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Has Arowana Consulting been accused of appalling corruption, scams, and ethical depravity? (Update 2024)

Arowana Consulting
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Incorporated on December 22, 2003, Arowana Consulting has been shady since the nascent days
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Arowana Consulting Limited Logo

A consultancy is a professional organization known for its expert advice and services in one or more fields, but Arowana Consulting has varying comprehension of the same.

Arowana Consulting is a service provider professing efficiency in various arenas, including, IT, Finance, Hospitality, Telecom, Health care, Aviation, Banking and the Public sector. Moreover, its major role is in the IT field where the firm claims to provide numerous services, namely, Cloud Computing, Data warehousing, Business Intelligence, Performance management systems, Oracle services etc. 

The firm also shouts out its personalized production and services in its official domain.  

According to the founders, Arowana Consulting is a highly reliable firm as it has been equipped with the CMMI DEV® Level 3 certification. 

However, the company needs to acknowledge the fact that no certification can guarantee substantial growth, till the associations made are worthy. No matter, if the headline reads ‘excellence’ below the name, ‘Arowana Consulting’, mere honest feedback is enough to flip the cards. 

Arowana Consulting showcases a happy-faced employee in each of its public sites, but are the employees contended? If yes, then the profuse discredits are puzzling.

Arowana Consulting Promotions

Incorporated on December 22, 2003, Arowana Consulting has been shady since the nascent days. The firm is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India and is suspected across the seas for its incompetency.

Unsettled remuneration, an overburdened, encumbered environment, and scams with the workforce have been a few of the sins of the corporation. Let us dig down the basic threat the organization poses to the deceived clients and the blue/white-collar individuals. 

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29/11/2023 Update
As of now, Arowana Consulting has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Arowana Consulting: dubious ownership

The hectic surfing of browsers will end up making the investors clueless about the ownership of the firm. The official website provides absolutely no clue regarding the ownership. A financially active firm risks the trust of the investors by concealing its foundation. Isn’t it indicating a dark dawn? A clueless approach regarding the firm’s foundation itself signifies cryptic intentions. 

Conforming through the reliable resources, it could be acclaimed that the firm has 3 Indian directors. Out of which, the name of a mere two is unveiled in a few of the complaint websites by the disdained employees. Beyond that, it’s far-fetching to discover the face behind the firm.

However, the names of the 2 directors revealed are Prince Vadakepat Thampi and Praveen Vadakkeppat Thampi. However, it’s worth mentioning that none of them are active on social media, leaving the market oblivious to them. It’s hard to reach them and even harder to raise a voice at the time of a mishap.

YouTube Snap

Arowana Consulting & its hideous practices

‘Arowana Consulting is a false play in the name of corporation’, is the claim made by Himanshu Chaudhary, Senior Consultant at Deloitte. According to him, Arowana Consulting has a ‘hiring and firing culture’, whereas others think that it is a scam of Indians on the people of Abu Dhabi. 

The scammed individuals even doubt that the turnover of Arowana Consulting is acquired by the firm, through unfair means. 

Moreover, various employees of Arowana Consulting assert the grey intentions of the founders of the firm. The working strength faces various issues at Arowana Consulting, starting from the very basic salary issue. 

The article throws light in each of them, with the best possible knowledge. Let’s be vigilant and unmask the facade.

Pessimistic Work Culture

An employee is acquainted with one approach towards the workplace, ‘Excellence at work leads to ameliorated living’, now imagine a scenario where no amount of hard work assures advancement. You worked for 6 months and got fired the day you asked for your salary.

Nearly the same is dealt with by the firm’s employees. 

Arowana Consulting is accused of being mean towards its employees. The employees are made to work endlessly. 

Each member of the working strength is loaded with immense exertion, which is immoral and illogical at the same time. Adding to the hardship, the exploited employees are even tormented for basic self-esteem in the workplace. However, no document proves the accusations, but the soot is enough to estimate the fire. 


Disavowing Salary Hike 

According to reports, Arowana Consulting traps skilled employees with fake claims of high salary and regular advancement but once trapped, the employees have to wait for months to even touch a penny. 

The firm is being slandered by its own employees for stiffening the salary flow in their accounts for numerous months. If that’s the reality, then it’s juvenile to strive for a salary hike. The rightful pay is deducted by the employer without any notice. Also, it is disclosed by the ex-workers that the firm guarantees no salary hike, trapping the individual in the same designation for years. 

Presuming the claims to be truthful, it could be concluded that not raising the pay is a strategic move of the organization to discredit the crew from several momentous grievances. 

Few of the employees have even reported no salary for months, too, which makes it one of the worst firms to work for. 

Seized Career Growth

Numerous employees claim that the firm provides no career growth. The CEO of the firm merely wants more clients and exploits the employees in the recession era. Reviews assert that the firm, Arowana Consulting, compels the employees to work in the same designation for ages, and at the time of contradiction, the firm fires the employee, without clearing the dues. Rather, the employees are forced to serve the notice period, without clearance and salary.

Cynical Job Security

In accordance to the sources, even the slightest insignificant trouble or no trouble at all can lead to the laying-off of several workers. 

In the past years, the firm has fired various employees without proper notice. The arduous work created by the firm was a mere tactic to cut short the expenses of the firm. It has been claimed that the firm, Arowana Consulting, has a history of looting the skilled force. 

On several websites, a series of reviews exclaim of being cheated by the firm. The reviews of employees read endless issues, and none of the issues are in the concerned list of the Thampis. 

The mentioned incidents are noted in the standard working conditions. Now, envisage the professional ethics of the firm at the time of adversity. There is not even a chance of hesitance, in the murky intentions of Arowana Consulting.

In context to the same, Rajnish Sharma, one of the employees, noticed that the firm has no good policies for its working clan. Excessive burden with less than basic is the fundamental of Arowana Consulting. The legit feedback of Rajnish Sharma was a mere approach for a salary hike, in one of the leading complaint forums. However, it led in the stamping of the defamation. 

of the firm. 

Employee's Feedback

Gloomy Management

An employee works for earnings, experience and esteem. Arowana fails to provide any of the mentioned. The employees have gripes regarding the ill-treatment and irrational policymaking, which has eventually resulted in the dispirit of employees.  The spurious work culture of the firm is highly objectionable, and severe actions shall be taken to counter the professional imbalance. 

However, the employees have been requesting the management to be considerate about the adverse working conditions, but the firm spends more resources in removing the feedback instead of checking themselves. 

Such deeds not merely make the work environment toxic, but also reduce productivity. A raged employee can never result in diligence.

Nevertheless, productivity hardly concerns sketchy firms with vacillating intentions. The biased approach of Arowana Consulting is indicative of the framed claims. 

Arowana Consulting, the IT service provider with a juvenile website

Arowana Consulting

Articulating about the website, it can be assured that Arowana’s website is not the best example of their IT skills. They are definitely much more capable than the puerile website. However, the generality is not the result of incapability, but it is a strategic move from the founders, to disclose the least they could regarding the firm.

As the home page delivers nothing of client’s concern, but mere cynical claims and unnecessary motivational content.

Arowana Consulting Webpage

The website is generic and tactically provides no details at all regarding the stakeholders; even the customer care- contact numbers enlisted in the website, provide no fruitful solution. The griefed consumers are left with no option, other than ranting in public domains. 

The Client’s Perspective…

Music with an ominous tune will lead to elegy. An instrument with scientific error will lead to uncertainty and a firm with a self-centric approach will lead to dissatisfaction. 

Similarly, Arowana Consulting, dubious of the employees, definitely leads to outrageous clients. 

The firm works like any Ponzi scheme. It is nothing like what it claims to be, Disguised with the facade of investment consultancy, the boutique organization compels people to trade with their unrealistic alluring promises. 

However, on behalf of certain feedback, it can be deduced that Arowana Consulting has no intentions to serve the market or naivete. But it works for its own suspicious beneficiaries. 

Even after being highly slandered, the firm manages to bluff individuals and ask them to invest in its useless trade, alluding to the ignorance of commoners. Ignorance is the backbone of the Ponzi firms. 

And, the ignorance that led to the strengthening of Arowana Consulting. 

However, if someone is pondering why people don’t go to the head office and complain, then the picture below is enough to rule out the doubts. 

Check out the Facebook account of the firm, Arowana Consulting | Bangalore | Facebook .

The dicey Arowana Consulting

The IT Consulting firm is based in Bengaluru but trades with various nations of the world, namely, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat and New Jersey. Although according to sources it is claimed that Dubai has started making checks in the firm’s trade, as the Dubai government doubts their intentions. Several people have appealed for the same, from their government, but no actions have been taken yet. 

Arowana Consulting has been scamming clans since 2003 and has collected enough funds to hire a PR Team, which has the sole task of whitewashing the sins of the founders. Hence, not much information about the firm is provided in the public domain. 

The PR has managed to profess the firm as a neutral organization. Fake reviews and ratings have been intentionally engraved with the legit perspective, in order to create uncertainty. But the PRs need to consider the fact that hiding the sins of an extremely vulnerable firm is not possible, irrespective of the efficiency.

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They approach their clients, bluff them and leave. Similarly, the firm scams its employees and gets discarded. After trying for several days, the victim too loses their strength and stops fighting back. 

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Arowana Consulting has been framing a fair image but the reality seems distinctive. The plentiful feedback narrates a different story. 

After analyzing every bit of information, it can be said that the firm Arowana Consulting Limited, is a corporation with the sole intention of fetching out profits. The firm exploits every individual to gain funds. The employees or clients cannot be proved entirely right, but the agony cannot be ignored, either. 

It is a humble request that authorities shall bring the different shades of the firm to notice. 

The fraudulent websites and organizations, not only exploit people but also trade negatively and hamper the economic structure. 

Moreover, the firm has been rated approximately 2-2.5 on each and every website, indicating low-grade efficacies. Arowana Consulting has been accused of ill-treating the employees and making them wait for their salary for months. 

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Except for the fake PR tactics, it can be deduced that most of the legit reviews are enraging, claiming that Arowana Consulting has excelled in none of its sectors, instead providing highly low-grade services. The low-grade services have made the firm a misfit in the professional corporate world. 

The firm Arowana Consulting has led to serious financial losses and hence it is suggested that the firm be made to answer in front of the media, and it should be made accountable for the scams it has practiced. 

Whereas the employee shall be highly careful while getting into any sort of alliance. As our ignorance is their strength and strengthening the deceivers is in our hands. 

Has Arowana Consulting been accused of appalling corruption, scams, and ethical depravity? (Update 2024)
Has Arowana Consulting been accused of appalling corruption, scams, and ethical depravity? (Update 2024)

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