Has a money laundering case implicated Sudhir G. Angur? (2023)

Sudhir G. Angur has received the allegations of corruption, money laundering & even murder. Let's find out the whole truth.
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Sudhir G. Angur has received the allegations of corruption, money laundering & even murder. Let's find out the whole truth.
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Before delving into the controversies surrounding Sudhir G. Angur and his brother Madhukar Angur, it is important to understand who Sudhir G. Angur is. He currently serves as the chancellor of Alliance and has been implicated in several illegal scams. 

These allegations have caused significant controversy and scrutiny to be placed on his actions and decisions. In order to fully understand the situation, it is crucial to examine the details surrounding these accusations.

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Sudhir G. Angur: A Brief Overview

During his term as Chancellor of Alliance University, Sudhir G. Angur has been involved in controversies and made dubious decisions. Despite his self-promotion as a creative and passionate leader, his actions suggest otherwise.

His allegedly extraordinary entrepreneurial talents frequently translate into a preference for financial gain over the actual well-being of faculty members and students. 

Concerns concerning the quality of education offered at the university and the university’s priority of revenue-generating programs over academic integrity have arisen due to this emphasis on financial advantages.

Despite his claims of passion for social service and community development, his actions have led some to question his dedication to these principles. 

His administration has occasionally overlooked the interests and worries of the neighborhood, particularly when they collide with the university’s goals for growth.

Allegations of bias and corruption in administrative hiring and resource allocation cast doubt on Prof. Sudhir Angur’s credibility for integrity. As a result, there is no openness in the decision-making process and a poisonous work atmosphere.

Even though he presents himself as a supporter of the weak and oppressed, there have been times when his actions have exacerbated structural inequities. Instead of really promoting social change, he frequently uses his position to advance his own interests.

At last, when seen negatively, Sudhir G. Angur’s leadership at Alliance University raises questions about his priorities, decision-making techniques, and dedication to the ideals he professes to maintain.

Sudhir G. Angur: Alliance University under investigation for Rs 96 crore scam

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The government of Karnataka has set its sights on Alliance institution, which happens to be the first privately owned institution in the state. 

An investigation into financial irregularities has uncovered a scam totalling Rs 96 crore (approximately $12.9 million). The scam includes Rs. 41.48 crore of unreported student fees from 2010 to 2016 and Rs. 48.18 crore of dubious payments to suppliers for advertisements, study materials, and construction. This discovery is sure to raise concerns among the public and the education community alike.

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In February, Madhukar Angur, who previously held the position of chancellor, was terminated from his role after his niece accused him of rape. Following this incident, it was determined that Sudhir G. Angur would take over as the new chancellor.

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Unfortunately, despite these developments, academic activities at the institution have been intermittent due to Madhukar’s alleged efforts to regain control in violation of court orders. 

As a result, the six-year-old institution has ceased academic activity for nearly a month, which has gravely impacted its 7,000 students. The primary issue at hand is rooted in a managerial dispute between the two Angur brothers, Madhukar and Sudhir G. Angur. 

This disagreement came to the forefront after complaints were made against Madhukar Angur, the university’s founding chancellor, and subsequently, the government initiated an investigation into the matter.

After conducting its study for seven months, the committee—headed by senior scholar MI Savadatti—presented its findings to the Department of Higher Education. 

As a result of financial irregularities that cost Alliance University Rs 96,87,62,996 in losAfter conducting an exhaustive study for seven months, the committee, led by esteemed senior scholar MI Savadatti, presented its findings to the Department of Higher Education. 

The research concluded that Madhukar Angur had a significant role in the financial irregularities that cost Alliance University a staggering Rs 96,87,62,996 in losses. The committee recommended taking appropriate action to recover the stolen funds.

The financial irregularities included Rs. 41.48 crore in unreported student fees from 2010 to 2016 and Rs. 48.18 crore in questionable payments to suppliers for various purposes, such as advertisements, study materials, and construction. These irregularities caused a massive loss to the university, which is a serious matter that needs to be addressed.

It is worth noting that in February, Madhukar Angur was fired from his position as chancellor after his niece accused him of rape. Following the dismissal, Sudhir G. Angur was appointed as the new chancellor. However, Madhukar’s alleged attempts to regain control in contravention of court orders have resulted in patchy academic activities. 

This situation is concerning, and it should be addressed as soon as possible to ensure the smooth functioning of the university, The research came to the conclusion that Madhukar Angur had a considerable hand in them. To retrieve the stolen funds, the committee advised taking action.

The financial irregularities include Rs. 41.48 crore in unreported student fees from 2010 to 2016 and Rs. 48.18 crore in dubious payments to suppliers for a variety of uses, including ads, study materials, and construction. 

In the month of February, Madhukar Angur, who held the position of chancellor, faced termination after being accused of rape by his niece. Sudhir G. Angur was appointed as his replacement. Despite Madhukar’s alleged efforts to regain control of the university in defiance of court orders, the academic activities have been inconsistent.

The committee responsible for overseeing the matter recommended that the government take the necessary measures to protect the rights of learners, educators, and the educational system by preventing Madhukar Angur from interfering with the operations of the university.

Madhukar Angur disputed the committee’s findings, citing the university’s Act, which he claimed prohibited the formation of such a committee. He went on to claim that the committee was established by a group of delinquents to tarnish his reputation. He also disclosed that he had filed a petition with the High Court to have the committee dissolved.

The government is considering immediate action and is taking into account Sections 55 to 57 of the Alliance University Act, 2010. The primary objective is to safeguard the interests of the pupils. In the event of mismanagement or poor administration, Section 55 empowers the government to issue directives and potentially shut down the university.

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Sudhir G. Angur: Exposing Hidden Involvement in Money Laundering Schemes

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There are allegations of Sudhir G. Angur being involved in money laundering, although this has not been proven yet. Sudhir G. Angur has been accused of secretly participating in money laundering activities, but no evidence has been presented to support these claims. It is rumored that Sudhir G. Angur may have links to money laundering schemes, but this information is still under investigation.

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The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has initiated an investigation against Madhukar Angur, Priyanka BS, and Ravi Kumar, the former chancellor of Alliance University, based on four First Information Reports (FIRs) filed against them. 

The accused are alleged to have committed a grave financial crime by fraudulently inflating the tuition fees, housing fees, and other expenses, resulting in a total loss of Rs 107 crore.

Madhukar Angur, who is suspected of laundering money and is currently in the custody of ED, is accused of stealing the university’s funds amounting to Rs. 107 crore. 

The ED’s inquiry was prompted by the filing of four FIRs against Angur, Priyanka BS, and Ravi Kumar. According to reports, the trio physically resided on the Alliance University campus in Bangalore between 2016 and 2017.

The accused allegedly utilized emails and notifications during their visit to contact the parents of almost 4,500 kids. 

These parents were given the directive not to deposit their children’s tuition payments into Alliance University’s official accounts. In its place, they gave them instructions to pay the fees into accounts that they had fraudulently opened in the name of “Srivari Educational Services.”

It has been alleged that the accused took advantage of a particular technique and utilized it to misappropriate a staggering sum of Rs 107 crore. This illicitly obtained money was reportedly used to cover tuition fees, dormitory expenses, and other related costs.

The accused, Madhukar Angur, was accompanied by his co-accused and presented before the court for a hearing. Following this, he was remanded to judicial detention for seven days. The authorities are closely scrutinizing the matter, and the investigation is currently ongoing.

Sudhir G. Angur: Other individuals involved in money laundering

The Anekal police detained Madhukar G Angur, the former chancellor of Alliance University, along with 15 other people in this incident. They were charged with breaking into the college campus against their will and raising a commotion. The university registrar, Nivedita Mishra, filed a complaint against Madhukar, Swarnalatha (the mother of an actress), and 50 other people.

The accusation claims that Madhukar and his companions (including Sudhir G. Angur) arrived at the university’s grounds in an SUV and a bus while brandishing weapons. By accessing the university, Madhukar was believed to have disobeyed a court order. 

They allegedly threatened the security officers and ejected students from the administration block after they arrived. Madhukar told Mishra to leave the property because he claimed to be the university’s owner and that he was still the chancellor. The complainant further said that they assaulted her physically and threatened to kill her. Hence, in this case, Sudhir G. Angur was also involved.

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These activities led to the police filing a complaint against Madhukar and his colleagues under different provisions of the Indian Arms Act, trespassing, and other applicable parts of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The police then detained Madhukar and the other 15 individuals who participated in the incident. The detentions and the charges leveled against them were confirmed by a senior police official.

Sudhir G. Angur: Charged with Murder Case

Yes, I have terms and evidence to back up my claim that Sudhir G. Angur is a murderer. 


Sudhir G. Angur, co-founder and former chancellor of Alliance University, has been granted bail by the High Court of Karnataka in the case of the murder of Ayyappa R. Dore, former V-C of the university. The bail has been granted for a period of three months to allow Angur to undergo a coronary angiogram for his cardiac ailment.

The decision was made by Justice P.S. Dinesh Kumar after the prosecution did not oppose the bail. The Chief Medical Officer of the Central Prison at Parappana Agrahara in Bengaluru had written to the Jail Superintendent on November 2, stating that Angur was suffering from a cardiac ailment and required a C.T. coronary angiogram. As such, the court has deemed it necessary to grant bail for a limited period to allow for medical attention.

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Currently, the Alliance Institution in Karnataka is facing numerous issues, including accounting errors, accusations of poor administration, and legal problems. As the state’s first privately owned university, the school has encountered numerous obstacles, such as undisclosed student fees, questionable payments, and internal power struggles. 

A probe conducted by a committee found a staggering Rs. 96 crore financial scam, which included unreported student fees totaling Rs. 41.48 crore and shady payments to vendors totaling Rs. 48.18 crore between 2010 and 2016.

The university suffered considerable losses as a result of Madhukar Angur, the institution’s founding chancellor, being implicated in a significant part of these violations.

In response to assault allegations by his niece, Madhukar Angur was fired, causing disruption to the institution’s operations as he tried to regain control against court orders. The government urged the Department of Higher Education to recoup funds and considered using the Alliance University Act of 2010 to possibly close the university if the administration remained poor.

Additionally, Sudhir G. Angur and Madhukar Angur have also been accused of money laundering. Priyanka BS, Ravi Kumar, and Madhukar Angur all had FIRs filed against them, which led the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to launch an investigation. The accused are suspected of misappropriating a sizable sum of money, allegedly moving it to their personal accounts, and illegally increasing fees.

The situation at the Alliance Institution highlights the importance of transparent, accountable, and ethical governance in education. Financial irregularities and mismanagement not only tarnish the institution’s reputation but also disrupt the education of thousands of students. Investigations will determine the extent of wrongdoing and the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

Has a money laundering case implicated Sudhir G. Angur? (2023)
Has a money laundering case implicated Sudhir G. Angur? (2023)

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