Group 500 Scam Exposed (2024)

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Group 500 broker has received allegations of being a major forex scam. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
Group 500

A warning to investors about the Group 500 broker scam ( was released by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd. in Geneva, Switzerland is purportedly the operator of this scam. Naturally, this is all nonsense, since this corporation is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and runs the Swiss Stock Exchange. The local Swiss Stock Exchange service facility is located at 49 Route de Meyrin, Geneva, which is the address provided on the fake website. Just avoid this con as much as possible.

Is Group 500 The Week’s Worst Scam?

Though there have been a lot of poorly executed scams this week, the Group 500 fraud is extremely ridiculous and might be the winner of “worst made scam of the week.” It demonstrates that there are more scams and that they are appearing more quickly. The fraudulent marketing campaigns, traffic managers, brokers, boiler rooms, and white label operators that are part of the scam scene need to be fed.

It appears that customers are also duped by these shoddy con games; if they weren’t, the con artists would not employ such a “quick-and-dirty” method. The implications of this are dire for investor protection and the cyberfinance industry. It seems like GumBallPay, the supported payment processor, is unfazed by this blatant scam. 


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The UK government has no control over the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a financial regulator that is funded by fees collected from participants in the financial services sector. The FCA protects the integrity of the UK financial markets by regulating financial companies that offer services to consumers.

It focuses on how financial services companies, both retail and wholesale, are expected to behave. Similar to the FSA, which it replaced, the FCA is set up as a company limited by guarantee.

To establish regulatory standards for the financial industry, the Financial Policy Committee, the Prudential Regulation Authority, and the FCA collaborate. The FCA is responsible for the conduct of around 58,000 businesses which employ 2.2 million people and contribute around £65.6 billion in annual tax revenue to the economy in the United Kingdom.

The authority has a wide range of authority, including the ability to control behaviour pertaining to financial product promotion. It has the authority to impose requirements on goods and set minimum standards. It has the authority to look into businesses and people. Furthermore, the FCA has the authority to impose a one-year ban on financial products and is also considering an indefinite ban. It has the authority to order companies that it deems to be deceptive to immediately withdraw or alter promotions, and to make such decisions public. Moreover, whether a person or organisation is being investigated for a crime or not, the FCA has the authority to freeze their assets. Since taking over on April 1, 2014, the authority has been in charge of regulating the consumer credit business. The authority has been responsible for regulating the consumer credit industry since 1 April 2014, taking over the role from the Office of Fair Trading.

The FCA announced changes in July 2023 with the goal of reducing the use of social media by “influencers” to persuade UK customers to buy risky financial products. A few of the regulations included outlawing cryptocurrency incentives like “refer a friend” bonuses, requiring influencers to disclose all potential risks, and giving products a 24-hour cooling down period so that novice investors could properly weigh their options. The action was taken in response to a notable increase in 2022—14 times more financial product promotions by influencers on social media than the year before.

GumBallPay (As claimed)

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Group 500 Scam Exposed (2024)
Group 500 Scam Exposed (2024)

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