Legal Punk Review: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Legal Punk
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Legal Punk has received allegations of being a Ponzi scheme. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
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Legal Punk review claims the firm to be an MLM focused firm that has shady roots, shared with SBS Laws firm. ‘SBS Laws’ is owned by Andre Schenk and Stephan Schulenberg, and the co-founders of Legal Punk are namely, Andre Schenk, Andrais Hamori and Dirk Ulaszewski. However still, the two firms hesitate in showcasing their spin off, and the point of ponderance is ‘why’.

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Legal Punk Review Disclaims The Veracity Of The Founders

Did You Know? SBS Laws founders claim to provide best suited legal services to their clients, but when it comes to being stringent about the laws, the firm was least considerant. The founders associated with Legal Punk and SBS Laws namely, Schenk and Schulenberg have led themselves in trouble by their illegitimate actions. Before describing the same you must click the given link:

Legal Punk review claims that Schenk & Stephan never hesitated in supporting the dubious firms, which led to severe financial crisis in Germany. It has been asserted by the Legal Punk review, that both the entrepreneurs publicly defended the ‘OneCoin’, claiming it to be a lawful system. 

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Despite being aware of the FBI most wanted list (OneCoin’s Ruja Ignatova on FBI’s top ten most wanted list ( Schenk & Stephan never hesitated in showing their support to the fallacious firm’s owner, Ruja Ignatova. Moreover, Schulenberg acted as the personal lawyer of Ruja Ignatova, representing, the owner, executives and promoters of OneCoin.

FBI Claims Ruja Ignatova As A Fugitive

Frank Ricketts is another guilty one of money laundering in ‘OneCoin’. Nevertheless, here too, Schulenberg and Schenk played the devil’s advocate. In year 2021, the mentioned investors acted their best in legal formalities to rescue their dubious friends. However, they failed brutally and the case is still under consideration by law with more professional counsels. 

However, it is worth mentioning that between 2020-2021 Schulenberg and Schenk have tried very hard to loosen the legal grip against the accused of OneCoin. Now, the reason behind this could be their friendship, a hefty legal aid fee charged by both of them, or some sort of linkage. Anyways, Legal Punk review doesn’t claim any of it and merely questions the reason behind the alliance. 

Legal Punk Review: What Made SBS Laws Rebrand Itself, Stealthily?

Legal Punk Review, unveils that ‘SBS Laws’ never accepted its rebranding as, ‘Legal Punk’. Instead, launched ‘Legal Punk’ as an entirely fresh firm. In the website SBS Laws mentions the new firm as their partners, but the owners of both the firms remain the same. Now, this very action of SBS Laws exposes the deliberation of the owners to use a ‘brand new’ facade for trade. 

Legal Punk Review alleges the scammed owners to diligently discord themselves from ‘OneCoin’, after they could not paint the firm with polish of ‘innocence’. However, none of the founders of OneCoin, SBS Laws or Legal Punk accepted the allegation, but they also could not defy the dubious mask they put on. Here, the next section tries to provide best information possible about the other two owners, with detailed scanning of Legal Punk Review. 

Legal Punk Review Explores The Website

Legal Punk Review Dapples The Absurd Lies

Dirk Ulaszewski and Andras Hamori are the other two partners of ‘Legal Punk’. But, that’s not the sole thing that makes them worth mentioning in Legal Punk review. Instead, the distinctiveness of their claimed past and concealed present, makes them immensely interesting professionals. 

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Legal Punk review finds that Punk’s webpage refers Dirk Ulaszewski as a former Olympian and an executive of Herbalife and NuSkin. Legal Punk claims that Dirk has excelled in sports as well as sales, and eventually resulted in a ‘highly trustworthy firm’ namely, GranVital. GranVital is addressed as a Spanish company with German roots. 

Similarly, Legal Punk review finds out that Andras Hamori is claimed to be a computer scientist and former high school teacher, who nailed in corporate and mail marketing via his advertising firm. Although, both the individuals are cited as highly professional assets of ‘Legal Punk’, their current firm and the current activities display distinctively. Moreover, along with the owners, the address of ‘Legal Punk’ is a huge mess, let’s figure out how. 

What could be the address of a firm that is based in Germany, targets German-speaking clients and presents the website in German? Are you too guessing it to be a German address? If yes, then you cannot match the ‘proficiency of professional Legal Punk’. As, their address is somehow in Spain. 

Legal Punk review mentions that the website of the firm, displays their address, as a corporate in Las Palmas, Spain. Now, what can be the most appropriate thing to justify the befoul address. Moreover, the fraudulent play doesn’t end-up here, Legal Punk review has much more to reveal. 

As claimed by the firm, Legal Punk fetches a monthly subscription fee for the services and products mentioned in the table. 

ProductsMonthly SubscriptionServices Provided By Legal Punk
Bronze€7.99 EUR/MonthLegal texts on:Advertising website, blog & social mediaLegal liability & update serviceDisclaimer in the event of a warning due to legal texts
Silver€12.99 EUR/MonthLegal texts for:Digital salesSeminar/training participationLegal enquiries forwarding to lawyers
Gold€27.99 EUR/MonthAdds:Video course provisionEbook provision
Platinum€39.99 EUR/MonthAdds:Second Warning disclaimerLegal advice by a lawyer
Legal Punk Review: The Products & Services

In the product description, the Legal Punk mentions that they are liable for legal text created by professional lawyers in accordance with the general terms and conditions. Legal Punk review also asserts that the firm claims the legitimacy of their advisory lawyers, which often needs a double-check before availing. 

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Legal Punk Review: Profit Making With Punk’s Trade

Although the membership of Legal Punk is free, Legal Punk review discloses the profit making of the firm, which is merely based on the subscription fee, and the sum-amount fetched out of clients pocket. Not to mention that, even the regular fee payment does not guarantee a ‘win-win’ situation for the clients. 

The Punk claims of paying commissions on subscription purchases by consumers and affiliates in retail trade. However, the exact distribution of the compensation is not described, it has been deduced by the Legal Punk review that the compensation is offered via ‘Unilevel approach’ till 3 levels of affiliation.


Conclusion: Legal Punk Review

Legal Punk markets itself as a legal advisory firm, but supports the illegal businesses of the scammers. Their association with ‘Onecoin’ as a lawyer can never be erased from the history of ‘legal service providers’, no matter how many times they rebrand the firm, with countless names. 

Legal Punk has two basic rules of trade that include, sell the membership and support anyone who offers gold and silvers. Even if they offer good or satisfactory services, their unethical client selection and marathon for money has largely affected their good will. 

Legal Punk review finds out that the firm is also uncertain about its official address and compensation plans, providing no clarity about both of them. Also, the product claims are absurd and costly. 

Last but not the least, after hearing their defense of ‘OneCoin’ it can be claimed that the lawyers and advisors affiliated in Legal Punk, along with the owners are least interested in serving the right one, hence the clients can also not be sure of the security of their documents. What if the other party offers 10k more than you? 

However, irrespective of the past, if Legal Punk still wants to gain back their goodwill. It shall cease changing the names and playing dubious. Rather, the world wants to witness the real face of Legal Punk, that is taking accountability and changing scenarios with their wits and hard work, instead of fallacious sketches. Hopefully Legal Punk will get this soon, and start acting similar to what they claim, ‘a trustworthy legal service provider’.  

Legal Punk Review: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2023)
Legal Punk Review: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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