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TruIQ Global: Another Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

TruIQ Global
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TruIQ Global has received multiple accusations of being a scam. Find out if you should trust them or not in this review.

TruIQ Global, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, came into existence in November 2017. Operating from a UPS Store address in Utah, this enterprise has made quite the waves in the MLM industry.

Truiq global

The Journey Begins: TruIQ’s Initial Launch

As an MLM enterprise, TruIQ Global’s original launch saw it amalgamate a “Uniq Beauty Drink” with 1ViZN weight loss supplements, Bella Allume personal care products, and essential oils. An interesting aspect of their venture was the “TruIQ TruLife” test.

With TruIQ’s TruLife program, you can examine, trace, and enhance your personal, social, and environmental IQ.

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Expansion and Diversification: TruIQ Global Today

In the present day, TruIQ Global’s product line is similar but has also expanded to include hemp oil. Furthermore, about a year ago, TruIQ introduced a cryptocurrency investment scheme through TruQoin. However, the company fails to provide ownership or executive information on its website, which is a red flag for potential investors and partners.

The Executives: Preston Stewart and Jason Erik Golly

Digging deeper, we find two crucial figures in TruIQ Global’s marketing material; CEO Preston Stewart and President Jason Erik Golly.

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Preston Stewart’s MLM history has seen him deliver communication and software solutions to MLM companies since 1989. According to Stewart’s LinkedIn profile, he launched Xennsoft in August 2005.

7/12/2023 Update
As of now, TruIQ Global has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Xennsoft develops software for and supports the Direct Sales, Network Marketing, and Party Plan industries.

Although Xennsoft’s website is still up, things seem pretty quiet, with the company’s social media pages abandoned.

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Jason Golly, on the other hand, was featured as co-founder and CEO of Engage Global in November 2017. Engage Global’s website is still up but, similar to TruIQ Global, no executive information is provided.

The TruQoin Architect: Dan Lutz

The exact timeline of when Dan Lutz joined TruIQ Global corporate isn’t clear, but in March 2021, Lutz crafted the TruQoin whitepaper.

image 12

Dan Lutz is notorious for his role in The Billion Coin Ponzi scheme, launched in 2016. It primarily targeted third-world countries, with investors investing in TBC, which increased in value as more money was invested. However, TBC was controlled by The Billion Coin and couldn’t be cashed out.

My name is Dan Lutz, and I’m running for the Leader of The Billion Coin community for America. I’ve been part of The Billion Coin Community since the prelaunch. And since the very beginning, I recognized the genius of a coin whose price only goes up.

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In 2020, the Philippine SEC issued a The Billion Coin fraud warning.

The public must be wary that any promise of ridiculous rates of return with little or no risks is an indication of a Ponzi Scheme where monies from new investors are used in paying fake “profits” to earlier investors.

How exactly does a Ponzi scheme operate?

An investment fraud known as a Ponzi scheme draws investors with claims of great returns and no risk but fails to invest the money as stated. Instead, it pays off earlier investors with money from future investors while maybe keeping a portion of the profits. These schemes typically fail when recruiting investors becomes challenging or when multiple investors attempt to cash out. They depend on a steady flow of new buyers to operate. They are called after Charles Ponzi, who ran a similar scam using postal stamps in the 1920s.

TruIQ Global’s Products

TruIQ Global markets a range of hemp oil, weight loss, personal care, and essential oil products. Yet, it also sells its TruQoin cryptocurrency directly to investors, despite claiming it “doesn’t sell cryptocurrency.”

image 14

Hemp Oil

  • CBX4 – “broad-spectrum hemp oil”, retails at $90 for a 30 ml bottle

Weight Loss

  • Mykro – “stimulates your ENTIRE body to help burn unwanted fat and calories”, retails at $109 for a bottle of 60 capsules

Personal Care

  • Silky Smooth – “enhances the youthful and radiant look of skin, nails, and hair by delivering a unique blend of rich nutrients from Rice Bran Oil and other natural ingredients”, retails at $100 for a 45 ml bottle
  • CBX4 Super Infused Collagen4 – collagen cream with 250 mg CBX4 Hemp, retails at $85 for a 4 oz jar (118 ml)
  • CBX4 All-Natural CBX4 Body Lotion – “ultra-rich face and neck moisturizing lotion with a special blend of organic oils and botanicals”, retails at $65 for a 4 oz jar (118 ml)
  • CBX4 Body Mist – ” you will get over 7ml of pure hemp seed oil, with 250mg of CBX4″, retails at $55 for a 4 oz bottle (118 ml)

Essential Oils

TruIQ Global markets several essential oils for $20 to $65 per 15 ml bottle. TruIQ Global also markets “signature blend” essential oils.


TruIQ Global sells TruQoin direct to investors via “catches”. Once invested in, TruQoin can be held in the hope “number go up”, or invested again into TruIQ Global’s staking investment scheme.

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TruIQ Global’s Compensation Plan

TruIQ Global hides details of its “TruIQ Fusion Pay Plan” from the public. However, the MLM side of TruIQ Global today is essentially a feeder for TruQoin investment.

image 16

TruPoints are multiplied based on recruitment legs and recruited affiliates on autoship. TruPoints, along with direct investment, are used to calculate completion of TruQoin mining blocks. When a TruQoin mining block completes, a fixed amount of TruQoin is distributed to TruIQ Global affiliates.

image 17

Joining TruIQ Global

TruIQ Global affiliate membership depends on whether you want products or to participate in the TruQoin investment scheme.

MLM Membership

TruIQ Global’s regular MLM membership is a call-back to their non-crypto MLM roots. It comes with different packages that include assorted TruIQ Global products and TruPoints.

TruQoin Investment Scheme

If a TruIQ Global affiliate only wants to participate in the TruQoin investment opportunity, they sign up for Q-Club:

  • Q-Club Protect – $34.95 a month (wallet, video library, and phone support, account retrieval)
  • Q-Club Pro – $89.95 a month (Q-Club Protect plus increased TruPoints)
  • Q-Club Prime – $149.95 a month (Q-Club Pro plus greater increased TruPoints, baked-in monthly autoship, and access to “TruQoin University”)

TruIQ Global: The Final Word

It began as a traditional MLM company. Today, the MLM side of the business is a Trojan horse for various TruQoin investment schemes. More importantly, this constitutes a classic MLM crypto Ponzi scheme.

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, once affiliate recruitment dries up, so too will new investment. This will starve TruIQ Global of ROI revenue, eventually prompting a collapse. The math behind Ponzi schemes guarantees that when they collapse, the majority of participants lose money.

TruIQ Global: Another Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)
TruIQ Global: Another Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

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  1. a family member is currently being brainwashed by this company, promising generational wealth attached to the crypto “trucoin”. We need more articles and coverage on this company.

  2. The authorities are acutely aware that this firm will eventually collapse, then what stops them to cease the crap? Are authorities waiting for it to collapse? Do a favor on the working-class and shut the firm.

  3. TruIQ Global, is a name familiar to me. But all thanks to Christ, I was mindful enough to stay away from the scammers.

  4. How can the firm conceal their “TruIQ Fusion Pay Plan”, and still scam people efficiently. We really need to have scam-alert lectures in our workplaces to remain mindful. It’s heart-wrenching to see scammers roll the dice.

  5. Q-Club prime, Q-Club pro, Q-Club protect; They seriously have made clubs to deceive investors and it’s ironically amusing that the investors pay variably to get deceived. It’s like paying a fee for being bluffed.

  6. It’s high time now, authorities shall draw a clear line between the MLM schemes and Ponzi MLM schemes, it’s not acceptable to let investors deal with the outcomes of our ignorance.

  7. The first question that arises in my mind is that, are the affiliates, scammers too. If not, why do they trap people on the web and if yes, then why no-one is finding them responsible.

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