CapitalXtend is a company that claims they have 15 years of experience in trading. However, this is the first red flag that we spotted with this scam. According to, the entity was launched in May 2020. Therefore, they do not have a trading history or a reputation in the market.

They promise investors that they stand a chance of earning stable income by trading automatically. However, you should not take a scam venture seriously. The platform is an offshore entity that will make you lose money. You will not generate profits in this venture.

CapitalXtend claims that they have the best spread in the market. The company sees itself as one of the trusted brokers in the industry. They are allegedly offering a tight spread and a 30% bonus on your first deposit of $300. It is important to note that some requirements come along with such attractive bonuses to ensure you read their terms and conditions before falling for the tactic.

The company claims that they are trading several assets like: digital currencies, CFDs, Indices, Forex, Shares, and Precious Metals. The shady venture also brags that the safety of their clients come first. They segregate investors’ money in trusted banks. However, they do not care to mention the names, and given the character of this firm, we highly doubt their claims.

Did You Know?

CFD (contract for differences) is an advanced trading tool and a contract between an investor and a CFD broker to exchange the ‘gap-value’ of a financial entity, that can be securities or derivatives. However, choosing a CFD broker can be hectic due to the mushroomed scammers, hence non licensed and unrealistic returns shall be strictly avoided. Overview

CapitalXtend Review

The company speaks highly about itself. However, they do not show any proof that they are the best option. The platform state that their focus is for their clients to earn a stable income. They also brag of having an excellent reputation that outshines them.

All this information is for their marketing to lure more victims. The company has three trading accounts that you can select from. The least amount that you can deposit in their venture is $200.  They claim they have an MT4 platform ready for their clients. The majority of the investors love this interface due to the many features that it offers.

You can get updates on your gadget of the latest developments in the market. Additionally, you can open multiple chats simultaneously, and it is available in various languages. Moreover, investors get real-time quotes for the industry. CapitalXtend claims that they are trading over 300 assets. They want to make the trading experience of investors great.

However, we do not know the individual that is handling the trader’s funds. There is no information provided apart from their false history in the market. They are trading Forex, gold, oil, stocks, indices, and cryptos. They promise investors after partnering with them; you stand a chance of earning $20 as rebates on every trading lot. The payouts are disbursed daily and weekly.

The company does not have any existing feedback. If they have been around for 15years, then why do they not have a relevant audience. It seems nobody is interested in what this firm is offering. Do not be a guinea pig; choose reputable ventures.

Leverage & Spread At CapitalXtend

CapitalXtend is offering high leverage of 1:1000. It might sound attractive to investors. However, you need to keep in mind that the more risks you will be exposed to, you need to exercise caution. Furthermore, the company incredibility is in question, and trusting them is not a wise decision.

We do not know the trading conditions that investors can expect from this venture. The entity does not avail of quality data on its platform. The high leverage they promise is not verified. We did not see their trading results. We have more doubts when it comes to CapitalXtend.

They do not specify the amount of spread that investors will get from engaging with the firm state that orders are executed instantly. They also guarantee clients there is no hidden commission. It is unwise to trust the word of anonymous founders who lacks transparency.

Deposit & Withdrawl Methods

There are multiple methods that you can use to cash in at CapitalXtend this include; Neteller, Visa, Skrill, and Bank Transfer. CapitalXtend is charging 5% every month for inactivity in your account. Investors can cash out funds using the same methods that are there for depositing.

However, the entity is offering bonuses, but they have not availed sufficient info on the same. As mentioned earlier, the majority of the scam will have hidden data regarding the bonuses. Therefore, you should be keen when expecting some of these offers.

Scammers will have all sorts of delays when it comes to handling your Withdrawal request. They will multiple excuses until you give up. Moreover, they will have hidden charges. Take your time and do not rush into depositing funds in a shady venture.

Are They Regulated?

CapitalXtend is not regulated by any financial body in the world. Therefore, they are outlaws who deserve to be put behind bars for operating illegally. The entity state that they are members of the affiliate commission, which is a private regulatory body that will dissolve issues of clients versus their investment firm.

However, this document does not include men much as the company is an offshore entity trying very hard to cover for their flaws. The company assures investors that in case of insolvency, they will receive compensation of £20,000. Keep in mind that CapitalXtend is based in an area that does not have regulations for investment platforms.

Therefore, the risks that investors are exposed to are multiple, and the authority will not come to your aid once you lose funds. Invest in a platform that cares about your safety instead of trusting scammers. They are also not registered by anyone, and it shows their level of ignorance when it comes to legitimacy matters.

How To Contact

CapitalXtend claims that their customer’s support is available 24/7 to assist whenever you have a problem. They have live support, an email address, and a phone number that you can use to reach the support. However, we cannot verify if they are responsive.

Their office address is at Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. As you can see, this is an offshore venture. They will avail all kinds of info to act as a transparent entity.

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Unfortunately, the only thing that guarantees a scam in the market is a bad experience. We do not find anyone endorsing or supporting its claims. Be very careful and stay on the lookout. Smart investors venture with trustworthy entities in the market.

CapitalXtend Review 2021 Conclusion

The company is offering an alarming level of leverage to investors. You should avoid this venture as they are not too good. Moreover, the firm lacks transparency, and we do not know how they are fairing on in the market.

The entity should avail their performance report for everyone to see if they are worth the trust of investors. Until then, kindly stay away from these scammers. Their location is also infamously known as a hotspot for scammers.

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Avoid at all costs

The company is offering an alarming level of leverage to investors. You should avoid this venture as they are not too good. Moreover, the firm lacks transparency, and we do not know how they are fairing on in the market.

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  • Fake Reviews
  • Shady Owners
  • Unreliable Customer Support
  • Unregulated

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  1. Admin Note :

    I don’t know whats worse? A bad company with bad reviews, or a bad attempt by offshore fly-by-night PR firms posting fake reviews to try and hide the truth.

    Shreyaa, I am pretty sure that this is a fake review. You’re using an Indian IP, a fake Email and your review does not make any sense.

    I looked at the reviews, and most of them are recent, using Indian names. I’ve contacted my friends at Trustpilot and reported those fake reviews. Let’s see if TrustPilot is as ‘credible’ as you claim.

    Have a nice day.

    PS. I edited the review score to match the overall rating.


    Well, i checked everything myself and i figured that the company is backed by big financial institutions like Financial Commission. Also, the customer support is too good to my surprise.
    They are a regulated firm, FYI.
    The interface is smooth to work on and the spreads are tight to take informed decisions.

    I found this review utterly incorrect and devoid of facts.
    You can check out
    which has more credibility than skeptictank.

  2. Admin Note :-

    The same fake user, the same IP address. Capitalxtend has a knack for posting fake reviews. Probably using an Indian PR agency. This has forced us to have a closer look at all reviews posted in favor of Capitalxtend. We shall do our bit soon.


    All the facts stated in this article are absolutely wrong and misleading.
    Capitalxtend is regulated and has an amazing response rate as they are available 24*7.
    The company is also a member of the financial commission and is affiliated with Verify My Trade as well, which provides clients the assurance that their funds are fully secured.

    This whole article is wrong and posted just to earn petty cash.

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