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Daniel Onoja: Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Daniel Onoja
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Is Daniel Onoja a scammer? What was his involvement in the notorious international scam called OmegaPro? Find out here.

Daniel Onoja is one of the faces behind Nigerian OmegaPro and this time he has got into the nerves of investors. Do you know why? If not, then this article is for you. Grab a cup of coffee and start with the formal intro of Daniel Onoja.

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Daniel Onoja

Knowing Daniel Onoja

Daniel Onoja is one of the renowned executives in the shady firm, Nigerian OmegaPro. Daniel handled the 4 quarters of the mentioned company. He devoted himself to the success of OmegaPro and hence, soon reached the designation, ‘Crown Diamond’, supposedly, the highest rank, this year. According to Daniel Onoja, he joined the arena of network marketing after his best friend introduced him to the same. He says he never looked back after that, and it was OmegaPro that resulted in his excellence in network marketing. But, the words of Daniel Onoja soon lost their weight, as the firm could not resist the market, even for a complete 3 years. 

Or on second thoughts, it could be asserted that Daniel Onoja made the most of his time, as he was indicative of the planned collapse. However, Daniel Onoja claims that network marketing has not only been a trade to him but also an adventure. 

And the question is, this adventure is risking whose life? If Daniel Onoja had his greatest learnings of life from OmegaPro, then who was the one paying for it? Well, the answer is ‘you’.

Daniel Onoja Vs You

According to a group of legit consumers of the firm OmegaPro, Daniel Onoja along with other heads, has been involved in the purloining of client’s assets. Moreover, OmegaPro is accused of losing $120 Million from the accounts of widows, retirees, high-net-worth individuals, big businesses and immensely naive youngsters. Now, if you are one of the individuals trying to make money via network marketing, Daniel Onoja could be shady to you too. 

Anyways, the ambassador, Daniel Onoja had everything positive to represent the firm, OmegaPro, before its collapse. But the clients claim differently, let’s begin with acknowledging the contrast, along with reasoning the intentional dubious. 

The Claims Asserted In Name & Shame, Reveal That…

The OmegaPro was an unregulated firm, represented by Tomiwa Orunnippin, Samuel Ajibare, Leo Bonaventure and Daniel Onoja. The firm was established in recent years and since the very start, the firm and its leaders have been buying various properties in different zones. And the catch is, this ‘buy and purchase’ kept on, even after the collapse.

However, the firm was not able to deliver the profit margin promised to the clients, and that’s not merely problematic but also dubious. Furthermore, the suspicion of the intentions of the ambassadors intensifies after going through unrealistic claims of the ambassadors of the firm, from dawn to dusk OmegaPro. 

Reading any of the ‘proud celebration articles’, it gets even more clear that the brainy-heads were merely trying to ‘try their luck’ on the naive audience. Here are two such posts, that smell more like a promotional stunt, than a mere celebration. 

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Well, in the words of Daniel Onoja, they changed the lives of 250,000 members and that’s quite certain but what’s shady is the alteration made by Daniel Onoja and his team in the lives and bank accounts of these members. Let’s hear it out loud by Dr Ope, how is the collapse and monetary fraud of OmegaPro related to the grievances of trapped consumers?

Dr Ope Makes Revelations Regarding The Theft Of Millions & Daniel Onoja

According to Dr Ope Banwo, OmegaPro is responsible for the theft of millions. The millions which belong to its associates and clients. He claims that the firm was a Ponzi Scheme and the faces behind the firm had deceiving intentions from the foundation of OmegaPro. Although Dr Ope could not prove his words, here are a few facts that can aid his claims. 

  • As per Daniel Onoja, he came into network marketing not before 2019, and since then he has been attached to OmegaPro, which has aided him in making immense property. 
  • In recent times, Daniel Onoja was seen celebrating his multi-million house in Canada Canada. 
  • Similarly, Leo Bonaventure was seen celebrating his multi-billion naira estates in Lagos, in a video posted by him. 
  • Leo Bonaventure has also lately been the owner of a Micro-banking license. 

As it’s said, there is no magic wand for success. The sudden success of the leaders of OmegaPro is canny. Specially, when the associates and the consumers, elucidate their ripped-off pockets on social media platforms. However, the sorrowful part is, ‘no one cares’. 

The Nigerian Regulators See Nothing Grey In The Shady Firm

Each year, some or the other Ponzi scheme stands firm to kneel the economy worldwide. However, the cycle could be restricted by regulating the businesses, if the regulators are conscious enough. 

Deceivers make false promises, loot people, showcase the stuff purchased by the looted amount and all the business regulators do is ‘sit back’. Even after several complaints made by legitimate clients, Nigerian regulators have taken no actions against the firm or any of its representatives. The snap below highlights a few of the client’s grievances regarding the fraud they had to deal with. Have a look and get into their minds to get a clear vision of the severity.  

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OmegaPro Scam: Where It Went Wrong?

OmegaPro was a foul play, this was exposed to the clients when they were bluffed already. The firm made its place in the market in the year 2019 and soon vanished. The firm was rooted in Dubai, where its co-founders belong to different parts of the world, namely, Dilawar Singh (Germany), Andreas Szakacs (Sweden) and Michael Shannon Sims (aka Mike Sims, US).

It must be known that the firm collapsed in the year 2022, moreover, in these three years, the co-founders and ambassadors resulted in immense losses for the clients. The clients were pitched to receive 200% ROI and so, the trapped ones made massive investments. However, least the investors knew the returns promised were not for them but the MLM Ponzi scammers. 

Daniel Onoja Is An MLM Ponzi Scammer?

Daniel Onoja had made several claims regarding the firm but could make nothing happen. This pattern was repeated by other partners of Daniel Onoja too. Although Daniel expressed his disagreement on the same, people claim that Daniel Onoja had a massive share in the fraud amount fetched by OmegaPro. 

Also, the article doesn’t make claims regarding the theft amount but doesn’t ignore the possibility as well. The linkage of Daniel Onoja to the ill-trade of millions can be dismissed. 

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Three things in the world deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.

Frederick William Robertson

Place yourself in the position of one of the 250,000 members, mentioned by Daniel Onoja, and now confront the authorities. What should be the next step? Ignoring the scam? Letting them go? Claiming Nothing? And waiting for another Ponzi scheme? 

It has been known by all that OmegaPro has bluffed thousands of individuals and resulted in severe fraud, yet none of the founders or investors have been questioned about the same. This not only gives wings to the fraudsters but also cuts the hands of investors. Hence, both defenders and prosecutors must get equal opportunity to prove their innocence, so that the one guilty, shall regret his/her deeds. 

However, for now, all we can do is be aware of the Ponzi schemes and shady ambassadors like Daniel Onoja. In a world full of bluffers, being aware is the sole key to safeguarding hard-earned finances. Daniel Onoja and others can be sitting next to you, explaining to you their latest scheme, where they will pitch ‘get rich in 10 days with guaranteed 200% RoI’. It’s up to you whether you will smash your finances or his intent.

#Beware #Besure #Fightforright

Daniel Onoja: Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Daniel Onoja: Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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