Reddy Kancharla: Why Did He Go to Prison?

Reddy Kancharla
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Reddy Kancharla had received a 21-year long prison sentence. Find out why he went to prison and more in this review.

Reddy Kancharla, an ex-executive, was chairman of Testwell Laboratories Inc., one of the most famous cement analysis firms for a long time. Testwell had been frequently engaged in assessing and evaluating the durability of cement placed at significant commercial as well as public construction endeavors including Yankee Stadium in the Bronx as well as Manhattan’s Second Avenue subway.

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According to the judge’s declaration, he sentenced Reddy Kancharla, the ex-president of a famous cement research firm located in New York City, to seven to twenty-one years in prison, claiming that the man was deceiving the general population & his trade through decades of deceit & forgery.

Judges charged Mr. Kancharla along with other individuals at the business in October 2008 of falsifying the mixture and durability examinations, issuing phony receipts, and generating fake metal reports for inspection, amongst other violations. 

Fraud is punishable by jail or a fine. A fraud conviction could result in a sentence of up to three years in jail. The maximum prison term for a more serious fraud, such as one committed against an agency of the government, is six years.

Mr. Reddy Kancharla was found guilty by a Manhattan State Supreme Court jury of 15 counts of fabricating company documents along with associated crimes. The firm was convicted on 11 counts.

According to Justice Edward J. McLaughlin, Mr. Reddy Kancharla, an experienced engineer, used his sterling reputation to defraud people.

According to Justice Edward J. McLaughlin, a skilled thief can commit theft more using a writing instrument and a grin rather than a rifle. There is no cause to be cautious if crooks depend on previous dealings plus the impression of uprightness.

7/12/2023 Update
As of now, Reddy Kancharla has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Mr. Kancharla was sentenced by Justice McLaughlin to compensate $225,000 in damages by December 14 or face a further year in prison. In addition, he sentenced Testwell to provide $1,761,099 in restitution. 

He expressed optimism that Mr. Kancharla’s punishment would serve as a deterrence from the wide range of plots and scheming in which Reddy Kancharla was involved. 

According to the New York Times, the building sector in New York City has been plagued with fraud for decades, as stated by Justice McLaughlin. He also determined that the greatest sufferers of stealing are the residents of New York Town.

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Article on Reddy Kancharla in New York Times.

Concrete inspection businesses are in charge of assuring that the material fulfills durability and toughness criteria. In 2008, sensors discovered abnormalities at the newly constructed Yankee Stadium and the Freedom Tower, now known as 1 the World Trade Center. 

According to investigators, Testwell cut shortcuts and finished its assessments incorrectly, forcing city officials to arrange additional tests at over 100 sites.

According to him as well as Diana Florence, District Lawyer, Reddy Kancharla had qualified for a sentence that varied from 1 to 3 and ten years in prison & sought Justice MLaiughlin to assess punishment at the higher end of the punishment spectrum.  

According to the judge, Reddy Kancharla built a rich & flourishing company structure built mostly on everyday life that is nearly entirely computerized, as well as bogus reports from tests. 

As a result, Reddy Kancharla’s attorney, Paul Schetman, indicated that the customer is an upright individual adding the pillar of his family as well as that he began the company in the same manner as other evaluation firms. 

Later, Reddy Kancharla confronted the judge, stating that he was wearing a neck support device as a result of a single or two previous attempts at suicide. 

The initial incident occurred in February when he sliced his wrist in two and took sleeping tablets after the judge condemned him on a single offense while deliberating on another. Furthermore, he attempted to hang himself. 

At last, Reddy Kancharla claims that regardless of the jury’s decision, I would like you to understand that Testwell did not engage in illegal activity as well as that I am not the brains of an illegal activity.

Case Study 

People V. Reddy Kancharla 

Due to the strict requirements of the rules & the City’s Department of Buildings’ scarce funds, builders in New York City often turn to certified inspection organizations to ensure that they comply with the building code requirements.

Reddy Kancharla’s attorney is Paul Schechter, and the applicant the responding attorney is Andrew M. Lankler. Reddy Kancharla, an experienced professional, was the company president & CEO of Testwell Laboratories. Vincent Barone became the firm’s vice president and leader of the technical division.

A court-appointed grand jury imposed Reddy Kancharla along with others carrying out a series of acts of unlawful conduct while deliberately managing and engaging in the business of the Testwell Group, which included Testwell Laboratories, Ltd. as well as several of its police or staff members. 

The complaint claimed Reddy Kancharla and others engaged some of the corporation’s workers to engage in a slew of unlawful crimes, including the deception of laboratory findings, inappropriate building inspections, and triple invoicing of customers. These crimes were classified as part of discrete but interconnected illegal conspiracies involving a variety of essential evaluations provided by Testwell Laboratories. These testing services are as follows:

  • Inspection of steels.
  • Field inspection.
  • Mixed-designed. 
  • Certified tests.

The documents had Reddy Kancharla’s sign and an engineer’s time stamp, but its falsehood was apparent because Testwell Laboratories paid considerably less than $300 or $500 for the reports than it normally costs when cement was assessed using laboratory testing, which cost around $4,000.  

Likewise, despite being aware that construction codes required more time between successive testing, reports prepared years apart had surprisingly similar outcomes with varying trends, and some investigations were completed only days after being requested. Testwell Laboratories even developed a software system that automatically generated concrete strength statistics whenever an ideal outcome was provided.

Quantities of empty mix-design documents pre-signed by Reddy Kancharla & bearing his signature were discovered during the unlawful activity inquiry while Testwell Laboratories’ lab head collaborated with the People as well. 

Although Reddy Kancharla admitted to committing construction violations, he argued that he should not face criminal charges. Authorities discovered that information had been altered thousands of times on over 100 different building projects. 

Reddy Kancharla & Barone were brought up before the court for 50 charges related to mitigating their suspected unlawful conduct, including a claim that their actions were participants of the Testwell Company Criminal Enterprise under Penal Law. 

Reddy Kancharla has been convicted of 7 to 21 years of imprisonment, while Barone was condemned for 51/313 to 16 years in jail. It found that the company’s indictments for corruption didn’t have adequate proof or had been contrary to the importance of the proof. 

The accusation against Reddy Kancharla and others of running an illegal enterprise was due to the lack of evidence presented to prove that they were aware of the fabricated test results and evaluations. The people involved did not work to provide proof in two ways.

The respondents, people contend claim the Appellate Division failed to employ the right constitutional criterion for illicit activities in examining the adequate amount and importance of the proof backing the verdict of the jury, stated to the court. While reviewing the adequateness of the appellants’ business charges of corruption in this instance, the Appellate Division failed to use the necessary standards of law. 

It concluded that the People failed to present any proof of an executive framework, general preparation of the unlawful conduct, or interaction among Reddy Kancharla, and Barone, as well as the Testwell’s staff members in the execution of the illicit business. As a question of legislation, these judgments constituted incorrect.

Reddy Kancharla claims that he was the president and CEO of Testwell Laboratory Services, which was a business body having a unique organizational structure. 

The general pattern of unlawful conduct as well as the participation of different people across all stages of Testwell Laboratories’ organizational hierarchy, on the opposite hand, enabled the judge to conclude the fact that Reddy Kancharla plus Barone, as excellent executives, had been aware of, took part in, and empowered others to carry out offenses in the direction with the Testwell Group’s goals. 

Kancharla stated that he gave blank mix design files carrying his name and engineer’s seal for the durability of concrete to be falsely verified by an additional business worker via a formula based on mathematics rather than doing genuine testing in the laboratory.

Marginal Notes 

  • Reddy Kancharla was also charged with a pair of charges of providing a fake document for submission, which was later dismissed. The legality of such a decision is never challenged on appellate.
  • Reddy Kancharla has been found guilty of business fraud, 2 counts of first-degree conspiracy deception, a total of 9 charges of first-degree submitting a fraudulent document for submission, & 3 charges of first-degree fabricating company documents.
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Queries posed to Reddy Kancharla 

Reddy Kancharla Discusses the Roles of Facade Consultants

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The outer shell of construction is frequently viewed as a purely ornamental feature. Nevertheless, Reddy Kancharla believes that it’s an intricate structure that demands thorough focus and qualified evaluation. The solidity of a system of curtains constitutes one of the key tasks of a facade expert. Reddy Kancharla worked on numerous building endeavors throughout his career. Among these include several high-rise complexes in New York, the National Tennis Center, and Yankee Stadium. 

What is the Function of Tech in Building?

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Despite the word Machine Learning could bring up ideas of machines displacing staff members, the reality is that implementing this kind of equipment in the building sector could potentially make people’s lives simpler.

Machine learning, claims Reddy Kancharla, may enhance layouts to better environments that benefit consumers.

According to Reddy Kancharla, among the key advantages of artificial intelligence is the way it may detect problems related to occurring. 

Introduction to Sustainable Construction

Green architecture has several benefits notably lowering emissions of greenhouse gases & preserving assets, explains Reddy Kancharla. In the words of Reddy Kancharla, there are several reasonable approaches to making building more environmentally friendly. Lastly, in environmentally friendly buildings, reducing waste is performed. Building initiatives frequently produce heaps of garbage, that’s frequently disposed of in dumps or burnt.

However, Reddy Kancharla was found guilty of forging vital construction documents on hundreds of city-owned structures, notably Yankee Stadium & the Freedom Tower. Reddy Kancharla, Ceo of Testwell Laboratories Inc., has been found guilty of conspiracy & now has a maximum of twenty-five years in jail. The complaint comprised roughly 120 building ventures located near the city, with steel and concrete results from tests.

Who is Reddy Kancharla?

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Reddy Kancharla has over 25 years of expertise in building civil structures, technical consulting, & building quality assurance control assignments. With both superficial and extensive experience, he has utilized his abilities and expertise in planning and constructing a variety of intricate projects throughout New York City. 

He is the President and CEO of Testwell Laboratories Limited. Reddy Kancharla graduated from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He promptly participated in Texas Tech University’s Masters of Science in Civil Engineering program after graduation.


Reddy Kancharla is the President of Testwell Laboratories Inc., the largest testing company.  He has 10 years of leadership background, having spent time as a director of engineering & top executive in an important building QA/QC company in New York City. His comprehensive industry expertise includes architectural concepts, tenets, & applications, in addition to the creation and execution of quality controls in compliance with many regulations and requirements.

However, he is a con artist who attempted suicide on the day of his court hearings to avoid incarceration. As a result, he attempts suicide by hanging himself. He participates in the steel and concrete evaluations for almost 120 New York building projects. 

The stadium, the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, & a minimum of several other additional structures have been tested again & pronounced acceptable. Reddy Kancharla has been convicted to five to twenty-one years of imprisonment. He was allowed to remain in custody while waiting for a review of the decision regarding his alleged involvement in corrupt business practices.

Reddy Kancharla: Why Did He Go to Prison?
Reddy Kancharla: Why Did He Go to Prison?

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