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Prostox: Is this a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

There have been claims that Prostox is a Ponzi scheme. Make the truth about that organization's dishonest actions public.
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There have been claims that Prostox is a Ponzi scheme. Make the truth about that organization's dishonest actions public.

We need to get a few things straight about this website before we can move on to discussing topics related to Prostox, so let’s start with the basics. As a direct result of this, I decided to investigate further and came across several really important questions concerning Prostox.

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What do you know about Prostox?

The fact that the organization in dispute, Prostox, does not provide any information on its website on the composition of its ownership or the executives who serve in senior positions raises some concerns. 

This lack of openness has the potential to cast doubt on the validity of the corporation as well as the individuals responsible for running its business. In addition, according to the information that can be found in the domain registration information of their website, which is located at “,” it was registered privately on July 12th, 2023. 

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The identity of the website’s proprietor might be concealed through private registration, which is another factor that contributes to the murkiness surrounding the ownership of the business.

A woman speaking in a thick Indian accent can be heard in the lone promotional video that can be found on the Prostox website. This is an interesting fact to keep in mind. It is essential to take into consideration the possibility that people from Pakistan or Bangladesh speak with this accent. 

Even though this is not a conclusive indicator, it does point to the possibility of a link between Prostox and the region comprising either India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh.

image 16


When the Prostox was established?

Because the “” domain for the company’s website had been registered privately on July 12th, 2023, the public does not have easy access to information regarding the owner of the domain. 

When a domain is said to be privately registered in the context of domain registration, this indicates that the owner of the domain has taken measures to conceal their personal information from the general public, such as their name, contact details, and address.

Due to the lack of transparency in website registration, it can be difficult to determine who is behind a website and what firm it represents. Some people may view it as a warning sign because it may imply that the organization that is controlling the domain is being secretive about its true nature or ownership. 

In turn, this might raise worries about the trustworthiness and veracity of the website in question and the business that it represents. This is because it becomes more challenging for consumers to check the validity and transparency of the website’s proprietors.

How does the Prostox work?

Now, if we are going to discuss the operational procedure of Prostox, we can break it down into the following points:

  • Products of Prostox 
  • Compensation Plan
  • Affiliate Ranks
  • Referral Commissions
  • ROI Match
  • Rank Achievement Bonus

Products of Prostox

There are no goods or services that can be bought and sold through Prostox. Affiliates can only advertise Prostox affiliate memberships themselves via their marketing efforts.

Prostox: Compensation Plan

Affiliates of Prostox invest in cryptocurrencies using USD equivalents. This action was taken in anticipation of advertised returns:

Investment PlanMinimum Investment AmountDaily Return PercentageDuration Range (Days)
Star AI$50 or more1%5 to 45
National AI$500 or more1.5%10 to 90
Crown AI$2000 or more2%15 to 120
Royal AI$5000 or more2.5%20 to 180

The four AI investment strategies are summarized in the table above, together with the minimum investment requirement, daily return %, and range of expected return periods.

Recruiting affiliate investors is how Prostox’s MLM division makes money.

Prostox: Affiliate Ranks

Prostox’s pay structure consists of eight levels. They are as follows, along with the requirements for each qualification:

Affiliate LevelInvestment AmountDownline Investment Volume Requirement
Maverick$500$1,000 or more
Cavalier$1,000$10,000 or more
Lead 1$5,000$20,000 or more
Lead 2$10,000$75,000 or more
Hero$15,000$100,000 or more
Pinnacle$20,000$200,000 or more
Icon$50,000$500,000 or more

Referral Commissions

In three stages of recruitment (unilevel), Prostox provides referral commissions.

Affiliate RankLevel 1 Commission RateLevel 2 Commission RateLevel 3 Commission Rate
Lead 16%2%1%
Lead 27%2%1%

ROI Match

Prostox matches the daily returns given to affiliates it personally recruited in terms of ROI:

Affiliate RankMatching Bonus Percentage
Lead 110%
Lead 220%

Rank Achievement Bonus

Prostox pays affiliates that qualify at Maverick or higher with the one-time Rank Achievement Bonuses shown below:

Affiliate RankQualification Reward
Lead 1$1000
Lead 2$2500

What is the process of joining Prostox?

The affiliation with Prostox is available at no cost. A minimum investment of $50 is required to take full advantage of the income possibility that has been linked.

Several different forms of cryptocurrency are offered for investment with Prostox.


Prostox claimed that it was able to produce return on investment (ROI) revenue in the stock market by utilizing trading algorithms that were powered by artificial intelligence (AI). However, there are numerous warning signs to be concerned about in the way they conduct business.

To begin, the assertions that they make about AI trading are not supported by any evidence or proof that is offered. Concerns have been raised over the legality of their AI trading operations due to the lack of openness and specific information regarding their trading activity.

The fact that their automated trading system does not pass the logic test for a Ponzi scheme is still another significant cause for concern. 

Why Would Prostox Need to Collect Funds from Investors If They Already Have a Working AI Trading Bot That Can Regularly Create a Daily ROI of 2.5%? 

This is the question that emerges if Prostox already has a working artificial intelligence trading bot that can create a daily ROI of 2.5%. The lack of a rational justification for this gives rise to questions regarding their motivations and objectives in life.

At the moment, it seems that fresh investments that have been made by affiliates are the main source of revenue that is coming into Prostox. This is one of the most recognizable characteristics of a Ponzi scheme, in which returns to previous investors are collected from the money of newer participants in the plan. A system like this cannot remain in place for very long because it is dependent on a consistent flow of fresh investments to fulfill its responsibilities to make payouts.

Additionally, it would appear that Prostox does not offer or sell any actual items or services for retail customers. The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) aspect of the company, on the other hand, appears to function more like a pyramid scheme than a real corporation, as the emphasis is placed on recruiting rather than legal commercial activity.

In conformity with the popular pattern of Ponzi schemes, if the recruitment of new affiliates begins to slow down, there will be a shortfall of funds pouring in, which will lead to the collapse of the plan. 

This lack of fresh investment will ultimately disintegrate, as there will not be sufficient cash to pay the guaranteed returns to previous shareholders. This would eventually lead to the collapse of the company.

Prostox’s Unavoidable Failure

The failure of Prostox, which was discussed in the update that took place on September 5th, 2023, highlights the fact that systems of this kind are unable to be maintained over time. The fact that their website and social media profiles have been disabled is more evidence that they may have abruptly closed their operations or taken them offline, which may have resulted in a significant number of participants being left in the lurch.

When it comes to Ponzi schemes, the mathematics behind them ensures that the vast majority of participants will end up losing the money they invested when the schemes finally fail. 

Before getting engaged in any investment opportunity, individuals must use caution and undertake due diligence. This is especially important for investment opportunities that exhibit features of Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes.

Prostox: Is this a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Prostox: Is this a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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