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TafaBot: Is It a Forex Bot Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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TafaBot is a MLM scheme based in Dubai. Find out whether you can trust them or not and if they are a scam in this Gripeo review.
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Tafabot works in the Bitcoin MLM industry. 

Their website address is, and it was initially registered in June 2021. On the nineteenth of August 2022, the personal membership was last modified. 

Following that, it’s founding partners include Samuel Benedict Ogbonnaya, the company’s CEO, Victor Otubo alias Otubo Ogemdi, & Dr. OVO.

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Ogbonnaya, the leader of TafaBot who additionally has deleted his last name for a particular reason, initially belongs to Nigeria.

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Ogbonnaya operated a website for electronic commerce named ShopKudi in the year 2013.

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ShopKudi, an online shopping mall seemed to have officially gone bankrupt at the end of the year 2013.

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Ogbonnaya rebuilt his identity as a digital currency bro since leaving ShopKudi, an online shopping mall. In the year 2015, he founded the digital currency software startup Blockchain Technology Center.

The Blockchain Technology Center never came to pass, although Ogbonnaya created SatoWallet in the year 2017.

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SatoWallet was a staking Ponzi-like scheme based on an internal SATOS shitcoin.

What are Satowallet shares? 


Satowallet Shares (SATOS) is a Satowallet platform token that reflects Satowallet’s tokenized stocks. SATOS has a stringent share limit of 10,000,000, with 500,000 held in the Satowallet team. 

SATOS traders and investors receive many advantages, including forty percent of the profit in Bitcoins every month, zero fees for transactions, coin casting votes, plus ranking right for debit card currency transfers. 

SatoWallet customers received promises of monthly profits of as much as forty percent via SatoWallet Stock investing opportunities.

SatoWallet went bankrupt during the last months of 2019. Ogbonnaya attributed the failure to technical difficulties.

It’s unclear the extent to which Ogbonnaya acquired via SatoWallet’s exit fraud, although it’s estimated to be more than a million dollars.

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Ogbonnaya emigrated to Dubai in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

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With the point that Ogbonnaya may have persisted in swindling customers following SatoWallet’s exit fraud, it remained quiet.

Ogbonnaya developed TafaBot using the web address in around the middle of 2021. 

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Its original reincarnation observed Ogbonnaya selling an automated trading system in order to better comprehend their clients. 

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Tafabot is a crypto trading futures bot that produces passive earnings from your investment without no requiring it to leave your account.

Tafabot was developed by dealers using innovative betting tactics that have been proven for more than eight years to provide continuous income while minimizing losses to zero percent.

Ogbonnaya’s damages from defrauding his Sotawallet customers had been never revealed. 

Ogbonnaya seems to have become engaged with the Russian Skyway Capital Ponzi Scam after establishing each fresh bot, including Tafabot. 

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After Ogbonnaya’s Skyway Capital PR presentation in February 2022, the initial Tafabot crumbled. If I was forced to speculate, it would be approximately the moment of the Terra and Luna crash in May. 

It will assist Ogbonnaya robot Tafabot by using its web address,, which was previously diverted to its original website,, till July. 

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Ogbonnaya relaunched Tafabot via the “” name, which had previously connected to TafaBot’s initial tafabot. Trade site.

Ogbonnaya continues to operate TafaBot from Dubai, about one year after the reset. This assessment relies on “version 4.0” of TafaBot’s remuneration schedule, which indicates that TafaBot has been restarted on multiple occasions in the past twelve months.

TafaBot co-founder Otubo Victor Ogemdi aka Dr. OVO, a Nigerian nationwide, joins Ogbonnaya.

Ogemi seems to have been an unsuccessful certified life counselor who has now become a digital currency dude.

In the background believes Dubai to have become the MLM criminal center of the globe owing to the growth of frauds & the lack of enforcement of securities theft laws.

The following are rules for Multilevel Marketing in the city of Dubai are as follows:

  1. Anybody who lives in Dubai who approaches you regarding an MLM possibility is attempting to defraud you. 
  2. If an MLM company is primarily located in or claims to have connections to the city of Dubai, it constitutes a complete hoax. 


TafaBot offers no retailable merchandise or services.

Associates are limited to promoting TafaBot associate registration.

Compensation Structure

Associates of TafaBot spend an amount to have exposure to “investing bot” investment programs.

The greater the charges a TafaBot associate contributes, the greater the amount of money they’re able to invest.

Affiliate Receive Invest 
Starter $100 annually $3000
Advanced $500 annually $25,000
Professional $1000 annually $100,000

Please keep in mind that TafaBot takes an additional ten percent charge on all Return transactions.

Referral Commissions

This MLM scheme compensates referrals with a one-tier reward mechanism.

In a unilevel compensation system, an affiliate is put at the apex of a unilevel group, having everyone newly hired associate positioned right beneath that like level 1:


Any group of level 1 affiliates acquires additional members, then gets promoted to position Two of the originating affiliate’s unilevel group.

Degree Two members join fresh affiliates, they are promoted to the next level three & then to level 4, & so forth through an almost unlimited amount of degrees.

The company restricts the number of paid unilevel team ranks to 15.

Referral earnings are calculated as a proportion of associate charges received over approximately 15 stages, which are as follows:

Levels Referral commissions 
Level 120%
Level 25%
Level 34%
Level 43%
Levels 9 to 15 1.5%
Level 9 to 15 1%

Their ROI Match

TafaBot distributes ROI Matches through a similar unilevel remuneration mechanism that distributes commissions for referrals.

Its Return on investment Match is fifty percent of the ten percent charge payable to every associate that earns an ROI:

Level ROI Match 
Level 110%
Level 28%
Level 36%
Level 45%
Level 54%
Levels 9 and 10 3%
Level 8 2%
Level 9 and 10 3%
Level 114%
Level 125%
Level 136%
Level 148%
Level 15 10%

Lifestyle Benefits

TafaBot offers a number of only once Living Bonuses to associates that produce downline advertising costs:

Generate Receive 
$150,000Hugo Boss Wrist Watch 
$1,000,0005-star Dubai Couple Trip and $10,000
$3,000,000Jetour Dashing Car 
$5,500,000Porsche Macan 2023
$10,500,000Porsche GTS 2023
$20,000,0002-bedroom apartment in Dubai Creek Harbor
$22,000,000Benz G Class G63 AMG 2022
$25,000,000Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022
$27,000,000Lamborghini Urus 2022
$30,000,00010-year Dubai visa and Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2023

Joining the Scheme

TafaBot membership in an affiliate program ranges from hundred dollars to 1000 dollars per year.

The larger the amount a TafaBot partner contributes in costs, the additional money they can make.


TafaBot has all the hallmarks of a standard MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi scam: Dubai as a whole a digital asset hub with a track record of unsuccessful enterprises, plus an automated trading algorithm.

It’s truth lies in the fact that if Samuel Ogbonnaya created a lucrative trading bot, he would be sending it the money he took via SatoWallet along with other cryptocurrency swindles.

Its savings program is subject to federal commodities & markets legislation.

tafabot mlm exposed

It indicates that this company is, at the very least, conducting stock and market scams.

Ogbonnaya’s excursion to Skyway Plaza is very intriguing. I’m inclined to believe Russians are orchestrating TafaBot’s 2022 relaunch.

It is uncertain whether Ogbonnaya is collaborating alongside Russians or acting as a full-fledged marionette Executive.

This pyramid scheme, in any event, is another instance of cheating. Ogbonnaya began shortly after he became interested in cryptocurrency.

Tafabot marketing claims

Finally, as with every MLM Ponzi plot, when associate acquisition dried up, so does fresh expenditure.

The following will deprive it of Return earnings, ultimately contributing to its demise.

The Ponzi scams’ formula ensures that if they fail, a great deal of those who joined lost wealth.

TafaBot: Is It a Forex Bot Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)
TafaBot: Is It a Forex Bot Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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  1. We should always look if the Forex broker has a legit license or not and if they are regulated or not. There are so many brokers who are legit. I will suggest you to look out for those instead of going for a broker like this who are just a bunch of scammers.

  2. Scams are on the rise these days. It’s better to do proper research before investing your money. Trust me guys it is not at all worth it to invest your money and time on these people. Do not invest your money this easily by trusting anyone.

  3. I don’t get this. What the hell is the media doing? They should be exposing such scammers so that no one else falls for this scam. They are just busy showing us some stupid news all day instead of covering such an important issue which is harming so many people.

  4. They should feel ashamed of themselves? Is the way they want to earn money by deceiving innocent people? They are so greedy that they don’t even care about other people’s emotions. They have stolen the money of their investors and should get a severe punishment for that.

  5. This is a good article. I agree with it. My friend also went through the same experience when she invested her money in a trading platform. They never allowed her to withdraw her investment and just kept on asking for deposits. She then understood that this was a scam.

  6. These people have lost their humanity. Now all they care about is money and just think about fulfilling their greed. They have no ethics. What they have done is ridiculous. If they don’t get punished then this is injustice with the victims.

  7. What is the government doing? Why don’t they take any strong actions against such criminals who are harming so many innocent people? These people are scammers and they should get punished. They lure people with the idea of quick money and then steal all their investments.

  8. These bloody scammers deserve to get punished. How the hell can they do this with innocent people? Because of these scammers all the innocent investors must be going through so much mental stress of losing their money. No one can understand the pain of those people.

  9. Scammers are criminals and should be put behind bars. They deserve to get a very harsh punishment. They deserve no mercy. These people are so evil. How can they even do this? Are they even human?

  10. This is a Ponzi scheme. So it is obviously a scam. These people should be ashamed of themselves for doing this with innocent people. They are bloody scammers and deserve to get punished.

    • Before writing any article or review please gain some knowledge about that and don’t blindly comment or criticize. As per Tafabot client’s funds are safe in their Binance account and the Tafabot can only trade but cannot withdraw the funds. Apart from this people are so selfish that they will promote any product only if they have any continuous gains. Hence the bot is advertised through MLM.

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