Dr. Ryan Gorji: Exposed with the Truth of Misconduct Allegations

Allegations of wrongdoing against Dr. Ryan Gorji resulted in a 4-year ban on his ability to practice medicine. Below is further information on it.
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Allegations of wrongdoing against Dr. Ryan Gorji resulted in a 4-year ban on his ability to practice medicine. Below is further information on it.

Dr. Ryan Gorji has faced serious allegations from the Illinois and California justice departments related to incidents involving his submission of his medical license. Dr. Ryan was suspended and prohibited from practicing medicine for four years as a result of a disciplinary order. Let’s learn more about it, but first, let’s learn more about Dr. Ryan Gorji.

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Do you know about Dr. Ryan Gorji?

In Fresno, California, where he claims to practice family medicine, Dr. Ryan Gorji is associated with a number of hospitals and clinics, including NorthShore University Health System-Metro Chicago and San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital.
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Lawsuits Against Dr. Ryan Gorji

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In California, a medical professional named Dr. Ryan Gorji is the subject of a court document regarding disciplinary action. A summary of its central ideas is provided below:

The following names are listed as the main players in the case in the document:

  • The complainant, William Prasifka, is the Executive Director of the Medical Board of California.
  • William Prasifka is represented by the attorney general of California, Xavier Becerra.
  • William Prasifka is likely represented by Jane Zack Simon, a Supervising Deputy Attorney General, in court.
  • The medical professional who has been accused of misconduct is the respondent, Dr. Ryan Gorji. Attorney Lindsay M. Johnson is defending him.
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 According to the paper, Dr. Ryan Gorji has been accused by the Medical Board of California. It verifies that Dr. Ryan Gorji has received the required legal notifications as specified by law and that he has replied by submitting a Notice of Defense to dispute the charges.  Dr. Ryan Gorji was made aware of the allegations against him, spoke with his lawyer, and understood the seriousness of the claims.

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Dr. Ryan Gorji: Medical Disciplinary Actions

There are the following sections that were applied in the case of Dr. Ryan Gorji:

  • Section 2227: This clause gives the Medical Board the authority to punish a licensee for violations of the Medical Practice Act by revoking, suspending, or placing them on probation. The potential reimbursement for probation monitoring costs is also mentioned.
  • Section 2305: According to this section, actions done by different states or federal organizations to revoke, suspend, or limit a medical license may be used as justification for discipline in California.
  • Section 141: If an action against a licensee brought by another state, a federal agency, or a foreign nation is connected to the controlled medical practice, then California may take disciplinary action based on that action. The emphasis is placed on the fact that a verified record of such conduct is regarded as conclusive proof.

This document contains information regarding the parties to a disciplinary proceeding against Dr. Ryan Majd Gorji, the condition of his medical license, the authority of the Medical Board of California, and the relevant parts of the California Business and Professions Code the fact that in this case. Additionally, it shows that Dr. Gorji is aware of the accusations and has made the decision to deny them.

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Agreement in Illinois: Dr. Gorji and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation reached a contract in August 2017. He was given an interim physician license under the terms of this arrangement. He admitted potential impairment and breach of the agreement’s provisions, and it was due to problems resulting from his past medical training program.

Agreement Terms: The agreement was subject to the following conditions:

  • Certain medications need to be avoided by Dr. Ryan Gorji.
  • For himself, his loved ones, or his friends, he was unable to prescribe medication.
  • He had to succeed on an essay test on ethics and boundaries.
  • His residency program manager was required to provide quarterly updates.
  • Dr. Gorji was required to provide personal statements every quarter that contained a variety of details, including his address, his employment status, and any outstanding legal matters.

Illinois Department’s interim physician license was suspended for at least a year on October 25, 2019, due to violations of the 2017 agreement. This happened because he was discovered to be practicing cosmetic medicine without properly disclosing it in his reports.

Reasons for Discipline: According to the paper, Dr. Gorji’s conduct in Illinois and the Illinois Department’s actions give rise to grounds for discipline in accordance with certain legal provisions.

Requested Actions: The complaining party requests a hearing on these issues and asks for potential actions, such as revoking or suspending Dr. Gorji’s physician license, taking action regarding his ability to supervise other healthcare providers, requiring him to pay for probation monitoring if put on probation, and any other required actions.

In short, this letter describes problems with Dr. Gorji’s Illinois medical practice, contraventions of a contract, and possible California disciplinary measures.

Dr. Ryan Gorji: Conditions or Stipulations by The Department of Financial & Professional Regulations

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Here, in the case in which a person applied for an interim doctor license in the state of Illinois. The candidate had, however, previously run into problems with their physician residency program, leading to probation and ultimately termination. 

Dr. Phillip Dray, a representative of the Illinois Medical Licensing Board, and a Department lawyer named Vaughn Bentley met with the applicant informally on August 9, 2017, according to the applicant. A member of their legal team, Edward Williams, accompanied the petitioner.

The candidate addressed their future goals for residency at the University of Chicago during this meeting and gave information about their previous resident program. It’s significant to notice that the applicant accepted that being impaired might occur, however, it might not always be as a result of drugs or alcohol. 

They also understood that if they didn’t follow the guidelines laid out in the agreement discussed at this meeting, it might be used as proof that they lacked the qualifications needed to practice medicine in Illinois with the safety, skill, and judgment expected of a doctor.

Dr. Ryan Gorji: What were the Allegations on Him?

For the Chicago-based Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Dr. Brian S. Zachariah serves as the Chief Medical Coordinator. He is in charge of running the Care, Counseling, and Treatment (CCT) program, which is a part of his duties.

A Care, Counseling, and Treatment Agreement was made between the Department and Dr. Ryan Gorji on or about August 22, 2017, going by the name of Gorji. Dr. Gorji must most likely adhere to specific terms or conditions of this agreement.

The agreement is subject to a number of restrictions, one of which, A.6, requires Dr. Gorji to submit personal statements on a regular basis. These declarations must include details about his place of medical practice and an outline of his duties in the field of medicine.

Consequences of Violation: Condition C of the Agreement describes the possible repercussions for breaching any of its terms. The Temporary Physician License of Respondent Gorji may be suspended immediately and without notice for a minimum of one year for such infractions, the document adds.

Charges of Violation: On October 4, 2019, Dr. Zachariah obtained information that appeared to indicate that Respondent Gorji was engaged in the practice of cosmetic medicine. Involvement with organizations like Stella’s Skin Care and Concierge Cosmetic Medicine were among them.

Insufficient Reported Information: As part of his duties, Dr. Zachariah read Respondent Gorji’s CCT record. He said that aside from his position as a Family Medicine resident at the University of Chicago, Respondent Gorji’s participation with Stella’s Skin Care, Concierge Cosmetic Medicine, or any other practice was not disclosed in any of the quarterly reports that he submitted.

Conclusion of Violation: Dr. Zachariah came to the conclusion Dr. Ryan Gorji had broken the agreement’s conditions based on the absence of information that had been reported regarding these cosmetic medicine practices and the provisions of Condition A.6.

Verification of Identity: For the purpose of clarification, Dr. Zachariah spoke with Dr. Gorji by phone to ascertain that he was the same person connected to Concierge Cosmetic Medicine and the subject of this dispute.

Respondent’s Justification: During the discussion, Dr. Ryan Gorji verified his identification and disclosed that rather than actually practicing medicine, he worked as a marketer for friends who practice aesthetic medicine. He said that in addition to his family medical study at the University of Chicago, he was also obtaining training in aesthetic medicine from seasoned community doctors.

Dr. Zachariah came to the conclusion that Dr.Gorji was practicing medicine outside the parameters of his Family Medicine residency and in violation of the conditions set forth in the Temporary License that was initially issued after speaking with Respondent Gorji and reviewing the relevant documentation. Considering that Respondent Gorji is allegedly in violation of the license agreement, this conclusion implies that the Department may discipline Dr. Ryan Gorji.
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At the end of the day, I can report that Dr. Ryan Gorji has been the target of both Illinois and Californian disciplinary actions and charges of wrongdoing. These accusations largely concern transgressions involving his medical practice, such as breach of contracts and using his licenses to practice medicine outside of their permitted extent. His professional judgment and conduct are seriously questioned by the recurrent disciplinary proceedings and violations, which raises questions about his credentials and ethical standards in the medical industry.

Dr. Ryan Gorji: Exposed with the Truth of Misconduct Allegations
Dr. Ryan Gorji: Exposed with the Truth of Misconduct Allegations

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  1. A lot of these allegations are false! Dr Gorji was framed by a jealous friend and colleague who was afraid Dr Gorji would become a competition for his practice, therefore he made these false allegations against Dr Gorji! It is so sad that we live in a world where anyone can make any false complaint against a licensed professional and cause so much suffering for that professional! I know Dr Gorji personally and professionally! He was never practicing Cosmetic medicine and he was framed! Your site needs to take down these documents asap and stop spreading lies!

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