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Dr. Ashima Shukla: Is She a Greedy and Incompetent Doctor? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Dr. Ashima Shukla
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Dr. Ashima Shukla has received numerous complaints from her customers. Find out if they are true in this review.

About Dr. Ashima Shukla 

Dr. Ashima Shukla is a natural medicine specialist and a licensed psychological therapist. Dr. Ashima additionally serves as a holistic medical specialist, health mentor, well-being advisor, and the initial Bio-Resonance Analysis of Health practitioners in the nation of India, spanning over fifteen years of expertise.

Dr. Ashima Shukla received her training at Harvard Medical School‘s Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, where she employs a comprehensive and holistic strategy to promote maximum mental and physical wellness for those she treats. 

Dr. Ashima Shukla is the very first Indian to receive training at Harvard Medical School’s Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medical. Dr. Ashima Shukla practices largely in Gurgaon, a city in Haryana.

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Customer’s Reviews: 

Unemphatic psychiatrists on someone shouldn’t ever depend on in their darkest hour

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According to the information based on, It all began a year ago after I traveled to speak with Dr. Ashima Shukla about my sadness.

She knows nothing about medication since she does not administer medications; her spouse, Dr. Ashutosh Shukla, does.

She knows nothing regarding melancholy or other psychological medications, which, as a pharmacy technician, I might discover in a few conversations.

I’m astonished at how disrespectful a doctor who professes to be there for you in your darkest hour may appear. You begin to believe as heed to people. In my case, I required their assistance more than ever before between now and the one before.

Dr. Ashima Shukla needs to know why they’re stopping treatment, although Dr. Ashima Shukla seems unable to understand the regulations governing the field she is in.

In the beginning, she pushes you to connect with someone via cell phone, text message, and the messaging app WhatsApp, yet if you do, she avoids the phone call and reschedule appointments for months without explanation.


Dr. Ashima  Shukla 

Whenever she answers the phone, she informs you that she doesn’t care about your expectations of her and that she isn’t even responsible for one of their queries or anything else. She also complained that we were violating her privacy and personal time. She went on to say that she is not a relative of yours and that you ought to seek a different physician. 

It leads to the conclusion that I have no right to inquire as to why she has been behaving me in this manner for five months in a row.

Healthcare fraud refers to a situation in which patients’ confidence has been violated by healthcare management or professionals who have used deception to their detriment. One of the many components of deception is when the truth is distorted to conceal, deceive, or control the truth.

According to the customer’s confirmation, she claims to have been attending global meetings that taught her anything regarding caring for patients.

The information stated that the Doctor behaves like an object of shit which makes you believe nothing is really amiss with you, but know something? 

I shouldn’t be treated like this since I valued, believed in, & compensated her for everything about my mental health.

Perhaps I took the incorrect path to improve myself. Therefore, doctors like Ashima Shukla dedication to this field.

I simply wish to ask anyone who is suffering from as well as is contemplating psychoanalysis as an option for therapy to avoid wasting their feelings, a period of time optimism, & cash on doctors such as Dr. Ashima Shukla, since these individuals are anything more than cash spinners who have no concern about the people they treat at all. 

Someone is going to accept gifts & pay more attention to their smartphones or wristwatch compared to what they will to you. 

They are able to cancel sessions hundreds of times, if anybody canceled the session, then the company will send you a message to make you feel bad since they were unable to attend a whopping 1,200 Rupees for every session.

They are going to make additional calls throughout the appointment and begin the meetings delayed regardless of when you go, & the waiting period never exceeds in excess of an hour plus fifty minutes, regardless of whether you planned ahead. 

Look toward their watch & phone instead of at you as well, while maintaining your palm on their expressions as though they’re evaluating & sneering at you as well.

That is true of each physician at Artemis.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Dr. Ashima Shukla but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

Subsequently will exhaust you as well as consume you from within the agony you experience as they abandon you with no explanation is excruciating. Those types of  folks are that must protect yourselves.

Lastly, if the doctor ignores you, so you call Artemis support to find out what’s going on, they set the appointment repeatedly and reschedule it lacking providing any related explanation.

Now I’m not shocked that Artemis had no feedback form on the website since there are doctors like Ashima Shukla that only interact with their clients in the erroneous belief that it will make them better and then abandon them following earning all of the cash they can since they know nothing regarding psychoanalysis.

Dr. Ashima Shukla no longer deserves the privilege of practicing.

More client reviews…

  • One of her patients remarked that she did not communicate with their patients and claimed that she is the most unpleasant doctor he has ever met. The positive evaluations and comments about her are mostly paid and phony. 
  • Patients claim that Dr. Asmika Shukla’s and her staff’s facilities are deplorable. In my perspective, she is not appealing!! 
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  • Dr. Ashima Shukla’s client indicated that she knows nothing about physiatrists or how to treat their patients. So impolite!! Uneducated!!  


Dr. Ashima Shukla claims to have extensive medical knowledge and is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery. As a result, each individual has the right to learn about the Doctor they choose to treat their mental health difficulties. 

Dr. Ashima Shukla is excessively enthusiastic and does not offer her patients proper care. She acts with their patients like an unwanted piece of garbage, making you believe that something is seriously wrong with you. 

Even more, the majority of their clients believe that the comments put on various websites, along with the counterfeits reviews, are paid. As a result, this is the source of her antipathy. 

Dr. Ashima Shukla: Is She a Greedy and Incompetent Doctor? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Dr. Ashima Shukla: Is She a Greedy and Incompetent Doctor? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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