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Nitin Agarwal, Swadesh Charged by ED in Bhopal (Update 2024)

Nitin Agarwal
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In 2015, ED raids targeted Nitin Agrawal of Swadesh Builders and Manoj Agrawal of M/s Akash Developers, along with former municipal officer Rajesh Tiwari, in Bhopal. The Enforcement Directorate initiated the raids as part of a money laundering investigation, focusing on alleged financial irregularities involving the individuals.
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Nitin Agarwal of Swadesh Builders and Manoj Agrawal of M/s Akash Developers were raided by ED in 2015. The former municipal officer who was raided is identified as Rajesh Tiwari. The Enforcement Directorate took action by conducting raids in Bhopal to investigate allegations of money laundering. During the investigation, two builders and a former municipal officer were targeted.

The ED officials said that they seized incriminating documents and electronic evidence during the raids. The documents are being examined and further action will be taken based on the findings. The ED action comes after the Madhya Pradesh government ordered a probe into the alleged irregularities in the construction of a housing project by Swadesh Builders.

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11/12/2023 Update
As of now, Nitin Agarwal has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The project is located in the Kolar area of Bhopal. The probe found that the builders had violated several norms in the construction of the project. The builders had also allegedly bribed the former municipal officer to get the project approved. The ED is now investigating the role of the builders and the former municipal officer in the money laundering case.

Report of Hindustan Times of Nitin Agarwal.

Nitin Agarwal’s Involvement in Negligent Death Case:

  • A case was registered against the owner of Swadesh Builders, Nitin Agrawal, under Section 304A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for causing death by negligence.
  • The case was registered after a man died when the boundary wall of a housing project by Swadesh Builders collapsed. The man’s age was 45 years.
  • The incident took place on 30 August 2020, when the boundary wall collapsed due to heavy rains. Yadav was buried under the debris and died on the spot.
  • The police have registered a case against Agrawal and are investigating the matter.
Nitin Agrawal Swadesh

Swadesh Builders MD Nitin Agrawal Talks About RERA Blessing:

Nitin Agrawal, Vice President of Bhopal’s CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India), underscores the multifaceted benefits of effectively implementing the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act or RERA. This landmark legislation, he believes, has the potential to significantly contribute to the advancement of all strata of society, encompassing builders and promoters alike. According to Agrawal, the Act assumes a pivotal role in ensuring the timely provisioning of quality housing to those in need, thereby wielding a dual impact of fortifying the nation’s economy and fostering the growth of the real estate domain.

Evaluating RERA’s Impact through Nitin Agrawal’s Lens:

Nitin Agrawal, an influential figure within the real estate landscape as the Managing Director of Swadesh Builders Bhopal, delves into the significance of RERA’s implementation. He expounds upon how this legislative framework transcends its administrative confines to become a catalyst for change and progress within the sector.

In response to the adversities faced by Madhya Pradesh’s real estate sector, the state government has orchestrated a strategic respite by revising the stringent financial regulations stipulated by the MP Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Rules of 2017. This momentous amendment revolves around relaxing the constraints on fund usage for ongoing projects, effectively extending a lifeline to a floundering industry.

Nitin Agrawal, also steering the helm at Swadesh Builders Bhopal, warmly embraces this policy alteration. He recounts the persistent appeals made by builders to the state government, seeking an amendment to alleviate their challenges. He voices his endorsement for the move, elucidating its dual advantage for both investors and builders, and acknowledges it as a much-needed reprieve from the limitations imposed by prior legislations.

image 185

A Glimpse into Lingering Caste Prejudice:

Brutal Realities: Lives Touched by Caste Discrimination

In various corners of India, the insidious grasp of caste discrimination continues to mar the lives of its citizens, transcending even death. Incidents of violence, humiliation, and segregation based on caste lines remain distressingly commonplace, serving as poignant reminders of the deeply entrenched societal divide that still pervades the nation.

Tragic Incidents Underlining Persistent Bias:

Instances of brutality fueled by caste prejudice are starkly evident. From the tragic beating death of a rag picker and his wife in Rajkot district to the humiliation suffered by Sitaram Valmiki, an assault victim in Badaun, and the indignity faced by Dr. Vinod Sonkar at a teashop, the tales are deeply troubling. These occurrences emphasize that despite progress, the scourge of caste discrimination remains deeply woven into India’s fabric.

image 187

Nitin Agrawal’s Endeavor to Break the Chain

Constructing Sankhedi Crematorium: A Step Toward Change

Nitin Agrawal, Managing Director of Swadesh Builders Bhopal, has taken a significant step in challenging this status quo. Realizing that the lower castes face discrimination even in death, Agrawal initiated the construction of the Sankhedi crematorium in Kolar. This establishment, the largest and most well-planned in Madhya Pradesh, symbolizes a concerted effort to grant dignity to the deceased belonging to marginalized communities.

Last Rites Denied: A Bleak Reality

Cases where Dalits were denied access to cremation grounds for performing last rites continue to emerge. In Bhind district, a Dalit man was refused the right to cremate his father in the village crematorium. Similarly, another individual from Morena district faced the same ordeal when his wife passed away. These instances echo a stark truth: caste-based discrimination persists even beyond the realms of life.

Swadesh Builders’ Impact on Caste Divide: Breaking Barriers through Compassionate Construction

Nitin Agrawal’s initiative to build the Sankhedi crematorium in Kolar not only offers a space for respectful farewells but also symbolizes a break from historical discrimination. By setting up this monumental facility through a private-public partnership (PPP) model, Agrawal has demonstrated his commitment to dismantling the walls of prejudice.

image 186

A Monument of Equality: The Sankhedi Crematorium

The Sankhedi crematorium stands as an embodiment of unity, serving not only Kolar but also residents from surrounding areas like Gulmohar, Shahpura Rohit Nagar, Chuna Bhatti, and Hoshangabad Road localities of Bhopal. With its expansive prayer hall, capacity for 12 pyres, and a dedicated burial ground for children, the crematorium embodies the values of inclusivity and equality.

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A Gesture Beyond Profit: A Moral Responsibility

Contrary to typical practices, Nitin Agrawal Bhopal undertook the construction of the Sankhedi crematorium without any financial gain. Recognizing the project’s significance for the public good, he chose to waive any fee, standing firmly against profiting from an initiative aimed at eradicating discrimination.

Ushering Change in Death: Breaking Caste Barriers

The Sankhedi crematorium, an endeavor spearheaded by Nitin Agrawal Bhopal, has resoundingly shattered the boundaries of caste discrimination, providing a sanctuary of equality for the departed. This project not only signifies a remarkable architectural achievement but also represents a transformative leap toward a more harmonious future.

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Both Nitin Agrawal and Manoj Agrawal found themselves entangled in legal scrutiny and controversies related to financial and construction practices. Nitin Agrawal’s endeavors, including the construction of the Sankhedi crematorium, demonstrated a multifaceted approach to his career, encompassing challenges, controversies, and proactive initiatives for social transformation. These actions together paint a complex picture of their involvement in business and societal matters.

Nitin Agarwal, Swadesh Charged by ED in Bhopal (Update 2024)
Nitin Agarwal, Swadesh Charged by ED in Bhopal (Update 2024)

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