Armin Ordodary’s Scam Exposed (2024)

Armin Ordodary scam
Armin Ordodary has received allegations of being a major scammer. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
Armin Ordodary

As we have previously mentioned, con artists frequently allege that the Media violates copyright in its reports and warnings. The con artists use text and image pieces from Media  for this reason, posting them backdated on some obscure websites. The scammers try to stop the content from showing up in Google search results by using the infringement accusations. All of these assertions have been denied by Google thus far. Armin Ordodary used this method most recently. An opportunity to write about him once more.

The turf in Belgrade

One of the hubs for Israeli boiler rooms is Belgrade. Belgrade is dubbed the Manhattan of the Balkans by some. Bright young Belgraders can find appealing careers in boiler rooms. Prominent operators of boiler rooms, such as Armin Ordodary, a resident of Cyprus, are enjoying considerable success. He serves both criminals and licensed investment organisations with boiler room services.

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Living and working in Cyprus, Armin Ordodary (LinkedIn) runs two businesses, Benrich Trading Ltd. and Benrich Holdings Ltd., in addition to his other pursuits. Bizserve DOO, formerly known as Upmarkt DOO, is a subsidiary of the latter that runs a boiler room for different frauds in Serbia.

The FSMsmart deception

Through the offshore company FSM Smart Ltd, which is based in the Marshall Islands, Ordodary ran the massive FSMsmart binary options fraud until 2018. Additionally, Ordodary contributed to the creation of broker CRM software. To the best of our knowledge, Ordodary and its fraudulent operations are being looked into by some European authorities; but, as of yet, no legal action has been taken.

In particular, we are aware of one German law enforcement organisation that already maintains a sizable dossier of investigations.

It is also alleged that the boiler rooms run by Ordodary and his Upmarkt, also known as Bizserve, were a part of the Lau Scheme, which was allegedly carried out globally under a number of phoney brand names (read the article here).

Identified brands and companies

Our Media  Research Team has been able to establish connections between Armin Ordodary and the following brands and companies so far:

  • Brands and Domains
  • FSM Smart –
  • FSM Smarts –
  • NepCore – a white-label broker and/or CRM solution
  • Legal Entities
  • FSM Smart Ltd – Marshall Islands
  • Benrich Holdings Ltd – Cyprus
  • SIAO Ltd – Cyprus
  • Bizserve DOO (previously Upmarkt DOO) – Serbia
  • BizTech DOO – Serbia

Armin Ordodary

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Cyprus’s highly favourable tax and corporate offerings are immediately and directly accessible to the firm, and it is strategically located as a stepping stone to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. This company collaborates closely with a group of extremely specialized businesses to provide a broad variety of corporate, business, and tax services to both domestic and foreign clients.

Their mission at Armin Ordodary Group is to lead our clients toward real, significant results. Their heritage, which was founded in 2014 by Armin Ordodary, is based on excellence.

As a leading worldwide strategic consulting firm with a significant presence in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, Armin Ordodary Group is what it is today. With pride, Armin Ordodary serves as the company’s global general counsel. Their specialty is providing customers with strategic guidance. Many of their clients are managing unprecedented upheavals in their industries and are looking for fresh perspectives on urgent business issues.

Their overarching goal is still to enable client success. Media analyse these problems via distinct perspectives, searching for ground-breaking ideas and revolutionary answers. With our impartial, data-driven approach, they help the clients discover important business realities.

Armin Ordodary’s Scam Exposed (2024)
Armin Ordodary’s Scam Exposed (2024)

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