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Rich Net Global: Is it a cryptocurrency Ponzi scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Rich Net Global
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Rich Net Global has received allegations of being a Ponzi scheme based in the crypto industry. Find out if those allegations are true or not.
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Rich Net Global’s website lacks verifiable ownership and executive information, instead providing fake names and stock photos for its Board of Directors and executive management.

About Rich Net Global

Rich Net Global Limited is a corporation that was established on July 7th, 2023 and is currently operational. The organization is located in the City of London and has been in operation for only three weeks. 

Based on the latest verification report filed on the same date, the company has a single director who is serving actively in their role. To learn more about this Ponzi scam, you may follow the link: Rich Net

Our Methodology

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The Management team of Rich Net Global 

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CEO of Rich Net Global.

Who is Jack Bailey? 

Jack Bailey has assumed full accountability for the company’s success over an extended period of time. Bailey possesses extensive expertise spanning more than two decades in several aspects of the mining field, such as activities, company growth, and executive leadership. 

He has had several managerial roles. Additionally, he has previously held the position of the Vice President of Management. Mr. Jack possesses a Master of Business Administration, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration diploma.

The prioritization of planning for strategy along with effective deployment of resources has facilitated the seamless operation of the organization. Bailey has diligently endeavored to establish and oversee goals for performance, while also striving to attain them. 

He has effectively fulfilled his duties inside our organization, which have encompassed the establishment of ambitious key performance indicators, assessment of expansion strategies, implementation of cost reduction measures, and acquisition of new ventures. 

He has developed a multitude of investing ideas & methodologies, consistently placing utmost importance on safeguarding the organization & its stakeholders. The profitable business of is divided by his ability to effectively preserve cash and generate income for those he serves.

About Charles Harley

Charles Harley assumes the role of chief operating officer, overseeing fundraising and the creation of product initiatives. The individual’s pragmatic investment strategy has permitted people in diverse categories of income across the globe to engage in low-risk investment activities and generate returns. 

The individual’s extensive expertise in the field of investment and finance, in addition to a comprehensive comprehension of the internet, has played a pivotal role in facilitating their accomplishments across several pursuits. 

The individual’s visionary perspective, along with their adept managerial skills or extensive understanding of digital currencies, contributed to the seamless integration of modern technology with trading and investment practices, culminating in the creation of an exceptionally effective computerized trading system. 

He has demonstrated proficiency in formulating and implementing a diverse range of trade strategies and methods aimed at effectively managing and reducing risks. The organization has demonstrated profitability despite adverse economic and social factors and industry deceleration, owing to the implementation of effective initiatives.

Rich Net Global’s website 

The official web page domain of Rich Net Global is and it was officially built in the year 2023. 

However, to appear real, the company provides an incorporation certificate for Rich Net Global LTD, which was incorporated in the year 2023. 

This makes the UK a popular jurisdiction for scammers to incorporate, operate, and promote fraudulent companies. Therefore, when it comes to Multi Level Marketing due diligence, incorporation in the United Kingdom or registration with a Fellow Chartered Accountant is meaningless.

It’s important to avoid giving money to a Multi Level Marketing organization that isn’t transparent about its owners or management.

Products of Rich Net Global

Rich Net Global does not offer any goods or facilities for retail. 

Affiliates can only promote Rich Net Global’s affiliate membership.

Its Compensation Plan 

Subsidiaries of Rich Net Global engage in the investment of crypto-denominated in USD counterparts.

This exercise is conducted to the surety of the gains that are encouraged through marketing.

AssociatesInvest Receive 
Bronze $30 to $50002% per day for about 80 days
SIlver $5001 to $25,0002.5% per day for about 64 days
Gold $25,001 to $50,0003% per day for about 55 days
Platinum $50,001 to $99,9993.5% per day for about 50 days

The MLM business aspect of Rich Net Global compensates individuals for recruiting new affiliate investors.

Its Referal Commission 

Rich Net Global offers a 10% commission for personally recruited affiliates’ investments.

Residual Commission of Rich Net Global

In order to be eligible for residual compensation, associates of Rich Net Global are required to maintain a current commitment.

The residual commissions of Rich Net Global are disbursed through a single payment framework.

A binary incentive system involves dividing a bipolar group into two separate factions, each with its own subsidiary placed at the peak.

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The first level of the binary team consists of two positions. The formation of a further tier within the binary squad is achieved through the subdivision of the primary pair of slots into two more positions, leading to an overall of four responsibilities.

The binary squad creates more levels as needed, wherein each successive one accommodates a number of spots that is two times as many as the preceding stage.

The binary group is involved in hiring associates, both informally and directly. 

It is important to acknowledge it there is no intrinsic restriction on the extent to which the capabilities of a binary team may grow.

At the end of every day, Rich Net Global computes the percentage commitment amount for the two factions of the binary squad.

Associates receive payment equivalent to ten percent of the freshly involved capital on the less productive side of their binary group.

After the payout is made, the deposited amount is compared to the larger binary squad side before being cleared.

Any remaining quantity on the opposing side of the binary pairing that has a higher strength is carried forward.


Membership with Rich Net Global is free, but a minimum $30 investment is required to fully participate in the income opportunity. 

Rich Net Global accepts investments in various cryptocurrencies.


Rich Net Global earns outside money through its underground mining & transactions in metals & cryptocurrencies.

Rich Net Global engages in multiple company endeavors, including the extraction of gold as well as stakes in the creation, assessment, and investigation of real estate located in extremely profitable regions. These operations are conducted in collaboration with reputable mining firms within the mining sector. Additionally, Rich Net Global is involved in precious metals along with bitcoin trading.

Disregarding the unconventional amalgamation of extraction & trade, it is evident that Rich Net Global lacks substantiation about any other sources of money. Moreover, the company structure of Rich Net Global can be deemed to be inconsistent with the principles of the Ponzi rationale analysis. 

Given that Rich Net Global is already engaged in lawful mining as well as trading activities that generate a daily return of 3.5%, it raises the question of why its operations would require additional funds from investors. 

Rich Net Global’s gold extraction and trade operations, along with its business background and managers, are fictitious. Currently, the only form of income that can be substantiated in the case of Rich Net Global is derived from fresh investments.

Like other Ponzi schemes in the realm of multi-level advertising, the flow of fresh contributions will come to a halt when the number of freshly recruited associates decreases. Like other Ponzi schemes in the realm of multi-level advertising, the flow of fresh contributions will come to a halt when the number of freshly recruited associates decreases. 

The lack of return on investment (ROI) income will lead to a depletion of resources for Rich Net Global, ultimately precipitating its demise. 

The mathematical principles beneath these frauds ensure this, upon their eventual disintegration, a great deal of individuals involved in these types of programs experience financial losses.

Customer’s Review

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  • As per a customer’s statement, it is suggested to replace the term “Rich Net Global” with any of the internet scams that have been prevalent over the last 25 years. The phrase “3.5% a day” can be replaced with “2.0% a day”, “1.0% a day” or even “0.01% a day”. 

It is unfortunate that such scams still exist and are being discussed. However, the reality is that there are still thousands of individuals falling prey to such schemes due to their lack of awareness.

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  • Another client expressed their intention to prioritize writing lengthier evaluations after he had familiarized himself with all of these tiny fraudulent activities. Continuously approaching proximity, only to be followed by the emergence of numerous additional entities.
Rich Net Global: Is it a cryptocurrency Ponzi scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Rich Net Global: Is it a cryptocurrency Ponzi scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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  1. Crypto traders are always Ponzi. There is nothing much to discuss.

  2. Rich Net Global Limited is currently operational, and this is bad news. Because, till the firm gets shut, it will keep bluffing the investors.

  3. Even the executives working in MLM firms don’t know when they get converted into zombies. They just want their next target and nothing else.

  4. Even $30 is huge for joining the deceptive firm.

  5. The owners should get exposed. People should know that these scammers are lethal for their peaceful life.

  6. Wide open the eyes and look, it is a scam.

  7. If you want to be rich, work hard. There is no short-cut to fortune.

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