EmpowerLife: Is It a Shady Pyramid Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2023)

On its website, EmpowerLife omits to list ownership or executive information. On July 5th, 2023, a private registration was made for the domain name "empowerlife.club" for the EmpowerLife website.
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On its website, EmpowerLife omits to list ownership or executive information. On July 5th, 2023, a private registration was made for the domain name "empowerlife.club" for the EmpowerLife website.

Despite being an MLM firm, can you trust Empowerlife? Or do they represent a risky pyramid scheme? Learn the truth right now.

On its website, EmpowerLife omits to list ownership or executive information. On July 5th, 2023, a private registration was made for the domain name “empowerlife.club” for the EmpowerLife website.

Further investigation indicates that the CEO of this company who goes under the name of Alex Thomas hosts the company’s promotional videos.
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Alexis Thomas, who is thought to be from Cyprus, is the real Alex Thomas. Thomas was the CEO of TwentyXPro in 2020 when BehindMLM first met him.

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The MLM matrix-based Ponzi cycler TwentyXPro was straightforward. The website for TwentyXPro is still live right now. However, SimilarWeb logs very little traffic to its website, which supports the demise of TwentyXPro.

Thomas also owns a business called Digital Club United in addition to TwentyXPro.
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“Passive income with crypto” is a sales pitch made by Digital Club United on its website. The website traffic for Digital Club United increased in May 2023, according to SimilarWeb tracking. However, traffic once more declined, falling 71% month over month, in June 2023.

What is an established investment fraud?

One of the most well-known forms of financial fraud is the Ponzi scheme, in which new investors reward earlier funders with enormous returns. High returns are a major draw for investors. However, this supposedly worthwhile financial asset is frequently nonexistent.

Always think twice before joining or giving any money to an MLM firm if it is not completely transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products by EmpowerLife

No retainable goods or services are offered by it. Only the affiliate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

Access to a discount travel site, digital marketing resources, and a product library are all included with an affiliate membership.

The Compensation Plan for EmpowerLife

Affiliates of EmpowerLife pay $10 per month for places in a 212 matrix.

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There is also a free membership option, although free EmpowerLife affiliates receive lower referral commissions.

Affiliate Commissions

Each paid affiliate that is brought on board by a paid affiliate earns $10. Each paid associate that a free affiliate recruits earns $5.

Recurring Commissions

A 212 matrix is used by EmpowerLife to pay residual commissions. An affiliate is positioned at the top of a 212 matrix, with two spots immediately behind them.
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The matrix’s initial level is made up of these two locations. These initial two locations are divided into two more positions each to create the second level of the matrix.

The matrix is constructed from levels three to twelve in the same way, with each level containing twice as many spots as the one before it.

Positions in the matrix are filled by hiring paid EmpowerLife affiliates directly and indirectly.

Each recruited EmpowerLife affiliate pays a monthly fee of $10, and commissions are given out as 5% of that amount (50 cents).

Infinity Commissions

The 2-up recruitment commission monitored by EmpowerLife’s Infinity Commissions uses a unilevel payout structure.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they personally recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):


If any level 1 affiliate brings on new affiliates, the new affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on and so forth down a theoretically unlimited number of levels.

With a 2-up restriction, Infinity Commissions pays an extra $1 a month for each affiliate recruited.

The 2-up caveat requires each EmpowerLife affiliate to decline the $1 monthly commission from the first two affiliates they bring on board.

Therefore, until they have brought on three new affiliates, EmpowerLife affiliates are not eligible to get Infinity Commissions. Each affiliate that is brought in receives $1 per month from the third affiliate.

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Note that affiliates in the downline receive pass-up commissions in turn. Just keep in mind that each EmpowerLife affiliate is required to decline the $1 monthly compensation from the first two affiliates they bring on board.

As a result, an EmpowerLife affiliate may be able to collect pass-up $1 monthly commissions from their downline.

It’s potentially possible to get passed up from an endless depth, depending on how recruitment works out throughout a unilevel squad for an affiliate.

EmpowerLife Membership

A $10 monthly fee or $20 for a free EmpowerLife affiliate membership are also options. Affiliates who promote EmpowerLife for free get lower commissions.

EmpowerLife Overview

The most recent message was posted on March 17, 2023, on TwentyXPro’s official Facebook page:

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After a month, Alexis Thomas stopped caring about Digital Club United as well.

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It is definitely Thomas’s attempt to establish a novel approach in the wake of two failures, even though it’s not a direct reboot of either plan.

This scheme acts as a pyramid scheme in terms of regulations. Nothing is advertised or sold to retail customers, and all commissions are linked to recruitment.

I did observe that EmpowerLife’s marketing included access to digital goods with “resell rights”:

Although it is possible to resale useless digital products to gullible people, this has nothing to do with the MLM opportunity offered by EmpowerLife.

Like all MLM pyramid schemes, monthly commissions will stop growing as soon as recruiting ceases.

As a result, affiliates further up the matrix will eventually stop collecting their monthly fee as well. Once sufficient EmpowerLife affiliates cease making payments, a collapse that cannot be stopped occurs.

It goes without saying that the owner, Alexis Thomas, and the early top recruiters receive the lion’s share of the profits made in a matrix-based pyramid scheme like EmpowerLife.
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In pyramid scams, it is mathematically certain that most participants lose money.


Finally, it looks like EmpowerLife follows a pattern that is common among MLM programs, where a strong focus is placed on recruiting rather than the selling of genuine goods or services. 

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Red flags are raised by the lack of disclosure of executive and ownership information as well as Alexis Thomas’s prior involvement in MLM businesses like TwentyXPro and Digital Club United. The framework of these previous endeavors resembled pyramid schemes, and they ultimately failed.

EmpowerLife’s income structure mainly emphasizes recruiting commissions, with affiliates encouraged to sign up new members rather than concentrating on legal product sales. 

It takes recruiting for anyone to make a sizable income because of the pyramid structure, which is most obvious in the matrix-based system and the Infinity Commissions. Such systems are not long-term viable since recruitment tends to wane with time, culminating in a collapse that causes losses for the vast majority of members.

EmpowerLife: Is It a Shady Pyramid Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2023)
EmpowerLife: Is It a Shady Pyramid Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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  1. This scheme is a scam that uses a fake commission structure to recruit people by reselling the product to others. Finally, people are receiving nothing from this bogus platform.

  2. I don’t take the promotion seriously because of the scams detailed in the article. The rate at which these MLM scams are spreading is disturbing, and the government should impose a few restrictions.

  3. These schemes are a nightmare for investors, and people lose their hard-earned money by engaging in these fraudulent schemes.

  4. This Platform makes use of several strategies to trap everyone in the scheme and defraud newbies.

  5. EmpowerLife deceives many victims as this is a fake MLM program, whose main motive is to earn a profit, by misleading people and irrelevant information on their websites. It is better to stay away from these websites.

  6. The website appears suspicious, and they would not establish a legal product sale, that’s why many have been scammed by these fraudsters, and they should avoid interacting with them.

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