Dal Sohi: Is He Reliable?

Dal Sohi
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Dal Sohi is facing a lot of criticism and there are multiple petitions against him online. Find out why that is in this post.

Petition Against Dal Sohi: Demands for Accountability and Transparency

Dear Chadwick Alumni,

We are writing to inform you of the state of Chadwick School. As of February 11th, 82 faculty have signed a letter to the Board of Directors showing a vote of no confidence in our current Head of School, Dal Sohi.  

No one has taken this step lightly. Faculty have done so because they have been given no other alternative. Knowing they may be jeopardizing careers, livelihoods, and financial stability, faculty have decided that the outcome is worth more than the risk.  

We are bringing concerns to you now because attempts to address them through the existing school structures and the Head of School have failed.  We write to you now only because we feel that they’ve exhausted all of the other options available.

The outcome we seek is a Chadwick School that lives by the core values it espouses: fairness, honesty, respect, responsibility, and compassion.  In calling for a vote of no confidence, Chadwick Faculty believes that the current Head of School is unable to lead according to these values.

Chadwick faculty know that they have not always been in the right. They’ve seen the boat Chadwick and dear Chadwick accounts what is documented it is shocking and should never have happened.  We have work to do to make Chadwick a safer and more inclusive place.

However, faculty cannot fight a war on two fronts. They cannot have their time and energies divided between protecting themselves, their livelihoods, and our community while also introspectively looking at their practices of learning and teaching to make Chadwick a better place.

Currently, Chadwick faculty have voiced innumerable concerns to their Head of School over the following topics:

  • Unethical processes of hiring and firing of faculty and staff who identify as POC, LGBTQ+, and non-male
  • Neglecting to fill important positions that are now vacant, thus eliminating the position
  • Broad threats that “faculty positions would be eliminated” without any timeline or specifics on how or when that would be communicated leading to fear and uncertainty
  • Gross restructuring of Chadwick’s leadership structure taking current leaders out of influential positions and replacing them with new ones without adequate information to inform the choice. As a result, signature programming will disappear, which will highly impact a student’s Chadwick experience.
  • Past decision-making that has not involved or sought input from faculty or faculty leaders even though those decisions have an enormous influence on faculty’s day-to-day practices
  • Hostile comments made to faculty referring to them and their practices as “placeholders”, “not welcoming”, and “unproductive”
  • The shutting down of communication lines between faculty and the administration by telling faculty not to bother the Head of School with their concerns and that their use of email and chat functions in Zoom meetings is “not respectful of everyone’s time”
  • Misogynistic public and private treatment of female employees who voice opinions or concerns while acting differently toward male employees
  • Dismissive treatment of alumni who raised their voices against Chadwick’s silence about Black Lives Matter and the corresponding Change.org petition
  • The discrepancy between LA County School Reopening guidelines only for high-need students–and Chadwick’s approach to bringing back all students

And there is more to say–but you can see a picture forming that has become clear to faculty in recent weeks:

We currently have a leader who does not value faculty.

He doesn’t value their voice.

He doesn’t value their needs.

He doesn’t value their expertise.

He doesn’t value their need for a workplace in which they feel safe.

And he doesn’t value our community.

While Chadwick School has much more work to do to ensure that it lives up to the core values it espouses, its leader should at the very least model them himself. 

While the Head of School has owned some of his mistakes, he has not learned from them and he continues to make choices and take steps that have a direct negative effect on faculty morale. He insists he doesn’t want to look backward but wants to move forward all the while leaving faculty behind as valuable contributors to decision-making. The result is a toxic atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

This year has been hard on all of us in different ways. But faculty can say without a doubt that this year has been the most difficult year they have ever taught to the point in which they question whether or not they want to continue teaching at Chadwick School or continue in the teaching profession at all.

If ever a Chadwick faculty member made a positive impact on you, we ask that you consider signing this petition to show that teachers’ voices matter, their workplaces should be safe for them, and their actions have made a difference to someone.

We thank you for your support.


Concerned Alumni Currently Working with Chadwick School

Petition against Dal Sohi.

The Significance of This Petition

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Dear esteemed alumni,

We are writing to provide you with an update on the current status of the School.  As of February 11th, a total of 82 faculty members have affixed their signatures to a letter addressed to the Board of Directors, expressing an affirmative vote of lack of trust in the incumbent Head of School.  

The subsequent correspondence delineates the worries that faculty members have made regarding their head of school.

If a member of the teaching staff has had a beneficial influence on you, we kindly request you please contemplate endorsing this request as a means of demonstrating the significance of teachers’ opinions, the necessity for secure workplaces, and the effect of their conduct on individuals.

We express our gratitude for the assistance that was provided. If you want to read more about the petition, you may learn from the link: Dal

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Concealing Customer Feedback: A Closer Look at Review Privacy

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According to the reports, a total of 82 faculty members have affixed their signatures to a letter sent to the Board of Directors, expressing a lack of confidence in our present Head of School, Dal Sohi. 

The present correspondence has been made accessible for public perusal on the digital medium often referred to as reddit.com.  However, there has been a lack of comments demonstrating support for this petition, with only a short explanation provided in a single sentence, without any further elaboration. Is this the style of operation of Reddit? 

Based on the available information from Reddit, it is evident that there is a lack of commentary on the petition about the Dal Sohi report, which has been shared on the Reddit platform. 

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Exposing the Shadows of Public Relations: The Realm of Dal Sohi’s Fake PR

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Dal Sohi claims that he has a genuine commitment to prioritizing children as the focal point of all decisions. The individual in question has accumulated over thirty years of experience as an educator and administrator, having served in various educational capacities in four different nations. 

Having accumulated thirty-five years of work experience in the field of schooling, the individual, to embark on an entirely new profession that would further contribute to the advancement of educational institutions and the welfare of pupils.

Dal Sohi acclaimed that he has been presently imparting his vast expertise and competencies to educational institutions globally via his consultancy firm, K-12 Educational Services. Dal Sohi, despite his birth. The individual in question possesses proficiency in four different languages and has undertaken extensive travel to over fifty nations from a global perspective.

Dal Sohi also asserted in his fake PR interview that within this context, the individual was employed at an educational institution that followed the International Baccalaureate curriculum. This school provided bilingual schooling encompassing four distinct languages.

Dal Sohi possesses academic qualifications in the fields of Sociology, Education, and instructional Management. The individual possesses an extensive comprehension of the various pedagogical and logistic components involved in managing a school, as evidenced by their previous roles as a Head of School.

Questions asked of Dal Sohi in the Interview

What was the origin of the concept behind Dal Sohi’s chosen profession?

According to Dal Sohi, he has had the privilege of collaborating with educators hailing from over 30 different nations across the globe, thereby gaining a diverse range of perspectives on the field of teaching. 

During the interview, the individual asserts that they have acquired knowledge from each of these experiences, resulting in a diverse range of tactics and viewpoints that have been incorporated into their repertoire over 35 years. 

Therefore, he supplemented his interview by stating that he has gained expertise in working with curricula from many countries, and his involvement in certifying schools has contributed to the expansion of his expertise. 

He believed that the moment had arrived for me to contribute my expertise and understanding to educational institutions that need an impartial and objective assessment of their abilities and areas requiring improvement.

Painting a Portrait of Dal Sohi’s Average Day: Strategies for Maximizing Productivity

According to Dal Sohi, he claims that his daily routine often engages in has a significant degree of variability, however, it can be categorized into three overarching classifications. 

One aspect that he prioritizes is my commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest studies. He also actively engages in the adoption of optimal methodologies and consistently remains informed about the latest advancements within the field of learning. 

However, it is important to note that such expertise serves as a fundamental basis rather than a complete replacement for the ongoing pursuit of expertise and the continuous development of my skills. 

Additionally, he also claims that he maintains regular communication with the educational institutions and collaborates to ensure that their specific requirements and demands are adequately addressed. 

He also told in his interview that the skeptical about the efficacy of singular, isolated school reform initiatives. The ongoing task of enhancing educational institutions necessitates my active engagement and assistance in addressing any obstacles encountered. 

What strategies can be employed to actualize conceptualizations?

Dal Sohi stated in his interview that as societal advancements have unfolded, the field of education has not fully aligned with the rapid changes. A significant number of educational institutions continue to maintain a predominantly focused instructor approach. 

In the classroom setting, it is common for teachers to engage in verbal discourse while children assume the passive role of attentive listening. 

Moreover, it is customary for just one individual to speak at any given moment over a significant portion of the instructional session. In general, pupils are expected to prioritize their attention towards their instructor rather than towards their peers. 

He also engaged in efforts aimed at fostering a comprehensive understanding among educational institutions on the imperative of regarding individuals as active participants and collaborators in the educational journey.

Dal Sohi’s Most Valuable $100 Investment: What Was It and Why?

Based on the reports provided by Mr. Dal, it is evident that he engaged in a hockey lesson as part of his commitment to prioritizing his well-being and pursuing activities that bring him joy. 

Furthermore, he expressed a desire to undertake endeavors that will have a lasting positive effect on his general health in the long term. The individual did not have the opportunity to engage in ice hockey during their childhood. Consequently, as a mature student, they perceived it as a favorable option.

Consequently, the entirety of the conversation is predicated upon disingenuous public relations tactics, aimed at cultivating a favorable perception of Dal Sohi among the populace. The questions and answers predominantly rely on fabricated reports. 

What is Fake PR? 

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The term “Fake PR,” an abbreviation for “Fake Public Relations,” pertains to the utilization of fraudulent, deceitful, or illegal tactics within the realm of public affairs. The conventional objective of communications is to create & sustain a favorable perception and standing for people, groups, or goods. 

In the context of counterfeit public relations (PR), the objective is to engage in the manipulation or distortion of information to conceal factual accuracy, deceive the general populace, or promote an undisclosed ulterior motive.

The phenomenon of counterfeit PR encompasses a wide range of deceptive practices, including the dissemination of inaccurate information, fabrication of fictitious endorsements, the creation of artificial community backing, as well as involvement in illicit or illegal activities aimed at generating favorable media coverage or concealing adverse news. 

The dissemination of deceptive PR can have detrimental effects on confidence, and image, and may even result in legal ramifications. 

YouTube’s Presence 

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The video about inspiring teachers with a global mentality, created by Dal Sohi, was uploaded on the YouTube channel Industry Elites Podcast. Even though the channel has 27 subscribers, it has yet to receive any views. 

Hence, it is evident that the absence of views on Dal Sohi’s YouTube video indicates his lack of authenticity, thereby implying that his videos hold no significance in the lives of individuals or educators. To access the video or gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, please refer to the provided link: Dal Sohi

Who is Dal Sohi?

Dal Sohi is a retired education authority and head of the school who concluded a prosperous 35-year teaching career in 2021. Throughout his career, the individual in question imparted expertise and provided instruction to pupils across four different countries and various locations, accumulating a substantial reservoir of knowledge and a diverse range of experiences.

For the previous year, Dal Sohi decided to apply his considerable pedagogical knowledge and experience in establishing K-12 Solutions, a consultancy firm with an initial concentration on optimizing academic methodologies and placing a paramount emphasis on the educational requirements & ambitions of children.

Dal Sohi finished his distinguished professional tenure in the United States at Chadwick School, located in Palos Verdes, California. If you want to know more about Mr. Dal, you may follow the link: Dal Sohi

Final Thoughts 

A petition has been filed against Dal Sohi, alleging his prior position as the principal of Chadwick School. Dal Sohi, formerly a prominent individual associated with the esteemed educational institution, has currently become the focal point of a contentious situation. 

The current circumstance holds considerable importance, and the formal submission of the petition was originally made to tackle it.

Dal Sohi: Is He Reliable?
Dal Sohi: Is He Reliable?

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  2. Dal Sohi… Who is he? I don’t even know his name. All I know is that Gripeo is quite informative.

  3. Do they belong to the stone age??? Hiring and firing on the behalf of gender…

  4. Christ take me to heaven, earth is envy to live in. ????

  5. I remember one of our school teachers used to behave a little feminine and irrespective of his beautiful married life and children, students used to tease him. But hats-off he never gave a single heed to them. At that point I was naive enough to speak up, but today I must say, I am soooo PROUD of him. ????

  6. This man should be penalized severely. He is not just doing wrong but also polluting the heads of the young generation.

  7. Education sector is the most harsh corporate arena, believe it or not. School heads are dictators.

  8. Somebody tell him that it’s not worth it, he can do much better. I am a teacher and seen such dark stuff, where my school head use to insult the staff for no reason, and one day all good teachers left the school. Leaving behind few political ducks with the dean.

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