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Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa: License Suspended But Why? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Multiple complaints against cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristine Brecht resulted in Aesthetic Rejuvenation and spa license suspension. Let's explore the truth:
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Multiple complaints against cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristine Brecht resulted in Aesthetic Rejuvenation and spa license suspension. Let's explore the truth:

The license of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristine Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa was limited due to a state commission finding that her failings caused significant damage or death to a patient. Find out more about the story below:

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Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa: A Brief Overview

Several surgical as well as non-surgical treatments for body contouring and face aesthetics are available at the Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa by Dr. Brecht. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the word “cozy” might indicate a lack of competence or clinical standards even though they promise to offer a cozy and individualized approach. 

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with this spa but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

Although the staff’s friendliness and compassion may seem good, it might also be seen negatively as a sign that they lack the requisite knowledge.

image 19

According to the statement, friends and family frequently recommend patients, which may indicate that there is little public knowledge of the institution or that referrals are made more on the basis of word-of-mouth than the hospital’s reputation as a whole. 

Being honored to be an element of an individual’s rejuvenation process of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa might be interpreted as an attempt to win the patient’s sympathy or divert attention from any potential flaws in the services offered.

When seen negatively, the phrase might generally be seen as casting doubt on the facility’s integrity, staff expertise, and dependence on personal recommendations as opposed to a solid reputation based on merit and high-quality service.

What actually happened to ruin the reputation of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa?

image 18

After a ruling by the Washington State Medical Commission (WMC) that her activities had led to serious damage or death to a patient, Dr. Kristine Brecht, a cosmetic surgeon who works at Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa, has seen a considerable decline in her professional reputation there. 

This is because her medical license has been restricted as a consequence of this judgment. In spite of the fact that Brecht has an excellent record that includes a number of honors and appearances in the media, including a role as a cosmetic surgery expert and advertiser on the KING 5 chat program “New Day Northwest,” she has come under criticism.

According to the findings of the investigators working for KING 5, Dr. Brecht has been the focus of a minimum of 17 official allegations that have been made with the WMC since 2017. 

This figure is considered to be problematic by specialists in the area. In the state of Washington, the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) is in charge of overseeing and enforcing the prerequisites for medical licensing as well as the requirements of practice for both doctors and physician assistants.

A King County jury recently handed down a sizable $13 million verdict for damages after a patient suffered severe disfigurement as a result of what was deemed to be a “botched” operation by Dr. Kristine Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa, a cosmetic surgeon with a history of state medical board disciplinary actions from Burien.

The patient’s lawyers said in a statement that Dr. Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa had undergone many cosmetic treatments on the woman even though she was not a good candidate for them, resulting in what was called “devastating” damage. The Washington Medical Commission had only a month before suspended Dr. Brecht’s medical license, which is noteworthy.

It was claimed in the complaint, which was filed in July 2022, that the surgeon failed to properly assess the patient before doing a complete stomach tuck, arm lift, breast lift, and liposuction on the patient who had poorly managed diabetes. 

Additionally, it was said that Dr. Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa failed to counsel the woman to stop smoking, as is normally advised to guarantee appropriate healing following such surgeries or to alert her of the dangers of skin necrosis.

The “Cinderella Anesthesia,” a novel general anesthetic substitute that mixes oxycodone and lorazepam, was also a subject of the case. The patient reportedly had memory loss as a result of this unusual treatment. 

The complaint shockingly claimed that Dr. Brecht restrained patients with shackles and weights during surgery, which is very unorthodox and sparked more concerns about her surgical methods.

Legal counsel for the patient claimed that extensive skin removal by Dr. Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa resulted in severe scarring. They further said that the surgeon did not offer the proper postoperative care and neglected to address surgical-site infections in a timely way. 

The patient’s severe and lasting deformity as a result of these claimed carelessness and unusual procedures finally led to the jury’s hefty cash verdict.

Death of the Patient in Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa

One of the grievances concerned Shannon Etter, a 54-year-old West Seattle resident who underwent surgery. She had a stomach tuck and liposuction on October 25, 2019, by Brecht. 

State officials determined that the doctor never should have operated on Etter. According to official investigations, she had poor health and posed a “poor risk” for the procedure.

Etter’s mother, Mary Frances Duggan, stated that her primary physician had advised against having the surgery six months prior. Shannon shouldn’t have had surgery, therefore she shouldn’t have.
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Three days after undergoing surgical treatment, the patient, who has been designated in official state papers as Etter, saw a precipitous deterioration in their overall condition. After collapsing at her house, she was sent to Highline Hospital in Burien by ambulance, where doctors determined that she was suffering from septic shock as well as failure of many organ systems. 

Tragically, two days later, her family was present as she was taken off of life support, which ultimately led to the untimely passing of the patient. Those who were closest to her were left in a state of astonishment and wondering how things could have gone so horribly wrong after this chain of events.

Following their investigation, state authorities determined that Dr. Brecht’s treatment at Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa was marred by a number of serious shortcomings. It was discovered that she had not performed a sufficient evaluation of Etter’s health before the surgery. In addition, the patient’s oxygen levels were discovered to be “dangerously low” at a follow-up examination that took place three days following the surgery. 

As the patient’s health deteriorated, it was shocking to learn that Dr. Brecht did not administer any additional oxygen or call for emergency aid.

The inquiry team from the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) claimed that Dr. Brecht’s inability to execute an adequate physical exam, obtain a comprehensive medical history, and swiftly assess lab results led her to carry out an operation on Etter for which she was an inappropriate candidate, which ultimately resulted in the death of the patient. 

The investigators also stated that this failure ultimately led to Dr. Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa being disciplined by the Washington Medical Commission (WMC). It has also been suggested that Dr. Brecht’s inadequate reaction to the critically low oxygen levels at Etter’s follow-up session was one of the factors that contributed to the terrible end of the situation. 

Dr. Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa stated in her defense that Etter and her husband had purposefully omitted essential information on the patient’s chronic health issues. 

Dr. Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa contended that she wanted an honest medical record from her patients and claimed that Etter had not reported her chronic, end-stage liver illness and chronic lung damage, which included numerous cases of pneumonia needing yearly ventilator support. 

Dr. Brecht’s argument was based on the fact that she expected her patients to be honest about their medical histories. Dr. Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa believes that if she had been made aware of these issues before an operation, she would not have gone through with the treatment.

The state brought allegations against Dr. Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa, which comprised offenses connected to nine distinct patients. 

These charges were filed by the state. The incorrect prescription of controlled medications was the subject of five of the complaints, while surgical situations were the subject of four of the complaints. 

These claims, when taken together, gave rise to significant reservations regarding the clinical judgment and patient care procedures of Dr. Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa.

Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa: Anesthesia Difficulties

According to state inspectors, there was a trend of using “inappropriate anesthesia” throughout the surgery. 

Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa served as her own anesthesiologist, choosing not to use general anesthesia or intravenous (IV) sedation as directed by a board-certified anesthesiologist or a qualified registered nurse anesthetist. Records reveal that, even during high-risk procedures, she depended on oral drugs during surgery, including oxycodone, lorazepam, and zolpidem (Ambien).  

According to the state, “oversedation is a concern with the amount of (oral) medications” the surgeon used during procedures, and without an IV, there was no access to the patient’s bloodstream for any potential crises.

A lady in her mid-30s underwent a breast augmentation in 2017 under the care of Brecht. The quantity of oral sedatives employed caused the patient to complain of loss of memory that persisted for days. The patient’s heart rate and blood pressure spiked throughout the surgery, according to the state, indicating “patient was in discomfort and may not have been adequately anesthetized.”

Brecht performed liposuction on a woman in her late 60s in 2018. State investigators discovered the woman in this case couldn’t move for seven hours after being released from Brecht’s surgical center, “suggesting the patient was improperly discharged,” and that she was finally hospitalized overnight to a hospital, “further suggesting that she was over sedated.”

Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa disputes any claims of oversedation. She attributed fewer than optimal outcomes in records given to the state to patients who disregarded post-operative instructions. She said that her techniques for oral sedation are more secure than conventional ones.

Brecht wrote that she deliberately used oral sedation in the appropriate amounts via a treatment plan that I have carefully developed. In my view, local tumescence and oral sedation are safer and pose fewer risks to the patient than IV sedation or general anesthesia. Additionally, there are fewer bleeding concerns and greater postoperative comfort. Because it truly lowers the danger of oversedation, I created this technique.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hakim Said, who is also a clinical associate professor at the University of Washington, stated, “I’m sure that she was a risk to the public.” “I have to admit that I was shocked and saddened as well that that series of errors in judgment could happen.”

The use of oral sedation during Dr. Brecht’s procedures, according to Dr. Said and other board-certified cosmetic surgeons who spoke with KING 5, goes against best practices.

Dr. Said stated that the dangers “are possibly lethal on the table.” “It kind of reminds me of boxing with a single hand behind your back. You basically are unable to react to any emergency situations if you can only provide oral drugs.

Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa: About its Owner

According to Dr. Kristine Brecht, she has more than 20 years of experience working in cosmetic surgery and more than 20 years of specialized study. She runs her business out of a building in Burien, Washington that she proudly refers to as “State of the Art,” perhaps to portray an air of refinement and modernity.

She completed a Plastic Surgery Fellowship at the University of South Florida as part of her academic career. 

Notably, she has worked in executive capacities for a number of organizations dedicated to cosmetic surgery, including the American Society of Liposuction Surgery, where she was president, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, where she was on the Board of Trustees. 

She also served at the World Congress on Liposuction’s Chairwoman in 2017, which highlights her leadership in the cosmetic medicine field.

Various procedures are available at Dr. Brecht’s office, Aesthetic Rejuvenation, to improve the look of the breasts, torso, and face. She makes a point of utilizing the most recent technologies, with an emphasis on Liposculpting for ladies in particular. 

Dr. Brecht of Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa asserts that by focusing on body shaping as opposed to typical liposuction, her method is unique. Subtly suggesting that alternative approaches could lack this creative touch, she supports the concept of viewing each patient’s body as a work of art. She claims that in order to give her customers the outcomes they want, her methods should generate and increase body curvatures rather than just get rid of extra fat.

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The Washington State Medical Commission (WMC) conducted an inquiry that resulted in Dr. Kristine Brecht, a cosmetic surgeon headquartered in Burien, Washington, the owner of facing limitations on her medical license as a direct result of the investigation. 

The Washington Medical Commission (WMC) is in charge of ensuring that medical professionals in the state meet the necessary requirements for licensing and enforcing these requirements. According to Dr. Sam Lien, the President of the Washington State Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Brecht has been the subject of at least 17 documented complaints to the WMC since 2017. This is a relatively high amount.


In conclusion, for the patient who suffered severe deformity from Dr. Kristine Brecht’s “botched” surgery in Burien, a King County jury ordered $13 million. The unfit patient had terrible damage after surgery tuck, arm lift, breast lift, and liposuction. 

The Washington Medical Commission received many complaints about Dr. Brecht and Aesthetic Rejuvenation and Spa. Her medical license was suspended due to these issues. 

The complaint claimed she used an atypical anesthetic, dubious surgical restrictions, excessive fat removal, and poor postoperative care, underlining the urgency of the issue. The jury’s large cash award shows the case’s seriousness and impact on the patient.

You may learn more about Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa on the link mentioned below:

Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa: License Suspended But Why? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa: License Suspended But Why? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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  1. First of all, nobody needs cosmetic surgery, you are beautiful. Trust yourself. Until you are burnt or have some serious issue, there is no need to go through a surgical blade.

  2. First of all, nobody needs cosmetic surgery, you are beautiful. Trust yourself. Until you are burnt or have some serious issue, there is no need to go through a surgical blade.

  3. People promote their spa with different statements, there is no point in getting baffled by the word ‘cozy’.

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