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Jonathan Merel: Is He Competent? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Jonathan Merel: Is He Competent? The Truth Exposed (2024)
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Jonathan Merel is an attorney who has received a lot of allegations. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
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Jonathan Merel: Customer Complaints and Concerns

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A consumer has complained to the family law attorney, Jonathan Merel, on the Rip-off website. The complaint alleges that if one seeks to engage the services of the ineptest and least proficient family law attorney in the city of Chicago, it is advised to consider retaining the legal services of Jonathan Merel & his team of similarly unskilled attorneys. 

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Based on authentic Yelp evaluations, it has been observed that Jonathan Merel exhibits discourteous behavior and demonstrates a lack of concern for his clientele. The individual in question engages the services of legal professionals who lack sufficient expertise and competence in their field. 

The individual in question employs a strategy of providing agreeable information tailored to one’s preferences, only to subsequently reveal unfavorable circumstances, so imposing financial obligations. 

He displays a lack of sensitivity and exhibits condescension, particularly towards minority groups. If one believes that competence in the courtroom is the sole determinant of acceptability, then such a viewpoint is erroneous. 

Not only would he compromise the integrity of the matter, but he would also worsen your circumstances. Furthermore, this results in the imposition of excessive and duplicative charges for the services rendered. Presented below are a selection of Yelp reviews that substantiate the aforementioned claim.

According to a Yelp review, the lawyer in question transformed a simple and basic separation case, which could have been resolved expeditiously, into a complex and disastrous situation due to their apparent intention to maximize financial gain from the proceedings. 

The litigants consistently submitted superfluous motions and subsequently retracted them during the day of the court proceedings, resulting in escalated legal expenses and an unwarranted prolongation of the legal process. 

The lack of expertise exhibited by these lawyers resulted in a significant disruption of all aspects involved. The individual occupying the aforementioned office, namely Michael Levy, exhibits a notable lack of expertise and professionalism, as evidenced by his most recent occurrence of arriving at court thirty-five minutes behind schedule.

According to an additional reviewer on Yelp, the attorney in question received a rating of one star due to the absence of a zero-star or bad star option. It is advisable to avoid engaging the services of this particular attorney. 

He lacks competence and is unlikely to assist in the event that your partner becomes responsible for covering his legal expenses. His allegiance is contingent upon financial incentives. 

As per the reports given by the clients, said that another noteworthy aspect to consider is the excessively high interest rate that he imposes for late payment of bills, even after I switched legal representation. Among the several attorneys I consulted, he was the one practitioner who levied interest charges. 

The legality of levying interest is a matter of uncertainty, and even if permissible, the rate of interest imposed by the individual in question bears resemblance to the exorbitant interest rates typically associated with credit cards.

Jonathan Merel, an attorney who handles divorces, asserted his expertise and extensive experience in the field of Lake County Divorce Law. The statement made by the user does not align with the academic perspective. 

Jonathan Merel notified me of his availability to conduct meetings about divorce cases in Lake County, Illinois, at his office located in Skokie. Throughout three months, he consistently exhibited unavailability for scheduled meetings. 

Concerning the completion of the financial declarations, he delegated the task to his attorney who subsequently contacted me. The individual conveyed to me that precision was not necessary and suggested providing an approximate estimate instead. I discovered through my subsequent legal counsel that precision down to the exact amount was crucial.

If the lawyer’s hourly rate is $250, which is $100 lower compared to the majority of other lawyers, your total payment towards him will ultimately be higher. One effective approach for locating a competent attorney involves seeking recommendations from acquaintances who have had positive encounters with legal professionals. 

It is advisable to avoid engaging the services of this lawyer of substandard quality. The individual in question engaged in deceptive behavior towards me, prioritizing their interests over the welfare of their clientele, according to the victim client.

The client recommends that it would be prudent to check the scrubbed, “unrecommended” evaluations before proceeding with the decision to employ Merel. Similar to what other consumers have expressed, their primary focus lies on their payment-related matters rather than anything else. 

It has been 2.5 years since the dissolution of the marriage, and the individual in question continues to be preoccupied with ruminations over the perceived dishonesty of Jonathan Merel. 

The client strongly advises against engaging with this firm & its attorneys, who are perceived as lacking experience and conducting themselves in a manner that is considered dishonorable. All individuals in question must be subjected to disbarment. 

For further inquiries on Jonathan Merel, please feel free to contact me at gi****@at*.net, providing the phone number for communication purposes.


According to a purported PR team, it is claimed that Jonathan Merel holds the position of Founder and Managing Principal at The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C., a reputable legal company specializing in divorce and family law, located in the bustling metropolis of Chicago. 

Throughout his extended two-decade career, Jonathan has garnered recognition as a significant person within the domain of family law, providing helpful insights & demonstrating knowledge in the field.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Jonathan’s expertise and comprehensive understanding have resulted in his regular participation as a contributor in diverse news publications, local radio programs, and other media outlets. 

The individual’s involvement in the discussion pertaining to family law demonstrates a strong commitment to disseminating their specialized knowledge and assisting individuals in navigating the intricate aspects of divorce and legal matters related to families.

However, it is important to note that the information presented in the article may have been generated by the organization’s public relations staff with the intention of capturing the interest of the general public. 

The website contains a comprehensive collection of favorable information regarding Jonathan Merel. The platform also published an interview featuring the lawyer, which predominantly focused on positive commentary on the lawyer’s well-being. 

Jonathan Merel: Customers’ Reviews

  • As per the testimony of a client, it is asserted that Mr. Merel was engaged for legal representation in a divorce case. During the preliminary consultation, he articulated all the appropriate statements. 

The individual in question was responsible for initiating the legal filing process; nevertheless, subsequent events quickly deviated from the intended course.

When it came to taking action about the divorce, the individual in question solely pursued allegations of dissipation against my spouse. This course of action was not aligned with their intentions and proved to be exceedingly challenging to substantiate during that period. 

Jonathan Merel exhibited a lack of responsiveness to my attempts to engage in telephonic discourse until he conveyed his termination through a voicemail message. The individual further asserted that they do not recall the precise sum they remunerated the aforementioned individual, but they maintain the belief that it exceeded $10,000. 

Additionally, it is noteworthy that this individual did not make any appearances in court on their behalf.

Furthermore, the individual in question failed to submit a Qualified Domestic Relations Order about my spouse’s 401(k) accounts. Subsequently, it was discovered that despite being marital assets, the cash within that account had been depleted and utilized for other purposes. It was not possible to retrieve any of the funds.

The individual asserted their awareness that the lawyer would likely respond by discrediting their claims, based on their observation of similar bad evaluations in the past. However, they maintained that this should not diminish the validity of their own review.

  • The client asserts that he wasn’t actively seeking legal representation in relation to a child maintenance proceeding that he had initiated, as he had inquiries and required help.

During his exploration, he fortuitously discovered a website that facilitates connections with organizations that offer assistance. Upon submitting an inquiry for legal advice and paying the consultation charge of $30.00, he was subsequently recommended to Jonathan Merel by the Chicago Bar Association. 

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YouTube Presence of Jonathan Merel


The YouTube channel known as Array Digital recently uploaded a video featuring an interview with family law attorney Jonathan Merel. However, it has come to light that the content of the video is fabricated, seemingly designed to captivate the audience’s interest. The video has attracted a total of 67 views and has received 2 likes. One can engage in a thorough examination by utilizing the link given herein: Jonathan Merel

Who is Jonathan Merel? 

picture of Jonathan Merel.

Jonathan Merel serves as the owner and chief executive officer of The Law Offices, which is situated in the city of Chicago. The individual’s professional expertise lies in the field of family law. 

Jonathan Merel possesses a considerable amount of expertise & a notable history of achieving favorable results for individuals involved in complex divorce cases involving substantial marital possessions & contentious parental disagreements. 

Jonathan Merel is widely recognized for his remarkable proficiency in facilitating harmonious outcomes in highly disputed divorce & custody proceedings. His accomplishments have garnered him significant admiration from his peers in the legal profession. 

When the pursuit of mutually beneficial agreements proves to be unrealistic or impractical, Jonathan Merel’s proficiency as a zealous fighter in the courtroom has repeatedly yielded exceptional outcomes for his clients.

Jonathan Merel’s ongoing dedication to his clients & desire to achieve greatness have resulted in his regular inclusion on esteemed legal rankings such as the Illinois Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, & Leading Lawyers lists. These accolades serve as a testimony to his exceptional accomplishments within the field of law.

Mr. Merel possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the esteemed University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as a Juris Doctor degree from the well-regarded Chicago-Kent College of Law. If you want to know more about him, you may learn from the link: Jonathan Merel

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Jonathan Merel but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

Final Thoughts

The remarks and experiences expressed on platforms such as Yelp raise legitimate issues regarding the professional competence & client relations exhibited by Jonathan Merel and his legal team. The responses shed light on concerns pertaining to discourteous behavior, a dearth of client-centricity, and the utilization of lawyers with limited expertise. 

The aforementioned behaviors have the potential to result in problems within legal proceedings, extended duration of procedures, and unjustified billing. This is exemplified by the recurrent submission of superfluous motions that just contribute to the escalation of legal expenses.

Furthermore, the presence of accusations pertaining to condescension & insensitivity, specifically directed against marginalized communities, highlights the necessity of exercising prudence while contemplating the engagement of legal services provided by this specific company. 

Thoroughly examining all accessible material, such as evaluations and testimonies, is crucial in order to ascertain that the selected attorney is in accordance with Jonathan Merel’s legal requirements & anticipations.

In conclusion, it is imperative for those in need of legal counsel to be cognizant of the concerns that have been expressed regarding Jonathan Merel as well as his legal team, and to duly evaluate those worries prior to making their selection. To learn more about him, follow the link: Mr. Jonathan

Jonathan Merel: Is He Competent? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Jonathan Merel: Is He Competent? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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  1. Ask them for cases they have tried and won. They cant deliver then don’t hire them . Like I did .

  2. Please do not ever trust websites. If you can not meet an executive and can not see the office in physical, there is no need to trade.

  3. Allegations, allegations and allegations… But no legal proceedings. We fail here, at this very point.

  4. A lawyer trapped in law cases, what could be more ironical?????

  5. People always say that we should not hide anything from lawyers and doctors. However, in today’s world the two people who scam the most are doctors and lawyers. I too dealt with a lawyer, who made me stuck for more than 2 years, for a mere tenant case.

  6. I too have seen the video uploaded by Array Digital, I think it was a nice interview, but would have been better if the lawyer was a more clear about his tactics.

  7. He is soo costly, and if still he can’t behave properly, people shall not hire him or his firm. Simple. No need to babble around.

  8. Jonathan needs to work on himself, he might not be this bad but being impatient has worked against him.

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