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Mike Kobeissi LA Canada- Why Was He Sued? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Mike Kobeissi LA Canada
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Mike Kobeissi LA Canada faced serious legal proceedings. Find out why in this detailed review.
Mike Kobeissi LA Canada

Mike Kobeissi, who resides close to La Canada Flintridge, describes himself as a top-tier businessman, real estate agent, and TV program host.

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Many people are interested in learning more about Mike Kobeissi LA Canada who claims that he sells the greatest homes and estates in the area because he has long established himself as the area’s top real estate agent thanks to his in-depth understanding of the properties and skilled negotiation abilities. Like many stories, Mike Kobeissi’s was created over time via tenacity and perseverance.

In Lebanon, Mike Kobeissi LA Canada was raised. But as the country became engulfed in the horrors of war, his parents made the decision to relocate him somewhere safer so he could create a future for himself. They decided on California. He moved to the Golden State at the age of 18 in search of the American Dream. He ended up at La Canada and obtained employment at Ralph’s Grocery. He describes himself to have demonstrated a great work ethic and a desire to succeed, just like many immigrants do. 

Mike Kobeissi LA Canada to compensate cousins in abuse lawsuit for more than $24 million

On July 28, a jury in Burbank Superior Court rendered a verdict in the plaintiff’s lawsuit against Mike Kobeissi. According to the defense, there was a “miscarriage of justice.”

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Mike Kobeissi LA Canada faced legal proceedings (Source)

The now-adult boys were given more than $12 million apiece for past and future pain and suffering after a jury determined that the founder of the multimillion-dollar real estate company in La Caada-Flintridge sexually abused his cousins when they were minors.

What distinguishes sexual assault from sexual harassment? What about improper sexual behavior?

Sexual harassment, generally considered a civil infraction but isn’t necessarily, is when unwanted sexual conduct creates a hostile environment. Sexual assault is a crime that involves non-consensual sexual touch or penetration. The word “sexual misconduct” is used broadly to refer to a range of sexual actions, and the definition might vary based on the situation and the applicable rules, including harassment.

In the case brought by the plaintiffs against Mike Kobeissi, who immigrated to the United States from Lebanon as a teenager in 1982, the Burbank Superior Court jury rendered its decision on July 28. The businessman is accused of entering the two brothers’ rooms late at night for more than ten years when they were staying with his uncle Hussein Kobeissi.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed in October 2018 allege that Kobeissi married the older sister of the siblings, who is the businessman’s own first cousin, in order to make it easier for him to continue the molesting.

The decision in favor of the plaintiffs was 9-3, according to defense counsel Jerry Kaplan, and the dissenters thought nothing happened to the brothers, he said on Monday.

Kaplan stated, “We believe there has been a miscarriage of justice. “We’re going to appeal and try to fix it in any way we can.”

Mike Kobeissi himself made a statement regarding the verdict on Instagram, expressing his family’s “devastation” at the recent rumors. I absolutely refute any allegations of behavior made by our cousins. The answer is straightforward: These things didn’t happen.

The plaintiffs claim that Mike Kobeissi LA Canada tried to persuade Brad and Dan that the abuse was typical behavior and showered them with gifts in order to prevent them from reporting it. According to the plaintiffs, he would also assert that he was teaching them how sex with women operated and that “you just need to release it once in a while.”

The plaintiffs claimed that Mike additionally showered them with pricey video games, toy vehicles, and other gifts that young boys their age found thrilling.

According to the plaintiffs’ court documents, the plaintiffs did not completely understand what had happened to them as children until they were adults.

According to plaintiffs’ attorney Alexander Gamez, “These cases are about holding the abusers accountable, stopping them from raping and molestation others, and hopefully helping the survivors find some measure of closure.”

“Don’t suffer in silence,” added fellow plaintiffs’ lawyer Raymond P. Boucher, who won landmark verdicts against the archdioceses of Los Angeles and San Diego for child sex abuse. “I’ve worked with so many sexual abuse and assault survivors that I know it’s vital to seek help. If you want to take legal action, California passed a special law that partially expires at the end of this year allowing adult survivors of childhood abuse to file civil suits.”

About Boucher LLP

A boutique law firm, Boucher LLP, with a website address of, specializes in cases involving sexual abuse, assault, harassment, severe personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, workplace accidents, wage and hour violations, defective medical equipment, false labeling, and civil rights. Over the past four years, it has litigated or otherwise resolved issues that have netted its clients more than $500 million.

About Alexander Gamez

California State University, Fullerton is where Alexander received his B.A., and Southwestern Law School is where he received his J.D. He clerked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission while he was in law school, earning multiple awards and accolades for his public interest and pro bono work. Millions of dollars have been obtained by Alexander on behalf of sex abuse and job misconduct victims.

School District Cuts Ties With Mike Kobeissi LA Canada

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The La Canada Unified School District severed connections with real estate tycoon Mike Kobeissi after a jury found that he sexually assaulted his relatives when they were young in an effort to soothe the concerns of inquisitive families.

The La Canada High School soccer team thanked Kobeissi for his donation to the program with a banner that included the website of his multimillion-dollar real estate company in a social media post, according to superintendent Wendy Sinnette, who spoke to the Outlook Valley Sun.

The La Canada Flintridge merchant was referred to as a coach in the Instagram image that Kobeissi shared, but Sinnette assured stakeholders that he was not a coach and had no interaction with the student-athletes.

“I think the reference [to him as a coach] was in name only as a monetary sponsor,” Sinnette remarked on the phone on Wednesday. “At no time did he actively coach our pupils, nor did he connect with any of them individually or in small groups. He did speak with coach Bruno Costa throughout practice, but there was no student interaction.

Sinnette noted that while she was grateful for Kobeissi’s financial support, the soccer players will no longer use the training outfits that were bought with the donation as a result of the recent Burbank Superior Court ruling.

At the school board meeting on Friday at 4 p.m., Sinnette will read an official statement addressing the situation.

What is Sexual Abuse?

vU KU6AoP mCLkBuolEozCnXB38YQWPo4ZrClCcDIxIxEffyPEVk6vcM zezhUObhRZTiZEWg3Ck 7Mz8KrwlDXwXVv6aP00d5v xPQW4il0Fw87oGuHjhqO8tu1OmsuKVhDmmu8602o rDZKz4c Ig

Molestation is the term for harmful sexual activity committed by one person against another. Sexual abuse is often referred to as sex abuse. It frequently involves employing force or taking advantage of another person. While sexual abuse is a phrase used to describe a sequence of sexual assaults, molestation frequently refers to a single incident of sexual attack on a young child.

A sexual abuser or (sometimes pejoratively) molester is the term used to describe the offender. The phrase also refers to actions taken by an adult or older adolescent in order to sexually arouse a kid. Child sexual abuse or statutory rape refers to the use of children or other people who are not of consenting age for sexual stimulation. Trafficking, forced sexual acts, and/or rape are all examples of sexual abuse that are streamed live on a webcam.

A sexual assault occurrence is one in which a person’s sexual integrity is violated without that person’s permission, according to Canadian law. Sexual assault can take many different forms, ranging from overt acts like rape and sexual violence to covert incidents like unwanted caressing or kissing.

Being Charged with Sexual Assault

A person will be prosecuted for sexual assault if they are suspected of performing an unwanted sex act. The accused must get ready to present their case in court as a result of this starting the legal process. Being in touch with a legal expert or criminal defense attorney is crucial during this process because they may support the accused in court and collaborate with them to develop a compelling defense utilizing their legal expertise.

As was already indicated, the subject of permission is a crucial one that is investigated during police questioning and in court. It can be very difficult for persons who are accused of sexual assault to argue that they had the consent of another person because it is doubtful that other witnesses will be able to speak in their favor. 

Penalties for Sexual Crime in Canada

If someone is charged with sexual assault, they will either go through a summary conviction process or an indictable conviction process. Summary convictions, which entail up to 18 months in prison, are less serious offenses. According to Canadian law, indictable offenses are the most serious crimes and are punishable by lengthy jail terms of up to 10 years. If the defendant is found guilty of aggravated sexual assault with the intent to cause great bodily harm or use a weapon in the commission of the crime, they may receive a life sentence.

They might also be listed as a sexual offender, depending on the verdict and gravity of the act. Even though the register is confidential, it may significantly restrict a criminal’s options after they are released from jail, including their ability to find employment.

Mike Kobeissi LA Canada- Why Was He Sued? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Mike Kobeissi LA Canada- Why Was He Sued? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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  1. The judiciary of the country makes strict laws against women’s safety. This may decrease in the sexual abuse cases and the people who do these acts get the higher punishment.

  2. It is hard to see that these types of offenses still happen in the society. Now these people had no right to stay in the society. And these types of cases never came to the public. The reason why these types of cases were increased day to day since most of the cases the victims are harassed in the family.

  3. These cases sometimes break my heart since the people don’t understand the pain of the victim. I want the higher authority in the country to arrest this creep and put him behind bars. And also thankful to the author for raising these types of issues. Such good stuff it is.

  4. Why do people like Mike not understand that it is very difficult for a person to come out after molestation and sexual harassment? These types of acts can affect them mentally and socially. The regulatory authority takes strict action against these people.

  5. In the end, women had to suffer the most. Whether it is in the workplace, childhood abuse, or any other situation. The advancement of society plays a critical role in these types of cases.

  6. These people think that after committing a crime, they try to escape from the crime. I can’t imagine the type of pain that a particular person had to face while in the family and being sexually assaulted by somebody.

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