Brendon Yong Weng Siang: Hidden Disclosures on his Forex Scams & Sexual Offenses (Latest Update 2023)

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Brendon Yong Weng Siang is a member of the motivational nudist movement and has been accused of running a Forex fraud. I’ll strive to open up his pages about his criminal behavior over the entire novel.

21/11/2023 Update
As of now, Brendon Yong Weng Siang has not responded nor apologized for its misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Who is Brendon Yong Weng Siang?

Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang is a businessman, a forex expert, and the founder and CEO of BigBrainBank Malaysia, the leading platform for remote trading. Brendon Yong Weng Siang claims to be the top foreign exchange specialist in the world. 

By displaying an unreal remote trade showcase, Brendon Yong Weng Siangdon’s company compels people to invest in his business by pushing it as a way to make a ton of money in the present. 

As a result, this market sees daily exchanges between many traders of financial assets. By making use of this reality, Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang has also succeeded as a self-made tycoon. He claims he is one of the most compelling figures in this competitive sector today.

Brendon Yong Weng Siang: What about his company, BigBrainBank?

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The monster Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang is to blame for the success of BigBrainBank around the globe. As I previously mentioned, Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang presents himself as an independent billionaire and claims to be a specialist in the financial markets.

He claims that, as a result of his broad experience with the modern trade industry, he has a solid comprehension of the advantages of being a forex trader nowadays. 

Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang has created several courses to increase the students’ trading knowledge and abilities to make it easier and simpler for everyone to become a dealer in the currency exchange market. But the real question is whether these slots truly assist traders or if they are just there to steal their money.

The BigBrainBank of Brendon Yong Weng Siang claims to be the most reliable platform for AI Forex Trading. This platform is deserving of its reputation as the most trustworthy because it provides you with personalized assistance through an artificial intelligence advisor. 

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By providing you with evaluations of all kinds, it enables you to make precise selections that ensure you make money the majority of the time.

Brendon Yong Weng Siang: Participation in a Forex Scam

In order to get people to put their money into their trading company, Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang & his trading company are involved in defrauding people. The trading industry has prohibited his company from operating, I’d also like to let you know.

The false perception of Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang and his trading business has been dispelled by numerous evaluations. Here are some reviews I’m sharing with you all to help you assess Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang’s traits and individuals as well as his abilities as a businessperson.

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The reviewer has admitted that the trading company operated by Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang is fraudulent in the comment that follows.

He has noticed that overnight interest can abruptly increase by $300+ USD. The customer only accessed 0.01% of the lot, which was the key factor. At Tradesto at the beginning of 2020, this occurred to him. He transferred ownership to the bank after he requested the broker. How did a 0.01 lot overnight interest turn into more than $300 USD? 

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This broker needs to be handled carefully because it was most active in Malaysian institutions, where it was seeking undergraduates to start with. Tradesto is their cooperative broker, and they use the organizations CK Limited and Big Brain Bank of Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang to entice people. This person, therefore, warned us to exercise caution over Tradesto, CK Limited, and the Big Brain Bank of Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang.

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According to recent news reports and video, Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) deputy director Comm Datuk Mohd Kamarudin Md Din made the statement on Friday. He also added that on Tuesday (Jan. 5), police arrested 22 Malaysians and two foreigners after a series of raids in the Klang Valley.

In addition, the police seized a Toyota Vellfire, a Ferrari F430, a McLaren exotic car, three Mercedes Benz, and a McLaren exotic car, as well as 22 mobile phones, one tablet, 10 laptops, one computer, one hard drive, 14 books on forex investments, 1,000 fake $100 bills, 10 real $100 bills, 15 ATM cards, nine luxury watches, seven gold bars figured to be fake, and 11 branded bags and jewelry.

Investigations, according to Mohd Kamarudin, showed that the ring had been operating for more than two years and had been tricking people by peddling software that allegedly analyzed the state of the FX market.

The concern now is if Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang could also be a member of this network that is associated with other fake figures. So now that we have reached this stage and you are aware of what I have previously told you about Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang, what do you think of him? Let’s move to his other allegations.

Other Allegations On Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang

Dato Dr.Brendon Yong Weng Siang is reportedly one of the Nude Motivational Camp participants

Four camp volunteers, including a woman, entered a not guilty plea in front of the Bentong Magistrates Court in response to allegations that they assisted in pornographic conduct at a resort in Bukit Tinggi, close to Bentong, in January.

All of the defendants, 

  • 25-year-old Brendon Yong Weng Siang, 
  • Yong Kar Men (female), 
  • Chin King Hon, 
  • 26-year-old Gan Wee Hon

Immediately confessed after the accusation was read in front of Magistrate Khairuddin Anhar Mahmud.

On January 21 at 5.30 p.m. at Selesa Hillhomes Resort in Bukit Tinggi, all the defendants were accused of encouraging immodest behavior on the playing field.

According to reports, 59-year-old Rozzana Chung Abdullah, the chairman of the neighborhood’s Residents Committee, was displeased by the act and worried about how it would affect the neighborhood’s women and children.

All defendants, including Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang, have been charged under Section 294(a) of the Penal Code when read in conjunction with Section 109 of the same code, which carries a maximum term of three months in jail or a fine, or both if found guilty.

On the same day, time, and location as their separate prosecutions, two additional motivational camp participants, Cheong Zhe Hou, 23, and Zoey Chai Yuen Fei, 21, also entered not-guilty pleas to accusations of exposing themselves.

Until the conclusion of the trial, the court let all of the accused post bonds for RM2,000 each with one guarantor and deposit their passports.

All of the defendants, including Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang, were once more represented by attorneys Jhaimal Singh Korotana & Vivek Sukumaran, who later paid bail. Nor Asyikin Nor Azhar, the assistant public prosecutor, was in charge of the prosecution.

After pleading guilty to being caught naked and aiding the act, 28 participants in the motivational camp were each given a punishment of RM1,500 on May 17.

Following their guilty pleas to accusations of helping the crime, five additional organizers, among them an instructor, were each sentenced to RM3,000 in fines and one month in jail beginning on the day of their arrest on January 22.

Alert! Malaysian Forex Scammers

i4JvElt42oXOVEbLh6ZM1v7x43Oi 7 xORPvkeR6TEo0k7Qy3aHC50 t7b egRiwvrIgPrr5HbDfdnf4be2vV5cnxadbau99BUjamqFPNaVX9iBkAz6SsPCC967AySdjPmApjMT8q IGw6eFWIf492I

Due to its growing economy, Malaysia draws financial companies looking for a place to do business. In the nation, forex trading is thought to be safe and legal. Forex trading has been legalized since 2012 by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the nation’s central bank and financial regulatory body.

To avoid getting caught in the traps of the fraudsters who are active in this market, though, is crucial. They target inexperienced traders who aren’t aware of the obvious signals of an empty shop and are eager to part with their money in exchange for the promise of huge earnings. Discover the top financial brokers operating in this region, the Forex Scammer List for Malaysia, and the key guidelines for selecting a broker in this post.

Forex scammer list in Malaysia:

NameMinimum Losses Scam signs
GOptions$5dismisses requests for withdrawal
PTFX$10,000No rules, account suspension without cause
BFSforex$200Unfavorable online reputation
ForexNova$10The site frequently experiences technological issues, which results in financial loss.
XIG Limited$50prohibits consumers from making withdrawals of money

xCz9Sdw50PIYLelhP e61ZamEKJXL03LsRos9X0zTkCYTeXzU GptX1hJVayWkHRF1A1wUVkxVPEE8GcQndf6EMttctH qSXnI4Spjp1qD1DC z4ThrEnCpLHBxxZEZ9kHwDBG 2S7eNk3XMG5

There were 71,833 scams reported between 2020 and May 2022, according to the Royal Malaysian Police’s (PDRM) commercial crimes investigation Department (CCID), resulting in losses of more than RM5.2 billion.

  1. Criminal Violations: Cheating

According to Section 415 of the Penal Code, cheating is defined as tricking, coercing, or dishonestly persuading another person to surrender any property to any person or to accede to that person’s retention of any property. Scamming any person falls under this definition.

Regarding this, it is irrelevant to establish an offense whether or not the deceit was the only or primary inducement. According to this definition, deception is defined as the dishonest withholding of facts. Moreover, a simple contract violation may not necessarily establish an initial fraudulent purpose.

  1. Attempting fraud and forcing others to give up property

The Penal Code’s Section 420 addresses cheating and dishonestly procuring the delivery of property in more detail. Anyone discovered in violation of the aforementioned Section shall be subject to a fine, a term of imprisonment of not less than one year nor more than ten years, and a whipping.

Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang: Is he displaying his Fake Personality?

Well, after learning more about his business and social circle, I do believe that he is indeed using fake PR to repair his damaged reputation. Brendon Yong Weng Siang

is utilizing his expertise to defraud others who are unaware of him and his entrepreneurial ventures. I can provide you with a number of links where he is attempting to advertise his Forex trading company, BigBrainBank while also attempting to establish himself as the greatest Forex exchange specialist.


The last thing I can say about Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang is that he is a wholly dishonest businessman, and it is unknown how much money he made dishonestly by defrauding the individual who invested in his trading company. And as far as we are aware, he is not only a perpetrator of a sexual offense that is utterly unacceptable, but also a forex fraudster. The fact that he made a poor impression on society, whether it be social or professional, cannot be used against him or used to his advantage.

What opinions do you have on Dato Dr. Brendon Yong Weng Siang now that you’ve read this article about a Forex Trading Scam? And based on this article, we can conclude that increased security is needed for trade in all other nations.

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