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Gold Unicorn Review: A Boris CEO Ponzi Scam (Update 2024)

Gold Unicorn
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Exploring Gold Unicorn, a notable cryptocurrency MLM endeavor led by CEO Denis Milanovkiy. A closer look reveals connections to Solarion, prompting concerns about authenticity and potential fraudulent practices.
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In the realm of cryptocurrency MLM ventures, Gold Unicorn has garnered attention. The individual supposedly at the helm of this company is CEO “Denis Milanovkiy.”

A close examination of Milanovkiy leads to Solarion, a website strikingly resembling the organization’s platform. This raises suspicions of potential duplicity and fraudulent activities.

Gold Unicorn
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Exploring the Milanovkiy Connection: Solarion and Gold Unicorn

Gold Unicorn operates from the domain “,” which was privately registered in April 2022, with the latest update recorded on February 8th, 2023. In comparison, Solarion uses the domain “,” registered privately on January 28th, 2023. Interestingly, the firm’s marketing videos on its official YouTube channel date back to the previous November, suggesting its existence before Solarion.

Notably, Denis Milanovkiy’s accent reflects an Eastern European origin, with Russian subtitles embedded in the marketing materials. However, Milanovkiy’s identity appears confined to the narratives of Gold Unicorn and Solarion, raising suspicions about the legitimacy of his identity and role.

12/12/2023 Update
As of now, Gold Unicorn has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Around 2017, an actor portraying Milanovkiy’s then-partner shared a photo on vKontakte, indicating a likely connection to Dnipro, Ukraine. This suggests that the individual playing Milanovkiy might also hail from Ukraine.

Both Gold Unicorn and Solarion attempt to present an air of legitimacy by providing random addresses – one in Washington and the other in the UK. Gold Unicorn even presents a certificate for GoldUnicorn LLC, supposedly registered in Washington. However, these details are often easily falsified, rendering such information meaningless for due diligence.

Products and Compensation:

Gold Unicorn lacks tangible products or services for retail. Instead, affiliates are limited to promoting the Gold Unicorn affiliate membership itself.

The compensation plan of Gold Unicorn revolves around cryptocurrency investments, promising returns based on various investment tiers. Investment into these plans supposedly boosts daily ROI rates for a specified duration.

Returns are promised as follows:

Minimum InvestmentMaximum InvestmentDaily Interest rate Duration (Days)

Moreover, Gold Unicorn offers “renewable energy” investment plans.

$50,000 a month

Investment AmountReceive Percentage
$400,000 40%

$75,000 a month

Investment AmountReceive Percentage
$1,350,000 90%

$100,000 a month

Investment AmountReceive Percentage

MLM Structure and Affiliates:

Gold Unicorn’s MLM structure centers on recruiting new investor affiliates. Four ranks exist within this structure:

  1. Affiliate: Sign up as the company’s affiliate and make an investment.
  2. Rank 1: Recruit twenty investing affiliates.
  3. Rank 2: Invest $20,000, generate $500,000 in downline investments, and ensure recruited affiliates bring in fifty more recruits.
  4. Rank 3: Invest $50,000, and generate $1,000,000 in downline investments.

Referral commissions are distributed using a one-level compensation scheme. Affiliates are paid a proportion dependent on their rank and the levels of recruits below them.

Engage in cryptocurrency and solar panel investments to generate profits in collaboration with Gold Unicorn.

Gold Unicorn’s mode of operation bears resemblance to a classic Ponzi scheme, with its primary conceit revolving around cryptocurrencies and solar panels. However, there’s no concrete evidence supporting the company’s involvement in these areas.

Furthermore, Gold Unicorn’s passive investment opportunity potentially falls within the purview of securities, necessitating SEC registration for legality. The absence of any such registration points toward potential securities fraud.\

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Gold Unicorn’s future appears grim as a typical example of a Ponzi scheme. Once new recruitment stalls, the flow of revenue will cease, ultimately leading to a collapse. Unfortunately, such schemes predominantly result in substantial losses for the majority of investors.

Solarion, though bearing subtle differences, seems to be an offshoot of Gold Unicorn, possibly intended as a reboot. The similarity between the two suggests they are orchestrated by the same individuals and are likely to end in the same manner.

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Gold Unicorn Review: A Boris CEO Ponzi Scam (Update 2024)
Gold Unicorn Review: A Boris CEO Ponzi Scam (Update 2024)

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