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Jayesh Dave Gujarat: Was He Engaged in Fraud? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

Jayesh Dave Gujarat
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Jayesh Dave Gujarat has received accusations of engaging in shady activities. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
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The Jayraj Group of Companies was founded and is owned by Jayesh Dave Gujarat. In terms of the development of townships, Jayesh Dave Gujarat, the owner of the Jayraj Group, claims to be credited with having a strong grasp of the acquisition processes of local and state regulations as well as a good sense of product marketing. What is claimed by Jayesh Dave Gujarat is that several businesses with diversified interests in real estate, entertainment, township development, and construction have been formed by Jayesh Dave Gujarat.

Exactly how can real estate fraud happen?
Both those who create and sell property are subject to fake property registrations. The scammer will fabricate property title documents and claim ownership of the property in this kind of real estate fraud. In several instances, con artists copied title deeds to properties that were unoccupied or in dispute and sold them to purchasers.

Jayesh Dave Gujarat, who describes himself to be primarily concerned with assisting his clients in realizing their aspirations for a higher quality of life, emphasizes the significance of creating high-level strategy, planning, and methodology research for economic, environmental, technological, and community insights.

Jayesh Dave Gujarat, Jayraj Group Owner describes themselves as having value for customer satisfaction above everything and strives to maximize it and build trust-based relationships with the customers. With the major aim of serving the best to the customers. Jayesh Dave Gujarat claims that he has played a pivotal role in developing and reforming the real estate sector in Vadodara (Gujrat).

6/12/2023 Update
As of now, Jayesh Dave Gujarat has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Jayraj Builders, a registered business founded in 1994 by Jayesh Dave, focuses on constructing both residential and commercial areas. The Vadodara-based real estate firm Jayraj Builders was founded. Villas, opulent residences, and corporate hubs are just a few of its numerous initiatives. The Vadodara-based Jayraj Builders Company is well renowned for starting ethically sound projects. It is dedicated to offering the highest caliber building materials and top-notch interior and outside design. The company claims that they have built both residential and commercial spaces in the city’s most desirable areas.

Jayesh Dave Gujarat Faces Allegations of Collapsing the Real Estate Market


Vadodara has become a significant center for real estate investments in Gujarat over the past 20 years. It is generally accepted that the main causes of the prosperity of Banyan City are its physical location (near Mumbai) and the historic boon of the sage Vishwamitra. But what is sometimes forgotten is the contribution made by well-known city builders like Jayraj Builders, who progressively changed the city’s real estate market.

The project quality and client satisfaction index are two factors that set Jayraj Builders Vadodara apart from other real estate firms. The developer, which was founded by Jayesh Dave, has won numerous awards and commendations for both its residential and commercial developments.

Here are a few of their commercial buildings that significantly improved Vadodara’s building standards.

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One of Jayesh Dave Jayraj Group’s most well-known enterprises, Blue Chip is situated next to Sayaji Gunj, or the Baroda Stock Exchange. The seven-story, semicircular commercial structure is made up of both offices and retail. The project has a central atrium, marble floors that go on forever, and glass elevators. It also received the Indian Institute of Architecture’s National Award for the Best Commercial Project of 1999.

A 10-story business facility in Vadodara called Concord by Jayraj Builders has offices that range in size from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet. The project, which is situated on RC Dutt Road in Alkapuri, takes its name from the supersonic passenger airplane Concorde, which changed the face of aviation. Concord by Jayraj Group includes mirrored glass walls and a construction devoid of columns.

The jewel in the crown of Jayraj Builders Vadodara’s crown was Profit Center, which came after successful and award-winning residential and commercial projects. Profit Center transformed Vadodara’s commercial areas, bringing granite floors and anodized aluminum furniture with it. As a result, Jayraj Builders became synonymous with excellence, comfort, and innovation.

Do you know of any other Vadodara real estate initiatives that have altered the course of the sector?

CNSB Scam- Jayesh Dave Gujarat gets conditional bail

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A fast-track court of Anand on Sunday granted conditional bail to Vadodara-based builder Jayesh Dave who was arrested last month in the Charotar Nagarik Sahakari Bank scam case.

Jayesh Dave Gujarat was arrested on October 20 following a warrant issued by the Nadiad sessions court. Later, the court rejected his remand and sent him to judicial custody.

General manager of CNSB, Suresh Dalwadi, had filed a complaint against Jayesh Dava Gujarat last year for allegedly not repaying loans taken in 2000 and 2001 in the names of Jayraj Builders, Aditya Constructions, Anjali Constructions, Hindustan Earthmovers, Jayraj estate, and Jayraj Multimedia.

Jayesh Dave Gujarat acted as the signing authority on behalf of all partners for the loans. Earlier, defense counsel Jagdish Ramani had requested the court to provide more time for a settlement between the accused and the bank and it was granted.

The counsel argued that the builder was ready to repay Rs. 10.68 crore taken as a loan but even after sending many request letters to the bank authorities, the latter had not responded while the interest on the amount mounted.

Further, the counsel argued that the applicant had also applied before the board of nominees, which held its decision in favor of the accused.

However, government pleader PP Dhore argued that Dave has to repay Rs 22.50 crore and the decision of the board of nominees cannot be applied, as it was not the final authority to decide on the matter.

Also, the bank was not ready for a one-time settlement with the builder. Judge A R Patel, after hearing the arguments from both sides, ordered that the accused be given bail on conditions of not interfering in the investigation, repaying the amount taken as a loan, and depositing Rs 1 lakh. Also, in case a superior forum or court orders against- a one-time settlement or third-party settlement, the decision would be nullified.

Meanwhile, the Anand police on Friday filed a revision petition in the High Court for the remand of the builder.

What is a Default?

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Whether a debt is a loan or a security, default occurs when necessary interest or principal payments are not made. Debt commitments can be ignored by people, companies, and even entire nations. For creditors, default risk is an essential factor.

  • When a borrower ceases making the required payments on a loan, a default happens.
  • Whether the debt is secured, like a mortgage secured by real estate, or unsecured, like credit cards or student loans, defaults can happen.
  • Defaults subject borrowers to legal claims and may restrict their access to credit in the future.

On secured debt, such as a mortgage loan secured by a home or a business loan secured by a company’s assets, a default may take place. The loan could default if the borrower doesn’t make payments on time, which would put the asset, or collateral, used to secure it, in danger. Similarly to this, a corporation would be in default if it failed to make the required coupon payments on its bonds.

Unsecured debt like credit card bills can also default. A default lowers the borrower’s credit rating and can make future borrowing more difficult for them.

What Happens When You Default on a Loan?

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  • A lower credit score, which is a number that represents a borrower’s creditworthiness, and negative information on their credit report
  • Decreased chance of future credit acquisition
  • Increased interest rates for any future debt
  • Income garnishment and other punishments. A legal procedure known as garnishment authorizes a third party to take money from a borrower’s paycheck or bank account on their behalf.
  • When you are in default on a loan, your account is transferred to a debt collection company, which makes an effort to collect your unpaid balance. Any missed payment may lower your credit score, make it more difficult for you to borrow money in the future, incur fees, and may even result in the seizure of your personal belongings.
  • For seven years, defaults remain on your credit report. This is the typical amount of time required to delete a default. If it can be demonstrated that a default was made in error, it may be deleted early. Your credit score ought to rise after it’s gone.

Defaulting on Futures Contract

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When one side doesn’t carry out the requirements outlined in the contract, there is a default on the futures contract. Here, failing to fulfill the contract by the due date constitutes a default.

A futures contract is a binding legal agreement for a future exchange of a certain good or asset. The contract stipulates that one party will buy at a particular time and price, and the other will sell at the agreed-upon milestones. If one party defaults, they may be subject to lawsuits as well as collection efforts.

How to get out of loan default

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To help you avoid default on your student debts, specific programs like loan consolidation and loan rehabilitation are available. Borrowers who choose to have their student loans forgiven are eligible to make payments that are 15% of their monthly discretionary income. However, borrowers must first make nine consecutive payments to be eligible for this.

By making three consecutive initial monthly payments, a borrower can exit default under the other federal student loan program called loan consolidation. They can then sign up for an income-driven repayment plan. Because student loans aren’t typically discharged by filing for bankruptcy, these programs enable lenders to make up for their losses.

Finding specific loans or programs geared to assist you in exiting default on other types of debts is far more difficult. When it’s feasible, try to work out a payback schedule with the debt collector.

You might also think about engaging a bankruptcy attorney to review your financial condition, depending on the magnitude of your defaulted loan and the severity of your debt. 

Bottom Line

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A default occurs when a debtor does to pay the required interest or principal. Debt commitments can be ignored by people, companies, and nations. A person’s credit rating, capacity to get new loans, and the possibility of wage or property confiscation will all be impacted by missing payments on a mortgage, student loan, or personal loan. Corporate default occurs when a company misses bond coupon payments, and sovereign default happens when a nation fails to pay its debts.

Jayesh Dave Gujarat: Was He Engaged in Fraud? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)
Jayesh Dave Gujarat: Was He Engaged in Fraud? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

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