CEO, expects the unit to replace the risky financial services that were previously the bank’s revenue generators. Wealth administration is now responsible for approximately fifty percent of the total earnings at the financial institution.

Douglas Greenberg Pacific is ranked in the top 2% of traders by income made at the organization. He was named to Forbes’ list of Oregon’s best financial planners as well. 

According to The New York Times, they attempted to reach Morgan Stanley to inquire regarding his staff member, Douglas Greenberg Pacific, and why the financial institution placed him on leave for administrative reasons until further investigation of the incident. Christy Jockle, a Morgan Stanley representative, responded. 

He further stated that the company is dedicated to ensuring an appropriate & competent work atmosphere and that any appropriate steps will be taken depending on the circumstances of the case.

The New York Times contacted Douglas Greenberg Pacific’s mobile phone, to which he responded that he did not have a response. He additionally pointed out that, oddly, a New York journalist could have collected all of this material on her behalf. He failed to answer more specific demands for feedback.

Businesses continue to be grappling with how to respond to allegations of inappropriate conduct in their places of employment before the campaign known as the #MeToo Movement erupted a year ago. 

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What is the #MeToo Movement?

#MeToo Movement appeared on Douglas Greenberg Pacific.

The Me Too Movement raises understanding about the subject of sexual assault and harassment in places of employment. 

This #MeeToo movement has been linked to shedding light on the global breadth of sexual assault.

For instance, Fox News extended the employment agreement of presenter Bill O’Reilly right after he settled $32 million to resolve allegations of sexual harassment involving his name. 

For example, with the help of this link, you may quickly read out such cases: granted a four-year contract extension

According to Douglas Greenberg Pacific, he never abused either of his female coworkers. As a result, personnel in the financial services sector, particularly people who handle cash for customers, are evaluated primarily based on their demeanor. Businesses & authorities must now control the conduct of their staff even if they are not at work.

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Morgan Stanley’s employee, Douglas Greenberg Pacific investment consultants are required to publicly provide particular details regarding themselves following laws designed to assist clients locate reputable financial management. 

Brokers, for instance, must notify the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, whenever they claim insolvency or get charged with any crime or criminal involving cash.

What is FINRA?

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The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, was established by Congress to safeguard investors in the United States by ensuring the financial broker-dealer sector performs with integrity & fairness. This body has the jurisdiction to supervise over 624,000 dealers throughout the nation as well as assess millions of dollars in everyday market activities.

Every broker’s record is presented in an inclined chronology on Finra’s site, featuring red dots denoting the particular day of every issue.

Douglas Greenberg Pacific’s chronology contains five red dots. They represented a 1984 fraud by-checking case, which was later withdrawn; a 2001 allegation with criminal damage in the initial level, which was also rejected; two client conflicts; plus an administrative fine.


Douglas Greenberg Pacific was accused of harassing his ex-wives and girlfriends and malicious disorder, according to legal documents & an investigation by police reported in The Lake Oswego Review. 

The report of an arrest made towards Douglas Greenberg Pacific was found internet. The data was given by a Morgan Stanley worker in Seattle & Portland via cellphone calls and emails. 

The majority of the staff members are reluctant to be recognized because they do not like Mr. Douglas actions at all. According to the accusations recognized by the Morgan Stanley branch supervisor as well as Douglas Greenberg’s boss provided by workers of the Morgan Stanley Seattle branch, notably the weapon killed. 

Therefore, Mr. Amsbury issued a communication in which he claimed that Douglas Greenberg Pacific is unfit for the position of Morgan Stanley & ought to be fired.

Thus, Morgan Stanley executives were immediately presented with additional issues surrounding Mr. Douglas. 

Traci Williams, Douglas Greenberg Pacific’s second ex-wife, documented her ex-husband’s claimed verbal and physical assault in a Facebook post. However, the message made no direct reference to Mr. Douglas or his offense. 

Douglas Greenberg Pacific, a suspected wife abuser, has been fired by Morgan Stanley

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Morgan Stanley claimed to have terminated a prominent financial advisor who was previously charged with sexual assault & harassment by several previous spouses and girlfriends.

According to a written reply sent by a Portland law enforcement officer to Ms. Williams, the investigation was subsequently turned to the federal government. The probe included the US Postal Inspection Services.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Nyhus’ department did not respond, according to The New York Times. Douglas Greenberg Pacific has a track record of assaulting women, according to Ms. Rogoway.

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About Douglas Greenberg Pacific 

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Douglas Greenberg, based in Portland, Oregon, is the creator & founder of Pacific Northwest Advisory. He founded PNWA after almost 30 years of working as a notable financial consultant to provide specialized banking services.


Douglas Greenberg Pacific was a member of the bank’s financial planning division’s highest performers. He served as a member of the company’s exclusive Chairman’s Association, which honors elite finance counselors. He was named one of Oregon’s best financial earners list by Forbes in 2018.

However, the business is against brokers like him as he has been charged with sexual misconduct & extortion. Over fifteen years, four women secured orders of protection regarding Mr. Douglas. 

He was detained for failing to comply with both of the directives. In court records, the ladies claimed that Mr. Douglas sexually assaulted them as well as in a single instance, threatening them with the act of death.

Douglas Greenberg Pacific: Sexual Assault Charges
Douglas Greenberg Pacific: Sexual Assault Charges

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