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Punch TV Studios: The Truth Exposed by the SEC Allegations & Customer Reviews (2024)

There have been accusations leveled against Punch TV Studios of different instances of deceiving investors, and it is said that this corporation defrauded a large number of investors. Let's look at it from every angle and examine all of the evidence:
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There have been accusations leveled against Punch TV Studios of different instances of deceiving investors, and it is said that this corporation defrauded a large number of investors. Let's look at it from every angle and examine all of the evidence:

On November 15, 2021, Punch TV Studios released a statement in reaction to the civil rights violations that had been perpetrated against the firm and its founder and chief executive officer, Joseph Collins. 
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The violations had been committed against the company and Collins. This statement was written in response to the misleading and outrageous public notice that was distributed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on September 30, 2021. Let’s go into the details of the narrative to find out everything there is to know about it.

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Punch TV Studios: A Brief Overview

In May of 2014, a Delaware corporation by the name of Punch TV Studios, Inc. was founded, and the city of Santa Fe Springs, in the state of California, is where the majority of its business is conducted. 

The firm only has one class of securities available for purchase, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is not aware of these securities since they have not been registered with the agency.
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By agreeing to a Suspension Order on or around January 9, 2018, Punch TV Studios was able to successfully terminate an earlier enforcement process that had been started by the SEC.

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Founder of Punch TV Studios

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Joseph Collins, who is 57 years old and lives in Santa Fe Springs, California, is employed by Punch TV Studios, Inc. in numerous crucial jobs, and he has held this position for a long time. In addition to being the company’s creator, the single member of the board of directors, the chief executive officer, and the secretary, he is also the majority stakeholder in the business. 

In addition, Joseph Collins is the only person who is permitted to sign on to represent the corporation for any of its bank accounts. Notably, Joseph Collins is not registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in any official capacity. This indicates that he does not occupy any official position under the SEC’s regulatory structure.

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Allegations Against Punch TV Studios

Punch TV Studios, its creator, its operations, and its current financial standing. Clarification of each issue is as follows:

Self-Promotion on the Part of Punch TV Studios: Punch TV Studios promotes itself as an important participant in the international media sector, with aspirations to develop and disseminate entertaining and original content on a global scale.

Principal of Founder: Collins, the company’s founder and principal, created Punch TV Studios in 2014. Since he is the only controlling person and principle of the organization, it may be deduced that he has the major power to make decisions.

SEC Reports: Collins has always been in charge of compiling Punch TV’s filings for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and he has given his approval before these filings were sent to the SEC. This means that he is involved in ensuring regulatory compliance and reporting financial data.

Website: Punch TV Studios maintains its own website, which can be found at This website acts as the company’s online platform for information, communication, and perhaps the distribution of material.

Email Addresses: The organization makes use of distinct email addresses for a variety of functions, including relations with investors, general queries, and communications. Please contact us at the following email addresses: in****************@pu************.com, **@pu************.com, & pu*****@ya***.com

Email of  Founder: Punch TV Studios operates a Facebook account titled “Punch TV Studios” as part of its online presence and connection with the general public. This page may be seen by the general public. Email Sent by Joseph Collins The fact that the firm was founded by Joseph Collins, who also uses the email address jo***********@pu************.com

 indicates that he is directly involved in the communication inside the company.

Lack of personnel: As of February 2020, Punch TV Studios had no workers other than Joseph Collins, which suggests that the firm was most likely functioning with a relatively tiny workforce overall.

By the end of the year 2020, Punch TV Studios did not have any of its programming licensed, which indicates that the company did not have any agreements in place for the transmission of its programs. 

The corporation had not recorded earnings for the entire year of 2020 and had not made any income from the sale of its materials. In addition, the corporation was not involved in any production or broadcasting operations at that time, which is another indication that there was a lack of major operational activity.

This material includes a summary of the founder of Punch TV Studios, as well as the operational roles, web presence, and current financial situation of the company as of December 2020. 

It gives the impression that the organization was struggling at the time with issues relating to the generation of money and the dissemination of information. To identify whether or not there have been advancements or adjustments since that period, more study is required.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has taken Punch TV Studios and Collins on as defendants in this formal legal case. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) asserts that Punch TV Studios and Collins breached Sections 5(a) and 5(c) of the Securities Act by distributing and marketing securities (Punch TV’s $1/share and $5/share common stock) to investors without first complying with the Securities Act’s prerequisites for registration or obtaining an exemption from registration. The SEC asks the Court for permission to seek remedy in the following areas:

Declare as a matter of fact and law that the claimed infractions did take place, and issue your findings and conclusions accordingly.

To prevent Punch TV, Collins, and their associates from breaching Sections 5(a) and 5(c) of the Securities Act and from participating in unregistered securities offerings, permanent injunctions should be issued in a manner that is consistent with Rule 65(d) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. These injunctions should be worded in a manner that is consistent with the language of the order.

  • Instruct Punch TV and Collins to return any and all monies received as a result of their unlawful behavior, in addition to accrued interest, and the court should order this.
  • In accordance with the terms of Section 20(d) of the Securities Act, the defendants should be subject to civil fines.
  • Issue an order in accordance with subsection 20(g) of the Securities Act to prevent the defendants from taking part in offers of penny stocks.
  • Keep your jurisdiction over the matter so that you can execute and carry out any decisions or decrees and listen to any appropriate applications or motions for additional relief. Besides that, the court should provide any other kind of remedy it thinks is appropriate and required.

Punch TV Studios Reviews: Scams Exposed by Clients & Victims

There are several distinct kinds of complaints that bring to light the real situation at Punch TV Studios. Let’s talk about every single fraud review that’s down below: 

#1. Dissatisfaction of Investor

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In this section of the review, which can be seen above, the individual has voiced their discontent with their investment of about one thousand shares and states that they have not gotten any returns. They have claimed that they want to launch legal procedures against PunchTV and have expressed a wish to learn what Mr. Collins did with their money.

#2. Punch TV Studios produces negative results
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In this section of the analysis, which can be found above, the individual made a purchase in shares around five years ago and is now dissatisfied with the absence of favorable outcomes from the transaction. 

They expressed the hope that Joseph Collins would be held accountable for his actions and discussed investing $15,000, which is the sum that symbolizes their family’s savings. They are under the impression that Joseph Collins has been stealing money from families who are already in a difficult financial position.

#3. Shareholders Express Dissatisfaction Over Poor Returns
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Here, the reviewer stated buying shares around four years prior and expressed disappointment with the absence of profitable returns. They want to sue someone, perhaps Mr. Collins. They also claimed that despite investing their hard-earned money, millions of other people including themselves had not seen any returns. They feel that raising this issue to the BBB has not been productive and that coordinated action is required. Furthermore, it was alleged that Mr. Collins was living a lavish lifestyle at the cost of the investors.

#4. A Harmful Experience for Future Television Professionals

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According to the aforementioned review, many people find the television business to be indisputably appealing, and the chance to work in it, whether on camera or beneath the scenes, is frequently greatly desired. To start jobs in this profession, people go to college and put a lot of work into it. Punch TV Studios, however, doesn’t seem to be taking a new tack in terms of helping out struggling professionals. They appear to favor hiring interns with the potential to harm their future chances rather than coach or guide them.

If one has worked with Punch TV Studios personally, one may be able to relate to these worries. This TV network seems to be lacking in useful materials for emerging talent. Their trainers seem inept and unprepared to succeed in the field, which may be why they continue to work at Punch TV.

Another problem is discovered when the Punch TV setup is looked at more closely. In a sector that is evolving quickly, it looks like they continue to use antiquated and outmoded equipment and technologies. Punch TV could lack the expertise needed to stay current with the emerging technology necessary to be successful in the television market. Because of this, training and employment at Punch TV may be compared to tourism – you may take in the views without learning how to make the best of the tools.

In order to protect one’s professional reputation, it might not be a good idea to list Punch TV on one’s CV. Given the chance of losing important knowledge and being overloaded with irrelevant material, the two years you spent at Punch TV may create the impression that you have little experience or are a recent graduate.

Given these worries, it is wise to think again before deciding to join Punch TV. The network could not provide the chances for advancement and success that prospective television professionals are looking for. These insights are based on first-hand knowledge, thus it is advised to proceed with caution and carefully research Punch TV before committing.

It is important to inquire about the credentials of their trainers if you are thinking about scheduling a meeting with them, but getting specific responses might be difficult. It has been argued that Punch TV may not be acting in the best interests of emerging artists and may be engaging in dubious business practices.

Due to their possible lack of thorough sector expertise and potential vulnerability, internships may be especially susceptible in this situation. They frequently become aware of their initial error, though, after they depart and look into new alternatives. Some people can adjust and keep going, while others decide to go on. Dealing with the encounters at Punch TV seems to be a cause of irritation in either situation.

According to the opinion voiced, Joseph Collins, the network’s owner, should be held responsible for the problems and obstacles encountered by people connected to the network and Punch TV should be the target of regulatory inspection and maybe even punishment. To stop additional harm from being done to prospective television industry professionals, swift action is being demanded against Punch TV Studios and its owner.


When I consider the whole situation, questions are raised regarding the company’s activities and the way in which its investors are treated. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken legal action in response to complaints from shareholders about the lack of returns and suspicions of dubious business practices. 

Ineffective, possibly dangerous, and lacking in technical innovation, the company’s interaction with young television professionals is another criticism leveled at it. It is advised that people use care and do extensive study before getting associated with Punch TV Studios as a result. The seriousness of these worries is highlighted by the SEC’s engagement and legal measures taken against the corporation.

Punch TV Studios: The Truth Exposed by the SEC Allegations & Customer Reviews (2024)
Punch TV Studios: The Truth Exposed by the SEC Allegations & Customer Reviews (2024)

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  1. I bought 500 shares of then Punch TV Studios, Inc., in 2017 and have not checked on the status until today. Why are people desperate to “STEAL” money from people that hope their luck changes to a positive outcome. Apparently, my involvement was in good faith but, apparently, their intentions were to consciously and deliberate Fraud on the people interested in doing a bit better. I hate to be in Joseph Collings shoes, when he is Judge by our Lord and Savior. The Lord said: Vengeance is Mine!!!

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