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The crypto industry is seeing a boom in new ventures and startups. This year has seen various crypto-based companies pop up out of nowhere. Equa Global is one of those companies.

Its founder is Shawn Owen. The SEC had fined his last company for lying to its investors. Now, Shawn is back with a new investment opportunity for crypto enthusiasts.

The following Equa Global review will take a look at the various claims this company makes. It will also explain the various red flags present in this “investment opportunity” and point out why it would be best to avoid it altogether:

What is Equa Global?

Equa Global claims to be a cap table management platform. The company offers solutions to startups, private and public companies. They also claim that their solutions are based on blockchain and offer to solve various equity-related problems by using the same. But they are only claims. There isn’t any platform or tools.

The company entered the industry in 2019 and is relatively new in the crypto market. There is a lot of potential in the blockchain sector for growth. Hence, it has been attracting attention from businessmen all across sectors.

Many blockchain scams have started because of the rapid growth in the crypto sector. A recent example is Mogul Productions. The company claims to be a platform to connect filmmakers and fans. Mogul Productions is based on crypto too. But it forces users to buy its tokens to sign up on the platform and use it properly. The token is useless outside Mogul Productions and costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Obviously, that’s a shady venture you should. Equa Global is quite similar to that one. That’s why I wrote this review in the first place.

The main person behind Equa Global is Shawn Owen. He was behind the notorious blockchain company Salt, which faced stringed fines by the SEC. Shawn is the main reason why Equa Global seems like another crypto scam.

Read more about: Louis Kestenbaum

Equa Global tries to appear like a genuine Saas company. However, it’s an investment.

The company is spending heavily on promoting itself online. Their goal is to get as much investment as possible. The primary Call-to-Action on their page is “Invest in Equa”

No Real Information on the Website

The website of Equa Global has multiple pages with significant information. Unfortunately, the information present on those pages is irrelevant. Most pages on Equa’s website have nothing but definitions for blockchain terms and concepts. That’s it. There isn’t anything else.

The company doesn’t share much information about what it actually offers. For example, Equa Global claims to be a blockchain company. But its “Blockchain” page doesn’t have any real information about its platform or its features.

Equa global page

This is what you get when you visit their page for Blockchain solutions. There is no data on what their platform is, how it works, and what features it has.

The page only has the definition of cryptography and the benefits of blockchain.

It’s lazy writing.

This issue persists on 90% of the company’s pages. The pricing page and the “Invest in Equa” pages are the only ones that share any data about the actual company. Most others only give definitions of blockchain concepts.

This isn’t what you expect to see from a Saas company. Especially when it’s a cap management service.

I suspect the pages are there to mislead potential investors. They fill the website with mostly useless content. But they make it appear “fuller”. Shawn and his team has kept so many pages that only explain rudimentary blockchain concepts because they want to seem like “experts”.

Their goal is to target gullible investors who want to invest in a future crypto-based company.

Mostly Accepts Cryptocurrencies

I had pointed out earlier that the primary goal of Equa Global is to get investors. The company has a very long landing page for their investment page.

But Equa offers very limited number of options to invest in this venture. The only accepted currency is USD. The rest are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether.

Equa global scam

Why would a company that wants to attract investments limit their funding options like this?

The reason could be anything. But seeing how Shawn ran an investment scam in the past, there’s a high chance that Equa accepts only cryptocurrencies because it doesn’t want to leave any trail.

You can’t get a refund when you invest through Bitcoin or the cryptocurrencies Equa lists. Moreover, maintaining paperwork with cryptocurrencies is also very challenging. Recently, a cryptocurrency exchange called WazirX received a show-case notice from government authorities because it didn’t document many transactions.

Keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are decentralized and unregulated. There’s a very slim chance to get your money back if the venture goes bad when you’ve invested through crypto.

This is a huge red flag. And it puts the intent of Shawn Owen in question. Remember that his previous company called SALT also accepted investments in only cryptocurrencies and USD. SALT ended up scamming its investors out of $47 million. I’ve explained that in detail in the next section of this Equa review.

Why would a company restrict its investors to use only cryptocurrencies or USD? Especially when it wants to attract investors?

Clearly, there’s something wrong with this firm.

Equa CEO’s $47 Million Scam

Equa boasts of having an experienced CEO and founder called Shawn Owen. Shawn Owen claims himself to be a trailblazer and serial entrepreneur. His bio on Equa’s website says that he has over 25 years of business operations experience. The truth he doesn’t tell in his bio is that his business operations experience isn’t related to the corporate world. His business operations experience comes from his background as a General Manager in a restaurant.

image 8

However, that’s not the main reason why Shawn’s leadership is suspicious. His bio says that Shawn Owen pioneered the launch of SALT. It is a crypto-based lending company.

SALT stands for Secured Automated Lending Technology. The company started in 2016 and received $47 million from investors in its ICO. But it was a scam. The SEC gave a cease-and-desist order to the company along with the order to refund $47 million to the investors.

image 7

The company made the news for the SEC order. SALT made many lucrative claims about its technology and its use of blockchain like Equa does. It lured investors into its trap by marketing its services aggressively on the internet and online forums.

Notice that Equa is doing something similar with its online PR. The company is paying multiple blogs and PR networks to promote it heavily so it can get investors. It’s obviously the brainchild of Shawn Owen. There’s no denying it.

SALT sold and offered salt tokens to its investors. The salt tokens were necessary to be eligible for getting loans when the company would start offering its service to the public. They were required to access specific areas of SALT Lending’s website too.

The Scam of SALT Lending

In its order, SEC pointed out that the buyers of SALT tokens had reasonable expectations to earn profits. The problem with SALT’s tokens is that the company offered them without any registration statement.

A registration statement is a prospectus that lists every detail about the company. It includes the company’s history, its mission statement, its goals, etc. A company must file the registration statement with the SEC while releasing a public offering.

SALT didn’t issue a registration statement. Moreover, the company changed the nature of its SALT tokens later when it realized it couldn’t offer the profitability it initially promised.

It violated the Securities law 1933. And SEC penalised them for the same. The SEC noticed how Shawn’s company was using online PR to fool investors. So, the SEC ordered them to issue a press release where they admitted their mistake.

Here is SEC’s order:

The reason behind SALT’s high popularity was Erik Voorhes. He is the co-founder of Shapeshift and is a prominent personality in the crypto world. After the SALT ICO, Erik and Shawn had removed their names from the company.

They had already done the damage.

SALT’s Similarities with Equa Global

The case of SALT is quite similar to Equa. Both companies are based on blockchain. And both of them rely heavily on online PR to attract investors.

Both SALT and Equa offer their own cryptocurrencies to their stakeholders. And Shawn Owen in involved in both of them.

SALT relied on the name of Erik Voorhes to appear reliable. Equa relies on the name of Bryan Cupps to seem trustworthy. For those who don’t know, Bryan has multiple US patents under his name and is the CTO of Equa.

The SEC investigated SALT for taking advantage of its investors. There’s a good chance that Equa might require that in the future.

All of this suggests that Equa is not a good investment. The company’s founder launched a crypto scam a few years ago and he is trying to do the same. At least the evidence suggests the same.

Equa Global’s founder is not a serial entrepreneur but a serial scammer. His past venture, SALT Lending’s was caught by the SEC for violating US law. The SEC ordered it to refund $47 million to its investors. Equa’s operation is very similar to SALT’s. Hence, it would be best to avoid it.

The Glorious Marketing Of Equa Global Blockchain: How They Are Luring & Misleading Investor

There are many issues in Equa. But you wouldn’t read about them anywhere.

Just like SALT Lending relied heavily on online PR and paid articles, Equa is also reliant on them to lure investors. Shawn Owen is spending heavily on his company’s promotion on the internet.

You’ll find many articles online that praise Equa as a unique opportunity and highlight its various benefits. All of these articles are on PR sites. In other words, they are paid to praise the company.

Remember that SALT Lending used the same strategy a few years ago when it launched. The company wanted to attract investors. So it paid different blogs and PR websites to promote itself.

Equa global scam
A snippet of Equa’s PR articles

Equa’s PR articles are a little outrageous. And a little misleading.

For example the above article promotes Equa as a blockchain platform that allows creators to make and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Alternatively, another article promotes Equa as an immutable governance platform. Equa is promoting itself to be everything in one package. It’s a blockchain-based platform for buying and selling digital assets. And it’s also a cap table management solution. Equa is also a token provider.

How can a company be so many things at once?

It just puts Equa under more suspicion. Shawn is also giving interviews on different platforms to mislead investors and convince them to invest in his company.

image 26

All of these promotions focus on creating an illusion. Equa wants to appear like a reliable investment opportunity. It doesn’t want people to find out about Shawn’s past. Particularly, they don’t want investors to know that Shawn’s last venture had to refund $47 million.

The PR articles help in burying such important data. So when you google Shawn Owen and his blockchain ventures you wouldn’t hear about his previous scam.

No Equa Global Reviews Or Reddit Threads: Only Biased Opinions & Information Available

Equa Global is a nearly non-existent company. No one is talking about it. Very few people are interested in it.

But it has a significant presence on Reddit. When you google Equa Global Reddit, this is what you get:


However, notice how all the Reddit posts related to Equa Global are from the company itself. The posts don’t share any valuable insight into the company. They also don’t have any engaging conversations.

The Reddit posts are there only to mislead investors and consumers. Just as the PR articles help in defending Shawn, the Reddit posts create the illusion that people are talking about the company.

Not many people are interested in such ventures. But the people running Equa think they can fool people into thinking it’s a popular venture.

Hence, they are adding useless posts on Reddit.

No Equa Global Reviews Exist on the Internet

Equa claims to have many users on its platform. They claim to have over 100 paid organisations and 2500+ members on their cap table management platform.

equa global fake claims
Equa’s claim about having thousands of members. But where are they?

However, there’s no proof of those 2500+ members’ existence. With thousands of users already, Equa should have at least one or two reviews on the internet.

It’s a Saas solution after all. And it caters to a wide range of businesses and organisations including startups and large corporations.

But you wouldn’t find any Equa Global reviews on the internet. Instead, you’d find reviews for various other products and companies that have the Equa name.

equa global review
No Equa Global reviews exist on the internet

Shawn Owen and his team might add Equa Global reviews on different platforms after reading this post. Stay on the lookout for them.

The company has already spent a fortune on paid PR articles. So, they wouldn’t hesitate to buy fake reviews and create another illusion on the internet.

Equa Global Review Verdict: Elaborate Scam

This company has numerous issues. Its founder has a sketchy past. And it’s resorting to very shady and misleading marketing tactics to attract investors.

The last venture its founder launched had scammed its investors. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Equa Global does the same.

All the evidence suggests that it would be best to avoid Equa Global. There are plenty of crypto opportunities in this market. This one isn’t suitable for anyone.

3.7 Total Score
Avoid this investment

Equa Global’s founder and CEO is misleading investors and consumers to sign up on his new platform. His last venture ended up paying $47 million because of the SEC. Equa is similar to that one. Hence, you should avoid getting involved with it at all costs.

2.6Expert Score
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4.8User's score
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  • None
  • The company is too many things at once
  • Misleading claims about its products
  • Sketchy ownership
  • Only accepts cryptocurrencies
  • Shady marketing
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  1. Anthem H. Blanchard may be the biggest scammer out there, but it is his ‘wif3’ that looks like his granny who is the master mind fraudster.

    CYNTHIA DIANE BLANCHARD committed wire fraud against us stealing investment money to buy luxury goods and a brand new house!

    This scamming POS belongs in prison for WIRE FRAUD!

  2. 5
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    Your stock was never owned by another company. See Carta

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  3. 0.5
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    Sean Owen is just the idiot that is running this scam helping his buddies to steal investments. Anthem Blanchard is the real scammer behind this scam:

    Blanchard is very trustworthy with money just ask American Express Bank Card:

    Ooops thats the Grand Cayman Islands tax haven suing Blanchard, we mean you need to ask about American Express Bank Card:

    Yeah thats the one not the dozens of complaints by people that can’t get their shinny yellow metal (GOLD) out of the non-existent gold accounts:

    What a bunch of scammers all connected to the Child RAPIST and Predator Russ Medlin through the guy procuring the little girls and boys for the child rapist: Sinclair Weeks, yeah these people are all connected to Bitclub:

    The Child RAPE network.

    + PROS: Stopping these people prevents child rape
    - CONS: Everything Anthem Blanchard investment fraud Scams of every type Non existent support Fake Phone Numbers Fake Addresses Fake People involved Fake Business
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  4. Sean Owens is just the patsy for Anthem H. Blanchard and crew. That crew includes Russ Mendlin the known Child Predator and Child RAPIST! Joby Weeks is just another stooge in the game orchestrated by Anthem Blanchard the supposed “golden boy”. AVOID THIS CREW OF IDIOTS IF YOUR LIFE IS WORTH LIVING, they will bring you down just by mere association.

  5. These people are all CRIMINALS! Anthem Blanchard, Shawn Owens, Joby Weeks. Speaking of Weeks this CRIMINAL is living it up high on the hog along side Owens and Blanchard in Colorado.

    Mr Entitled, a.k.a. Joby “Thief and Liar” Weeks is very determined to get out of his probably COVID infested remand prison, now Weeks has gotten out of Prison and is living it up high on the hog in a mansion in Colorado, hiding his stolen bitcoin booty with the likes of Blanchard and Owens. Hope the government moves in and grabs up those who are holding all that bitcoin. Blanchard brags about having access to Week’s $120 MILLION in Bitcoin. Of course Blanchard is Owens best buddy and advisor to Equa like Weeks is the marketing lead advisor to Blanchard.

    Who says crime doesn’t pay? These thieves have stolen 100’s of millions and at worst they get put on house arrest for their prison time. Where is the Justice?

    You know they all know Russ Medlin. They can’t say they didn’t know about Medlin’s past. They know and probably helped Medlin fly around the world and continue his predatory behavior to children.

    This doting father Weeks (he flew his newly born daughter to all the U.S. states in 42 days. Paid for by BitClub investors) would absolutely have known about Medlin’s past child sex conviction, and as his recent arrest is for that very thing, it is obvious that Medlin was an active predator on other people’s daughters, whilst he flew round and round the world, signing up BitClub suckers.
    That was ok with Libertarian Weeks, but when Medlin (allegedly) rips him off for some money, he becomes persona non grata.

    Bitfury get a mention, as does AnarchaPulco where Weeks boasted on that infamous Soundcloud recording

    Weeks is full of “we’s” and “ours” and for all the world is talking about his company BitClub Network buying vast amounts of sometimes non existent mining equipment from BitFury, going to be “the biggest in the world”, blahblah…

    Now Blanchard is claiming to be in business with major sovereigns around the world and making claims to be working with the US government. Shawn Owens makes outlandish claims right along side Blanchard and Weeks. Get these bitclub scammers in prison where they belong.

  6. I heard Shawn was part of a crypto cult. After years of studying it, I believe that cryptocurrency is an inherently right-wing, hyper-capitalistic technology built primarily to amplify the wealth of Shawn Owen himself.

    • Crypto Cult? Must be a cult of Tax evading general thieves that steal from everyone elses hard earned money and time. Certainly there is some amplifying going on unfortunately it involves support of child predators like Russ Medlin. All these people belong in prison.

  7. Shawn I heard is involved with a billionaire rich gay man who secretly funds all his projects. I over heard him down town Denver along with this a gay rich man talk of taking over the crypto market by pushing the envelope. Whatever that’s supposed to mean…. I’d be careful of the gay loving butt pirate.

    • Can’t be Jobadiah “Joby” Weeks the Thief Liar Fraud he has plead guilty to two counts of BitClub Network related fraud. As per the terms of a plea agreement reached with the DOJ, Joby Weeks has pled guilty to conspiring to offer and sell unregistered securities and tax evasion. That can’t be the guy your talking about but he’s right there with Shawn Owens in Denver Colorado.

  8. 4.85
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    I’ve known Shawn Owen for 30+ years, and I trust him with my life. Now as far as whoever wrote this article. Go get a fucking life. You spent all this time writing up some BS, about a good man. I call those haters, because wow; you know how to hate on someone. This shit is just funny to me, I remember in HS we had a bunch of hikes pick on us cuz we were skaters. Well, now it seems to be the same situation 20+ years later with online bullies. I’d like you to prove any of your BS. Get a life

    + PROS: Real pros with real know how
    - CONS: It’s hard for me to understand the full service. Still learning, and I have a great teacher.
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    • WOW! Antisemitism! Another anti semitic rant. Saying “hikes”, this guy meant to put a “k” and luckily spell check stopped his HATE.

      Not surprised this group would have anti Israeli prejudice POS defending obvious investment scams. Would never go near these Anti-Semites!

      Next thing we are going to see this group doing business with Arabs wanting to destroy Israel. STAY AWAY! Get some education.

    • Hicks, my bad.. not hikes. Lol

  9. Reply
    Nelson McMichaelson
    August 26, 2021 at 1:09 am
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    The truth about Shawn Owens deep history with the deep state will eventually come out showing the degree he holds in the Illuminati ranks. The connections go all the way back to early recruitment out of high school into the dark pool funded hidden operations of the CIA’s project “mocking bird” where he first acquire training in media manipulation techniques.

    Don’t be fooled again by another liberal tech company masquerading as as a force for good in the pursuit of democracy.

    Search 4chan and the dark web for the search term “Shawn Owen Deep State” to learn the truth.

    + PROS: The product is excellent.
    - CONS: The founder is using the CEO as cover for his true ties to the Illuminati.
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  10. 0.75
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    Equa Global AKA Equa Start is doing everything it can to mislead investors. Shawn is playing dirty to make sure his targets don’t see this thread and find out the reality about Equa Global AKA Equa Start.

    Absolute scammer.

    - CONS: Rebranding to keep the scam going
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  11. 0.5
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    On discord there a server of victims of Anthem Hayek Blanchard. Blanchard & Company are directly connected to Shawn Owen

    There are more than a thousand people in the discord server all who have been screwed by Anthem Hayek Blanchard in one way or another.

    Anthem Hayek Blanchard and all his lawsuits are not merely connected to Shawn Owen and Equa Global or Equa Start or Equa Transfer but perhaps Owen is no more than a fall guy like he was with salt? Or perhaps it is even more nefarious?

    Anthem Blanchard has a long line of companies his newest HeraSoft aka Hera Software and Development Inc. and a bunch of BS products, blanchard never actually sells anything it is all a show to get more money for his fantasy lifestyle.

    Blanchard is a self proclaimed anarchist libertarian who spews on about how bad the United States government he constantly trolls the governemtn placing doubts in peoples minds while claiming to be from an ultra wealthy family and raised by a gold bug, blanchards companies never actually sell products he never markets them and like Shawn Owens blanchard issues tons of PAID press releases and pays to be on TV shows so he can act like he is someone special.

    The question here is what is Anthem Holdings Co.? Blanchard has a long line of businesses beginning with Numetra and then Anthem Vault Inc. in Las Vegas NV

    It is about time someone connect all these alleged scammers, I use alleged loosely given the overwhelming real facts available. What of the Anthem Hayek Blanchard and Anthem Vault Inc. LAWSUITS? There are many.


    When we hear from the CEO like Shawn Owens he is childish in comments like he is issuing subpoenas, doesn’t believe you can leave comments, he acts like a child throwing a temper-tantrum after being caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Well now we seem to be getting somewhere Blanchard is connected to Owen, and Owens is connected to salt and now Equa companies have blanchard as an advisor? All the Blanchard connected companies appear to have taken government handouts and even Owen’s salt has taken $1.2 million.

    There are lawsuits there are complaints there are upset members of the crypto community across the globe. When a little light is shone on these people they immediately start kicking and screaming they are being vilified, are they? Or does the facts and links seem to paint an even darker and more nefarious picture of the way these people operate? Does blanchard even come from money? I personally do not think much money, I would bet blanchard is running a Ponzi scam and Owens is connected to that scam having him as an advisor. Speaking of which according to other proof Joby Weeks ran Bitclub $722 million scam is an advisor of Blanchard, Weeks lives in Colorado right beside Owen. This is just the very tip of the iceberg, can you imagine all the documents and proof sitting over on discord?
    Interesting Weeks, is located in Colorado according to reports, Shawn Owen is in Colorado. Weeks partner in Bitclub scam is accused of being a child sex predator

    According to investors in Anthem gold blanchard used the money to build Hercules and then issued an ICO similar to salt ICO but blanchard filed some SEC documents

    Now the Grand Cayman Islands government has sued Blanchard and Hercules the HERC token:

    Reading into the stories the only thing Shawn Owen appears to have done wrong is he didn’t file a SEC document, but blanchard did. Salt is not a scam as stated. Owen may actually not even be a bad man as this article says or the comments say. With this said it is curious why so many companies connected to Owen for example the dozens of Anthem Hayek Blanchard companies are problematic and have thousands of victims. It is troubling Shawn Owens uses so many different spellings of his name.

    It is possible Shawn Owen has a dark past. It is more probable he does given the other business people he is associated.

    It is curious why so many Anthem Hayek Blanchard related companies or perhaps other companies he owns or his claimed ultra wealthy family office BS speech all took handouts from the US government while blanchard has gone off spouting about the virus being fake and manufactured, he has encouraged people not to get the vaccine and not to wear masks. Blanchard does all this while posting thousands of pictures of himself and his wife, yeah she looks like my grandmother, anyone would get confused and think its his mother but they been to many conferences and parties they are married or else the family is even more messed up than all the lawsuits reveal or than Anthem Blanchard convinces you when he opens his mouth. Anyone that has spoken to blanchard knows he is completely full of himself and just tries to confuse you he uses FOMO and his wife / mother / grandmother clown looking thing on his arm sweet talks you they take the money and roll it into their lifestyle to perpetuate the idea they are successful.

    Shawn Owen the subject of the article, simply didnt file a SEC form but blanchard did so Owen is vilified and blanchard continues to run a ponzi.

    Blanchard is Owen’s advisor; Owens has the same name as a child predator in Nebraska? Weeks is Blanchards advisor and has a partner in his crimes arrested on child sex charges in Indonesia. It is a mess. There are so many companies and so many stories and so many lawsuits with so much proof no wonder people have doubts.

    Oh and then there is this Anthem H. Blanchard started his series of companies in Las Vegas Nevada with Numetra and Anthem Vault and you wouldn’t believe it but Russ A. Medlin was living in Las Vegas with Anthem Blanchard

    Bitclub was a bitcoin mining scheme claiming to be a cloud mining platform, meaning you never really see the mining operation.

    Equa Global and Shawn Owen have all the connections to advisor Anthem blanchard, the geographic connections to Joby Weeks of Bitclub connects him to Shawn Owen Weeks is Blanchards advisor Owen has used many different spellings of his name, Weeks is connected to Russ Medlin there is $722 million missing in Bitclub. Blanchard started his series of companies in Las Vegas, Russ Medlin is also from Las Vegas. Bitclub was a cloud mining operation. Shawn Owen other partner with paid marketing all over the internet is a cloud mining operation If you were to invest in Elite Mining you have to use Equa to manage it, only thing missing from Elite is connection to another pedophile. Unless of course Shawn Owens is the same Shawn Owens from Murray Nebraska as dug up by another evidentially pissed off victim.

    Here is the thing should wake everyone up. Russ Medlin really is a convicted child sex predator. This is FACT. Medlin is really registered as a NON-Compliant Sex Offender on the Sex Offender Registry:

    Dont want to believe the FBI or DOJ or the news reports want to believe it is a different Russ Medlin like all these people want us all to believe it is a different Shawn Owens got a slap on the wrist up in Murray Nebraska?

    I don’t know what the truth is but it is quite the mess. When something is this messy I think it is best to avoid the entire gang.

    + PROS: Seeks to solve real problems Has a team with experience except the Restaurant Manager Shawn Owen
    - CONS: Confusing Not well written Is trying to be everything at once Startups are messy this is a disaster
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    • Anthem Hayek Blanchard is a POS

      HIS MUMMY is a washed up hooker

      These scum just launched an exact replica of AnthemVault they did it from a tax haven and are pretending it’s a separate company so they can screw over all of us that invested

      Equa is a joke hope Seano Owens is prosecuted right along with the mummy son duo

      FU anthem Blanchard you complete loser thief

      Mummy Blanchard going to spend the rest of her miserable life locked up

      • Lol I feel the hate coming from you… what did Shawn ever do wrong to you? I hate to say it, but Shawn also owns several local businesses that have the backing of the local community. I don’t see what’s wrong with what he is doing. Why don’t you explain in terms that happen to you?

  12. 0.35
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    Sean Owen is buddies with Anthem Blanchard this guy is the real grease ball sleeze bag blanchard straight up lied to everyone with HayekGold he been lying for years. Searched and Searched at least Blanchard hasn’t taken any governemnt handouts so you can give him that he be true to his crazy ideals the government is bad and shouldnt be interfering in business and all that anarchist garbage blanchard is always spewing about.

    didnt know about the other businesse listed been searching and searchin to see if Blanchard took any government handouts cause if he has then we know hes just totally full of mularky

    taktik enterprises blanchard related company got more than $35,000 in free handouts

    theramind services blanchard connected biz got more than $40,000 free money and another more than $40,000 free loan

    Dominion health company got over $275,000 all forgiven free money also blancahrd connected

    Blanchards united capital management company he claims is a billion dollar investment bank owned by his family got over $280,000 in free government handout

    So blanchard maybe not take the money directly from the government to save face with his constant rants about how bad government is and how libertarian anarchist he is but basically everyone connected to him and even his United Capital Management family owned company got over quarter million free government handout

    these people are all grease balls hope the governemnt investigates them good

    Tellin ya anyone connected to Shawny and Blanchard seem to be real sleeze grease balls. They are stealing from all the rest of us hard working folk.

    well blanchard apparently didn’t take any governemnt hand out that i can find

    Shawny Owens Jonesy da weasel only appears to have gotten the $1.2 MILLION free money for SALT after scamming us all on SALT hmmmmmm when the government going to protect the piggy bank?

    + PROS: know where to find all the scammers
    - CONS: Fake press scam businesses partners run fraudulent ICOs 0 support no real product
    Helpful(12) Unhelpful(3)You have already voted this
  13. Sketchy obviously. The warning is valid and warranted.

    What really is concerning are all these supposed startups claimed by Shawn Owen who all appear to have received government benefits and made certifications stating

    “Applicants must attest in their application that the loans are necessary for their continuing operation.”

    Think people should search all the companies connected to Shawn Owen and supposedly using the equa global systems if they have received forgiven loans from the government having made the certifications like quoted and signed with criminal penalties for lying.

    you can search each company here

    Shawn Owen or Shawn Owens or Shawn Owens-Jones or Shawn Owen-Jones cannot tell what this guys real name is given it appears so many different ways depending on what website or supposed company he is running.

    SALT the alleged scam many say was an exit scam appears to show Shawn with another of the many different variations of his name he uses. Who knows what this guys real legal name actually is?

    Shawn is the principal, customer contact, registered agent, president, owner, and CEO for the SALT cryptocurrency debacle though apparently removed according to the articles

    Can anyone be certain as to what this guys true legal name is ?

    Please post information regarding any of the companys using equa global “software” who have received government forgiven loans while simultaneously claiming they are startup companies again anyone can use this search portal to uncover loan amounts underlying banks providing loans dates loans are made and forgiven together we may be able to uncover another even larger fraud here

    Shawn Owens or Owen-Jones or whatever the guys real name is has companys all over the place it would appear is this another SALT connected to Shawn?

    Everyone screwed by SALT and its $47 million illegal activities needs pitch in with a quick search of companys connected to Shawn and post the results here and on other message boards

    Maybe together we can end the frauds or at least make the government really investigate and sanction Shawn from running more investment schemes in the future

    • Ugh this turned my stomach. SALT was a horrific scheme no one will see their money out of it they hid the “refund” they only offer for 90 days cause they got themselves high priced mouth pieces for attorneys to wiggle out of the scam.

      When you raise $47 million you can afford the very best in high priced mouth piece attorneys total POS to wiggle out of anything.

      The SALT listed is not the Shawn Owens SALT but everyone stomach will be in knots like mine when you see the Shawn Owens or Shawn Owens Jones I do remember he uses a lot of different variations of his name now it is mentioned here.

      This guy is a weasel and he looks like a weasel too with those beedy little eyes just looking to screw you over as soon as you turn your back.

      Salt Blockchain Inc.

      Received $100 shy of $1.2 MILLION in FREE Bailout money certifying without it the company could not continue
      It is not known if this money was forgiven or not

      As a community we should continue to monitor the developments especially given Shawn Owens or Shawn Owen-Jones or Shawn Owen’s whatever his name is background with SALT and the number of people who lost on the SALT token.

      SALT had to attest: “Applicants must attest in their application that the loans are necessary for their continuing operation.”

      So SALT got themselves 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS in government bailouts or handouts from the virus swearing they could not remain in business with out the handout bailout from the government. This is the kind of FRAUD and ABUSE of government resources I suppose we can expect from Shawn Owens or Shawn Owens Jones also he varies his name somethings Sean or Shaun or Shawn this guy is a little weasel.

      Gonna write up a script and plow through all his ‘partnerships’ and connected companies and post links to their bail outs or handouts maybe someone can add them all up and find out how we all are financing his lifestyle.

      Maybe someone will put the weasel in a cage for a while when they realize how much he be milking the rest of us for by sticking his hand out to the government and sticking it in everyones pockets with his wild claims.

      Found this on EDGAR the system for the Securities Exchange people that basically let him steal the $47 million after all he had all that money to hire the very best attorneys to get him off with minimal cost while screwing over all the rest of us

      Equa Inc./co

      Last amended filing June 2021
      Signed 17 June 2021
      Published 21 June 2021

      Total offering is “indefinite”
      Total amount left to be sold is “indefinite”

      There are a number of different entities all tied to Shawn Owen
      Equa Inc
      Equa Company
      Equa Start Inc.
      Equa Transfer LLC

      Hope the Government is watching this guy like a hawk and as the IRS and state tax authorities waiting in the wings.

      What a sleazy greasy slimey little beedy eyed weasel.

      Cant believe he is authorized to take an ‘indefinite’ amount of money with this secruties offering bet hes already spending on cars and fancy trips bet this guy even smells as bad a weasel if I ever see him I do the SCAMMMMMER chant as loud as I can at a conference

  14. everybody should know Equa Global has a bunch of different names they all created by Shawn Owen
    People need read the reddit posts

    Equa Global is a dirty blockchain scam using paid PR to manipulate investors

    The ScamExposingLady been on Reddit for years exposing scams.

    “Shawn Owen has been involved in multiple blockchain scams but he got away with them because blockchain is unregulated.”

    “Do not fall for Equa Global or Shawn Owen’s marketing tactics. They are nothing but ruthless scammers. By paying news networks hefty sums, Equa is trying to create a false reputation of grandiosity. They want their potential victims to think Equa is the “next big thing”, while in reality, it is just another exit scam.”

    Some of the posters who are long time Redditer’s say how it really is with Shawn Owen apparently.

    “The investors on this project are all close friends of Shawn who have been accomplices in his past shady projects. The $2.3 million “investment” is done only to encourage everyday people to throw their life savings into this scam.”

    Suggest people do their own research but thankfully their are websites bringing out the truth about Shawn Owen and what he has done and is about to do again or is actually doin.

    crazy nearly every scam ico fraud simon dixon investment seems listed with equa and if you dare complain they zap you no information for you like american sitcom “no soup for you” sienfeld soup guy

  15. 0.25
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    High yield investment scheme we dug into this Equa start or equa global deal they claim 13.33% weekly return which is 693.16% annual return?

    Crazy this is definitely not legit any investment offering a 693.16% guaranteed return is a scheme to defraud.

    Interesting article, you missed this article

    “Bill Sinclair, previously the project’s CTO, became the new interim President, making investors question why a sudden change in leadership was required. Such silent disappearance “acts” have previously been associated with exit scams where the CEO resigned and went off with the investors’ money. In this case, CEO Shawn Owen seems to showcase similar threats, with accusations of SALT being an elaborate scam.”

    + PROS: Only pro is not to invest and your already a winner
    - CONS: no response to electronic mail no answer phone phone hard to find web url is private registration high yield investment confusing wording past performance scamming No way should you invest in a guaranteed 693% + return scheme
    Helpful(11) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  16. Reply
    Stephanie Weichsel
    July 22, 2021 at 3:31 pm

    Michael – We need an electronic address and physical address to send legal correspondence. I have tried several time to reach out through support.

  17. The crypto criminals seem always to stick together propping up each scam

    We invested in a gold company only for them to launch a crypto token try to upsell us more on the crypto token scheme, they never marketed or sold more than a few hundred dollars in gold even during the largest run up in gold prices in history!

    Hercules built with anthemgold investment when they sold us on them doing a gold token, but they never tried, then they create a crypto token herc and make anthemgold their first client?

    Now they got another gold company scheme FlorinGold trying to trade off a brand name and that fake company also has fake reviews you can’t buy from them and they are a direct ripoff of their past schemes with the exact same website.

    Now Shawn Owens who got a huge criminal past with SEC and law enforcement up in Nebraska is supposed to be the trustworthy person holding all our stock? Simon just apologizes that he was suckered by blanchard and company. Owens needs to be real about what hes doing and everyone should avoid giving this guy any money.

    Then the lawsuits started everywhere even nation states

    Here the FCA has an open criminal investigation into the scheme. Intl. tax authorities are hunting down the stolen funds.

    Now they got another new investment scheme after trying to tell us “its all good the crypto winter was long but we now are in business with a major sovereign”

    Another scam another investment fraud:

    Why can’t these people run honest businesses? Why can’t they not lie everytime they open their mouths? We invested our bitcoin and we never got a thing other than seeing them fly around the world and go partying.

    Shawn Owens and SALT scammed us too and now Ownes got himself a gig asking for mo money while promoting his fellow scammers. This is not right. The crypto community needs to avoid these scammers, they will bring down what should be a good thing decentralization, not these centralized scammers.

    • At least now I know I am going to be rich! Invested in Anthemgold bought their bullsheeet

      now this group of scammers launched a initial coin offering got kicked out of grand caymans tax evasion country with lawsuits chasing them

      combined their scams into anthem holdings company to raise up more cash and live in the lap of luxury

      list anthem holdings on equa and partner with Shawn Owen claim we have stock in this new venture that will “be out of this world”

      this takes the cake though in the last 6 days they went from zero reviews to 7 glowing 5 star reviews on google and all the reviews are from employees of the newest scam Herasoft or Hera Software and Development or Dev Herasoft

      Some funny stuff in here the top review is from Michael Moran this guy is listed as get ready for it
      “Galactic Viceroy of Excellence at Herasoft” suppose thats the only title they had left

      all the other reviews are also from employees of the herasoft scam, nearly every single one has only one review on google and it is a review of their meal ticket on the backs of us investors

      this one though gives me pause and hope I will be seeing a big return from my anthem gold investment

      “One of a kind company aiding sovereign wealth funds , nation states, and private enterprise”

      can’t wait to get my hands on the contracts from sovereign wealth funds and nation states

      must be contracts worth 10’s of millions of dollars good thing too since my investment in anthem gold was so stellar they sold six hundred USD in gold and then quit to setup more companies and lure in more investment dollars to finance the luxury life

      wonder which sovereign wealth funds and “nation states” they suckered into contracts? Or is this just more malarkey?

      this man child Logan Golema is all over the place with wild claims this one though really goes out there with contracts from “sovereign wealth funds and nation states” good thing cause my bitcoin investment into anthem gold is now worth about 725,000 USD in bitcoin so hope I have at least that in one of these other companies they diverted the investments too

      and now i find out there is an “Interplanetary investment fund” it all makes sense now where the Inter Galactic Viceroy of Excellence title is derived from for Michael Moron must be in charge of the alien outreach program

      maybe Shawn Owens can take a lesson from his partner and have his employees run around and issue themselves glowing reviews issue out some intergalactic titles maybe Intergalactic High King of the Lunar Stock selling association at the interplanetary stock exchange?

      maybe Shawn can get a meeting with the intergalactic federation through the intergalactic viceroy of excellence at the international alien embassy in bartlesville Oklahoma or is the universal galactic federation of aliens having their annual meeting with the flat earth society?

      I am so tired of getting scammed and taken advantage of by people making up lies and literally saying anything to get investments from people and then spending the money anyway they want


      Shawn Owen surrounds himself with some real winners.

      Bet these people own stock in tinfoil can just imagine what it must be like in a meeting with the Intergalactic Viceroy of Excellence discussing the upcoming alien convention during the flat earth conference how they going to help all the “sovereign wealth funds and nation states” with they security and money management

    • How about the lawsuits? Anthem H. Blanchard claims to be a big shot. From a family with billions. He claims he is the chairman of the Blanchard Family Office. In truth he uses investments from others to spend the money acting like he got a huge family office. If Blanchard is so rich then why all the lawsuits?


      Definitely you should trust a person with your online security through Herasoft or trust them with your lifesavings as an investment or buy gold they say they hold for you or let them manage your money. Especially if they pay their american xpress bills on time and not let them go months or years so american express must sue for their money.

      Quality partners Shawn Owen has with Equa

  18. Fraude. Shawn Owens defraudó a todos con su última empresa y ahora es socio de otros fraudes.

    Una búsqueda rápida en Google muestra lo que será un desastre al hacer negocios con equa.

    Las madres y los padres deben preocuparse por su capacidad para evitar la justicia. Especialmente los cargos de pornografía infantil que dejó con libertad condicional.

  19. This group of crypto criminals conned us with “salt”, we been conned by several of the other “businesses” they now claim to be the holders of the capitalization tables for.

    Shawn Ownens doesn’t respond to emails and once he got your money or really your crypto you arent gonna ever hear from him again, just like all the other companies he claims are using this new “platform” for soliciting the hard working under the guise of investments.

    Do not understand how a person who openly admitted to scamming is allowed to keep scamming again and again.

    They got no real product here and the other companies listed in their platform are also accused of scamming. Wonder why no real startup is using this platform?

  20. 3.1
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    At Anypay we use Equa to manage corporate structure and cap table for our company. The software was very new when we started and has developed over time to become a decently useful tool. My read is that the team is genuinely interested in helping people organize their businesses and raise money. So far I have not yet used any of their nascent blockchain based features however I was rather delighted we can pay our SaaS subscription with digital currency as that is our preferred method of accounting for transactions.

    + PROS: Steady development. Responsive to my business needs. Real support people with whom you can have a relationship. Understand blockchain economy.
    - CONS: Still some manual procecces which need to be automated.
    Helpful(4) Unhelpful(12)You have already voted this
  21. 5
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    Equa is currently running a SaaS model to help bring transparency to the corporate governance and treasury management process. All points listed in this “hit piece” are misleading, untrue and sensationalized lies. We have many clients in the US and several overseas. Any comments on this trash “article” about us not having a real company can easily go to our site and engage with the software for free with the goal of organizing your organizations information. Any comments on us not having a support are a lie because we are available on email, Telegram, WhatsApp and other channels to provide our clients with as much help as possible. I openly challenge anyone to reach out to us directly and we’ll prove that we’re a real company that is helping real startups. Feel free to do so at [email protected]

    + PROS: A cutting edge startup looking to help startups get organized early in preparation for future success.
    - CONS: May not be useful for all companies.
    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(19)You have already voted this
    • Transparency? Owens dont create transparency in anything. This is centralized garbage you cant signup you cant try for free. Wonder if it even exists?

      This looks like another SALT bs just like SALT was created to be confusingly similar to the SALT investment conference. What a shame Equa is.

      SEC and IRS ought to be looking real carefully at where the funding came from to start this new venture, bet it came from salt lending.

      How about telling us all what exactly is misleading, untrue and sensationalized lies in this news story?

      Oh and figured out you must be Sten Wie, wonder why you are hiding your identity?

  22. Think everyone should know Shawn Owens has a lengthy record of run ins with the law. Not certain where it all started or why he is allowed to keep running scams and crooked businesses. But ya’ll should know this guy was up in Murray Nebraska where he admitted to his child porn fetish to a priest and then was convicted of child pornography. Did a little google search and wha la … here is the link:

    Sorry for video recording little girls dressing said Shawn Owens.

    “An affidavit states the priest called deputies who then found Owens had deleted the video. Investigators recovered the video along with 18 downloaded internet images of undressed girls under 16 years old.”

    When you dig into the pasts or many of his “partners” you find similarly disturbing stories.

    Take a look at Shawn’s past with OneCoin and Bitclub too, just more crypto scams.

  23. Total fraud. Hope the SEC is looking into this fraudulent scheme. Fake company stock. Fake claims of partnerships where none exist. Scammer companies they represent from various startups that are known scammers. ICO scams Initial Coin Offerings with fake stock in companies that are not registered with SEC. Wonder how long it will take the SEC to come after this scam artist again?

    SEC already took down Shawn Owen once, they should have barred him for life from running scams. Or at the very least should have barred him from working with other known scammers. Fraud and more fraud, that is all Equa Global is filled with, haven’t seen a real business on this website or at least not a real business that admits to actually be doing business with Shawn Owen. SEC and CFTC need to get FBI and other law enforcement to look under the hood of this scam.

  24. 0.25
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    What a scam. Website claims all sorts of things, but in reality once you deposit money to any of these scam businesses, you find out this is just a house of cards. Have you had a look at any of his “advisers”? Scammer and crook after scammer and crook. No real company here. Just a bunch of fake crap. Have you seen all the broken links and BS trading on the names of big law firms that want nothing whatsoever to do with Sean Owen and Equa Global scheme? Funny how this guy his himself rave reviews, too bad the truth is the entire site is nothing more than junk code and BS scammer businesses.

    + PROS: None that can be seen.
    - CONS: Scammer businesses Fake stock Discredited licensed people signing documents Fake stock Scammer
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  25. 5
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    Great website. Great product great people. Sten, and Kelley are amazing and helped me get setup with ease. Definitely in startup mode but growing. Happy to use the product.

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(14)You have already voted this
  26. Get ready for real subpoenas to fly your way and I will be following through to make sure that the truth about your identity is revealed. Let’s see what this looks like when I come full force and bring your public profile into the public view. Ready?

    • Mr. Owen

      Your response to critics is threaten “real subpoenas” are you a child? Do you have zero experience in business?

      “if Internet users could be stripped of [their] anonymity by a civil subpoena … this would have a significant chilling effect on Internet communications and thus on basic First Amendment rights . … Unmeritorious attempts to unmask the identities of online speakers have a chilling effect on Internet speech.”

      Mr. Owen you really think the best course of action when someone criticizes your behavior in business is to launch legal attacks of a website and to attack your victims? You think the best use of investors money is to spend millions in litigation over what? The opinions of others? Or did someone call you a bad name?

      Whats the purpose of the subpoenas ? To stop people from being a critic of your business behaviors? To punish people who you have screwed over? To silence people from pointing out your SEC slap on the wrist, you got away with $47 million because you had the $47 million to pay lawyers. You just got another $1.2 million in government handouts for salt by claiming you couldn’t stay in business without the free government handout.

      a four-part test, such that the identity of an anonymous Internet user could be disclosed if: “(1) the subpoena seeking the information was issued in good faith and not for any improper purpose; (2) the information sought relates to a core claim or defense; (3) the identifying information that is directly and materially relevant to that claim or defense, and (4) information sufficient to establish or to disprove that claim or defense is unavailable from any other source.” Applying this test to the facts before it, the district court denied the issuance of the subpoena, concluding the real purpose in seeking it was to intimidate its critics into silence.

      Come on Shawn your best defense to critics is to intimidate them into silence with subpoenas? Please. Your a child.

      Delaware Supreme Court in September 2005. In this case, a town councilman sued an anonymous poster to a Delaware state news site for defamation. The councilman obtained a court order requiring Internet service provider Comcast to reveal the identity of the subscriber who had posted the criticisms. The court said it considered proof that a defamatory statement was made to be the “the most important element.” Reading the statements in the context of a blog, the court found the statements were not defamatory. Thus the councilman’s bid to unmask the anonymous poster was defeated.

      June 2003, when a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals addressed the question of whether “a moderator of a listserv and operator of a website who posts an allegedly defamatory e-mail authored by a third party can be held liable for doing so.” In the case, Batzel v. Cremers

      a federal judge in Washington relied on Section 230 in 1998 when he ruled that America Online could not be sued for allegedly defamatory comments posted by Internet gossip columnist Matt Drudge.

      U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania in May 2006. A promoter and event planner, Anthony DiMeo III, filed suit against Duke Law School graduate and Web-site operator Tucker Max for anonymous comments about DiMeo made by visitors to Max’s site. DiMeo argued that Max, because he selected and edited posts that appear on the site, has editorial control and should be viewed as the provider of the offensive content. The court disagreed with DiMeo and found that Section 230 protected Max from prosecution. Because Max didn’t write the posts, but only provided a forum, he was not held liable.

      Barrett v. Rosenthal, was decided by the California Supreme Court in November 2006. Here, the court overturned an appeals court decision that held an Internet discussion-group operator liable for statements made in an article she republished on the group Web site. The California high court said “the Court of Appeal diverged from the prevailing interpretation of section 230.” Discussing the act, the court added: “By declaring that no ‘user’ may be treated as a ‘publisher’ of third-party content, Congress has comprehensively immunized republication by individual Internet users.” The court did acknowledge “that recognizing broad immunity for defamatory republications on the Internet has some troubling consequences. Until Congress chooses to revise the settled law in this area, however, plaintiffs who contend they were defamed in an Internet posting may only seek recovery from the original source of the statement.”

      Maybe you can be like Trump and broaden those libel laws after all court cases are a great way to get even more content! Can’t wait to see you running up a massive legal bill. Now you put this in writing you need to alert all your investors that you will be using their investment to hunt down ghosts online and silence their criticisms of your business behavior.

      One of the greatest free-speech advantages the Internet provides is the ability to broadcast material from all over the world to all over the world. It is unlike pamphleteering in that one can disseminate his or her grievances, concerns or other beliefs to a potentially unlimited audience. Indeed, the Supreme Court in Reno v. ACLU (1997), said that, by using the Internet, “any person with a phone line can become a town crier with a voice that resonates farther than it could from any soapbox.” Anonymity is also an option for the Internet user on a Web site, newsgroup, chat room, Web log or message board. And with anonymity may come an increased willingness to criticize — other people, corporations, public officials, universities — and increased boldness in doing so.

    • Hi Shawn,

      Please send your subpoenas via electronic mail to [email protected].

      Is there anything else I can help you with?


      • Hi Michael – I can’t find an address just this email which appears to be general not for legal. What physical address can we mail your legal team at? Please let me know I have reached out several times.

        • FreeLegalHelp
          July 29, 2021 at 9:21 am

          Who are you? Some random person demanding physical addresses? Are you looking to hurt people? Why not publish a picture of yourself. Publish your full name, the name of who you represent. The law firm you work for, your bar number. You look like some nut case seeking a physical address to hurt someone for exercising first amendment rights. Are you a crazy?

  27. Yep. Just as suspected. You can’t actually leave any comments on this site.

    • Yep. You definitely didn’t leave a comment. Your just a baby, Shawn Owens, a child pretending to play big business man. Rather than respond to critics you seek only to silence them. Why not grow up and address the concerns?

      Do you have a real business? Are you solving a real problem?

      Tell us about what you are really doing. Tell us about all your partners and advisors. Tell us Shawn are you a real business man or just someone looking to silence critics and skate under the radar taking in investment dollars?

      Is Shawn Owen a real person? Cant tell with all the different spellings of his name he uses. Can’t tell if this is a real company because of all the confusion.

      Shawn Owens Jones as he is known with salt maybe Shawn should have named Equa by a different name like maybe Pepper. So Shawn would be known for creating salt and pepper, would be more in line with Shawn’s vast 25 years business experience as the manager of a restaurant.

      Curious was it a McDonalds or a Wendys were your 25 years business experience came from?

      • You wouldn’t listen anyway. you are a terrible troll.

      • Woah man, why all the hate? Real business coming from what? I real business man like you? Like we should all sit back and get schooled by you? If you have any questions that aren’t answered on the website, why not ask him himself rather than spreading online drama? Because what? That’s so much more mature?

  28. 5
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    Let’s see if if a little lite on truth can shine light on the facts. Does this site actually allow anyone to do real comments? Let’s find out.

    + PROS: 100% real startup support for real entrepreneur's.
    - CONS: Might not be able to solve all startup problems.
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  29. This is a scam. This scam outfit is supposedly handling our stock we got screwed by Anthem Hayek Blanchard and his United Capital Management of Kansas scheme for Anthem Holdings and Hera Software and Development aka Herasoft scam.

    They scammed us out of our retirement funds.

  30. Total scam. Anthem Hayek Blanchard claims stock in all his scams are held with this scammer, go figure.

    Blanchard operates with nothing but fake press releases. No real products or services. No sales

    Herasoft is the latest scam Anthem Blanchard and his mom are pushing also called Hera Software and Development Inc.

    Blanchard also claims a billion dollar capital management company called United Capital Management of Kansas.

  31. Another scammer involved is Anthem Hayek Blanchard and his crypto con game. Herc crypto now called HeraSoft. Scammed the crypto community on herc token from grand cayman islands, now Blanchard and Owen claim to be cyber security experts to capitalize on the ransomware industry notify authorities about Hera Software and Development scam. Herc scam. AnthemGold scam. So many scams you can’t keep up even Peter McCormack spotted all the scams.
    Numetra = scam
    Amagi Metals = scam
    HayekMetals = scam
    HayekGold = scam
    AnthemGold = scam

    Bye scammer!

  32. thank you gripeo. you saved me from making a big mistake

  33. 0.6
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    The company is a definite scam. I just checked out their website and man it was a journey. Rubbish everywhere. Whoever designed that website should be ashamed of themselves for creating such a useless product. And they only accept crypto??? Like, are they even trying anymore? Equa Global can’t get away with being a scam tho. People need to report it to the relevant authorities.

    - CONS: Pathetic website full of rubbish
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  34. 0.35
    Product/Service Quality
    Past Performance

    Equa Global supposed to have our shares in Anthem Hayek Blanchard’s alleged ponzi scheme, including Anthem Vault, Anthem Gold, Hercules, Lunargistics, Anthem Reserve, Anthem Holdings, United Capital, Dominion Healthcare, Theramind, HeraSoft, Herc crypto, Hera Software and Development Inc. and more. It’s been a decade of company after company with Anthem Blanchard, changing to a new company every 6 months only income is raising money, so figures our stock is all held with such an upstanding company as Equa Global, which appears to be in the business of raising money too. Anthem Blanchard has hired a team of criminal defense attorneys now, wonder why he needs all those criminal defense attorneys? Could it be Anthem Blanchard and criminal gang are sim hacking and phishing people while pretending to run a cyber security company, after pretending to have an ICO (crypto offering) after pretending to have a gold crypto token for the 8th time after running another fractional gold ownership scheme, after having run a fractional gold vault, after having run a over priced gold coin tele sales operation after buying amogimetals and running it into the ground now with no products, after running a failed book publishing company, after running a music production company, after running a bar, after running numetra another ponzi tech company. When will these people stop the scamming?

    + PROS: Slick website design
    - CONS: No service No support Email addresses bounce Seems to only register scam businesses Person signing SEC compliance documents is a suspended FINRA rep
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