Val Morgan Immigration

Val Morgan Immigration Advisers is a visa-providing service based in Dubai, UAE. Their address is 806. Saba 1, Cluster E, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE. 

Some of the services they offer include: 

  • Assistance in getting a UK Business Visa
  • Help in getting a UK start-up Visa
  • Assistance in getting a Sole Representative Visa
Val Morgan Immigration is notorious for stealing from their customers. Many people complain about their unethical business practices online. 

However, finding those complaints is rather difficult. Why? Because this company uses various unethical and illegal methods to bury complaints online

They have filled their website with unverifiable Val Morgan Immigration reviews and use cheap tactics to bury their customers’ voices.

There’s a lot more to this company. You’ll find out below: 

Fake Val Morgan Immigration Reviews You Need To Watch Out For

Val Morgan Immigration has a dedicated page on its website for its reviews. They have posted a ton of videos of their “customers”. Those “customers” sing praises of Val Morgan and make it seem as if it’s the best service provider to ever walk on the face of the earth. 

There’s no way to verify if the reviews are legitimate or not. You can only take Val Morgan’s word for it. 

Moreover, all of these reviews are on their website. Not on any third-party platforms but their website. That’s not a good sign. 

It puts the authenticity of those reviews in question. 

This also begs the question –

“Why would a company need a dedicated page to post its reviews?”

This is a sleazy marketing tactic. And it’s quite popular online scammers. For example, Gulf Brokers is a highly notorious forex broker that has a dedicated page for its “client reviews”. However, the numerous reviews on its Gripeo’s page tell a different story.

The Reality Behind Val Morgan Immigration Reviews

The main reason why Val Morgan Immigration has posted so many suspicious reviews is to bury the truth. It is a shady SEO tactic. 

By posting so many reviews they have made sure that you don’t see any third-party reviews online if you look them up online. They are trying to bury the voices of their customers. 

Legitimate companies don’t have to use such tactics. Their work speaks for itself. They have satisfied customers. So they don’t have to bury any reviews on the internet. 

Val Morgan Immigration wants to mislead people. They are afraid that if people read the actual reviews of their customers they wouldn’t buy their services. Surely, they must want to hide something. 

Otherwise, there’s no reason to use such a vicious tactic. 

Val Morgan Immigration Reviews – The Title of Thier Every Blog Article

This company doesn’t want you to find anything related to their reviews. They are even stuffing their blog with articles that have fluff: 

Val Morgan Immigration reviews
Some of the blog titles present on Val Morgan’s site

Notice how the title of all of these blogs has the name of the company with the word “reviews”. They are trying to bury any third-party Val Morgan Immigration reviews online. 

Those blog titles don’t make any sense either. Even a first-grader can write better sentences than their blog titles. 

What’s worse is these blogs have no content. Here’s the blog “article” with the title “Val Morgan Immigration reviews immigration law firm”: 

Val Morgan Immigration scam

Supposedly, it should be a review of an immigration law firm. But there’s no data here whatsoever. 

It’s another cheap tactic this visa company is using to dupe clients. Their aim is to bury actual reviews on the internet. There are a ton of negative reviews on this company. Finding them was rather difficult. Because Val Morgan is using these terrible SEO techniques to bury them. 

That’s a big reason why I wrote this Gripeo review. Companies that try to bury the voices of their customers are the worst. 

Unfortunately, their shady marketing tactics don’t stop here. They get worse as you dig deeper.

Fake Followers on Facebook:

Apparently, Val Morgan Immigration Advisers are very popular on Facebook. The visa consultant has 33,000+ followers and 32,672 likes on thier FB page:

Val Morgan Immigration advisers

However, only 1 or 2 followers of their page engage with their content. The highest their likes go is 5. That’s it. 

What does it mean? 

It means Val Morgan Immigration has bought fake follows and likes to manipulate people.

If they really had 33,000+ followers, their posts wouldn’t have 1-5 likes at best. 

Nowadays, it’s very easy to get fake follows on social media platforms. Particularly, Facebook. 

There are tons of service providers that will pump up the likes of your page for a fee. These services providers use bots and fake accounts to give your page a like and a follow: 

Val Morgan Immigration Facebook

Val Morgan Immigration is using fake follows and likes to seem bigger than it is. It helps them in two ways. 

First, it allows them to win people’s trust. One in three consumers trust an influencer’s word over a brand’s. A big reason for that is the high number of followers an influencer has. 

Val Morgan wants to create a fake perception of having multiple followers so it can seem more reliable. Certainly, there must be something seriously wrong in their intent if they have to buy fake followers to seem trustworthy. 

Second, having so many followers allows them to charge exorbitant prices. Suppose, you contact an immigration consultant that as 500 followers. And one that has 33,000 followers. Who would charge you more? 

Having so many fake followers allow this immigration agency to deceive people. And charge them excessively. Most people wouldn’t even realize how much they could have saved if they opted for someone else. Because very few verify these things. 

Most people will fall for this scam instantly. They wouldn’t check if the followers are legit or not. And companies like Val Morgan Immigration run their operations only to exploit such people. 

Thier suspicious activites don’t stop there. Val Morgan Immigration hide all of their terms and conditions on thier website: 

Val Morgan Immigration tic

You find this page when you click on the “Terms and Conditions” link on their website. Clearly, this comapny doesn’t want anyone to find out its terms and conditions. 

Why would a visa consultant hide its terms and conditions if they are ethical and made in good faith? They wouldn’t need to hide their legal contract details from thier customers unless it had some unethical clauses. 

Certianyl, Val Morgan Immigration doesn’t want people to know what its legal documents contain. Granted, they have the right to do so. But it suggests their terms and conditions have several clauses that allow them to exploit their customers. 

It’s necessary to read a service provider’s T&Cs when you’re considering hiring them. For example, Dr. Randal Haworth is a plastic surgeon whose T&Cs free him of any accountability for the procedures he performs. So, you can’t sue Dr. Randal if he botches your surgical procedure. 

The team behind Val Morgan has no care for business ethics. All it cares about its deceiving people. They are using mutlipel black-hat marketing techniques to manipulate consumers. 

Black-hat techniques are unethical and often illegal methods. They are quite popular among scammers. Surely, Val Morgan Immigration doesn’t seem like a trustworthy operation. 

The People Running Val Morgan Immigration Can’t Show Their Faces

The ‘About Us’ page of Val Morgan Immigration doesn’t have any useful information. It has fluff content. Fluff content is a bunch of sentences that’s there only to increase word count. It’s a tad above placeholder text in value. But that’s it. Fluff content offers no value to the reader. 

Val Morgan Immigration hides

This is another shady tactic. Alexander Miller and Associates is a suspicious “debt-resolving” company that hides all information about its team as well. Such companies don’t want others to find out about the people running their operations. Why? 

Because, they don’t want to face the consequences of their actions.

Val Morgan is a service providers. And maintaining transparency is one of the most important aspects for any service provider. The best way to maintain transparency for any business is to stay open about its team. Would you trust someone with your money if you’ve never seen their face? Especially, when they are promising to get you a visa? 

Combined with the additional shady activities this firm does, there’s certainly something wrong with them.  

Val Morgan Immigration Took Down A Customer Complaint With A Fake DMCA Strike

Val Morgan Immigration reality

This company focuses heavily on burying its customers’ reviews. They don’t stop at stuffing the internet with fluff content to target specific keywords. These people even use illicit methdos to remove thier customers’ complaints from the internet.

Below is the screeshost of Lumen Database. It collects DMCA notices and shows them. 

A DMCA notice is a copyright claim that allows creators to control theri content. Sometimes, people copy someone else’s content and use it without having the copyright. 

However, many companies abuse the DMCA system. Val Morgan Immigration is one of them. 

One of thier disgruntled customers had posted a complaint on Val Morgan didn’t address the complaint or resolve the issue. They copied the complaint, pasted it on their blog, backdated it by some time, and claimed copyright infringement. 

Most websites comply with DMCAs without asking any questions. did the same. The original complaint doesn’t exist on the internet. 

Val Morgan Immigration took down this complaint because they didn’t want anyone to find out about it. It’s impossible to find out what that person’s issue was.

That’s why I have posted screenshots of the various Val Morgan Immigraiton reviews I found online. You can see them even if Val Morgan removes them through thier illicit methods. 

Fake DMCAs are illegal. Courts can grant the parties damages if they can prove their case. However, the consumer is powerless here. Becuase they didn’t own the website. 

They probably don’t know that Val Morgan took down their negative review. It’s sad indeed. 

You can check out the DMCA notice here on Lumen Database.

Shocking Val Morgan Immigration Reviews 2021

Val Morgan Immigration Advisers have a ton of negative reviews online. Apparently, they take money from their customers but don’t provide the required services. In other words, they steal from consumers.

The most common issue in this company is changing behaviour. Once they get the funds from their clients their behaviour changes completely. 

Read on the following Val Morgan Immigration reviews to find out for yourself: 

“Val Morgan Immigration is Disappointing”

According to this reviewer, the Dubai-based immigration consultant is very disappointing. The company doesn’t issue refunds and respond to phone calls. 

Moreover, the firm lies to its clients and creates fake agreements. 

All of this sounds illegal. 

Keep in mind that very few people post their woes online. Most people think it’s embarrassing to share something like this with others. Hence, they don’t share their negative experience with anyone else. 

There could be hundreds of more disgruntled clients of this firm. What we’re seeing might only be the tip of the iceberg. 

“Fraud company”

This person had paid all the required fees. But the staff keeps acting clueless about their case. It’s as if they don’t even know the reviewer. 

Certainly, that’s a cheap tactic to avoid responsibility. The reviewer wanted to know if someone can help them resolve this issue. 

I would recommend them to seek legal help. However, that might also be futile. Because Val Morgan Immigration might have unethical clauses in their T&Cs. They have kept them hidden after all. 


This person calls Val Morgan a fake organisation. Their allegation is that the company has nothing but liars. Liars who are desperate for money. 

Like most clients of Val Morgan Immigration Advisers, this person also has the issue of not getting the deemed services. 

What’s worse is when this person told the immigration company that they will post a complaint about them, they started threatening the person. It’s utterly unprofessional behaviour. You can guess the nature of the team running this firm. 

“Big Scam”

The reviewer says Val Morgan Immigration is a big fraudster. The company takes all the fees but doesn’t complete the work. They make false promises with their clients to keep squeezing out more funds out of them. The immigration consultant doesn’t give any documentation to verify its claims. 

That’s why you should always conduct proper research when looking for an immigration consultant. Another similar case is Pathway Visas. Those people are notorious for stealing funds from their consumers as well. 

Val Morgan Immigration Review Verdict

This visa provider has many issues. It posts suspicious reviews on its webpage and removes negative reviews through illegal methods. 

Val Morgan Immigration Advisers are obviously a scam. They use black-hat marketing tactics to bury their consumers’ reviews because they are afraid they will expose them. 

You should be wary of such a manipulative and deceptive organization. It would be best to stay away from them. 

3.6 Total Score
Not Recommended 

Val Morgan Immigration Advisers uses various illicit methods to bury their customers’ reviews on the internet. They post fake articles and hide information about themselves out of fear of legal trouble. It would be best to avoid them. 

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  • None to list
  • No information on the team running the company
  • Hide their terms and conditions
  • Use black-hat marketing tactics
  • Multiple user complaints
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  1. Well i dont see any ppl getting visa as committed..
    VM team is twist the sentences..

  2. Where the hell is the review for val morgan, why it has not been registered with Google. Why nobody is stopping them for doing this scam.

  3. They are very good until you give them money then they will show their real colours.stealing money,fraud and scam is their aims. Please don’t go to them and if anyone have any doubts let me know I will give you the details of fraud they’ll do with you

  4. 5

    The best Service i get and really enjoy the complete process

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  5. 1

    The fact that companies like val Morgan immigration are running their scams when the whole world is in jeopardy is terrible. Just terrible ????

    - CONS: Heartless scam
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    • Wow I am amazed by this report , really !! Can you guys comeover to my beloved company and see it yourself!! The amount of visas we get in a weekly bases , the real actual happy clients who comes to office with gifts and sweets as a gratitude for the excellent services we have provided them !! Feel free to come over and ask for any proof you want ,, fresh visas , meet with happy client ,meet with VM Team .. this is sad .

  6. 0.85

    Yup it look like one of this visa scams that take your money to submit your visa application and don’t do anything. When you ask them about a refund they start making excuses and ignore your calls. I wouldn’t give Val Morgan Immigration my business.

    - CONS: Unsafe
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