Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD: Fake Claims Exposed (New Update 2023)

Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD
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Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD is a New York cosmetic surgeon. She is currently losing clients because many of the procedures are failing.
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Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD is a New York cosmetic surgeon. She is currently losing clients because many of the procedures are failing. A lot of those she served left unfavorable reviews and complained regarding her operations & their consequences. 

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About Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD

Image of Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD.

Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD is a top female specialist headquartered in New York City’s Upper East Side. She also claims to be an expert in beauty & surgical lasers. 

The primary strategy has been centered on avoiding and letting someone age using the help of the most recent world-renowned epidermis. She additionally gives marketable laser procedures. 

Many celebrities have taken an interest in Dr. Anna Avaliani. Dr. Anna’s practices frequently provide more than $1 million in cutting-edge laser tools. She professes to be a cynosure expert as well as a leading SculpSure and PicoSure supplier in New York City. 

Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD is attempting to be a professional in her specialty, however, the proof suggests otherwise. Some dishonest surgeons aim to create the appearance of professionalism. 

They generally attempted to conceal themselves from the public by using phony PR & paid stories regarding themselves. Dr. Deepak Dugal, MD, for instance, is a fantastic instance of a cosmetic surgeon. 

12/12/2023 Update
As of now, Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD has not responded, nor has she apologized for her misdeeds. She has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by her victims. Furthermore, she has only focused on propagating her fake PR.

Is Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD neglecting the reality?

Customers have left numerous negative feedbacks for Dr. Anna Avaliani online. Several of those comments are included below. Many of the evaluations are difficult to uncover due to her excellent public relations staff. 

Dr. Anna conceals her unfavorable or adverse assessments by posting pleasant comments online.  

Yet, anybody can Google Dr. Anna Avaliani’s evaluation to get an equal amount of favorable & negative feedback. False information regarding something constitutes one of the most serious issues confronting consumers today. 

There are numerous causes to buy phony evaluations and promote paid articles. However, Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD recruited a phony public relations team because authentic reviews were not seen by their clients. 

Such reviews, though, would reveal her. So numerous individuals are experiencing pain as a result of Dr. Anna’s inability to carry out an operation correctly. Her fake evaluations enable her to hide things. 

Customer Reviews

According to Dr. Anna Avaliani’s clients, they stated what they experienced in their feedback to assist other consumers in making educated choices as well as assist real organizations like Dr. Avaliani’s in enhancing their reimbursement regulations while emphasizing the significance of considering long-term customers and their treatments.

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Patricia Castillo, a client of Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD states that she has been visiting Dr. Avaliani since August of 2022 & received 3 doses of Kybella injections to remove a minor bit of obesity on her upper lip which she feels unhappy about. 

In the aftermath of her Kybella treatments, Dr. Anna Avaliani’s recommendations were crystal clear – a total of five vials administered over two separate visits. Initially, three vials were administered, with a subsequent plan of two more vials scheduled a month later. However, as time progressed, the aftermath of the treatments left her appearance reminiscent of a pufferfish, a disheartening experience that carried forward for four weeks following the initial three-vial Kybella session.

Regrettably, the aftermath of this ordeal proved to be deeply humiliating for the individual. Although the swelling did eventually subside after eight weeks, a persisting concern remained in the form of residual fatty tissue in the treated area. Remarkably, despite having shed nearly twenty kilograms since undergoing the Kybella therapy, the fatty tissue beneath her jawline endured, seemingly unaffected by her efforts and the $2100 expenditure incurred for the initial three-vial Kybella treatment.

Fueled by a desire for resolution, she took the proactive step of reaching out to Dr. Anna Avaliani’s office through written correspondence. In a candid appeal for reimbursement, she attached recent photographs showcasing the treated region, providing visual evidence to substantiate her claims. The expectation was a straightforward response, in line with the established refund procedure at the medical practice.

However, the response that unfolded took her aback. Contrary to her anticipation, the reaction was unexpected, veering far from the trajectory of multiple treatment sessions. As such, her contention was simple – if the therapy yielded negligible or no results, the prospect of a full or partial reimbursement seemed only reasonable.

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  • Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD  ruined my face!!

The customer stated that Dr. Anna Avaliani’s Ultherapy severely destroyed her facial features. She shed a lot of fat from her face while developing scars. She appears to be getting aged. In addition, she has been having eye difficulties after the treatment. She is going to speak with a doctor about it. 

Dr. Anna did not execute the surgery herself, despite promoting on her website claiming this therapy was being executed by a medical professional. 

Instead, the customer was treated by Kate, her assistant, who was not certified. She’s also terrible with fillers. Her face is now severely disfigured.

  • Worst Filler!

Anna, a patient of Dr. Avaliani, expressed dissatisfaction with her nose implant experience. Despite her confidence in a single procedure guided by expert knowledge, the outcome fell short of her expectations. She sought clarification on the procedure’s execution, suggesting a potential error in the initial filling.

Anna highlighted her disappointment and cautioned against seeking services at this location, as some specialists might prioritize additional spending over achieving desired results in one visit.

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  • The surgery was costly!

According to Dr. Anna’s client, Ceele mentioned that she visited Dr. Avaliani to undergo a procedure for a photograph. However, she later found out from another physician that Dr. Avaliani had excessively adjusted the parameters during the treatment. This resulted in the unfortunate outcome of developing scars and discoloration.

Despite the expensive nature of the treatment, Ceele had the financial capacity to afford it. Regrettably, the situation was exacerbated by these negative consequences. As a piece of advice based on her personal experience, she suggested that individuals with darker complexion tones seek alternative services.

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If she contacted the establishment to request another visit due to a sense that something was amiss in the progression of things, Dr. Avaliani would often insist on extending the timeline, sometimes even by as much as a month later. In light of this experience, she advised seeking an alternative solution instead of pursuing further appointments with Dr. Avaliani’s practice.

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Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD Provided the Worst SculpSure Treatment Ever

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Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD treated her with Kybella to reduce the appearance of her double chin. She wanted something less painful than liposuction, so they talked about options like Kybella, Coolsculpting, and SculpSure. She chose SculpSure because Dr. Avaliani assured her it would be a simple and painless procedure.

Dr. Avaliani said she would need two sessions. The first results were impressive, but the second treatment was excruciatingly painful. It was the worst pain she had ever felt, worse than tattoos or surgeries. She swelled up like a bullfrog right after leaving the clinic. She couldn’t hold back tears and even called a friend to cry on the way home. The pain and swelling persisted even at home, despite trying various medications.

Comparing SculpSure to liposuction, she found them similar in discomfort, swelling, and recovery time. Each session resulted in a week of visible swelling in her upper chin, making her hesitant to go out.

Feeling confused, overlooked, and frustrated, she felt the need for alternative solutions. She even mentioned needing to spend extra money on different treatments to achieve the desired results.

More false claims by Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD led to disastrous outcomes

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Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD displayed a harsh and uncaring attitude toward the client’s concerns. She had mentioned writing comments about her experience but was taken aback by Dr. Avaliani’s arrogant demeanor in addressing her questions and issues. While she acknowledged Dr. Anna’s expertise, she questioned the approach taken. Such treatment is not suitable for a patient’s needs. Spending $50 for a brief 5-minute consultation left her disappointed.

Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD: Ruins the Life of Patients & Unprofessional Staff 

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According to the patient, during her subsequent appointment, Dr. Anna’s assistant Alex weighed her with shoes on. In contrast, during the first weigh-in when she saw Dr. Anna, she was asked to remove her footwear because she was only wearing a t-shirt and trousers.

The patient pointed out that shoes and additional clothing could easily contribute to a 1-2 pound difference in weight. She reached out to Dr. Anna via Instagram private message to share this observation and urged her to discuss the entire experience. However, Dr. Anna essentially ignored her messages and didn’t respond.

In her view, Dr. Anna saw the messages but chose to disregard them. Any reasonable professional would provide at least a brief response, but she believes that Dr. Anna might be aware of the accuracy of her concern and is uninterested in addressing it. It appears that the focus is on having received payment, and that’s the extent of it. The patient is now pursuing a resolution by working with her credit card provider to reclaim her funds.

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Get Justice Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.


Finally, there is one surgeon I believe you should avoid: Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD. Her professional accomplishments are being questioned. She possesses many poor web evaluations and employs unethical advertising techniques to advertise both her facility & personally. 

Overall, it is better to stay away from this particular woman. There are numerous operations available in New York City. You do not have to rely on this surgeon for any cosmetic operations. She would almost certainly abandon you suffering from a failed face procedure & undesirable consequences. 

Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD: Fake Claims Exposed (New Update 2023)
Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD: Fake Claims Exposed (New Update 2023)

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  1. These surgeries were a complete waste of time, and individuals fail to understand that there is a great chance of risk and damage throughout the procedure. People should avoid cosmetic surgery, in my opinion. And if they’re going to do it, they should do it properly.

  2. Why do these incompetent surgeons get licenses to run their bogus clinics, many patients face several problems. And ruined the faces of the patients many of them were very distressed and uncomfortable after the treatment.

  3. Yeah, I agree with You James Handley that she doesn’t how to talk to their patients and is unable to give assurance to the people Lastly people have to suffer heavy losses by putting their trust in them.

  4. The Higher medical authorities should cancel the license of this unskilled surgeon who doesn’t know about the field and tries to deceive the patients. By overcharging the patient and giving them subpar services. Now these surgeons have no right to stay in society.

  5. How cruel these surgeons are that they don’t care about their patients and perform improper treatment. My friend experienced the same problem when she had a Botox session, and the doctor over there seriously ruined her face, causing it to swell and leave scars. When she requested a refund, the medical staff informed her that there is no refund policy.

  6. It is traumatic that these surgeons were unable to come into the limelight, they were still surgeons, who were doing botched procedures and it hard to see that there were no strict action was not taken against this surgeon.

  7. Nowadays there are many surgeons who come into the list of certified surgeons. But in reality, they were not. There are many individuals who came into the trap of fake surgeons and suffered heavy losses. I’m really thankful to the author of the article who raised these types of issues.

  8. People like Anna Avaliani call themselves a surgeon as she is doing improper treatment and there many complaints of regarding the poor service and incompetent staff.

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