Peter Rancie: Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Peter Rancie
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Peter Rancie has received allegations of being a scammer. Find out if those allegations against him are true or not in this review.

Peter Rancie, Richard Smith and Jared Moss clung together as Clover leaves to fill investors’ pockets with hard luck. Reportedly, the three musketeers teamed up in the year 2021 and founded the MLM Ponzi scheme namely, TranzactCard.

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Peter Rancie Piles Up Fake Promises?

According to the legit consumers, TranzactCard is merely, piled up promises and therefore they made it clear that no other investor should get trapped in the mess of Peter Rancie. However, Peter and his colleagues could not resist the authentic feedback and here is what they came up with. 

Peter Rancie

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‘War Against Inertia’: Peter Rancie & His In-Vain Counter Claims

According to the promises made by Peter Rancie, TranzactCard offers its affiliates to utilize Z-Bucks within the Z-Club online market but the offerings could not captivate the attention of clients. So, here is the motivational speech aired by Peter to trap the potential consumers in his dubious play. 

“We are at war! It’s a war that we – you, me, us – must win. War is messy. How dramatic you say. No, it’s not a war fought with guns or tanks or planes and missiles. But in some ways, it’s even more important than that.

It’s a war against inertia, a war against doubts and fears, a war against poverty, a war against yours, our, other people’s earlier failures, a war against the attrition of the US community banking system, against the erosion of the buying power and savings capacity of the average American family, against the erosion of the Great American Dream.” says Peter Rancie to establish its Ponzi scheme better than the US banking system. 

According to Peter Rancie TranzactCard is the answer to all the doubts of American citizens and with the help of the scammed setup, he would help the US citizens to establish a true democratic approach in the financial arena. Here is the picture depicting the rest of the speech shared by Peter Rancie. 

Now definitely the speech of Peter Rancie is immensely motivational and fills investors with zeal and enthusiasm but on second thoughts not even a single line of the description explicits the true features and risking factors of the application. Isn’t it suspicious enough for a marketing dialogue?

Peter Rancie Fake Promises To Bait The Clients

Although TranzactCard is a real-time establishment, all the features marketed by Peter are still conceptualized. No, do not get confused. All the above statement wants to pinpoint is the fake promises made by the founders of TranzactCard. Even the most basic features of TranzactCard promoted by Peter Rancie are mythical. 

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Whatever was promised by TranzactCard founders is still in the dreamland. Other than the fact, that Peter Rancie along with his colleagues will fetch money from your pocket in the name of membership fees, nothing in the almighty product description of TranzactCard is authentic. 

According to sources, TranzactCard’s July third corporate update is a delusionary promise made by Peter Rancie, where he claims to address regular pay-offs to the affiliates engaged in active recruitment. However, the legit affiliates assert to face prickness regarding the disturbing indoctrination-style rhetoric, where they are trained to pitch without questioning back. 

But the question is, why are they taught to keep shut while following the ideology of TranzactCard? Well! The answer to this needs a crystal clear study of the application, and once the same is accomplished, the given pointers get highlighted.

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The Pointers Expliciting The Trickery Application Of Peter Rancie

  • TranzactCard is launched without a legit product
  • The application of Peter Rancie offers nothing to purchase
  • TranzactCard subsumes ‘placeholder’ platform
  • Peter Rancie offers monetary gains in a pyramid scheme making TranzactCard an MLM Ponzi

The mentioned points are mere drops from the dubious sea of Peter Rancie. Nevertheless, despite numerous issues, Rancie & Richard do not hesitate to promote the latest version of their updated application. Let’s hear it in the words of the founder, himself.

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Not just Richard, Peter Rancie too veils up the shortcomings of TranzactCard by fancy words. But, least he is cognizant that, loud words can not diminish the truth. The next section presents the exclusive research on TranactCard of Peter Rancie based on the catechising feedback and questionnaire of the legit consumers.

Counter-Claims of Peter Rancie & Team On The Catechising Feedback

The latest version of Peter Rancie and Richard’s product does not deliver as promised. Let’s have a sneak peek at the comprehensive review of the same, and deduce what the counter-claims of Peter Rancie and Richard actually indicate, without filters.

Questionnaire & FeedbackCounterclaimPeroration
No, the pre-launch experience is a mere laboratory experience, delivering a range beta tests of the products.
No, the pre-launch version is a placeholder.Peter Rancie and Richard are not accountable if consumers plan future subscriptions of TranzactCard by considering the placeholder. It’s completely the fault of consumers if they trust the fallacious facade. 
The banking platform & functioning of TranzactCard remain similar post-launch.No, the post-launch experience could be similar to DBO’s current experience.Peter Rancie again indicates that he and his team are not responsible for any shortcomings, if consumers fall for pre-launch experience.
No, the post-launch experience could be similar to DBO’s current experience.So, it’s the investors’ fault. It’s their fault that they trusted a Ponzi application that serves nothing as acclaimed and on top of that, it’s audacious of them to ask questions from respected Mr Peter Rancie.
Peter Rancie stepped in the market without a proper back-office structure. Also, the consumers are at fault if they pay for a product that does not even exist.
Does the pre-launch back-office experience have a similarity with the post-launch experience?As explained by Peter Rancie and Richard, ‘we were ready for the pre-launch phase. What we weren’t ready for was hundreds and perhaps thousands of Digital Branch offices being established in a frenzy, people joining with little or no information…’
The founders claim that they are being asked the same basic question again and again which has made them frustrated. 
So, it’s the investors’ fault. It’s their fault that they trusted a Ponzi application that serves nothing as acclaimed and on top of that, its audacious of them to ask questions from respected Mr Peter Rancie.
Why did TranzactCard change the launch event dates, and will the dates be altered again?There were several competing factors that had to be taken into account. The date range for the launch of TranzactCard Version 1.0 had a narrow range of November, only.It can be depicted that this version of the MLM Ponzi is similar to the past applications that had nothing authentic, merely fake promises.
The table depicts the true elucidation of the founder’s interview regarding the application, TranzactCard.

Tsar Bomba Of Peter Rancie: Take Refund Or Keep Shut

When a founder can not justify his application, all he is left with is ‘offering a refund’. Similar is the case with Peter Rancie. So, if you have been bluffed by the founder of TranzactCard, it’s still not too late. 

But, as we all can see, it’s already the end of November 2023, and the public domain airs no information regarding the launch, which deduces merely two things either the application has not been launched or the launch has been made quite secretively. In both the cases one thing is clear Peter Rancie is not someone to be trusted. Neither for recruitment pay-offs nor for refunds. 

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Conclusion: Peter Rancie Is Extending ‘R-Network’ as TranzactCard?

It cannot be completely deduced that Peter Rancie has come up with a different facade to merely dupe the investors but the actions of Peter are making TranzactCard look suspicious. As far as the investors are concerned, the market is uncertain about the application. 

The same faces have defrauded people in the name of ‘R-Network’. The founders delivered nothing as promised and a similar pattern was noticed by the investors in the pre-launch phase of TranzactCard. 

However, all we hope is that Peter Rancie proves us wrong and establishes his product in the market with zeal and enthusiasm. It’s one of those debates where the author will be more than happy to be proved wrong. Let’s wait for the future and hope for the best, till then stay safe and stay aware. 

Peter Rancie: Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2023)
Peter Rancie: Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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