Apex Visa Reviews- Are They Fraudsters?

Apex Visa
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Apex Visa has received numerous complaints about poor customer support and fraudulent practices.

Apex Visa has received numerous complaints about poor customer support and fraudulent practices. The following review will help you understand if you can trust them or not:

About Apex Visa 

Apex Visa reviews

Apex Visa claims that the team has over twenty years of experience in the domain to ensure fast & simple services. To get the task completed, professionals prioritize four factors: expertise, expertise, openness, & outcomes. 

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As a result, this immigration firm did not give any assistance to their clients. The company is a complete fake. 

What is the definition of fraud as a crime?

Fraud is punishable by jail or a fine. A fraud conviction could result in a sentence of up to three years in jail. The maximum prison term for a more serious fraud, such as one committed against an agency of the government, is six years.

Their services are illegitimate

The site itself is a little disorganized and difficult to browse. Some important papers, such as the policy on privacy and conditions of use, are absent. Furthermore, they neglect to specify who the advisors are and whether or not they are controlled, which is critical. 

The company claims to provide temporary living, student visas, tourism visas, dependant visas, and company visas. However, all of the information they supply to their clients is false. Yet, the services they claim the company provides to assist their clients are likewise false. 

Negative & Positive Aspects of Apex Visa


  • Important papers such as the policy on privacy & conditions of use are missing.
  • There is little mention of their squad, and they are uncertain of their authorized position.


  • Upkeep of Social Media to fool people. 

Apex Visa has only one great aspect, which is also untrustworthy. 

The most effective method for Indians to go to Canada claims Apex Visa 

Apex Visa claims that their company is one of the most successful organizations assisting many students to study abroad. 

However, this is not the case; Apex Visa is a fraudulent corporation that simply collects money from students and never returns it, as well as never requiring students to study overseas. 

According to the Apex Visa, they claim that for Indian immigrants, Canada is among the most desirable locations. Millions of Indians come to Canada every year in search of better career possibilities. Because of Canada’s prosperity and employment market, potential. 

Indian immigrants chose Canada despite other popular locations such as Germany or the US of America. 

Canada has long held a special place in the hearts of Indians due to its liberal immigration regulations, diverse environment, national medical structure, thriving job market, employment happiness, and wealth of fresh and diversified options.

The most prominent visa programs for Indians by APEX Visa consultancy:

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Express Entry into Canada

The company claims that obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residency visa for foreigners is one of the simplest & most prevalent stages. It enables qualified individuals to apply for PR through an online mechanism. Before submitting your application, each candidate should confirm their eligibility and prepare their documentation.

After a component, you can wait for a portal invitation and register for the PT. Its primary benefit is that it only takes six weeks to process an application for a skilled worker. Candidates must have relevant job experience in technical skills, competent in creating, trade, supervisory, or similar domains.

As a result, all of the company’s services are forgeries and not legitimate. It is always attempting to hurt its customers. 

Selection criteria: 

The candidate must satisfy all of the minimal requirements before being evaluated based on characteristics such as age, schooling, professional experience, a genuine employment provider, English or French competence, and adaptability to Canada. Only the most qualified individuals from the queue for Express Entry are invited to apply for permanent residency.

However, using selection criteria, they demanded a large sum of money from their clients and promised to send them abroad for studies, but this never happened. 


Skilled work experience: This signifies that the candidate has previously worked in one of the following National Occupation Taxonomy, which job categories:

  • Managerial positions (skill level 0)
  • Jobs for professionals (skill level A)
  • Technical and skilled trades occupations (skill level B)

Apex Visa listed many professional positions in its requirements section, but all of the requirements are invalid because no one may study overseas on their own.


If someone, has studied in Canada as well, be sure to bring your certificate/diploma/degree from a Canadian university.

Program for Provincial Nominees:

Designed for employees with the necessary abilities, schooling, or professional experience.

Paper-based processes include:

Submit to a Canadian provincial or region with a non-Express Entry nomination.

All qualifying requirements of the individual jurisdiction must be met.

After being nominated, you must file a written application for permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees, & Immigration Canada. A medical examination and a background check are required.

The documentation is all illegal. They supply false papers to their clients and do not distinguish between them, fulfilling that fake paper thus submitting a huge quantity of money as fees. 

How to Use the Paper-Based Procedure:

The Procedure of Fast Entry- Anyone can apply in either manner via the internet-based rapid entry process. 

  1. By contacting the appropriate territory and applying for a nomination through the Express Entry process.
  1. Creating a profile for Express Entry & submitting it to the provinces/territories where you would like to apply

The Federal Qualified Industries: This category is for qualified employees seeking permanent residency.

What are the prerequisites?

The key requirement for them is money because after enrolling for college overseas, the company charged their clients a large sum of money. Then, they assert and indicate on their official website the conditions for concealing the falsehoods, i.e.

  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking.

Reviews of Apex Visa

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  • One of the clients of Apex Visa firm posted on their official website and said that he paid a large sum of cash for seeking migration, however after they collected the payment, they did not answer my visa inquiry via phone or email. I am not receiving any responses to my progress inquiries, requests for refunds, or any inquiries.
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  • Fraud Consultancy

According to his customer, he contacted Apex Visa for an excursion visa to the Netherlands. In the beginning, I expressed anxiety that I would require a visa before the 15th of April to fly on the 20th. In my scenario, however, was dismissed by the defendants. They started the procedure on March 15th, even though I paid on March 3rd. Next, they claimed they don’t have a timetable for VFS Global at the moment and that acquiring a visa by April 20th is extremely tough. 

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  • Refused for refund

Scammers make a lot of money. They will offer everything only to obtain cash from people and subsequently abandon it. Will not even return messages or phone calls. You will be trapped & might not think about the cash you have.

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There are many more negative comments on Apex Visa Consultancy

  • Cheating, scam promising company!!

The staff is untrustworthy; they only publish your information to free sites. APEXVISAS’s slogan for wasting candidates’ time is IELTS 9 score.

The majority of the emails they receive begin with ADMIN1, ADMIN2, & ADMIN3.

APEXVISAS is a deceptive organization that preys on the feelings of individuals & potential for relocation abroad.

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  • Money-laundering firm!!

According to the client of Apex Visa, he submitted applications for Canadian and Australian immigration repeatedly. The amenities that were offered to Australians were deplorable. However it’s been a year, & my experiences have been as poor, and considering that I’m out of options and need a reimbursement, they’ve refused.

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Customer’s comment:

According to the consumer care website, one of the clients of Apex Visa has posted a comment about it including:

It’s already nearly 2.5 years. This bogus organization failed to reimburse me one lakh rupees. Apex Visa Pune is the brand name of the organization. Avoid placing your trust in this organization. A few of my friends is a victims here.

Fraud in Immigration 

According to the consumer complaint Court, which is based on a nonprofit NGO providing justice to victims or clients. 

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GURPREET KAUR’s Complaint Text:

As per the information posted on the website, a woman namely Gurpreet Kaur was the target of a citizenship swindle. They aren’t returning my money or assisting me in my Canadian case. They have repeatedly declined to reimburse my money and have not returned my messages or calls for the past two years.

GURPREET KAUR uploaded the following image:

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Apex Visa Reviews- Are They Fraudsters?
Apex Visa Reviews- Are They Fraudsters?

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  1. I had the worst experience with them. They just wasted my and nothing else, I was unable to get the visa on time.
    They are unreliable for visa processing. Don’t visit Apex Visa for visa proceedings and save your money.

  2. Poor customer service, horrible staff, and untrustworthy for the visa services.

  3. They are the worst to deal with, At the last you will get nothing. They are here to deceive the people.

    If you are really bothered about your money and time then enroll for their bogus services.

    Scam scam scam if still deal with them then please run away from there.

  4. Don’t visit their websites they are the big scammers. Once they get the money they start ignoring their customers.

  5. The regulatory authority needs to take some strict actions on them. And get these fraudsters behind the bar.

  6. Apex Visa is a group of fake people. They had zero knowledge of immigration services.
    I would advise keeping away from them.

  7. How can they do this to anyone, It is traumatic for those people who believe their fake consultancy and services.

  8. I completely agree with all the reviews that are mentioned in this article. I really like this article and it helps me to make wise decisions.

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