All about Ana Leza: Age, Net Worth, Family and More (Updated 2023)

Ana Leza is a Spanish actress who gained popularity after marrying one of Spain’s best-known performers, Antonio Banderas. Banderas studied acting at the School of Dramatic Art in Málaga and made his stage debut in a small theatre in the city. Despite their first whirlwind fascination and constant affection for one another, their marriage did not last long.

Ana Leza with her husband Antonio Banderas
Ana Leza with her Husband Antonio Banderas

Ana Leza is the famous actress Ana Arana Leza’s daughter. She became fascinated by the entertainment industry after being exposed to it at a young age. Following her divorce from famed actor Antonio Banderas, she achieved remarkable strides.

We’ve covered everything about Ana Leza in this article, from her age to her background & her net worth.

Who is Ana Leza?

Ana Leza is a Spanish actress who has appeared in a variety of Spanish films and television shows. However, the actress gained public attention once she announced her marriage to Antonio Banderas, a globally recognized and well-known actor located in Spain.

The couple chose to divorce after several years of marriage because they could not resolve their disagreements.

Fast Facts:

Full Name Ana Arana Leza
Date of Birth1st January 1962
Age61 years old (as of 2023)
Height5′ 4″
Weight65 kg
Eye Color Dark Brown
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Place of BirthMadrid, Spain
Net Worth$100,000
HusbandDharma Villareal (Present)
Former PartnerAntonio Banderas
Mother of2 Children

Ana Leza was born in Madrid, and her mother, Conchita Leza Nunez, was also an actress who was passionate about the entertainment industry. She has appeared in a number of films, including Foul Play, Outrage, and Hospital Central. Her father’s identity, however, is unknown.

Ana Leza has been fascinated by movies and theatrical productions since she was a child. Despite the fact that she has only appeared in a few films, there is no information accessible concerning her educational background.

Ana Leza’s Professional Life

Ana Leza made her television debut in 1990 in the show La Mujer de Tu Vida and has since appeared in a number of additional productions. Her IMDb page lists the following titles:

  • The City of Brotherly Love
  • Love and Shadows
  • Female Characters on the Verge of Mental Collapse
  • Madonna: Fact or Fiction
  • Lorca, Death of a Poet
  • The Pleasure of Killing
  • Teresa of Jesus
  • How to Get a Role in Hollywood
  • Subletting
  • The Anonymous Queen
  • Interior Fragments
  • Beating Up the Poor
  • The Goya Awards

Ana Leza’s Partnership with Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas and Ana Leza’s relationship began with her serving as his personal English tutor and translator. After six months of courting, the couple married in Madrid’s Church of San Nicolas. Ana had previously been his teacher.

Unfortunately, Antonio and his wife’s marriage did not endure long. According to reports, the couple divorced in 1996 because Antonio became overworked and had no time to spend with his wife.

Antonio Banderas Married Again

He married again in 1996, this time to American actress Melanie Griffith. Stella del Carmen Banderas was born as a result of this marriage.

Antonio Banderas with his second wife

Despite their greatest efforts, the marriage nevertheless ended in divorce. They both issued a statement declaring their divorce to be amicable, and they have maintained that feeling ever since.

Antonio Banderas’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Antonio Banderas has a fortune of $50 million. Aside from his celebrity, he appears to be doing well in business. He even has a share in Anta Banderas Winery, which is located in Burgos, Spain.

Ana Leza’s current Life Partner

Ana Leza married Dharma Villareal four years after her divorce from Antonio Banderas in Santa Barbara, California. Dharma works as an editor and documentarian for Xerox and was previously married to Melanie Griffith, whom he divorced in London in 1996.

So far, Dharma and Ana have two daughters: Clara Maria and Sofia Macarena.

Ana’s Net Worth

It is estimated that her total worth is $100,000. Following the end of her divorce, she reportedly obtained the $4 million Madrid house as well as a three-and-a-half-year alimony check of €12,000, which is equivalent to $14,100.60.

Ana Leza looks to have moved on from the problems of her first marriage to Antonio Banderas. She still prefers to keep certain aspects of her personal life private, but her marriage to her current partner of more than two decades suggests that she is happy with her current living circumstances.

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