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Paulette Lyn Dotson: Tax Evasion of $16 Million?

Paulette Lyn Dotson
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Paulette Lyn Dotson faced accusations of being involved in tax evasion schemes. Find out if those allegations were true in this review.

Paulette Lyn Dotson faced legal proceedings because of her involvement in a tax evasion scheme.

Find out what exactly Paulette Lyn Dotson do and whether you should associate with her or not:

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Paulette Lyn Dotson

Failure to disclose personal and business income totaling more than $16 million

Investigators from the California Franchise Tax Board detained a married couple in their Laguna Hills home on June 4, 2015, on suspicion of omitting to file more than $16 million in personal and company income tax filings. The criminal charges against Charles Edward Dotson, 52, and Paulette Lyn Dotson, 50, included four counts of willful refusal to file or submit fake tax returns as well as sentencing enhancements for severe white-collar crime over $500,000.

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California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) President Alan Barcelona stated that tax evasion “hurts California as a whole and is not just a slap to every Californian who faithfully reports their income.”  “This tax avoidance persisted for years.”

The Dotsons allegedly missed four deadlines for submitting their California resident income tax returns for the tax years 2008, 2009, and 2010 between April 15, 2009, and April 15, 2011. Over $6.2 million in personal taxable income is alleged to have gone unreported by the defendants from 2008 to 2010.

They are also accused of failing to file a California Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return for their company for the 2010 fiscal year and controlling Sterling Appraisals, Inc., a real estate appraising organization, which is said to have earned close to $10 million between December 1, 2009, and November 30, 2010.

The defendants are charged with failing to pay personal income taxes exceeding $500,000 and corporation income taxes exceeding $45,000. They each may receive a maximum of 10 years in state jail if found guilty. 

What is Tax Evasion/
Tax evasion is an illegal factor of doing anything where you as an individual or organization avoid paying the tax liability. Tax evasion is a serious offense and comes under criminal charges and substantial penalties

Paulette Lyn Dotson: What is Tax evasion?

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Paulette Lyn Dotson faced allegations of Tax evasion

Tax evasion is an illegal attempt by people, businesses, trusts, and other entities to avoid paying taxes. Tax evasion frequently entails the willful misrepresentation of the taxpayer’s affairs to the tax authorities in order to lower the taxpayer’s tax liability. It also includes dishonest tax reporting, declaring less income, profits, or gains than what was actually earned, overstating deductions, bribing officials in nations with high levels of corruption, and hiding money in secret places.

Tax evasion is a practice that is frequently connected to the shadow economy. The amount of unreported income, which is the difference between the amount of income that should be declared to the tax authorities and the actual amount recorded, is one indicator of the level of tax evasion (the “tax gap”).

Contrarily, tax avoidance refers to the lawful application of tax regulations to lower one’s tax liability. Although it is possible to classify tax evasion and avoidance as kinds of tax noncompliance because they both refer to a variety of actions intended to undermine a state’s tax system, this is debatable because avoidance is permitted in self-creating tax systems. Corporations, trusts, or individuals can engage in tax evasion or avoidance.

Paulette Lyn Dotson: Aims to avoid paying taxes

The benefits to individuals that come with evading taxes are one factor in this decision, as are the personal issues that motivate it. Many people also see Wallschutzky’s trade relationship idea as a good enough reason. According to the exchange connection hypothesis, taxpayers think that there is an imbalance exchange between their taxes and the provision of social services and public goods. Another incentive is provided by the system’s limited ability to catch tax cheats. Most of the time, it is more cost-effective to avoid taxes, get discovered, and pay a fine as a result than to pay the accrued tax debt over time. 

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Paulette Lyn Dotson: Tax Evasion of $16 Million?
Paulette Lyn Dotson: Tax Evasion of $16 Million?

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