Kryptomusk Review: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?

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Kryptomusk has received allegations of being a Ponzi scheme. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this post on Gripeo.
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The website of Kryptomusk lacks disclosure of ownership or executive details. Kryptomusk has been shown to function from two distinct site domains that include: 

  • The website was initially registered privately on November 25th, 2022.
  • The website was created privately on November 26th, 2022.

Kryptomusk endeavors to establish credibility by furnishing registration particulars for two entities, namely “Kryptomusk LTD” & “Kryptomusk LLC”.

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According to available information, the firm was reportedly registered as a company in the United Kingdom on December 22, 2022.

The presence or purported presence of a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization within the United Kingdom should be seen as a cautionary signal.

The process of incorporating a company in the United Kingdom is characterized by relatively low costs and a perceived lack of comprehensive regulation. Furthermore, the Financial Conduct Agency (FCA), which serves as the principal financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, is not actively involved in regulating fraud in securities associated with multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes.

The United Kingdom is widely regarded as a preferred location for those engaged in criminal activities, as it offers favorable conditions for the incorporation, operation, and promotion of deceptive enterprises.

In the context of conducting an investigation for multi-level marketing (MLM) endeavors, the act of incorporating in the United Kingdom or registering with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) holds no significance.

The firm is allegedly a corporate entity established in the state of Delaware on February 7th, 2023, with indications of being an impostor firm.

The lack of difficulty scammers encounter in establishing shell corporations with fraudulent information renders the process of incorporating shell entities in any country irrelevant to the intent of doing adequate research in multi-level marketing (MLM).

It is advisable to exercise caution & careful consideration when contemplating involvement in an MLM firm that lacks transparency regarding its leadership & ownership, as well as when considering the provision of financial resources to such an entity.

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Product of Kryptomusk 

The firm does not provide any goods or services for sale.

Affiliates possess the exclusive capability to promote the affiliate memberships of this firm.

Compensation Plan of Kryptomusk 

The affiliates of Kryptomusk allocate their investments in cryptocurrency in terms of their corresponding values in USD. This practice is undertaken based on the assurance of the profits that have been promoted.

Plan Invest Receive 
Basic Plan$25 to $99991.5% a day for 180 days
Premium Plan$10,000 to $49,9992% a day for 150 days
Executive Plan$50,000 to $149,9992.5% a day for 120 days

The multi-level marketing (MLM) aspect of the firm compensates individuals based on their ability to acquire associate participants.

The multi-level marketing (MLM) aspect of the firm compensates individuals based on their ability to acquire affiliate partners.

Referral Commission of Kryptomusk 

The concept of commissions for referrals refers to the practice of compensating individuals or entities for referring new customers or clients to a business or organization

Affiliate Plan Referral Commission Rate 
Basic Plan8% referral commission rate
Premium Plan9% referral commission rate
Executive Plan10% referral commission rate

The Residual Commission of Kryptomusk 

The firm utilizes a binary compensation scheme to distribute residual commissions.

The binary compensation system involves positioning a partnership at the apex of a binary team, which is thereafter divided into two distinct sides.

The initial tier of the binary club comprises a pair of slots. The generation of the next level of the binary team occurs by the division of the first two spots into an additional two positions every one, resulting in a total of four roles.

The binary team generates additional levels as needed, wherein each successive one accommodates several spots that are two times as many as the preceding level.

The binary team is comprised of individuals who are recruited directly or indirectly through the affiliation network. It should be noted that there is no inherent limit to the potential depth of growth for a binary team.

After each day, the firm computes the aggregate expenditure amount for each binary team’s side.

Associates receive remuneration of 10% on the newly invested amount inside their stronger binary side, subject to a weekly limit determined by their commitment level. 

Plan Daily Residual Commission 
Basic Plan $1000
Premium Plan$5000
Executive Plan $15,000 

Joining of Kryptomusk 

The membership for Kryptomusk affiliates is provided at no cost.

To fully engage in the enclosed potential for earnings, individuals are required to make a first investment ranging from $25 to $149,999.

Kryptomusk actively seeks possibilities for investment in diverse cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion of Kryptomusk 

Kryptomusk asserts that it gets additional income through the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Krypto Musk engages in trading activities using both centralized & decentralized cryptocurrencies, thereby generating daily gains.

Furthermore, the absence of any substantiating data on Kryptomusk’s generation of external revenue, coupled with the failure of this assertion to withstand the Ponzi logic test, raises significant concerns.

If Kryptomusk was capable of engaging in cryptocurrency trading activities that consistently yield a daily return of 2.5%, it raises the question as to why they would require additional financial resources from other sources.

Moreover, it might be argued that the passive investing option provided by Kryptomusk can be classified as an offering of securities.

Kryptomusk’s failure to furnish substantiation of its registration with monetary authorities in every country is evident. This implies that, at the very least, Kryptomusk is engaging in activities that can be classified as fraud involving securities.

Currently, the only form of revenue that can be substantiated in the case of Kryptomusk is derived from fresh investments.

Utilizing newly acquired investments to fulfill associate demands would classify Kryptomusk as a Ponzi scheme.

Similar to other multi-level marketing (MLM) Ponzi scams, the influx of new investments will cease once the recruitment of affiliates diminishes.

The lack of return on investment (ROI) revenue experienced by Kryptomusk will ultimately lead to bankruptcy.

The mathematical principles underlying Ponzi schemes ensure that, upon their eventual collapse, a significant percentage of investors experience financial losses. If you want to know more about this scam firm, you may follow the link: Kryptomusk

What is a Ponzi Scheme? 

Scam firm i.e. Kryptomusk.

A Ponzi scheme refers to a deceptive investment strategy that offers investors the promise of substantial returns while minimizing the associated risks. 

A Ponzi scheme is a deceptive investment fraud that operates by utilizing funds obtained from subsequent participants to provide returns to previous investors. 

This bears resemblance to a scam called a pyramid in that all rely on utilizing the capital from fresh participants to compensate the initial supporters.

Both Ponzi schemes & pyramid companies ultimately reach a point of collapse when the influx of new investors diminishes and the available funds become insufficient to sustain the system. At this point, the designs become undone.

Kryptomusk Review: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?
Kryptomusk Review: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?

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