Global NFT Group: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?

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The Global NFT Group Association is engaged in the Bitcoin multi-level marketing sector.

The organization is alternatively referred to as GNG & seems to have its headquarters located in Malaysia.

Global NFT Group is legally registered as Global NFT Group B.V., an organization based in Curacao, which operates as an unincorporated business.

The individuals responsible for leading the Global NFT Group are Saima Chaudhury, Tony Berntsen, & Tony Sandberg.

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Who is Tony Berntsen? 

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The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of First United Capital Group established the company alongside other co-founders. 

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Their goal was to create a platform that could help entrepreneurs bring their innovative ideas to the next level and connect them with a community of global investors. 

As a strategic leader, they have extensive experience in sales, marketing, investments, and asset management, making them a highly professional and commercially focused individual.

Tony Berntsen, a Dutch citizen, was first seen by BehindMLM. Berntsen served as the Chief Executive Officer of First United Capital Company, which was allegedly the parent firm of the EarlyBird School pyramid scam.

Either First United Capital Group & EarlyBird have been established as fake companies in Curacao.

The website of First United Capital Corporation remains operational. Tony Berntsen continues to be acknowledged as the Chief Executive Officer.

Tony Sandberg serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of First United Capital Group. Saima Chaudhry holds the position of Senior Director of Business within the organization. To learn more about him, you may learn from the link: Tony

Based on the online accounts of the individuals in question:

  • Tony Berntsen operates from the location of Curacao.
  • Tony Sandberg is located in Norway.
  •  Saima Chaudhry is located in the United Kingdom.

First United Cash Group serves as a  financial institution that aims to foster collaboration among individuals by facilitating the integration of cash and experience with novel concepts & goods.

While there is no explicit mention of First United Capital Group on the webpages of Global NFT Group, it seems to be affiliated with the previously mentioned company, potentially representing additional undertakings within its portfolio.

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The Global NFT Group conducts its operations through a pair of recognized sectors.

  1. The domain “gng. community” was privately acquired around November 29th, 2022. 
  2. The domain “” was purchased anonymously on November 23rd, the year 2022.

As of the 26th of March, 2023, there have been several notable developments. The aforementioned public webpage remains operational, whereas the domain name was taken down.

The corporate entity previously known as Global NFT Group has undergone a name change and continues to operate under the name Global NFT Group Asset Managers.

The relaunch is conducted through the domain “”, which was privately acquired. According to Similar Web’s data, the website in question exhibits minimal levels of internet usage.

According to a remark posted in response to this assessment, the GNG token has undergone an overhaul and is now referred to as the PNGVN coin.

This seems to be a mere superficial reconfiguration. The latest news concludes.

Continue reading for a comprehensive evaluation of the multi-level marketing opportunities offered by Global NFT Group.

Products of Global’s NFT Group

Global NFT Group does not offer any items & offerings that can be sold directly to consumers.

Associates possess the exclusive capability to promote solely their own organization of Global NFT Group.

Compensation Plan of Global’s NFT Group 

Associates of the Global NFT Group engage in investments involving GNG coins.

Invest Receive 
$50 500 GNG tokens
$1001000 GNG tokens
$2502500 GNG tokens
$5005000 GNG tokens
$100010,000 GNG tokens
$200020,000 GNG tokens

Inverse mathematics yields a starting price of ten cents for the GNG coin.

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Associates of the Global NFT Group engage in investments involving GNG coins, with the expectation of receiving anticipated profits in the form of dividends.

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According to Global NFT Company, it is projected that at the conclusion of the year 2023, a payout of 6.41 cents for each GNG token will have been made.

The compensation structure of the multi-level marketing division within Global NFT Company involves remuneration based on the hiring of associate investment.

Its Referral Commission 

Associates of the Global NFT Group are entitled to receive a commission for referring customers ten percent of the money that has been deposited.

Its Residual Commission 

The Global NFT Group utilizes a compensation structure known for its 2×12 grid to distribute leftover earnings.

Each 2×12 grid is utilized for placing a Global NFT Organization associate at the highest point within the matrices, accompanied by a pair of spots right behind it.

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These positions constitute the initial tier of the grid. The next tier of the grid is formed through the division of the initial two spots into two more places all of them resulting in a total of four places.

Steps from three to 12 of the grid are constructed employing a consistent approach, whereby each subsequent level accommodates double the number of places as the preceding level.

The filling of jobs within the system is accomplished through either the direct or indirect recruiting of associates affiliated with the Global NFT Organization.

Residual earnings are distributed to attracted associates based on a proportion of the monies they have contributed.

Global NFT Group restricts the number of grid tiers from which affiliates may profit in accordance with their investment amount.

Presented below is a tabular representation illustrating the revenue of associates belonging to various groups, as determined by the variety of tiers & the corresponding remuneration received for each fulfilled job.

Affiliate TierLevel 1Level 1Level 1Level 1Level 1Level 1Level 1
$50 Tier$1$1$2$3$3
$100 Tier$2$2$4$6$6$1
$250 Tier$5$5$10$15$15$2$1

The offered data is utilized to present a chart that delineates the revenue of associates at all levels for every grid tier.

The residual fees for the categories of $500, $1000, & $2000 have not been made public. 

The observed trend, nevertheless, indicates a positive correlation between the number of commissions paid and the amount of investment made by an affiliate, as well as a growth in the number of paid matrices layers.

The maximum number of grid layers achievable at the cost level of two thousand dollars is 12.

Associates of the Global NFT Group receive incentives to make investments at various levels in order to gain access to higher tiers within the structure. These investments are funded using revenue produced by previous layers.

Based on this observation, it is my contention that each investing level may be associated with its own grid. 

In practical terms, there would exist six distinct matrices that align with the 6 investing categories, each matrix being associated with its respective fee structure.

If such a scenario were to occur, it may be presumed that participating at the highest levels would result in the immediate unlocking of less expensive level matrices & fees.

For instance, in the scenario when an advanced associate with a $1000 grade joins a layer associate with a $50 straight, the compensation structure remains limited to five tiers as described in the preceding information on $50 tiered earnings.

Joining of Global NFT Group

The privilege of affiliation with Global NFT Group seems to be offered without any associated fees.

To fully engage in the enclosed potential for earnings, an initial commitment of fifty dollars is necessary.

The Global NFT Group seeks participation in cryptocurrency Ethereum, bitcoins, & tethering.


The Global NFT Group exhibits characteristics commonly associated with a multi-level advertising crypto Ponzi plan but with a façade of NFT advertising. 

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The integration of our very own developing brands’ non-fungible tokens with social advertising, a financially rewarding social reward schedule, & a payout token results in a distinctive & highly profitable investing & income prospect that is unprecedented in its nature.

Cartoon Penguins of Global NFT Group

Associates are encouraged to make investments in GNG coins solely due to the expected benefits, as verified by Global NFT Group, which affirms that those rewards are derived from the cash deposited.

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The aforementioned characteristics of Global NFT Group suggest that it exhibits traits commonly associated with a Ponzi plan. 

Furthermore, due to the absence of any products or services being offered or advertised to regular consumers, it can be argued that the multi-level marketing aspect of the Global NFT Organization exhibits characteristics of a fraudulent business model.

Serial Ponzi marketer Kari Wahlroos is attracted to the sort of marketing that Global NFT Group’s illegal company structure appeals to.

Wahlroos, previously a prominent participant in the OneCoin Ponzi plan, expressed intentions to establish a private social media platform resembling Twitter as well.

In addition to the “Freedom Republic,” it was also an associated component known to be the ” liberty token,” which served as the underlying deception inside the overall scheme.

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Presented below is a tabular representation that succinctly encapsulates the data given by yourself.

AttributeCuracaoGNG TokenGlobal NFT Group
LocationDutch Caribbean islandNot location-specificNot location-specific
ReputationKnown for being a tax havenInformation not providedAllegedly involved in fraudulent activities
Regulation of Securities FraudNo regulationInformation not providedAllegedly involved in fraudulent activities
Token TypeNot applicableERC-20 tokenNot applicable
Setup TimeNot applicableTakes a few minutesNot applicable
Setup CostNot applicableLittle to no costNot applicable

You are cordially invited to attend our weekly investing webinar, scheduled for Q2. This communication aims to provide information regarding the financial commitments that GNG intends to make, as well as the opportunities available for individuals to put money with us & benefit from our company’s approach and thorough investigation method. 

Furthermore, this benefit is extended to all users of tokens in the GNG network at no cost.

Similar to other multi-level marketing Ponzi scams, the influx of fresh capital will cease as the intake of affiliates diminishes.

The lack of return on investment income will lead to a depletion of resources for Global NFT Group, ultimately precipitating its downfall.

The mathematical principles beneath these frauds ensure that, upon their eventual disintegration, a large proportion of those who participated would experience financial losses.

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The potential downfall of Global NFT Company is anticipated to result in the disposal of GNG tokens on open markets and the transition of deposits to the GNG platform.

Both of these situations indicate that there have been more withdrawals than fresh investments, resulting in a great deal of buyers being left with an additional Ponzi coin that holds nothing of value.

Global NFT Group: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?
Global NFT Group: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?

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