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Valvetta McGee-Hudson: Is She Reliable? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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About Valvetta McGee-Hudson

Valvetta McGee-Hudson claims that their original specialized qualification in many countries throughout the globe in the field of healthcare and was an Associate of Pharmacology & a Bachelor of Surgical Therapy.

Case Study 

Bellsouth Telecomms., LLC v. McGee-Hudson

Order and Decision 

The Court appeals to hear a petition for a summary judgment filed by the BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. Valvetta McGee-Hudson submitted a cross-move for a summary ruling in response to this petition. The Valvetta McGee-Hudson has submitted a challenge as well as an answer. Verbal debate is required. 

The Court has authority under 28 USC 1331. The BellSouth Telecommunications’ petition for summary ruling is granted and the complainant’s cross-motion for preliminary assessment is denied, for the explanations indicated below.


Valvetta McGee-Hudson, an African American female as well as a previous worker of The BellSouth Telecommunications, which LLC, provides this action toward BellSouth, claiming she believes she was fired for her ethnicity and sexual orientation in contravention of the provisions of Title VII of the Civil Right’s Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. 2000e et seq. 

The subsequent information has either been declared uncontested or derived from materials supplied to McGee-Hudson as the initial non-moving party:

As a result, while salespeople could file a complaint against the CWA, a Sales Coach at the executive level would not. 

According to the case filed,

Background of case of Valvetta McGee-Hudson.


  1. Standard of Summary Judgment

Summary judgment is applicable whenever the movant demonstrates that there exists no genuine disagreement as regards a substantial issue, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. 

The responsibility is on the side seeking dismissal to show that there is not enough proof to sustain the non-moving BellSouth Telecommunications’s claim.

If, after allowing the non-moving side to bring up an actual problem, no sensible jury might rule in favor of the non-moving group, a summary verdict will be awarded in favor of the opposing side. 

  1. Title vii Legal Standard 

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from failing or refusing to hire or dismiss anyone, or generally discriminating towards any person when it comes to his reimbursement, phrases, illnesses, or benefits of job opportunities, due to such person’s ethnicity or sexuality.

Valvetta McGee-Hudson must demonstrate four things to establish a strong case for prejudice on the grounds of ethnicity or sex: 

(1) She is an applicant of a safeguarded category. 

(2) She is eligible for the position in issue.

(3) She was fired.

(4) She failed to break the work rule which resulted in her being dismissed, or if she performed, a comparable staff outdoors of her safeguarded school was not fired for infringing the identical rule. 

For instance, Okoye is v. the University of Texas

  1. Race-based Discrimination 

Velvetta McGee-Hudson fulfilled each of the three elements of the initial demonstration, according to BellSouth. Velvetta McGee-Hudson seems African American, and there’s no dispute how she was deemed unqualified for the position she held, and the evidence shows that she was fired on the 25th of July in 2011, according to a severance notice. 

As a result, the Supreme Court must decide that McGee-Hudson met the final criterion outlined in the preliminary examination.

Velvetta McGee-Hudson is unable to locate any white worker who committed a comparable Code of Behavior infraction under virtually identical conditions. As a result, she failed to establish a strong case for this foundation.

What is Discrimination?

Discrimination is the unfair or prejudiced treatment of people or groups based on particular traits or qualities that are either ingrained in or imputed to them. This mistreatment can take many different forms, such as derogatory or harmful acts, choices, or behaviors taken against or harming persons because they fall into, or are seen to fall into a certain category.

  1. Gender-based Discrimination 

After determining that there’s an actual conflict about whether Valvetta or not McGee-Hudson infringed the Standards of Behavior, the judge will consider whether or not McGee-Hudson referred to other similarly situated male staff members who received treatment kinder than her under almost identical situations. She has not, according to the Court.


To summarize, the Court determines that there is an actual disagreement concerning whether or not Valvetta McGee-Hudson truly broke the work rule power source for which she is charged. She nevertheless has been unable to demonstrate discrimination according to her color and femininity. 

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Valvetta McGee-Hudson v. AT&T


Valvetta McGee-Hudson claims in her claim that she works for the AT&T as a Marketing Coach in a managerial position until she was fired for purportedly using corporate credit card accounts. It claims she & a pair of black female marketing coaches did it. Their director of operations abruptly fired it for purportedly violating the rules of corporate behavior guidelines. 

Law & Analysis 

There was no punishment undertaken towards her. Valvetta McGee-Hudson claims that she was fired in breach of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, 42, due to her race and sexuality. Valvetta McGee-Hudson seeks losses for lost wages or advantages, loss of economic ability, suffering, and pain, psychological distress, humiliation, annoyance, or shame, lack of enjoyment of life, and more losses to be proved at trial. 

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For the explanations stated above, the Valvetta McGee-Hudson’S request to Compel has been granted partially & rejected in part.

Valvetta McGee-Hudson’s motion to complete answers to Interrogatory Number 1, 2, and 7, as well as Request of Documentation Numbers 1 and 6, has been granted to the degree permitted by this order. The decision requires supplementary answers and outputs. 

AT&T do not have to replicate any data or documents previously supplied to Valvetta McGee-Hudson. 

By the seventeenth of October the year 2023, the respondent must deliver supplemental answers to Interrogatory Numbers 1, two, and 7, as well as supplementary responses to the Demand for Performance Numbers one and six with objections. 

Valvetta McGee-Hudson’s Motion to Compel Answers to Interrogatories 3,4,5, and 6 & Demand Exhibit Number 2 is Denied.

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Final Thoughts 

Ms. Valvetta McGee-Hudson filed suit against her employers for wrongful termination. She exploited the business credit cards & was fired as a result. She decided to sue them, claiming that they fired her because she was a black woman.

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Valvetta McGee-Hudson: Is She Reliable? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Valvetta McGee-Hudson: Is She Reliable? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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  1. Violating the behavior of the cooperate and disturbing the workflow flow of the company is never acceptable at all, as she said to the court that she is black and that is why the company fired him from the job. But this is not the reason why she is fired from the reason as she broke the rules and regulations of the company and this kind of act can not be acceptable in the corporate world.

  2. Now these kinds of people create a bad image of black people, although black is still suffering from racism, and these type of act can boost the hate toward black people. How can she do these types of incidents? Is still hard for me to believe these kinds of cases and people still exist in society.

  3. Valvetta McGee Hudson after he was fired from the Job, claims that she was mistreated by the office management really what bullshit she is talking about, she just playing the victim card just to attract people and attention and sympathy.

  4. It is hard to see that the person in higher positions was doing misconduct and trying to mislead their cooperation by using unlawful tactics and using the corporate credit card account.
    But then it is good to see that the management has conducted the proper inquiry and fired Valvetta McGee for misleading activity.

  5. If she is confident and claims that she is very talented and can join any organization, why does the company find her breaking company rules and having bad judgment and leadership? This is very horrifying.

  6. She claims that the corporation mistreated him, which is not true, and she is filing a case against the company for misbehavior based on their color and caste, as well as where she belongs. I don’t believe so, because these are strategies used to flee after committing a crime.

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