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Is the SEC settlement involving Mikhail Kokorich Momentus truly complex? (Update 2024)

mikhail kokorich momentus
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A cease-and-desist action was started by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Mikhail Kokorich Momentus.
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Recent fraud charges led to a settlement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This lawsuit involved Momentus, a space firm, and Stable Road, a particular purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that planned to list Momentus on a stock exchange the previous year. However, these two companies paid $8 million as a penalty.

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SEC issued a warning 

SPAC deals, which don’t require as much disclosure as IPOs. Gary Gensler, the chairman of the SEC, issued a warning, saying the case shows the danger of insufficient due diligence and investor misinformation in SPAC transactions.  The settlement emphasizes the regulatory scrutiny and possible hazards investors may face when dealing with SPACs.

Different actions taken by the individuals

In this case, the chairman of Stable Road, Brian Kabot, voluntarily paid $40,000 to resolve the accusations against him. This shows that Kabot decided to settle the SEC’s allegations by paying a fine after taking ownership of his part in the incident.

However, The previous CEO and creator of Momentus from Russia, Mikhail Kokorich, declined to participate in the settlement. Mikhail Kokorich momentus has chosen to challenge the SEC’s accusations, which means he intends to do so in court. This ruling suggests that Kokorich feels he is innocent of the accusations and plans to pursue a legal defense to prove himself guilt-free. Moreover, Whether or not the accusations against Mikhail Kokorich Momentus are true will depend on the outcome of his court case.

Mikhail Kokorich’s momentous interview with Quartz 

Mikhail Kokorich Momentus denies holding back significant information regarding his work at Momentus from investors in the future. This might mean that he thinks he was honest and did not use any dishonest tactics. Kokorich claims that Momentus owes him money since it bought his portion of the firm.

This suggests that Mikhail Kokorich Momentus has a financial interest in Momentus’ results and is looking for payment for his business ownership. According to Kokorich, he has started a new space vehicle company in Switzerland.

22/11/2023 Update
As of now, Mikhail Kokorich Momentus has not responded nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The reality that Mikhail Kokorich Momentus is still working in the space sector and actively pursuing new endeavors is evidence of this. The truth of the accusations against him will ultimately depend on how his legal dispute with the SEC turns out.

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Here’s the question arises Did Kokorich really misrepresent his immigration status to investors?

Momentus was established five years ago and has its corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley. The business specializes in creating a particular spacecraft that can carry tiny satellites to their desired orbits in space after being launched on more giant rockets. 

Momentus’s spacecraft is driven by an inventive method that is reported to have been created by the company’s creator, Mikhail Kokorich.

Mikhail Kokorich Momentus, who holds a degree in physics and has previous experience as a space entrepreneur, first established a company in the space industry in Russia before migrating to the United States in 2014.

The renowned Y Combinator startup incubator produced Momentus. Momentus probably profited from the resources and mentoring provided by Y Combinator, which is renowned for cultivating and promoting creative start-up businesses.

Momentus agreed to a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) deal in 2019 in order to go public. Momentus received a $1.2 billion valuation as a result of this SPAC acquisition, giving it a way to go public without having to do a conventional Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The appointment of new CEO

Former US Defence officer John Rood has been chosen to lead the corporation as of August 1. The defense industry experience Rood has implies a concentration on the technological and strategic facets of Momentus’ space endeavors. Therefore, With John Rood as its new CEO, the business is well-positioned for more expansion and advancement in the space sector.

Key points you must know about Mikhail Kokorich momentous and US government regulations concerning space technology

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Mikhail Kokorich momentus and US government regulations concerning space technology

The US government believes that space technology, especially elements utilized in the creation of spacecraft, may have military uses. Without the proper residency permits or export licenses, foreign people are often prohibited from working on projects involving space technology in the US due to national security concerns.

Immigration Status of Mikhail Kokorich Momentus  Under Federal Investigation:

Mikhail Kokorich Momentus’s immigration status is being examined by the federal government, especially in light of his work with Momentus. Concerns regarding Kokorich’s foreign citizenship and his involvement in a US-based space technology business most likely led to this investigation.

Issues with Mikhail Kokorich Momentus’s resignation and licenses:

Due to the delicate nature of space technology, Momentus had trouble obtaining the required licenses to launch their spacecraft. Mikhail Kokorich Momentus chose to leave his job with the firm early this year as a result of these licensing problems. Concerns about the company’s capacity to operate lawfully and compliance with rules led to his departure and disposal of shares.

Mikhail Kokorich Momentus was involved with Momentus after being compelled to sell his shares in Astro Digital because of the same national security issues. This pattern of divestments points to a past of difficulties with national security laws and space technology companies.

Impact on employees:

Mikhail Kokorich Momentus’s prior layoffs from space firms could have had an impact on stakeholders and personnel. Employees and investors may have been disappointed or uncertain about the future of the companies as a result of these measures.

The complexity and difficulties involved with foreign nationals working in the US space business, particularly when it comes to sensitive technology with possible military uses, are all emphasized by the government probe into his immigration status, licensing concerns, and prior divestments.

Statements to Investors:

Mikhail Kokorich Momentus disclosed to investors that he was applying for asylum as well as a license to export goods to carry on with his business.

In most cases, asking for asylum denotes that a person is fleeing persecution or other threats in their own country and seeking safety elsewhere. Therefore, to engage in specific activities involving sensitive technologies, such as space technology, an export license would be required, especially if the person is not a US citizen.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) asserts that when Mikhail Kokorich Momentus informed investors of his plans, he already knew his asylum plea had been rejected. This shows that Kokorich may have deceived investors by withholding information about the rejection of his asylum request.

Federal officials stormed Momentus’ premises and detained Kokorich in 2019, which resulted in a more complicated turn for his case. His immigrant status and possible export control legislation breaches were probably factors in the arrest. Mikhail Kokorich Momentus was eventually released on bail, but his case was then sent to immigration court, indicating that he was still facing legal issues related to his legal immigration status.

Kokorich’s disclosure of his circumstances to investors and his ability to continue working in the US space business are both complicated by the presence of federal agents and judicial actions.

Immigration Status and Export Licenses

Both the attorneys for Momentus (the corporation) and Stable Road (the SPAC), according to Kokorich, were fully informed of the status of his export licenses and asylum application. This suggests that legal counsel for both parties to the transaction had access to this data.

During the process of due diligence, Mikhail Kokorich Momentus contends that he did not give any instructions to the attorneys to withhold any information about his immigration status or export licenses. In mergers and acquisitions, the due diligence stage is crucial, and substantial information sharing and disclosure are anticipated.

Mikhail Kokorich Momentus points out that the concerns he had with his export licenses and immigration status were brought up and reflected in the company’s papers. Company filings are significant documents that are filed to regulatory bodies and investors and give a thorough description of the company and its key employees.

According to Kokorich’s response, the company’s legal filings and the process of due diligence both made clear Kokorich’s immigration status and export licenses. This suggests that the information was not kept a secret from important participants in the transaction, and it may be a major issue in the legal procedures.

SEC’s Allegation:

The SEC asserts that Mikhail Kokorich Momentus was aware of the ongoing removal procedures in his immigration court, raising the prospect of deportation or a mandate to leave the country. This claim by the SEC could indicate that Kokorich’s immigration status put him in jeopardy legally.

Mikhail Kokorich Momentus refutes the SEC’s assertion by asserting that it is typical practice to go through immigration court as part of the asylum procedure. He emphasizes that he had employment permission throughout this time, which allowed him to act as CEO of Momentus. This means that Kokorich was legally permitted to continue serving as the company’s CEO even as the immigration court considered his request for asylum.

The SEC’s inquiry and any ensuing legal actions will eventually decide whether these charges are true or false.

Is it true that Mikhail Kokorich’s Momentus misled investors about Momentus technology?

According to the SEC, Mikhail Kokorich Momentus deceived investors about a crucial test intended to demonstrate the viability of Momentus’ propulsion technology. The propulsion system is essential in the space industry for controlling spaceships and putting satellites into their intended orbits. It is an essential component of technology.

Initially, the company claimed that testing of the spacecraft’s Momentus propulsion system had taken place during a launch in 2019. It was implied by this remark that the test had been carried out and the technology had been validated.

Discrepancy in internal communications

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) refers to internal communications within the company that contradicted the initial claims. These communications stated that the test did not produce any valuable mission results. This inconsistency between the company’s public statements and internal communications has raised concerns about the accuracy of the test’s outcomes.

Internal Failure Review Board Establishment

Momentus created an internal failure review board in response to the test’s alleged flaws. This suggests that the business was aware of the test’s flaws and took action to internally evaluate the issue.

Limited Test Firings and Results

Only 23 of the 100 test firings were intended to be tried. Additionally, just three of these test firings were effective in creating the “hot plasma” required for spacecraft movement. These minimal successes prompted concerns regarding the dependability and feasibility of Momentus’ propulsion system from a business standpoint.

False representation claims

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) claims that Mikhail Kokorich Momentus was aware that the test wasn’t thorough enough to evaluate the propulsion system’s economic feasibility.

They contend that Mikhail Kokorich Momentus owed it to investors to disclose this information because they need to be fully informed about the technology’s preparedness and any possible risks.

Showcasing  proper functionality

The tank, feed system, water pump, valves, controllers, vaporizers, high power unit, microwave generator, coaxial cable, and thruster were all successfully tested as part of a recent test of Momentus’ overall propulsion system. However, the test trip was derailed when the onboard computers, which were provided by a different corporation, failed.

Momentus quickly took measures to remedy this problem by forming a failure review board to look into the avionics failure on the satellite bus. These avionics are made up of essential elements necessary for spaceship functioning, such as the onboard computers. Momentus decided strategically to create their own reliable and fault-tolerant avionics systems as a consequence of the analysis. They will have more influence over the dependability and efficiency of these crucial components thanks to their decision.

Momentus had already taken the avionics from their technological roadmap that had failed on the original test trip by the time they got to the filing stage known as S4. This shows a change in their priorities towards the internal design of avionics systems to avoid more failures of this nature and to ensure better control and robustness in their propulsion technology.

What’s Kokorich’s future?

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Mikhail Kokorich

Mikhail Kokorich Momentus is currently staying in Switzerland after two months of successful residency visa application. This implies that he has located a base there and plans to continue his operations from there.

Legal Difficulties in the U.S.: Mikhail Kokorich Momentus said that he does not have a valid visa for the country and that he departed on his own will, giving up his asylum application. He is therefore without a valid reason to enter the country again. He does however show a great willingness to take the claims against him to court. This implies that he could still be embroiled in legal actions stemming from his prior actions in the United States.

Mikhail Kokorich Momentus is going through with its aspirations to become public. This procedure needs to be approved by the majority of Stable Road’s SPAC shareholders, with a vote set for August 11. Dawn Harms, the interim CEO, is upbeat about the firm’s prospects and dedication to forming alliances, proving its worth, and succeeding as a public company. Mikhail Kokorich Momentus and several other Russian investors who were previously compelled to sell their shares in the business are expected to get a $50 million settlement if the deal is approved. It is unknown if Momentus will challenge this arrangement.

The opening of a brand-new space corporation called Destinus in Switzerland has been announced by Kokorich. This business specializes in creating technologies for hybrid rocket- and airplane-like aircraft that travel close to space. These vehicles are designed to convey express cargo efficiently and affordably across continents in under 60–90 minutes. This project represents Kokorich’s desire to work in the aerospace sector, concentrating on cutting-edge technology for space travel.

SEC Launches Cease-and-Desist Proceedings and Creates Fair Fund for Investors 


A cease-and-desist action was started by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Momentus, its former CEO Mikhail Kokorich, Stable Road Acquisition Corp. (SRAC), and other parties. The SEC discovered that Momentus and its CEO participated in misleading behavior as they planned to go public by merging with SRAC. These misleading assertions were reiterated by SRAC in its pleadings.

The $8,040,000 in civil penalties that the SEC ordered the respondents to pay were put into a Fair Fund. Miller Kaplan Arase LLP has been designated as the Fair Fund’s Tax Administrator, and Epiq Class Action & Claims Solutions, Inc. has been designated as the Fund Administrator to manage the distribution of the compensation intended for injured investors. 

The Extension Order 

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The Division of Enforcement has asked for an extension to the deadline for submitting a proposed plan of distribution by SEC Rule 1101(a) until March 31, 2023. 

To complete the appointment procedure for the fund administrator, create the distribution methodology, and create the recommended plan of distribution, the Division of Enforcement asked for an extension.

The Division now has extra time to finish these crucial phases in the Fair Fund distribution procedure thanks to the approval of the extension request. However, I can say that With Kokorich’s legal fights, Momentus’ future, and SEC proceedings at its core, this complicated legal tale is still developing.

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Is the SEC settlement involving Mikhail Kokorich Momentus truly complex? (Update 2024)
Is the SEC settlement involving Mikhail Kokorich Momentus truly complex? (Update 2024)

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