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Our advice is that you should stay off pending the time MeeFX will be bold enough to rebut the claims of charges leveled against them.
3.1/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #193 in category Red Flags Based on our commitment to investigate and give you an objective review beyond the bias/positive hyping you get on other platforms, this review will enlighten you about what you should expect if you find yourself trading.

Investing your hard-earned money into what you aren’t so sure of isn’t wise. So we have gone the extra mile for you to know beyond the promises and enticing gold glittering at the end of their tunnel. This review will help you to know if the pathway is slippery or if it is actually what it appears to be.

Read on to know our honest view about it.

About offers you the opportunity to trade your money but without any clear information on the kind of algorithm tool that the company uses. Based on our findings, isn’t transparent enough, and you may end up not making any profit from your investment. A deeper look into the platform reveals that only appeals to your emotions without any logical evidence on how to make your profit back or even the capital.

For instance, the platform only makes promises of huge returns and professional offers without providing private details about their business, “the experts”, and not even the name of the founder. Aside from appealing to your emotions, there isn’t any tangible offer or commitment from them. You may face risking your money, confidential details, or be consistently scammed if you do business with’s Operation

This platform claims to be an expert in trading and operates anonymously with its website accessible from different devices and compatible with meta trader 4. Why you should be more careful of trading with is because they claim to be incorporated in the UK but do not have the mandate to operate from the FCA, which is the local regulator. It makes you sign an agreement with it under the cover of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) government which does not track forex trading.

Did You Know?

Forex trading has several risks. One of them is ‘signal seller’, which generates trading signals for a fee. The entity can be highly risky when it comes to privacy and security.

Also, MeeFX has a demo account with which you can practice your trade before investing your real money. However, aside from the fact that their demo account is very difficult to operate, there is no trade data to monitor their real investment. All these indicate that is shady and may not be safe to invest in. investment and fund safety

It has options for you to ‘gamble’ with your money, rather than investing. You have the option to start your investment with as low as $5 using a micro account or use up to $50 with a standard account. The platform allows you to invest up to $100 using the ECN account as an expert. However, there is no explicit amount you should expect back in return from the investment.

You may end up risking your biodata and the fund if you sign up for any of those accounts. MeeFX doesn’t offer any plan for a refund nor explain how your money will be traded or how your profit will get back to you. While taking your details, the identity of the company is concealed. This means, they do not want people to trace them or know the actual people behind the business- this is a red flag!

Working from SVG makes it impossible to trace the ownership of the company and hide financial statements or information about their account. This, in other words, is a signal that MeeFX operates in a cultic manner such that the clients do not know how their money is traded. In addition, MeeFX doesn’t showcase any privacy policy measure on their website, and this indicates that it doesn’t guarantee the safety of your fund, as well as your data.

MeeFX deposit and withdrawal processes

MeeFX made proper plans for you to deposit funds into their account using any means that is most convenient for you such as Paypal, Master Card, and Sitcom bank, among others like wire transfer and the rest. There’s a provision to start trading with just $5 and keep upgrading your account up to $100 for more profit. More convincing, MeeFX made a provision to charge back if you make a deposit using credit/debit payment methods.

Depositing with it doesn’t seem to pose any issue or danger, but it becomes more suspicious when you start to ruminate on their provisions for withdrawal. MeeFX doesn’t provide any detail on how you can access your fund for withdrawal or give information about any hidden fee, which may be deceptive. More, they do not have any refund policy on their website which further indicates that it may take forever to get your money paid back.

MeeFX’s Customer Care Service

They have acclaimed customer care support by making email and telephone contact available for inquiries. Also, they have a live chat section as claimed for an engaging conversation. Unfortunately, MeeFX doesn’t seem to be available or will be available anytime soon.

Their life chat allows you to sustain conversations with robots and the mail and contact don’t connect you with any of their representatives. MeeFX is difficult to reach and this may signal that you will be denied the avenue to dialogue with them after making a fund deposit.

Badly, the location address provided on their platform doesn’t connect you with one of their representatives. So, before trading with MeeFX, know that there is no way to reach out to them, and it may mean that your investment is gone. Sure you don’t want that!

Is MeeFX Regulated?

Obviously, no! it can break the traditional rules and do illegal things with your fund and data without being apprehended or charged for it. Basically, MeeFX is not reliable and they do not operate under the local regulation body, FCA, for forex brokers in the UK. That means that MeeFX is not licensed to collect money from the public, and their activities are unlawful and not under the protection of the law.

3.1Expert Score
Don't fall for this!

In a nutshell, only uses its attractive platform using MetaTrader, with a lot of professional advisors and offers that only appeal to clients’ emotions without providing evidence for all their claims.
It is not safe to invest your money with such a suspicious platform that does not have any tangible evidence of successful trades with previous investors on their platform. Why you should be more careful about the platform is their policy of not disclosing the people behind the trade and how there is no information on your fund withdrawal.
With our findings so far, your money isn’t safe with MeeFx and you may face the risk of not only losing your money but also your confidential information that may result in more scamming. Our advice is that you should stay off pending the time MeeFX will be bold enough to rebut the claims of charges leveled against them.

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