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Godsey Online Business Services: Online Service Scam (Update 2024)

Godsey Online Business Services
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Godsey Online Business Services has been charged with having local ties and is suspected of failing to fulfill orders.
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Godsey Online Business Services has been charged with having local ties and is suspected of failing to fulfill orders. According to 8News, an additional investigation has discovered a new study of an e-commerce site called Godsey Online Business Services, which uses a Central Virginia location but rarely sends the items or goods that consumers have purchased. 

The Better Business Bureau alleges to have delivered an alert to internet retailers such as The company describes itself as an autonomous re-seller of premium goods at low costs. 

Nonetheless, numerous customers claimed that the goods they ordered never arrived and that some of the items were damaged. The Better Business Bureau stated in its investigation provided to 8News that the clients had lost over two million dollars. 

Minah Bang, a Chesterfield resident, is one of the many clients of Godsey Online Business Services who claim that their order never reached them. 

Minah Bang reported that she has been contacting and messaging them, but absolutely nothing has happened, so she believes it is a complete hoax.

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Hereby, Sneak Foot is linked to an address in Glen Allen by the State Corporation Commission. When 8News arrived at the property, it discovered many exotic vehicles, notably a Ferrari & a Lamborghini SUV, parked in his parking lot. The SUV that he has might be almost $200,000.

The land on which they are living belongs to Shannon Forsyth and Justin Godsey, according to public information. Sneak Foot has Forsyth listed as the Chairman. 

Information 8News about Godsey Online Business Services.

As an 8News reporter went to the house, he was told that Forsyth hadn’t been present. Godsey, who was present at the residence, claimed any understanding or involvement with Sneak Foot. However, they possess an internet business service called Godsey Online Business Services. 

According to Forsyth, he asserted in his defense that he works in the financial market. He also stated that all he does for a living is to sell stocks.

Forsyth claimed he was one of the first investors in the business and argued that he ought not to have participated in any online business services like Godsey Online Business Services.

Justin Godsey subsequently presented a package of bills, which he said were from completed deliveries.  He further stated that these are invoices from suppliers for the things they purchased. 

He stated that he packages the printed bills and delivers them to the online retailer’s offices situated in Northern Ireland. He stated that he did not divulge the non-disclosure conduct for which the penalties are levied, as well as who controls the financial records. 

Thus, if you want to confirm that Justin Godsey and his internet business services are a blatant scam, follow this link & watch his interview with 8news: Mr. Justin Godsey.  

Godsey, however, assured us in several emails following our excursion that he just monitored to safeguard SneakFoot by establishing its financial processing abilities.

Justin Godsey was questioned whether he felt worried about all of the accusations from people who claimed that didn’t get their belongings. 

“Alright, assuming I have ownership in the company, of obviously this doesn’t look excellent,” he responded, “as well as I am going to speak to the representatives to determine what I can do for them.” I have a few threads I can pull to assist things to get things back on the path. Hence, finance is a problem, I may lend them some of the money.

According to 8News reports, they questioned Justin Godsey whether he had been taking cash from clients and using it to acquire such costly automobiles.

In response, Justin Godsey, the founder of Godsey Online Business Services, stated that he wasn’t taking money from customers or buying expensive cars with that. Every year, I cover all of my cars using earnings from my stocks. 

David Irwing, according to Godsey, owns the corporation. Nevertheless, the phone contact he gave Irwing was unavailable.

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Fake Reviews of Godsey Online Business Services

Fake Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

A 5-star rating has been reached on Trustpilot, and it is thought to be a phony review considering no one likes to spend money on this company, Godsey Online Business Services. On Trustpilot, there has only been one bad review. 

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  • Over $90,000 was made in the first three months, but it is a forgery.

Godsey Online Business Services claims to have made around $90,000 in its first three months of operation and demonstrates its guaranteed development scheme. They usually had an online presence set up and operating in three days, importing the Apple Watch straps. 

After a few weeks, I got an expensive merchant and became solo! The organization continues to be in business, so my purchase totaled just $10,000. I absolutely would attempt it once more if I might, because my business is on schedule for earning twice as much the following month. Justin Godsey is unmatched.

But it is not as simple as it appears. It is the polar opposite of how they have been interacting with clients and making them fools by defrauding them. Godsey Online Business Services conceals such scams by paying the PR team in exchange for nice feedback.

  • According to one of the bogus remarks, it is a really helpful service provider. The fake PR team has been given a false name and a statement on her behalf stating that she can confess that this is a legitimate service that is quite beneficial if one wishes to obtain new information and expertise rapidly. She has no regrets about using this platform.
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  • The company, Godsey Online Business Services, is thought to be legitimate, however, it is not. It is solely through purchased PR that it is put publicly indicating it is a genuine organization. One of their hired public relations team members noted on Trustpilot that it is trustworthy, competent, and generally excellent. 

Godsey’s internet ad campaign helped us produce an extra $120,000 in earnings. As opposed to pulling me together, they pushed me around and showed me enough to use advertising on my own. They mentioned that they were concerned about possible fraud in SEO or advertising packages as so many offer little to no benefit.

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  • The phony evaluations show a 5-star rating on Trustpilot and claim that Justin Godsey & his Godsey Online Business Services performed a fantastic job setting up our Shopify site and discovering the best items. Anyone can declare that exporting is no longer profitable as there is still a lot of cash that can be made. Congratulations, Justin! It was a pleasure having worked with you. 

To make it more authentic, in response as stated by Godsey Online Business Services, Tanner, we’re grateful for leaving such nice remarks; we value your company’s existence and we’re looking forward to working with you in the years to come.

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Negative Customer Review on Trustpilot

  • The customer is aware of Godsey Online Business Services

Only one bad review was displayed on Trustpilot, which indicated that customers should be wary of such con artists namely Justin Godsey. After making expenditures on them, people should Google their identity & do their homework. 

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Fake reviews for Godsey Online Business Services have been discovered

This is evidence that one shouldn’t always depend on reviews on the internet. Many of the wonderful ratings for a problematic local online retailer, Justin Godsey, have been identified as fraudulent by 8News.

The majority of consumers have grumbled about their offerings. The e-commerce site has been tied to a Henrico resident called Justin Godsey, according to 8News. 

Consumers allege that their purchases were never delivered and that they have been cheated out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, based on the feedback, you’d believe that the business had only pleased consumers.

On the consumer review website namely Trustpilot, there will be remarks like “Excellent service to customers” and Satisfied and have only placed three more purchases.

Trustpilot is the same website that Justin Godsey, whom 8News has linked to the internet firm, encouraged us to seek out after we asked him regarding purchases that ever came.

Such issues have not occurred to me. The business has a lot of positive feedback on Trustpilot, Justin Godsey remarked.

Trustpilot told 8News that their research team discovered proof of faked ratings. The corporation claims to have removed all suspicious bogus comments. Online shoppers are going to see a Trustpilot notice that indicates they are looking into this firm right now. 


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About Godsey Online Business Services

Godsey Online Business Services is mainly located at 4870 Sadler Rd STE 300 Office 362 in Glen Allen, Virginia. Godsey Online Business Services can be contacted via phone number i.e. 804-593-9924 for pricing, hours, and directions. 

However, nothing more than that has been discovered about this organization on the internet. 


As the result of an inquiry that revealed Justin Godsey became the owner of an additional struggling website named Godsey Supply LLC. According to state records, Justin Godsey was the owner of the company.

It is clear that, according to Trustpilot’s customer conditions of service, dangerous comments, that could harm the image of an individual, or create monetary harm to a company may be deleted.

Godsey Online Business Services: Online Service Scam (Update 2024)
Godsey Online Business Services: Online Service Scam (Update 2024)

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